December 1st.

1926 Goebbels becomes ‘Gauleiter’ of Berlin.

1933 A legal decree issued by Hitler declares Germany and the Nazi Party one. Hermann Goering orders closure of all SA ‘wild camps.’ Jewish Social Democratic politician Ernst Heilmann is arrested. The antisemitic Glaubensbewegung deutscher Christen (Movement of German Christian Believers) becomes the semiofficial religious organization of Germany. An antisemitic, anti-Communist organization, Gesamtverband deutscher anti-kommunistischer Vereinigungen (General Association of German Anti-Communist Societies), is founded. The Volksempfänger (People’s Radio Receiver) debuts in Germany. Schlageter, a pro-Nazi play by Hanns Johst, premieres. It is a tribute to Nazi “martyr” Albert Leo Schlageter, who was executed by the French in 1923 after defying French authority in the Ruhr. German-Jewish physicist Albert Einstein criticizes the new Nazi regime.

1936 Hitler Youth declared State Agency.

1939 1,800 Chelm Jews expelled toward Luck. 1,400 Chelm Jews murdered by Wehrmacht troops. 200 Hrubieszow Jews, force marched to Sokal. Many die enroute.

1941 1,200 Stuttgart Jews to Riga. They too will find their way to Rumbuli. Russians counter at Tula. Jaeger Report states that 85% of all Lithuanian Jews have already been murdered. Some 137,366 individual Lithuanian Jews are dead.

“..Today I can confirm that our objective solve ..Jewish problem for Lithuania ..has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews ..apart from Jewish workers and their families. ..distance between ..assembly point to ..graves ..on average 4 to 5 Km.” Karl Jaeger.

1942 400 Karczew Jews murdered.

December 2nd.

1939 First use of gas vans to eliminate mental patients.

1942 1,000 Plonsk Jews murdered Birkenau.

1959 Kurt Franz, former Treblinka Camp Kommandant is arrested.

December 3rd.

1932 General Kurt von Schleicher appointed Chancellor.

1938 Jews lose their Driving Licenses. Jewish industrial enterprises and businesses expropriated under compulsory purchase orders. Jews being wholly diminished in the German economy.

December 4th.

1941 2,500 Gorodenka Jews murdered.

1942 Jewish Aid Council ‘Zegota’ established.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 3, The Justice Trial concludes. Ten defendants, officials in the Reich Ministry of Justice and Judges of the People’s and Special Courts are convicted. Four are acquitted and One is declared a mis-trial. One defendant died before the verdict was given. Benedict Wein, a priest from Amberg prison, testifies for the prosecution in this Case.

December 5th.

1939 Jewish property in Poland seized.

1941 First truck transports of Jews are delivered to Chelmno Death Camp. Hitler halts Moscow offensive.

December 6th.

1938 Nonaggression pact between Germany and France signed.

1939 Britain admonishes Bulgarian Government over its transit policy for Jews fleeing to Palestine.

1941 1,000,000 Russian Troops counter attack outside Moscow.

1943 Over 200 Jews from Milan and Verona to Auschwitz.

1944 The Kasztner Jews reach Switzerland.

December 7th.

1924 Nazis lose 50% of their votes in Reichstag Elections.

1941 Chelmno Death Camp’s Extermination operations begin. 700 Kolo Jews are 1st. Victims at Chelmno. They are gassed and confined to eternity here at Chelmno. Remaining Riga Ghetto Jews murdered in Rumbuli Forest. Japan attacks US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour, Hawaii. Roosevelt declares war on Japan. Night and Fog Decree,’Nacht und Nebel’ issued by Hitler, cloaking a right to kill policy.

December 8th.

1941 4,000 Novogrudok Jews murdered. 2,300 Jews murdered at Chelmno. Chelmno introduces ‘gassing vans’ to murder the Jews expelled here. Remaining Jews of Belgrade ordered to report for ‘resettlement.’ Final stages of Riga Jewish murders in Rumbuli reached. Japan declares War on America and Britain. Britain and the Commonwealth declare war on Japan.

1942 1,250 Rohatyn Jews murdered. Rabbi Wise meets with President Roosevelt to discuss plight of European Jewry.

“..Already almost 2,000,000 Jews ..Men ..Women ..Children ..have been cruelly done to death ..5,000,000 more Jews live under ..threat of a similar doom.” Maurice Wertheim, Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, Henry Monsky, Adolph Held, Israel Goldstein and Rabbi Israel Rosenberg.

1944 Bulgaria declares War upon Germany.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 10, The Krupp Case, begins. Alfred Krupp and Eleven other defendants, all members of the Krupp Industrial Group, are charged with Human enslavement and other war crimes. They are also charged in connection with the plundering of public and private property.

December 9th.

