Defaming The Dead

There is a Moral and Ethical appreciation which more than suggests we should want total respect for all those who have passed this way! Though there is no International Jurisprudence here, Legal Theorists should be seeking to protect the dead from any case of defamation. When we look at what we witness with the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust, all manner of scurrilous, defaming, degrading and hate filled expressions are hurled at them. Though no such Law exists to protect the Memory of these Murdered, it is illegal in many Countries to deny that The Holocaust actually happened. What this does not protect, is the Right of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews to have their final resting place, within that term that is The Holocaust, respected and not maligned in any way!

History requires for all of these Jewish Men, Women and Their Children of The Holocaust, a Class Action, or Group Litigation which should be brought to protect what had not formerly been protected. Always Remember what was not protected was the sanctity of their lives. They had that forfeited in pursuance of a 2,000 year old hatred based upon a conviction that Jesus, a Jew, was Murdered by Jews. But as we Christians know, Jesus was sent by God to intentionally Die for us all. So the God of the Father is responsible for Christ’s Death, not the Jewish People.

So when dealing with such a Law to protect the presence of anyone in Death, this needs to be drawn up. Anything, which allows for the Remembrance of these Murdered Jews to have a final sanctuary must be complimentary of all Human Nature. Wherever those Jewish Murdered now lay, in some foreign field, though mostly within Poland, all due and proper respect must be paid to their Memory. For the Catastrophe that was thrust upon them in our name, we must now stand taller in Remembrance of what We allowed to happen! So with strong and moral grounding, there really should be enshrined in Law an efficacy where:

“..we should speak no ill of the dead”

It is such a simple matter that there should be no distinction in Law for the Warrant of Hatred’s raged against People who cannot reply! Whether that hatred is directed at a Person’s Race, Creed, Colour, Religion, Sexual Persuasion or Semitism, it should not be inflicted upon any Person, Living or Deceased! As with any law, even under the governance of Civil or Common-law, full freedom to those who do in fact defame the Memory of those Jews who no longer have a say, should be governed by the full weight of such a Law! Sadly, it is common in Law also that with the Death of a Person, their inalienable rights to any Justice, dies with them.

It is here where Deniers, Race Haters and antisemites charge forward into that vacuous space, unchallenged by Laws and unforgiving in their rabid desecration of The Holocaust Memory! We must seek to ensure that, while The Jews of Europe were stripped of their presence amongst us, they should not be stripped further of their final dignity in that Death which should have been spared them. Remember also, that their’s was a Murderous Death that was neither warranted nor deserved! Without due process in Law, and without a shred of consideration, these Jews are continually subjected to an unrivalled hatred. The mere mention of the 6,000,000 Account sends so many into a frenzy of hatred and bile infested rantings. The Ash of the many Millions of those Jews consumed in the Krematoria, or from the Burning pits of The Death Camps and The Killing Sites can all too easily make us lose sight of what humanises us.

With the term revisionism itself, this seeks to disavow these Murdered Jews of any respectful position that fully identifies their unique place in all of History. That said, it is also clear that in defaming these Dead, the negators seek also to resurrect the despicable nature of Adolf Hitler. They attempt form him into some altogether irredeemable heroic or even humanitarian figure. We cannot allow such an abject hatred to deny these Murdered Jews their respective space in the collective Memory of us all. Nor can we allow for Hitler to be described as other than a petty tyrant, a hate filled and degenerate entity and War monger. Those who seek to Recall, Remember and Never Forget the Passing of The Jews of The Holocaust, will see these Slaughtered Jews failed once again unless we continue to act in their name! Realisation for the Survivors, and for the Family’s of those who did not Persist, bears a newer witness to an even more permanent attempt to obliterate all trace of the Holocaust Jews as a People.

Forced then to deal with scurrilous, denigrating and hateful Slanders, Libel’s and Defamations, which not only impugn the Memory of these Jewish Dead, it is a slight upon our own humanity and hence a wrong is not righted. It casts a huge shadow over the veracity of those of us still living and breathing whose knowledge is enhanced by what History tells us! Those who do not denounce an abhorrent ritual of abuse, will be seen as collusive in condoning once more, a reprehensible atrocity! We allow for the dead to have no protection in Law and the rights of Memory to be waved in favour of a wrong done by those seeking to Defame a pertinent Remembrance for all! While I have based my work solely around these Jews of The Holocaust, I do not forget the Murdered Gypsies, the many from other Nations killed, nor the 50 to 70 Million People lost in a World War conflict of Hitler’s making!

This failing to stand against the trickle of lies and deceit will add to a ripple that will tarnish all of History. While this wholly accuses us of an indifference, we will be more impoverished for the omission to defend the Dead from a defaming, illogical and blatant hatred! We are also poorer for allowing the reputation of the Murdered Jews of The Holocaust to be too liberally Destroyed. The fact that these Jews of Europe where Destroyed was as a Denial of their basic Right to Life and is now being championed by those denying them any Rights in Death. Their rights in Death are now being continually eroded by factions who give their cause dubious titles! This certainty however, offers no recourse to such hate filled and spiteful behaviour. other than from an outpouring of their rancid behaviours. While these Jews can no longer defend themselves, we should step up to the plate and issue a defence on their behalf!

Not A Dig For Freedom.

Also, and it would seem that in this materialistic world which we inhabit, the assets of the Murdered Jews of The Holocaust can be argued over and protected by grasping concerns from being returned to a rightful owner. Property, goods of worth, valuables, assets all, whether by Descent or either by an essential Moral necessity still belongs to Jewish antecedence, now belongs to a Jewish presence in the Future. Ironically though, their Jewish good character, their Jewish status as Human Beings and even their Right to Rest In Peace, is all being threatened, and repeatedly denied to them in a manner ill befitting a moral or ethical society! Maybe we should be standing for the rights of these Jewish Dead and protecting much more what qualifies as the assets of these Murdered Jews of The Holocaust.

For those who have any rightful claim to these worldly items, they must be allowed access to all that has been taken from them! The World cannot return to life the 6,000,000 Murdered of The Holocaust, but surely must return to their Memory what was left behind, what was stolen and what was purloined in any way, shape or form. The task is simple enough? We need to secure for all future generations a Moral precedent which will not allow the Dead to be Defamed, the Deceased to be Slandered nor The Jews of The Holocaust to be so mistreated as to be denied that their’s was an obvious Destruction and in terms of a Genocide so unique in all of our History it is qualified by the Murders of 6,000,000 of them!. In what is such a despicable manner, the shameful denial of an awfully unique Genocide, secretes a pernicious evil which seeks to lift Hitler, his Nazi’s, their Allies and their collaborators above the rights of those Jews resettled into that Final resolve!

The genesis of the crime commenced with Hitler’s own demands to Destroy ill, infirm and mentally impaired German and Austrian nationals! Once the charge of Euthanasia was brought forward by a Church hierarchy which did not show the same consideration for The Jewish People, Hitler abandoned the immediacy of the crime and moved T4. That Murderous program was moved toward the East and onto The Final Solution and was targeting of so many, but especially of the Jews. What must be denied though is that status which many seek to resurrect, and gift Hitler a revised reputation. We must never forget that Hitler was nothing other than a Criminal, a Genocidal and hate filled aggressor. All attempts to alter this Truth, sourly resonates with those 6,000,000 Jews needing a more positive response than that which failed them in the past!