October 1st.

1934 Hitler orders secret expansion of army, navy and the creation of an air force, all in contravention of the Versailles Treaty.

1936 Mandatory oath of allegiance to Hitler taken by Criminal Court Judges in Berlin.

1939 Poland’s exiled Government set up in France.

1940 Ransomed Jews are returned from Belzec Camp.

1942 10,000 Lubomil Jews murdered. 4,000 Lukow Jews murdered at Treblinka.

1943 500 Danish Jews deported to Theresienstadt. American 5th. Army take Naples.

1946 Judgement on Major War Criminals at Nuremberg is completed. The verdicts against the major war criminals are handed down by the International Military Tribunal. Eleven of the twenty-one defendants are sentenced to death.

October 2nd.

1939 Warsaw surrenders to Germans.

1941 3,000 Vilna Jews murdered in Ponary Woods. 2,236 Zagare Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Einsatzkommando 3 takes over Schaulen area from Einsatzkommando ‘2’, Dr. Rudolf Lange. Gestapo, in collaboration with French extremists, set of explosions in several Paris Synagogue’s. Moscow is continued target for Hitler. Himmler arrives in Kiev. Did Himmler see the Babi Yar massacre for himself?

“..Chief of ..Security Police and ..Security Service Berlin ..October 2 ..1941 ..48 copies ..36th. copy ..Einsatzgruppe C Location ..Kiev ..Sonderkommando 4a in collaboration with Einsatzgruppe HQ and two Kommandos of police regiment South ..executed 33,771 Jews in Kiev on September 29 and 30 ..1941.” Operational Situation Report USSR No. 101

1942 11,000 Bielsk Podlaski Jews murdered. 4,000 Sobienne Jeziory Jews murdered at Treblinka. 3,900 Radzymin Jews murdered at Treblinka. Over 1,000 Dutch Jews murdered at Birkenau.

1943 Danish Jewry has been largely saved. 475 Jews are caught.

October 3rd.

1935 Italy invades Ethiopia.

1940 Vichy Government passes anti-Semitic, ‘Statut des Juifs’ legislation.

1941 All Reich Jews for Forced Labor.

1942 Warsaw was fast approaching a murderous milestone. 310,000 Warsaw Jews murdered at Treblinka. 4,500 Kolomyja Jews murdered at Belzec. 3,000 Wislica Jews murdered at Treblinka. Evidence reaches Pope Pius XII of gassing of Jews.

1943 Dutch Jewish Families are deported to Westerbork. The Moscow Declaration. All German Officers and Nazi Officials to be returned to where their place of atrocity and crimes are committed.

1944 Polish uprising in Warsaw crushed.

October 4th.

1933 Editor Law excludes use of Jewish editors.

1939 Hitler views Warsaw.

1941 1,983 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 1,845 Kovno Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered at Fort IX. Kovno Jewish Hospital set on fire. All patients burned alive. Heydrich conference on future Jewish deportations. Rivalry exists between all Reich Arms, but Heydrich is perplexed by continuing role of Alfred Rosenberg’s Ministry of Eastern Territories.

1942 2,400 Wolomin Jews murdered Treblinka. 1,000 Ludwisin Jews murdered Treblinka. German Concentration Camps to expel all Jews toward Auschwitz.

1943 Himmler delivered his Poznan Speech.

“..I ..mention ..subject ..never speak public. ..extermination of ..Jewish people. ..Jewish people ..being exterminated ..eliminating ..Jews ..exterminating them ..a small matter. of glory never mentioned ..never to be mentioned.” Heinrich Himmler.

October 5th.

1938 ‘J’ stamp agreement places this mark on German Jewish Passports. Idea of Heinrich Rothmund.

1941 Dr. Viktor Brack devises poison-gas program for resolution of ‘The Jewish Question.’

1942 40,000 Czestochowa Jews murdered Treblinka. Over 2,000 Dutch Jews murdered Birkenau. 600 Jewish Women from Ravensbrueck reach Birkenau. 1,000 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz.

1943 77 Jews of Theresienstadt murdered.

October 6th.

1939 In a Reichstag Speech, Hitler offers peace terms to Britain and France. Hitler’s clear intention is to persist with his resolve of The Jewish Question, ‘der Judenfrage.’

