Day 30: Fast Approaching!

1933 September 8th. the Second World Jewish Congress is held in Geneva.

Jewish awareness is often hindered by the nature of acceptance. The Jews, on the whole, have largely accepted that all Men are good, and barely some are evil! What is emerging however, is the evil nature of Hitler and his regime and this Congress has not been fully awoken to the threat, nor made fully aware that The Jewish People of All Europe face a cataclysmic confrontation with a Destruction so intensive, 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children will be sacrificed before the altar of Bigotry and Hatred.

1939 September 8th. 37 of Trzebinia’s Jews and 30 of Ostrow’s Jews are murdered while the Wehrmacht occupies Lodz, Radom and Tarnow.

The progress of the Wehrmacht is nothing short of a ‘Blitzkrieg’, leaving 10’s of 1,000’s of Polish Soldiers, isolated, cut off and impotent to the German onslaught. With Military skills forged on the Spanish plains, bolstering a Franco Dictatorship, Hitler’s legions gain an expertise which will sweep all before it in blistering efficiency. The World will look on in awe and suspect that World domination is clearly within Hitler’s grasp! Not since Attila has the rapidity of success swept a swathe of devastation before it.

1941 September 8th. Leningrad encircled.

For 900 whole days the Russian City of Leningrad is put under a siege. The brutality of the Campaign leaves the people of Leningrad, beaten and starved, but resistant to all that Hitler can throw at them. It is the resilience of People, not to cow down, not to give in, not to be defeated that will win the day!

1943 September 8th. over 5,000 Jews are expelled from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz while more than 3,400 of Moravska Ostrava’s Jews too are also transported to Auschwitz. Italy announces its surrender and the Germans move swiftly to occupy Rome.

Such news must propel the people of Europe into all forms of rapture. Anne Frank, writing in Her Diary from her Secret Annex, records the event on September 10th. and is totally buoyed by the news that the liberation of all of Europe is a step closer. Tragically, for many of The Jews of Europe, those still living, and for those 7 of the 8 hidden in the Secret Annex, Survival was not to be.

“.. Wednesday ..September 8th. ..listening to ..7 o’clock news when we heard an announcement:

‘..Here is some of news of ..war so far: Italy has capitulated.’

Italy has unconditionally surrendered!” Anne Frank.

1944 September 8th. the First German V2 Rocket lands in Britain.

Hitler’s secret Weapons are supposedly set to crush all Allied opposition. While a reign of terror strikes all over England, once more the strength and resilience of a Nation will not be bullied by the likes of Hitler or his Weapons of Destruction. The pace of the Allied drive toward Germany shows no sign of delay.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

34. Hart, Kitty I Am Alive.