Day 25: World War Two, A War to End All Wars?

1938 September 3rd. Neville Chamberlain believes he has secured peace with Hitler over Czechoslovakia.

What no one appreciated was Hitler’s War agenda. The Quest for Lebensraum and a final resolve that would Murder the Jewish People. Diplomacy allowed for the rhetoric of a man such as Hitler to grandstand all those Politicians he met with and deceived. War was imminent! The Jews of Europe were targeted. The World would hold its breath. Hitler did not sneeze first.

1939 September 3rd. some 180 of Czestochowa’s Jews are murdered as are 17 of Wieruszow’s Jews, 4 of Lelow’s Jews and 3 of Zdunska Wola’s Jews, All murdered.

World War II commences when Britain and France, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and India all declare war on Germany. Britain begins its blockade of Germany.

David Ben-Gurion assures the World the Jewish People will fight. Ben-Gurion’s assurances recognise that there are some 1,500,000 Jews able to and will fight against Hitler. Of these, 555,000 are in the American Armed Forces, 500,000 are in the Russian Forces, while 243,000 other European Jews and 116,000 Jews from Britain and the Commonwealth can be called upon and relied upon to Fight!

1939 September 3rd. “..Jew bankers ..responsible for ..war.” Henry Ford.

It is an ill timed statement, and from a man whose kindred spirit with Hitler, places him at odds with the countless 1,000’s of US and Allied Soldiers who will fight and die in the attempt to defeat Hitler and the Nazi’s. The pernicious hatred that is antisemitism can never be defeated whilst there are those who will seek to justify their own hatred’s in blaming Jews for all that ails everything and anything in this World!

1941 September 3rd. the Vilna Ghetto is newly Established and Zyklon ‘B’ is first used in Auschwitz. 600 Elderly Dubossary Jews are burned to death in 8 Synagogues while 6 of Dubossary’s Jews who refuse to join the Jewish Council are publicly hanged.

The Vilna Ghetto will contain over 55,000 Jews who are fully enclosed and are one of the Nine Major Ghettos to become established. There is a Vilna Judenrate established with Shaul Trotzki, Anatole Fried and then Jakob Gens Chairmen. Zyklon ‘B’ proves the method of murder of Millions of Jews in the Death and some Concentration Camps after initial efforts against 250 Jewish Infirm and 600 Russian POW’s proves successful.

“..I have killed with ruthless disregard for humanity. I ordered young German soldiers to kill with ruthless disregard for humanity. I personally authorised favourable reports on ..use of Zyklon B as a gassing chemical and personally pulled ..trigger of a machine gun to shoot civilians on ..snowy steppes of ..Ukraine. I hanged Polish ..French ..Dutch civilians during summary and reprisal executions. I am a criminal.” Rolf Otto Schiller.

1942 September 3rd. 2,000 of Bolechow’s Jews are murdered at Belzec while Jewish Armed Resistance takes place in Lachva. 800 of those Lachva Jews are eventually killed. Treblinka recommences its operations.

Revolt is met head on and the might of German control is weighted against all and every piece of rebellion! While insurrection is a limited option for the Jews of Europe, it is an option freely employed by many Jewish Community’s who are becoming increasingly aware of what ‘resettlement’ now truly means for them! The work of Treblinka will succeed in Murdering some 900.000 Jews.

1943 September 3rd. the Bochnia Ghetto is Liquidated with 3,000 of Bochnia’s Jews being sent to Auschwitz. Belgian Jews are deported to Auschwitz. On the War front, the Allies land in Calabria and the Italians sign an Armistice.

The constricting effect of Allied Forces now setting foot upon European soil, does not allow for the abatement of The Final Solution. Where there are Jews to be found, there are Hitler’s Nazi’s and their collaborators will to add to the dimension of the Slaughter. Every effort is made to co-ordinate every attempt, and even while the pressure increases upon a Germany under constant threat, there will be no let up on the terms sought to complete The Final Solution!

1944 September 3rd. over 1,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork Camp to Auschwitz while Brussels was liberated.

Amongst those aboard this last Transport from Westerbork to Auschwitz were the 8 members of The Secret Annex of Amsterdam, Anne Frank’s hiding place. Anne, Margot, Otto and Edith Frank, Peter van Pels, Fritz Pfeffer, Auguste van Pels and Hermann van Pels. The journey would take 3 days to reach Auschwitz. Only Otto managed to Survive. Is it so obvious, from the vantage point of History, that with regards to the German soldier, the fight will continue while manpower and resources are held back to ensure a more complete ending to The Final Solution? Meanwhile, in the back ground of the staging posts for defending the Reich against the assailing Allied Forces, the full logistical requirement to stave off an imminent defeat is being utilised without Military consideration.

On Trains, in Camps, and now securing Jews do not fall into Allied hands, all means at Hitler’s disposal are diverted toward that ultimate cause. The Death March is borne and the Truth of what Hitler has undertaken is being secreted away? So, in pursuit of what has always been Hitler’s primary goal, the Destruction of The Jewish People in Europe, and then the World, nothing will stand in his way. Not even his glorious Germany. Not even the glorified German people and not even the German soldier who has been fighting in his name and dying for his glory.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

28. Szmaglewska, Seweryna Smoke over Birkenau.