Day 8: Can our Words make The Difference?

This is a scene which grabs the observer as a poignant moment in the process toward the Destruction of The Jewish People. They have been Ghettoised! They have been segregated! They have been beaten and they have been starved. Missing from the ramps are those who were Shot, Hanged, Starved to add to that final accounting which results once the Transports have been ‘resettled’ East.

1938 August 17th. Decree demands all Jews carry Israel or Sarah as first names.

All documentation will recognise that this Named imposition as merely a realisation of one of Hitler’s demands. The Jews are further labelled, categorised and to be easily recognised! The process toward their complete isolation is a step closer. As with any intrusion of this sort, it marks the final task of the segregation of the Jews en-route toward the Ghettoization stage and before Destruction!

1942 August 17th. 30,000 Radom Jews have been murdered at Treblinka while over 600 French Jewish Children are murdered in Birkenau.

Nothing reads more harrowing than the endless list of that assault upon the Children of Jewish Families. Though the figure for the onslaught against the Jews of Radom is a massive body blow to World Jewry, the French Jewish Children so murdered at Birkenau is a future blow to all of Us. If the Youth can be removed this day, there can be no future for a World entire!

1943 August 17th. American daylight Bomber raids rain down on Regensburg and Schweinfurt and as the Allies take Messina, resistance ends in Sicily. Elsewhere, Nikolas Kallay’s Hungarian Government puts out peace feelers as Hitler’s influence, on the European stage at least, begins to wane.

The obvious concern for the last Great Jewish Community of Europe mounts. The Hungarian Jews have been largely unaffected by Hitler’s Final Solution. Given the alliance between Hungary and Germany, and while there has been somewhat of an internal adoption of antisemitic pogroms, this limited the German model of immediate Slaughter. The Jews of Hungary had not gone unnoticed though and once the position in France had been resolved, and as Russian Forces maintained their push West, the opportunity to assail the Hungarian Jewish Community with widespread and murderous certainty approached.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

10. Kessel, Sim Hanged At Auschwitz.