Day 13: Lebensraum’s Solution!

1939 August 22nd. Hitler’s delivers his speech on the requirement for Living Space.

What Hitler fancifully calls, ‘Lebensraum,’ a basic territorial grab of lands from other States, this time, initially, it is within Poland’s borders. Here too, Hitler urges his Wehrmacht Generals toward the total eradication of the Polish People. What we are evidencing here is to be the subjugation of All Peoples, wherever Hitler divests his interest. The Destruction of World Jewry and an eradication of all those people Hitler might consider inferior!

1941 August 22nd. over a 4 day period more than 1,900 Kreis Rasainiai Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered while the remaining 90 Jewish Children of Bjala-Zerkow are also murdered. Elsewhere Jews are murdered at Dunaburg and at Aglona, including Men, Women, Their Children, even the sick and the infirm. The Jasenovac Concentration Camp begins operations.

When we read through the daily account, it is difficult enough to imagine that we are looking at the Cold Blooded and Systematic nature of a Genocide. What the World Media recognises as ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ today, Hitler called The Final Solution! The end result would amount to the total Destruction of 6,000,000 Jewish, Men, Women and Their Children.

1942 August 22nd. over 40,000 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered in under a 2 week period while 10,000 of Wielun’s Jews are murdered at Chelmno and 10,000 of Siedlce’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. At Treblinka the entire Losice Jewish Community have been murdered.

It is not too difficult to look at these words, and amidst the intonations and spaces we can discern and acknowledge that, with the introduction of The Death Camps into an emerging Jewish Catastrophe, the escalating terms are going to be punctuated by an endless stream of those Murdered. All of this acknowledgement is adding up in ever increasing dimensions toward a devastating blow to the Jews of Europe. What proliferates a language is the words used. While some speakers choose to Resurrect a Memory, or Writers Recall a Moment or the Articulate Recant a Notion that is fixed in the mindset of Historians, we simply cannot ignore the terms used to describe events in The Holocaust, or any part of History for that matter!

Resettlement can mean a myriad of details in the removal of any People to another place, but in the context of The Holocaust, it is understood to be the Slaughter of The Jews of Europe. Transport East can have meant so much for Jews from Holland, France, Belgium or any part of the Continent, but within the confines of The Holocaust, it is the Destruction of The Jews of Europe in one or all of The Death Camps. We can be ambiguous in interpreting the fundamental details of the move from a Territorial Resolve to a Destruction Solution, but we can also derive from the sheer scale and volume of that Transport, that delivery to The Death Camp could mean nothing other than total devastation for those Jews arriving East. That delivery was pre-determined. It had been calculated and it had been systematically brought about.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

15. Mueller, Filip Auschwitz Inferno.