1941 1,000’s of Dvinsk Jews in Pogulanka Forest. 962 Semiliski Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 6,000 Miedzyrzec Jews murdered Treblinka. 1,200 Biala Podlaska Jews murdered Treblinka.

October 7th.

1900 Heinrich Himmler is born.

1934 The Jehovahs Witnesses in Germany declare their political neutrality. Also affirm defiance of Nazi restrictions on the practice of their religion.

1940 Wehrmacht troops enter Romania. Bulgaria enacts Law for Protection of the Nation.

1942 2,000 Lagow Jews murdered Treblinka. 1,600 Koniecpol Jews murdered at Treblinka. UN War Crimes Commission to be set up.

1943 1,000 Parisian Jews from Drancy to Auschwitz.

1944 A Jewish ‘Sonderkommando’ Uprising at Crematorium IV in Auschwitz/Birkenau takes place. The Uprising is immediately crushed.

October 8th.

1939 Piotrkow Trybunalski, in Poland becomes the first Ghetto to be established. 18,000 Jews Enclosed. Zalman Tenenbaum was its Chairman. Pogrom organised against Jews of Lodz. First Volkdeutsch of Latvia resettled to Reich.

1941 Vitebsk Ghetto liquidated. Over 16,000 Vitebsk Jews were murdered.

1942 1,000 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz.

1943 1,000 Parisian Jews from Drancy to Auschwitz.

October 9th.

1941 3,726 Svenciany Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Friedrich Uebelhoer asks for clarity with removal of 100,000 unproductive Lodz Jews.

Friday, 9th. October 1942. “..If it’s that bad in Holland ..what must it be like in those faraway ..uncivilized places where ..Germans are sending them? We assume ..most ..are being murdered.” Anne Frank.

1942 Over 1,700 Dutch Jews murdered Birkenau. More than 13,000 Viennese Jews have been deported to Theresienstadt.

Friday, 9th. October 1942 “..We assume that most of them are murdered. ..British radio speaks of their being gassed. Perhaps that’s the quickest way to die.” Anne Frank.

October 10th.

1939 ‘Generalgouvernement’ in Poland created. All Death Camps in Poland. Czerniakow sets up labour battalions, ‘Arbeitsbataillons.’

1941 Heydrich holds conference in Prague on the ‘resettlement’ of Reich Jews to Riga and Minsk. Theresienstadt ‘Terezin’ Ghetto established. Over 140,000 Jews pass through Theresienstadt. Theresienstadt is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established

1942 Over 3,000 Belgian Jews are deported to Auschwitz in 2 week period.

October 11th.

1939 The Final Solution of the Jewish Question in Germany approaches a newer interpretation in a directive from Joseph Burckel’s Office. Einstein and Leo Szilard, Eugene Wagner, and Edward Teller urge Roosevelt forward, and toward the atomic era.

1941 The New York Times reported that an estimated 15,000 Jews had been murdered in Galicia. 1,000’s Edineti Jews are murdered. Czernowitz Ghetto Established.

1942 11,000 Ostrowiec Jews murdered Treblinka.

October 12th.

1937 Grafeneck, ‘euthanasia’, institution under SS management.

1939 Jewish deportation from Austria and Moravia to Poland begins. The Nisko Project. Hans Frank appointed Governor Occupied Poland. Britain rejects Hitler’s peace feeler’s. Stalin threatens Finland.

1940 Hitler postpones plan to invade Britain. A Quarantine area for the Jews of Warsaw is established.

1941 Over 1,000 Stanislawow Jews murdered. 3,000 Sheparovtse Jews murdered. Wehrmacht reaches Moscow. Stalin evacuates parts of the City.

1942 14,000 Radomsko Jews murdered Treblinka in 2 days. Over 1,700 Dutch Jews murdered Birkenau.

1964 First Treblinka Trial at Dusseldorf opens. 10 Officials of Treblinka Death Camp are arraigned before the Court of Assizes.

October 13th.

1939 Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski, nearly 70 years old, becomes chairman of the Lodz Judenrate. Others involved in the Judenrate of Lodz were Blemer, Greenberg, S. Jakobson, Naftalin, Leon Rosenblat, David Varshavsky,

1941 15,000 Dnepropetrovsk Jews murdered.

1942 Piotrkow Trybunalski Ghetto Liquidated.

1943 Italy declares war on Germany. Some 15,000 Italian Jews were murdered.

1944 Riga Liberated.

1946 The Allied Control Council, with the power to reduce or commute sentences, rejects all appeal in the Major War Criminals Trial.

