Day: 34 Reflections.

1938 September 12th. Jews prevented from attending cultural events.

1939 September 12th. 3 Czermno Jews murdered. Hitler is aboard his Command Train near Ilnau.

1941 September 12th. 3,334 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children are murdered in Ponary Woods. 414 Simnas Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. “..Leningrad will be starved into submission.” Adolf Hitler.

1942 September 12th. announces the arrival of the 31st. Transport from France with 1,000 Jews aboard. 620 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are immediately gassed. Also arriving that day was a Westerbork Transport from Holland. Aboard this transport are some 874 Jews, 614 of whom are immediately gassed. Jewish Men, Women and Their Children. Up until that date, September 12th. 1942, a Grand Total of 265,000 Warsaw Jews have been murdered at Treblinka in just a 7 week period. The escalation of Murder is reaching a hiatus and as 15,000 of Lodz’s Ghetto Jews are murdered, this is accomplished in an eight day operation. Abraham Jakob Krzepicki escapes from Treblinka and the Emanuel Ringelblum Archive is afforded his vital evidence. Elsewhere, refugee Jews in Belgium are rounded up and held in the Mechelen Concentration Camp for later Transports to Auschwitz. On the War front, the Battle for Stalingrad begins and the gradual tide of success for Hitler is about to turn.

1944 September 12th. 300 Jewish Children from the Ghetto of Kaunas arrive at Auschwitz. All are immediately gassed. Ironically, a Jewish Baby, Number 193241 is born to a former Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Mother. There are Allied troops now standing on the front lining the Western German border. That was an experience! Have I gained at all from what was an emotional visit to a Nation’s Graveyard!? Poland for all its beauty and relevance is a place confined in an ugly reality! Close on 3,100,000 Polish Jews perished on its soil! More than 2,500,000 Jews from the Nations of Europe also perished there!

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading! 38. Wetzler, Alfred Escape From Hell.