Day 29: Taxing the Jews out of Existence.

“..All money ..will be deposited in Account ..158/1488 of WVHA in the Reichsbank.” August Frank.

1936 September 7th. 25% tax is imposed on all Jewish assets in Germany.

This is the process by which Hitler will adopt and reach his ideological goal of ridding the Jews of their wealth and possessions. It is a larceny of intention and it is a first stage amongst many, before he gets down to the serious business of ridding the Jewish People of their very existence. Of course their lives are that penalty which comes with scenes of der Einsatzgruppe searching for the wealth of those Jews who have just been Murdered. This scene, outside of Babi Yar is typical of an ideology which did not exist for Hitler, was imagined by the Nazis and adorned German consciousness for far too long!.

1937 September 7th. Hitler declares the Treaty of Versailles invalid.

Hitler moves to end the Treaty of Versailles which, after World War One, was imposed upon a vanquished Germany by a victorious Allied power. The Allies sought reparations from the German State for its instigation of that War. Hitler also sought to its end the Treaty’s enduring capacity to interfere in many German spheres of influence, including the Military and Financial aspirations of a Sovereign State.

1939 September 7th. 60 of Aleksandrow’s Jews are murdered while 7 of Zgierz’s Jews are also murdered.

There is definitely a weariness from pointing to all the examples of Murderous excess that proliferate these pages. Reams of paper could be expended upon listing the Murdered and countless words could never match the horror being suggested, nor the terror of those whose presence within the Catalogue of the Catastrophe is exposed in such a clinical and graphic fashion.

1941 Saturday September 7th. “..if we must have preferences ..I prefer Arabs to Jews.” Anthony Eden.

Human nature favours some over others, but when a Politician urges that this preference should be in respect to a Race of People over another, there is the resonance of a bigotry that was indeed a contributory factor in the Slaughter we are the historical witness to in The Holocaust. There is an Industrialist who has a regard for a Hitlerite regime which was Genocidal. There is a Political spokesman whose obvious dislike of the Jewish People would probably sway the policy of a Government when it came to any Policy for the Saving of The Jews of Europe.

1942 September 7th. 5,000 of Kolomyia’s Jews are murdered at Belzec while a further 1,000 of the Jews of Kolomyia are murdered within the confines of the Ghetto. More than 3,000 of Warsaw’s Ghetto Jews have been murdered by roaming Nazis.

Ghettos are a proving ground for Nazi Murderers. They have a debilitated and captive audience to be exploited and these roving bands of terrorists can do as they please, with an impunity ordained by Hitler! For the Jews of the Ghetto, who might have felt an intrinsic safety being amongst their own, it was their captive nature which had not only corralled them, but damned them to the auspices of a hate filled mob of thugs and bullies! Caught within a prisoner confinement, they literally starved and died before the eyes of an inconsiderate rabble whose enjoyment was only enhanced by the sight of the Destroyed rubble-strewn Streets and pavements.

1943 September 7th. over 900 Dutch Jews are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz.

Despite the valiant attempts of the Dutch to defy the Jewish ‘resettlement’ with a Fraternity rarely witnessed elsewhere within Europe, 106,000 Jews lost their fight for Survival in Sobibor and Auschwitz Birkenau. A General Strike, lasting between February 25th. and 26th. 1941 showed the Jewish People, for a moment at least, they were considered worthy of life! Tragically, by the time the War was over, barely 5,000 of Dutch Jewry had Survived.

“..These riots against ..Jews represent an attack on all ..labouring masses! ..constitute ..beginning of harsher enslavement and terrorism… Demand ..immediate liberation of ..interned Jews.” Dutch Communist Party.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

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