October 14th.

1933 Germany leaves League of Nations talks on disarmament.

1940 In Warsaw, non-Jews make way for Jews.

1941 Deportation decree enacted for German Jews. Deutsche Reichsbann, German Railways begins its deportation programme of the Jewish People. Emergence of ‘cattle wagons’ as a conveyance for human cargo. Resettlement East will find many of the transportees dead upon arrival from Starvation, Thirst, Disease and Neglect.

1942 4,000 Kobryn Jews murdered. Over 10,070 Jews of Kobryn were eventually murdered. Jews in Holland virtually outlawed.

1943 Uprising at Sobibor. Sobibor ceases its operations. Somewhere between 250,000 and 300,000 Jews had been murdered at this Aktion Reinhard Death Camp Sobibor.

1945 British representative Sir Geoffrey Lawrence is elected President of the International Military Tribunal (IMT).

October 15th.

1939 Hitler to ‘blitz’ West. SS unit mass murders Piasnica’s detained ‘mentally ill.’

1941 9,000 Jews of Slonim murdered. Deportation of German and Austrian Jews to Lodz Ghetto. Deportation of German and Austrian Jews to Minsk Ghetto. Deportation of German and Austrian Jews to Riga Ghetto.

1942 25,000 Brest-Litovsk Jews murdered after Resistance. 5,000 Zawichost Jews murdered at Belzec. Over 1,900 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz. Izbica Lubelska’s ‘black day’ when some 6,000 to10,000 Jews are removed to Sobibor.

1944 Admiral Horthy announces surrender. Hitler installs Hungarian ‘puppet’ Government. Admiral Horthy arrested by Hitler. Jewish Deportations resume.

1946 Goering commits suicide by swallowing a smuggled cyanide pill.

October 16th.

1939 Warsaw Ghetto established. Over 350,000 Jews are Enclosed. Adam Czerniakow is their Chairman. Others who assist the Ghettoe administration are Jakub Lejkin, Warsaw is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established.Cracow, a Jewish centre for over 700 years, is to be capital of Generalgouvernement. More than 11,000 Poles and 5,000 Jews have been murdered since War commenced.

1940 Decree replaces 80,000 Poles of Warsaw with 120,000 Jews. 360,000 Jews now in Warsaw quarantine area.

1941 5,000 Dnepropetrovsk Jews murdered. 1,146 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Wehrmacht occupies Odessa. First Jews are murdered there. First deportation of Western Jews, 1,000 Prague Jews to Lodz Ghetto. A limit is set of 20,000 Protectorate Jews to Lodz. Remainder of Protectorate Jews ‘resettled’ in Riga and Minsk. Upon arrival they are immediately faced with an Einsatz ‘aktionen.’ First deportation of Western Jews to Lublin Ghetto. First deportation of Western Jews to Warsaw Ghetto. Austrian, Czechoslovakian and Luxembourg Jews deported to Lodz Ghetto.

1942 Over 1,000 Jews deported from Rome to Auschwitz.

1946 Ten of the war criminals are hanged in Nuremberg.

“ a vicious act of Talmudic ‘justice’ ..Julius Streicher was hanged.” Christian Defence League Report.

October 17th.

1939 Hitler indoctrinates Wehrmacht Generals on forthcoming solution of ‘The Jewish Problem’.

1941 Over 19 day period in Minsk and its environs Einsatzkommando ‘3’ acted against the following communities of Bischolin, Bober, Pleschnitza, Scak and Uzda and murdered over 3,031 Jewish Men, Women and Children.

1942 1,600 Jews from Buczacz Jews murdered at Belzec. 10,000 Jews in Buchenwald deported to Auschwitz. Over 4,000 Jews in Sachsenhausen removed to Auschwitz.

October 18th.

1935 The German Law for Protection of the Hereditary Health of the German People is another piece of anti-Semitic legislation.

1942 Hitler issues Commando Order, ‘Kommandobefehl,’ for immediate execution of Allied Special Forces. Gestapo secures jurisdiction over Jews in Reich.

1943 Over 1,000 Jews of Rome deported to Auschwitz

1944 Hitler mobilizes all 16 to 60 year old Men, ‘Volkssturm’.

October 19th.

