The Threat of Prejudice.

The idea that prejudice, bias or the offensiveness of any intolerances could so spoil this society we live in, still seems wrong in this modern age, where knowledge and honest information is so readily available. Prejudice is all too often used to disguise any lack of understanding we might have concerning different people, or their differing ideas. We can be too easily accusing and may even misuse terms so as to fit with what we consider is our own position with regard to those we live alongside. Of course, prejudice must never become confused with bigotry. Bigotry, which is an evil all too easily converted from simple intolerances, must never be tolerated. We are all too often swayed by an irrational fear of what is different in people and this is especially true where those people we meet might have a disability. We either find it hard or difficult coming to terms with what makes us feel uncomfortable, or we simply ignore those we come into contact with.

Those who differ from us, and make us simply walk the other way when we see them, expose us to a frailty that is lacking of tolerance. Of course we can all too easily class this form of prejudice as mere ignorance, which all too often has been allowed to be built upon, but knowledge is the best preventative for such ignorance. That an ignorance-based foundation leads us into an intolerance, that is wholly built upon a fear we know is irrational, can be countered by opening up to the benefits of education. Sadly, we tend to use the term prejudice too frequently. This is a truth, that when the term is confused, it is a concern that has no real grounding in any intolerant way, and must be seen as facing up to any concern we might have.

In other than a hate-filled bigotry, which is easily discredited, prejudice can simply be the fear of what we must work toward. That said, we must never use whatever personal preferences we have to sway our fundamental humanity. Nor should we allow any of our own fears to persuade others to hold with a view that might well be alien to them. Any influence we can instil into people must always be of a positive nature, and we must hold any deep felt negative impressions to ourselves. All too often we are ill disposed to others who somehow appear different, and for whatever reason, we must be persuaded into accepting the differences that are in all people. Firstly, and if the motive is colour, race or even physical or emotional impairment, it is more essential to avoid any prejudice becoming a self destructive racism, a bigotry or even a hatred.

We are all influenced by what is about us, and all too often that influence can appear as an impartiality which is either born out of resentment, some irrational fear or, more likely, a lack of empathy or understanding of the difference in others. We can so easily lack the simple ability to appreciate the very difficulty that is faced by other individuals, who either struggle to cope with this world, or have an inability to express their own concerns. We have a common human bond to all of those around us and we should have a greater concern for all of those who are simply so disabled they have no ability to influence at all how we perceive them. We are always inclined to keep to our own, be they our neighbours, or family members or even those we consider are exclusively of our own nation. What that must never become is a nationalist tendency that seeks to preclude others of differing nations who simply have a wish to work, live and coexist alongside us.

I am concerned here that the Irish State is somehow becoming less altruistic than she has been remarkably acknowledged for over the past years. Yes, more and more foreigners are descending upon this Emerald Isle that we inhabit, but that more than compensates for the favourable terms accorded our own emigrees who landed on American, British, Australian and nearly every other national soil of this world. Ireland’s greatest legacy has been in its own ability to shed its most important export, its Children. In order that Ireland should contribute to a more balanced worldview, the centuries have borne witness to the establishment of Irish enclaves all over the world.

We should therefore recognise the migratory nature of other peoples and understand that very need, whether it is a cultural or financial essential for them to migrate to us, a welcoming shore! I am actually surprised that when we quote education as a model of learning, how can we then be so absenting of the truth that is in that search for learning and knowledge. We have not learnt from our own history, which has seen us stretching our own influence to the far corners of the World.

True, that spread has often been met by the destructive menace of ‘racism’, set against generations of our forefathers. It is a timely reminder therefore of the pernicious threat, that is proposed by the intolerance within racism. Clearly there is more of an expression of this rancid hate, that we have been exposed to, and it is a rabid hatred too often expressed. For those of us seeking our own way out of our own financial restrictions, we can too readily blame others. This tiny Isle is now no longer immune to such hatreds, as were felt by those Irish who sought to afford their own families at home, a financial lifeline and stability that was not often available to us at home.

What we should have noticed, when mixed with indifference, is that hatred can become an everyday instance that is, and this is seemingly in the awareness of the public in general, as too socially acceptable? We can all too easily borrow from the flavour of hatred to lend a similar feeling of hatred that the newcomer can then feel. That said, it is essential that each of us stands guard against this pernicious evil that is hidden behind Race Hate. It is even more important these days that we speak up and stand for the rights of all individuals, to prevent the spread of any radical or racial hatred. It is also an essential in our moral duty as a Catholic and a Christian of Jesus’ Church.

We should clearly understand that the message for any future has to be the hope, and for all future generations, that we must learn from the irrelevance of any difference, that has held up the progress of mankind since we emerged from the dark ages. There is this despising feeling in some people who see difference as objectionable and it is displayed with such detestation toward other people, that the very tangibility of such hatred can be so visibly witnessed. We can all add weight to that clarion call, for an acceptance of the understanding of all peoples, and it should come with a compassionate concern toward all of those within humanity.

Words should always articulate the heart-felt meaning of truth and honesty, and that very integrity, ordained by God, should not allow us to treat another human being without respect, but with reverence and in accordance with Jesus’ law to love each other as we would wish to be loved. I have a concern, as we face up to any situation we were supposed to guard against and even prevent, is that the simple twist of fate that presents newer peoples to our shores must be acknowledged as a bonus to our own humanity. The past lessons should not be forgotten and it should not therefore, hurt the future for us all that might be hindered with any intolerance to others? We can all make a difference, even if we just let our true feelings be known!

Theirs is the lost argument! It is lost in terms of the denial of Truth and also, when the bullying denier resorts to personal abuse and a crude absurdity in denying veracity of the Facts that are well known, they lack even an iota of credibility. The intrinsic credibility of all history, and The Holocaust History especially, cannot be reviewed, will not be revised by tainted and questionable efforts to deceive those they wish to influence, nor will it withstand any close scrutiny. The more these individuals personalise their failed reason, which is only enhanced by an illiterate effort that is quite tangible, then the more their effort will fail. Any lack of tolerance on their part can only add to their wasted and marginalised position.

Their desired revision to reshape any part of our history, even if they consider The Holocaust in their overtly hate-filled terms, will nullify all of History. We either accept that History belongs to us all, in which case deserves nothing less than the Truth, or we succumb to an illegitimate History that can never preserve what has truly gone by! The truth in history, which is an essential to the integrity of our knowledge must be preserved in order that we know, that we learn and that we move forward to learn the lessons from that past in order that we do not repeat the same mistakes. However, deniers do not temper their extravagant and extremist view point and history, so rightly judged by the veracity of what is known, will judge them solely upon an irrational adherence to a disguised hatred, which permeates the ether with its antisemitic resonance!