A Collective Analysis of The Catastrophe!

Albania, 591

Austria, 65,000

Belgium, 24,387

Bulgaria, 7,335

Czechoslovakia, 260,000

Denmark, 116

Estonia, 4,000

Finland, 11

France, 90,000

Germany, 171,000

Greece, 69,221

Holland, 106,000

Hungary, 559,000

Italy, 15,000

Latvia, 85,000

Lithuania, 135,000

Luxembourg, 720

Norway, 758

Poland, 2,800,000

Romania, 469,632

Russia, 1,100,000

A TOTAL of 5,962,771 Murdered Jews of Europe.

An analyisis, broken down into each Country whose Jews are added to the overall Catastrophe that is The Holocaust, shows what some should consider is a consensus of all learned People, and forms an acceptance of that Destruction of the Jewish People. This was accomplished on an inordinately, unique and collossal scale! There is always ambiguity in the assessment of any Statistic and while we are capable of finding a Statistic which shows that is in excess of 5,962,771 Jews of Europe being Murdered, we are equally likely to find that far in excess of the more known assessment of 6,000,000 Jews having been Murdered is just as possible. What the figures do not disclose, which are hidden in stark detail is that this is an account of an unprecedented Slaughter against People, Men, Women and Their Children! All because they were Jewish People!

” ..100 Dead are a catastrophe ..Millions of dead are a statistic.” Adolf Eichmann.