Day 15: An Appeal to Catholics goes unheeded!

1939 August 24th. Pope Pius XII appeals for peace.

As the prospect for War intensifies, our Pope calls for a peaceful solution to Hitler’s demands. I will remind myself, that within the depths of The Holocaust, this same Pope was not vocal enough to warrant such comment about the Slaughter of Innocent Jews. The usual output from the Vatican pertaining to this Human Tragedy was that a Pope does not become embroiled in the Political Affairs of Sovereign nations?

1941 August 24th. Hitler calls a halt to the present Euthanasia Program.

Throughout 1941, Murder operations move into wider aspects of der Einsatzgruppe aktionen and the Death Camp’s capacity is increasingly expanded.

1942 August 24th. 19,000 of Kielce’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka in a 4 day operation and Franz Paul Stangl becomes its new Kommandant. Elsewhere 1,000 of Zdunska Wola’s Jews are murdered.

Stangl is clearly brought in to increase the efficiency of The Death Camp, after bringing his expertise in Mass Murder from Sobibor. Stangl had emerged from the T4 Euthanasia programme and was a well able and proficient Slaughterer of Human Beings. And he clearly proved his worth to his Fuhrer’s programmed Final Solution.

“..Regarding ..question of ..optimum amount of people gassed in one day ..I can state ..transport ..30 freight cars ..3,000 people ..liquidated in 3 hours. When lasted ..14 hours ..12,000 to 15,000 people were annihilated.” Franz Paul Stangl.

1943 August 24th. Himmler appointed Minister of Interior.

Himmler’s influence and profile is increasing exponentially! All this is without regard to his intrinsic incapability and inability to perform at such Ministerial level. His shortcomings as a Bureaucrat will be tested in the last stages of the 1,000 year Reich and clearly exposed as he takes up his position in command of Waffen SS units!

1944 August 24th. 3,000 Jews of the Mielec Labour Camp are murdered and on the War front General Dietrich von Choltitz, the German City Commandant, surrenders Paris to the approaching Allied and Free French Forces.

The clearest indications have been realised by many of Hitler’s Generals that there is very little point in continuing in any sustained fight. The inevitable tide of victory has turned solidly in Allied favour. The constriction of German Forces sees them forced gradually into retreat and a concerted front is moving relentlessly toward Germany and will corner Hitler in his last hiding place, the Berlin Bunker!

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

17. Nomberg-Przytyk, Sara Auschwitz: True Tales.