1939 Lublin Ghetto is established. 100,000 Jews enclosed.

1941 German Foreign Office collaborates in Belgrade Ghetto massacre. Russia declares State of Siege.

1942 Over 1,900 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz.

1943 Globocnik announces end to ‘Aktion Reinhard.’ SS Camp personnel, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka will move to anti-Partisan acions in Adriatic area. Over 1,000 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

1945 Indictments are issued against the major war figures. Nuremberg’s assessment is that some 1,500,000 Germans were in such close proximity to the Crimes, they cannot then deny knowledge of what occurred. Of that number, 500,000 were key to the operation of the Nazi Party.

October 20th.

1940 Operation Burckel removes German Jews to French unoccupied border.7,500 German Jews now detained in Gurs Camp. These were Jews from Baden, Paltinate and the Saar region.

1941 8,000 Borisov Jews murdered in 3 day operation. First deportations from Reich to Lodz decreed. Wehrmacht takes Bryansk.

1942 12,000 Jews at Bar are murdered.

1943 United Nations War Crimes Commission established at Moscow Conference.

1944 Polish nationals attack and murder Jewish Survivors.Russians, with Tito’s partisans, enter Belgrade.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 8, The RuSHA Case, begins. Fourteen defendants, officials in the Race and Settlement Office and the Office for the Strenghtening of Germandom are charged with varying crimes against humanity. These crimes relate to the murder, deportation and torture of people on political, racial and religious grounds.

October 21st.

1933 Germany withdraws from the League of Nations.

October 21st. Thursday 1937 “..returning Jewish emigrants will be sent to concentration camps.” Heinrich Himmler.

1941 2,367 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 1,500 Koidanov Jews murdered. Hitler delares that his actions in coming days were so secret, the Generals would not be placed in a position to know.

1942 22,000 Piotrkow Trybunalski Jews murdered Treblinka in 6 day operation.

1943 Minsk Ghetto Liquidated. 2,000 Jews murdered.

October 22nd.

1940 More than 10,000 refugee German Jews in France sent to Gurs.These were Jews from Alsace, Heidelberg, Mannheim and Speyer. All Gurs Jews transported to Drancy, enroute to Auschwitz. Jewish businesses in Holland to be registered.

1942 Over 2,000 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz. Sachsenhausen Uprising of Jewish inmates.

October 23rd.

1940 Hitler meets with Franco to seek union.

1941 1,000’s of Kragujevac Jews murdered. Jews of the Greater Reich refused emigration. Hitler talks about the extermination of the Jewish plague.

1942 British forces attack Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s ‘Akrika Korps’ at El Alamein.

1944 Russians are in East Prussia.

October 24th.

1933 Law against ‘Habitual and Dangerous Criminals’ enables alcoholics, beggars, the homeless, the unemployed and vagrants to be incarcerated in Concentration Camps.

1939 Wloclawek Jews required to wear identifying ‘yellow badge.’

1941 20,000 Jews deported to Dalnik.

1942 Remnants of Lidice Community murdered at Mauthausen.

1945 UN officially born.

October 25th.

1929 ‘Black Friday’, The Wall Street crash.

1936 Berlin Rome Axis Treaty signed by Hitler and Mussolini.

1939 Jews of Jaroslav expelled across San into Russian territory.

1940 Cracow directive prohibits exit visas to Jews.

1941 48,000 Odessa Jews murdered in 3 day action. 2,578 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Riga Ghetto is sealed. Jewish Ghetto revolt at Tatarsk crushed. All Jews murdered. Hitler declares that he is preceded by a reputation for the extermination of the Jews. Eichmann approves Mobile Gas Van usage. Letter from Alfred Wetzel, of Rosenberg’s Ministry to Heinrich Lohse, Reich Commissar, confirms the fact that Victor Brack had received Eichmann’s endorsement for use of ‘gassing vans.’

1942 400 Oszmiana Jews murdered. Over 200 Oslo Jews deported to Auschwitz.

1943 Russians retake Dnepropetrovsk. Over 50,000 Jews have been murdered here. 15 Survive. 2,000 Lvov Jews murdered at Janowska Camp. 1,700 Bergen-Belsen Jews deported Auschwitz.

1945 Robert Ley, former chief of the German Labor Front and one of the prisoners awaiting trial, commits suicide.

1946 The United States Military Government for Germany establishes Military Tribunal I, which will try twenty-three Nazi physicians in the first of eleven subsequent trials in Nuremberg.

