Day 6: A Step Closer

Can the World have truly looked the other way? These 6 year olds, all Jews, should have expected more than being abandoned to the whim of a resolve that would consume them.

1940 August 15th. Adolf Eichmann adds a huge Jewish Ghetto dimension to muted efforts of a ‘Madagascar Plan.’

It is hard to imagine that discussions were still ongoing about a Territorial Solution to the Jewish Problem, when movement was underway to exact an annihilator’s response to the resolve!

1941 August 15th Riga Ghetto is established where 60,000 Jews will become enclosed and is one of the Nine Major Ghettos Established. Meanwhile the Surviving 26,000 Jews of Kovno are moved to Ghetto at Viliampole. In the coming 2 day period 3,200 of Rokiskis’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children will be murdered. Hitler is clearly midstream with The Final solution when he decrees that ALL Reich Jews must be clearly identifiable and the Jewish Badge Decree is born.

“..executions at Litzmannstadt ..Minsk were a deep shock to me. Certainly I too had been aiming at a solution of ..Jewish problem ..not like this.” Adolf Eichmann.

Himmler all but faints at the site of an Extermination of Jews at Minsk. Heinrich Lohse, Reich Commissioner Eastern Territories, ‘Ostland’ orders that ALL Jews must now wear ‘Two Jew Badges.’ All Jews under German sphere of influence will be ghettoised as Hungary deports the Jews of Bachka to Serbia and the Slovak Government disperses the Bratislava Ghetto.

“..At ..end of this Jewish war ..extermination of ..Jewish people will have been brought about.” Julius Streicher.

Identification of the Jews as targets for future operations goes hand in hand with the Ghettoization of All Jews. Hitler has clearly countenanced all such measures and fully endorses his own demands for The Final Solution. Mass Murder takes place at a time when it is clearly intended and is seen at Rokiskis and even witnessed by Himmler at Minsk. The link is established between what Hitler demands, what we know and what Himmler witnessed!

1943 August 15th. A further Bialystok Ghetto Revolt commences and 3,000 Wehrmacht troops, SS and Ukrainian auxiliary forces surround the remaining 30,000 Jews of Bialystok.

Resistance is met at varying stages of The Holocaust and the weight of Hitler’s armoury is thrown relentlessly at ill-equipped, isolated and devastated Jewish People

1944 August 15th. the Allies land in the South of France and the War moves a stage closer to enclosing all Hitler’s ambitions!

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

8. Jacob, Lili The Auschwitz Album.