I have borrowed from History this image that adorned the gate at Auschwitz at least until I could provide an Image of my own. The fraud that the Nazis presented to the Jewish People, which adorned other Camps and not just Auschwitz, mocks as it sets the Jews, who passed by this sign , toward annihilation. It is a carefully constructed propaganda piece and stands as a Testimony to the vicious nature of those who operated the Camp system and those who penned the very detail of its inception, commissioning and Murderous function. It mocks the Jews en route toward Destruction knowing full well that all that will set the Jews free is Death.

“..If ..world could become convinced ..Auschwitz never existed ..it would be easier to build ..second Auschwitz .. and ..no assurance it would devour only Jews”. Primo Levi.

There are many notable dates relating to Auschwitz’s position within The Holocaust arena! Some events are as gruesome as any Horror ever imagined! Others appear mundane, the apparent ease with which a bureaucratic immersion of a State in the act of Genocide is engaged. In 1940 on May 20th. the Concentration Camp at Auschwitz was established.

This formative Concentration Camp, and a Sister Death Camp of unparalleled statistical achievement in murder, was created in upper Silesia, Poland, some 60 kms west of Cracow, alongside the Wista River. Established in 1940 as a Concentration Camp for the containment of Russian POWs, it became an extermination camp proper in early 1942 when Birkenau was completed. Eventually, it consisted of three other sections: Auschwitz I, was the main camp; Auschwitz II at Birkenau, the Extermination Camp; Auschwitz III was at Monowitz where the Siemens and Schuckert labour camps were established and Auschwitz IV, the I.G. Farben labour camp, also known as Buna Werks.

“..when hatred and defamation quietly germinate ..we have to be alert ..on guard. ..legacy of ..victims of Auschwitz. ….dead were strong ..in their destruction they displayed a strength…Can the living ..be any weaker?” Lucie Adelsberger.

Auschwitz proper had many other sub-camps! There were in excess of 20 work and containment camps. However, Auschwitz is indelibly linked with the overall Destruction of 6,000,000 Jews. Though the majority of the Jews who entered this camp – some 1,100,000 – were murdered at Birkenau, history recognises Auschwitz was at the forefront of a mechanised Slaughter ordered by Hitler, designed by Technicians and carried through by many, like Hoess, functionaries of a Murderous System.

“..I ..never knew the total number ..I have nothing to help me make an estimate. ..I ..remember ..figure in ..larger actions ..repeated to me by Eichmann or his deputies. ..I ..no longer remember ..figures for ..smaller actions ..insignificant in comparison with ..numbers given. I regard ..total of 2,500,000 ..far too high. ..Auschwitz had limits to its destructive possibilities, ..Upper Silesia ..Polish territory under German rule 250,000 Germany ..Theresienstadt 100,000 Holland 95,000 Belgium 20,000 France 110,000 Greece 65,000 Hungary 400,000 Slovakia 90,000 .” Rudolf Hoess.

These figures, which represent the Destruction of some 1,130,000 Jews within Auschwitz/Birkenau alone, are close to the accepted Account we adhere to today. The Catastrophe for the Jewish People cannot remain a Statistic and the Human cost is weighted in more than the phyisical cost to us all! The Gallows presents a limited account of the Justice that was made available to those whom Hoess himself had never known the full extent of the Slaughter he was in charge of. His account, an approximation, makes one shudder as we realise we are talking of in excess of 1,100,000 Jewish People Murdered.