What good minds deserve as they explore the reaches of this subject of The Holocaust, is an appreciative filtration of all that is wrong in the arena that is presented to them. In an attempt to come to terms with the terrifying catastrophe for the Jewish People, their study should not be swayed by any form of misinformation. Also, that research should not be barred by too many books which seek otherwise to distract, add inaccuracy or lack the integrity of positive research and even deny what has been the gravest tragedy to uniquely face all of mankind. There are many who insist they have a divine right to deny the veracity of this Truth of The Holocaust. They urge a ‘christian’ boycott of this awareness of the exactitude of what happened to 6,000,000 Jewish People. When we all know that Intolerance is against all the precepts of Christ’s teaching, we have to accept that, whatever Faith system a person belongs to, it is crucial we honour their God-given right to the belief they hold to!

With that said, that is why there should always be a strict adherence to the bibliographic search that many will undertake within the sphere of The Holocaust. In order to add depth to the appreciation of the subject matter they wish to explore, they must not be blinded by falsehoods that seem to present an air of historical search! Clearly, there are recognisable writers who have sought to pass themselves off as serious students of The Holocaust, but are in fact nothing more than revisionists, deniers and, in many cases, antisemitic and neo-Nazi racists. Trawl any popular site that offers books to a literate public and you will clearly recognise the brightly emblazoned credentials of the denial lobby. Theirs has a prominent ‘swastika’ and that is what links them to a murderous Third Reich. Their deference of a Hitler who would have hated these new age Nazis, as equally as he hated the Jewish People -and toward the end of his 1,000 year Reich, the German people themselves – is seen as a parody of studious endeavour.

These haters secrete their bile behind shallow art work that seeks to deceive, and their proposal of legitimacy is as absent as it is immoral. Attached here is what I would consider a worthy first step in bringing about an acceptable Bibliography of The Holocaust. I would like to include every Book that has ever been written by those who Survived, but space would not permit me to. As for the inclusion of my own three Books? There is an issue brought up, which I have to address when questioned as to my own work’s validity. My own competence in commenting on, or even attempting to comprehend what was done, and what was allowed to be done to these Jews of Europe during this period, is addressed when required to do so. So my three Books of Testimony and Remembrance nestle rather tentatively in the midst of works of great distinction, of pure merit and of incalculable resonance in the survey of words articulating the terms for The Holocaust.

As with any effort to add toward the need to Remember what went before us, the works and the words produced can be utilized to gain an understanding of events we are removed from. For the Survivor however, the words are levelled at them during a period they themselves managed to escape, and with a trauma attached to that evasion which surely haunts them to this day. That haunting too, it must be recalled, is not merely the detail of the horror, but the sense of abandonment that must have been felt as they made their way toward oblivion. From the very sidelines of history scores of people, former neighbours even, took advantage of this Jewish procession toward Destruction to gain, to assist or even to Perpetrate the very crimes we are learning of now! That is the rather pertinent consistency in wording that is required and in the many Books I will mention, the integrity of The Holocaust is consistently recalled!

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