Day 2: Less Than a Month to Go!

Today is August 11th and as you will find, varying events occurred throughout the period that will link you to places unheard of, places that now exist without their former Jewish inhabitants, places decimated by the deeds of Hitlerite hatred. To Communities, where Jews no longer reside, all removed from their surroundings and deposited like so much ballast to a machine, a Murderous Machine in need of its prey, a particular victim, one more Jew to add to Hitler’s Account as the Catastrophe now begins to escalate.

1941 August 11th. 498 Panevezys Jewish Men and Women are murdered.

Hitler’s campaign in Russian is gaining momentum. Victory all but seems assured and the delivery of a further 5,000,000 Jews for Destruction will require further emphasis and direction. All arms of Hitler’s Reich will become engaged in that final resolve to bring about The Final Solution and the World will have The Holocaust!

1942 August 11th. 1,000 Belgian Jews are murdered.

While the murder process ground on and on, there was a glimmer of hope for some Jews that they might just Survive. Resistance was played out in many ways throughout the terms of The Holocaust. Simple defiances! Suicides! Retaliation! A Parent delivers their Child to a Christian Neighbour who knows the meaning of Charity. One Jewish Child is saved! But here at Kremenets 1942 August 11th. where Jews physically resist there is the chance for more Survival. It is a limited one, given that flight is not guaranteed by those Jews 100’s of miles from safety. The enemy of the Jew is not merely the Nazi. Financial reward, afforded those who captured Jews seeking Survival, is a means to add to an end. If antisemitic hatred could be bolstered by financial reward, all the better to betray ones Moral, Christian, Charitable or Ethical code!

1944 August 11th. over 650 Jews from Lyon are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz.

Such euphemism as ‘resettled’ is employed by Hitler and his Nazi’s throughout the entire period of The Holocaust to disguise the very nature of the Slaughter of Jewish Innocents! With such ideology as Hitler empowered the German people to employ, the secretive nature of The Final Solution might suggest Hitler’s intention was not at all ideological, more a hate filled antisemitism, that was morally corrupt and ethically debased and of course profiting of such larceny as is incomprehensible!

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

4. Bezwinska, Jadwiga KL Auschwitz.