Day 31: The Day Before.

1936 September 9th. Goering’s 4 Year Plan announced.

Perhaps what Goering could not envisage was that particular need for a Plan that would take all of 9 years to become broken and ruined by a War on both German Fronts. Alliances with Japan set Germany on course for a War with America while an alliance with Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania set it upon a course beset with failure. Unable to bolster the defensive capability of its Axis partners, Germany was forced into many moves which relinquished its own offensive capability. In order to shore up the inability of those it fought alongside, Hitler had to make concessions. Many will see the move to the Balkans weakened the resolve over Russia and steadily placed Winter ahead of the Barbarossa schedule. The ideological dogma of a so called ‘aryan’ elite too allowed for all comers into its ranks. The legions of Muslim Waffen SS were utilised purely as cannon fodder, and as future partners in all anti-Jewish crimes! There is no secret that the Mufti of Jerusalem is in agreement with Hitler’s demands for a Final Solution of The Jewish Question.

1941 September 9th. 1,279 Alytus Jewish Men, Women and Their Children and 740 of Butrimonys’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered.

The ebb and flow of Warfare met with the Wehrmacht upon the expansive Steppes of Mother Russia. The Final Solution had no such lulls. While der Einsatzgruppe rampaged through the Russian areas immediately behind the advancing German Army, 1,000’s of Jews were shot and Murdered. When the capacity to shoot all 5,000,000 Jews of Russia was realised to be an impossible logistical concern, Man power and the price of Bullets, The Death Camps where coming into their own. If one of the Camps required a break for the Killing in order to initiate some modification or other, there were 5 partner Camps all too willing to take up the additional Transports.

1942 September 9th. 2,000 of Lublin’s Jews are murdered at Majdanek while 1,800 of Kislowodsk’s Jews are also murdered.

Kislowodsk is the furthest East that Jews will have been murdered in order to facilitate the remit of The Final Solution. The clear indicator in all of this is, that wherever the German Army units billeted and appeared, the Jews local to the areas concerned were Murdered. It might be true that most of the Killing was done by Einsatz, Auxiliary, Police and Collaborationist Forces, but the assistance of the Wehrmacht, or the Waffen SS was always on hand to lend support, be that logistical or marshalling, and even that personnel could be used for the Murder operation, should that need demand

1943 September 9th. Allies land at Salerno.

A foothold on the Southern flank of Hitler’s sphere of influence has been gained. The steady push to defeat Hitler’s Nazis has an unrelenting air of positive certainty. The incline toward an unconditional surrender of all German Forces has commenced. That Hitler will not be around to see the result of his dim view of Western Democracy’s power to resist, will leave Germany recognising its own failings in allowing all that Hitler demanded.

1944 September 9th. Bulgaria and Allies sign Armistice while Paris is occupied by the French Provisional Government.

It is too late for some 7,335 Jews from Bulgaria who have been murdered because of the intransigence of a weak Political system and a misplaced loyalty toward Hitler’s regime. At the height of Hitler’s surge through Europe, many Countries sought to avail of that success and hitched their wagon to Hitler’s Axis. For the 75,000 Jews from France, who have already been murdered, it too comes with a mixture of French resistance to Hitler but with a very weighted collaboration with German power and with Hitler’s express demands for a resolve to the Jewish Question within France.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

35. Kornreich, Rena Rena’s Promise.