October 26th.

1939 Germany annexes regions of Pomerania, Poznan, Upper Silesia, West Prussia and the City of Danzig. All Polish Men and Women, aged 14 to 60 enslaved, ‘Arbeitspflicht und Zwangsarbeit.’ This defined Forced Labour for those Poles who would receive ‘equitable’ pay, and Jews would have no pay provision. ‘J’ identification Card for Polish Jews. Labor Department of the Generalgouvernement, now established. Ritual slaughter, ‘shechitah’ banned in Poland. Eichmann sets in motion ‘Nisko Reserve’ to resettle 78,000 Jews.

1941 The New York Times carries the story of the massacre of Jews of Kiev. These 33,771 Jews of Kiev have been murdered at Babi-Yar.

1942 Over 1,800 Theresienstadt Jews to Auschwitz. Male Norwegian Jews deported to Auschwitz.

1943 3,000 Kovno Jews murdered at Klooga.

October 27th.

1933 Arabs riot in Palestine to protest against Jewish immigration.

1940 Warsaw Jews restricted to ‘Jew buses.’

1941 1,203 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Jewish Elderly of Kalisz murdered in ‘gassing van.’ Russia counter attacks at Moscow.

1942 3,000 Opoczno Jews murdered Treblinka. Jacob Gens deports elderly from Vilna. 2nd. Sterilization Conference, Nullification of Jewish mixed Marriages, and the planned sterilization of ‘Mixed Marriage Children.’

1943 Globocnik produces a report which shows scale of Operation Reinhard, which he commands!

October 28th.

1938 Germany expels 17,000 Polish Jews to Poland’s border. 8,000 are stranded at Zbaszyn. Not admitted by Poland., Not allowed back by Germany.

Saturday October 28th. 1939 “..We move along ..Earth like men condemned to death.” Chaim Kaplan.

1940 All Polish Jews restricted to 55 containment areas. Belgium passes antisemitic legislation. All Jewish property to be registered. Italy invades Greece. 12,000 Greek Jews resist Italian offensive.

1941 Over 9,000 Kovno Jews murdered at Ninth Fort during the big ‘Aktion.’ Almost half of them were Children. 12 year old Jewish Survivor becomes eye witness to the massacre. 2,000 Lachowicze Jews murdered. Dr. Eduard Wetzel proposes gassing camps for Minsk and Riga. Eventually, gassings will be conducted in many Camps including Dachau, Neuengamme, Ravensbrueck, Sachsenhausen and Stutthuf. Along with the gassing facility’s of the Death Camps, the Jews of Europe will pay an exorbitant and extortionate price with their lives.

1942 10,000 Pinsk Jews murdered. Large Cracow ‘aktion’ over 5,000 Jews murdered at Belzec. Further 600 Cracow Jews are murdered in the Ghetto. Over 50 Polish Ghettoes recognised by decree.

October 29th.

1897 Joseph Goebbels is born.

1938 Last day for Polish Jews to prove their statehood.

1941 9,200 Kovno Ghetto Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered at Fort IX.

1942 After Resistance, over 3,000 Sandomierz Jews murdered Belzec. 6,000 Pinsk Jews have been murdered. Pinsk is ‘Judenrein.’

October 30th.

1939 Himmler plans to clear all Jews out of rural Poland in a 3 month period. Britain publishes critical report of Nazi treatment of Concentration Camp inmates. First ‘Judenrate’ in Jewish ghettos set up by Hans Frank. Hitler’s ‘physicians’ given charge of ‘euthanasia’ program.

1941 4,000 Nesvizh Jews are murdered. 1,553 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. First Bratislava Jews deported. Wehrmacht breech Crimean defenses. Moscow approached.

1942 Over 4,500 Dutch Jews deported to Auschwitz in 2 week exercise.

1943 Moscow Conference ends. Allied statement, The Moscow Declaration, suggests they will act judicially, and without vengeance, in pursuance of all Axis War Criminals:-

“ ..uttermost ends of”

October 31st.

1941 4,000 Kleck Jews murdered.

1942 Over 1,600 Belgian Jews to Auschwitz.

1944 14,000 Slovakian Jews transported to Auschwitz. Plaszow Camp Survivors deported to Auschwitz.