Day 19: Mass Murder has Identified Too Many!

1941 August 28th. the entire Jewish Community of Kedainiai, we are talking about some 2,201 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are all murdered. There are 1,349 Pasvalys Jewish Men, Women and Their Children also murdered. There are 1,000’s of Czyzewo-Szlachecki Jews murdered and some 402 of Wilkia’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered too.

The daily assault upon the senses bears nothing in comparison to what it must have been like for these Jews of the former Community’s of Czyzewo-Szachecki, Kedainiai, Pasvalys or Wilkia. Who are we, who write solemnly of this awful tragedy, to impose our words on the Massacre of Innocent Jews? That there are some, like myself, who have chosen to add a voice to the condemnation of the period of Slaughter that is The Holocaust, it comes 70 years too late after that voice should have been heard, and more vociferously!

1942 August 28th. 14,000 of Sarny’s Jews are murdered while 10,000 of Nowy Sacz’s Jews are murdered within Belzec in a 4 day operation. Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, receives the Riegner Cable.

As Rabbi Wise, the World Jewish Congress President, (WJC), is convinced now of what he had become aware of in relation to The Final Solution, the World should have been expected to issue an unequivocal response. An escalation of a World’s abhorrence should have been expected. Mixed with that World anger, the protest should have outlined the repercussions to be had for such atrocity. The World was simply silent in its overall response, however. With this seeming acquiescence, which allows no doubt to be had that Hitler has combined all effort to destroy all traces of any Jewish Existence within Europe, and quite systematically, the World does not rebuke, the World does not demand cessation of the Slaughter. The World, on the Whole looks idly by, as more and more Jews are devoured in a systematic and calculated way.

1944 August 28th. Slovak National Uprising begins.

The inevitable demise of Hitler’s reign is fast approaching and all sovereign states look to themselves now to seek a path beyond what had been imposed upon them by Hitler and his Nazi regime. Allied to these efforts, forces are steadily pressing what remains of Germany’s Forces into an ever decreasing circle bordering Germany from the East and the West.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

21. Schleunes, Karl A The Twisted Road to Auschwitz.