1941 25,000 Latvian Jews murdered in the Rumbuli Forest in a 3 day operation. More than 38,000 Jews will be murdered here. Wannsee Conference postponed.

1946 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 1, The Medical Doctors Case begins. Twenty Three Nazi physicians are charged with conducting inhuman experiments on German civilians and nationals of other countries. The experiments ranged from studying the effects of high altitude and malaria to sterilization.

December 10th.

1940 Himmler convenes meeting of Higher Nazi officials and Gauleiters in Berlin to discuss the population transfer plan. This was still a territorial consideration for The Jewish People!

“..By resettling ..Jews out of ..European economic area to a yet to be determined territory. In ..framework of this ..5,800,000 Jews will be affected.” Adolf Eichmann.

1942 1st. Transport of German Jews arrives at Auschwitz. Polish Government in Exile asks Allies to retaliate for Nazi murders.

1943 Jews of Lippstadt are ordered out of their homes.

December 11th.

1939 All Jews in Poland must seek permission to change address.

1941 Germany and Italy declare war on America. America declares war on Germany and Italy. Lutsk Ghetto established. 18,000 Jews Enclosed.

1943 Red Cross visits Romanian Jews deported to Transniestria.

December 12th.

1938 Neuengamme Concentration Camp opens. $400,000,000 fine levied against German Jews for Kristallnacht destruction.

1939 Jewish males aged 14 to 60 subject forced labour and to do 2 years service in Eastern Germany. Jews expelled from Kalisz.

1940 The Salvador sinks killing 200 Jewish refugees. 70 of them are children.

1941 Hitler discusses the complete annihilation of European Jewry with some fifty of his Reich leadership. In his private rooms, Hitler spoke in lieu of The Wannsee Conference of what he expected would inmplicate all levels of Reich Admisistration in the completion of The Holocaust. Baranovichi Ghetto, Poland established. 10,000 Jews Enclosed.

1942 2,000 Czerwinsk Jews murdered. Jewish Resistance at Lutsk crushed. More than 15,000 Lutsk Jews were eventually murdered.

December 13th.

1941 14,000 Simferopol Jews murdered in 3 day period. Remaining 6 Jews of Warendorf deported to Riga and murdered. Hungary and Bulgaria declare War on America.

1943 Jews of Lippstadt are ‘resettled’ to Riga. Rumbuli awaits them.

1945 The prosecution introduces grissly evidence from Buechenwald concentration camp. Items include tattoed human skin (favoured by the commandant’s wife for use in tablelamps and other household furnishings) and the head of an executed Pole used as a paperweight by Commandant Karl Koch.

December 14th.

1937 Gypsy ‘inveterate criminals’ decree. 1,000 year Reich announced at Nuremberg Rally. Ferenc Szalasi establishes Arrow Cross in Hungary. Adolf Eichmann visits Palestine. (September. Adolf Eichmann visited Palestine to assess the expelling of more German Jews.) First issue of The Jewish Question ‘Die Judenfrage’ is published in Germany. Edited by Georg Haller. Poland investigates the possibility of deporting resident Jews to Madagascar. ‘The Madagascar Plan’ is first mooted. Throughout the 1930’s, up till the end of 1937, more than 200,000 handicapped and disabled Germans are ‘Sterilised’ as part of a ‘eugenics’ plan. Of the over 8,800 Jews who managed to flee Poland, over 2,800 of them manage to reach Palestine.

1938 Goering is given charge of die Endlosung der Judenfrage, ‘The Jewish Question.’

1941 Kharkov Ghetto, Ukraine established. 21,000 Jews Enclosed.

1943 200 Drohobycz Jews murdered.

December 15th.

1939 It is Decreed that Jewish Forced Labour be ‘free’ to German interests.

1941 Jews to receive no inducement for extra hours work demanded.

1943 Over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. First trial of German war criminals in Kharkov.

December 16th.

1941 Some 3,000 of Liepaja’s (Libau) Jews were murdered in a 2 day operation on the beaches of Skeden. This ‘Dezember-Aktionen’ December Action watched by scores of Wehrmacht personnel, Civilians and a motley crew of mawkish observers. Entire action was photographed. 3,500,000 Jews now governed by Hans Frank, according to his own diary entry. Frank fully informs his associates of Hitler’s intentions for the Jewish People.

1944 Battle of the Bulge.

December 17th.

1940 Piotrkow Ghetto struck by typhus.

1942 Baranovichi Ghetto Liquidated. 3,000 Jews murdered. Allies condemn extermination of the Jews. Pledge by America, Belgium, Britain, Czechoslovakia, French National Committee, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia and Yugoslavia to officially condemn and punish the Nazis:

“..bestial policy of cold blooded extermination.”

1944 Waffen SS murder of 81 American POWs, Malmedy.

December 18th.

1939 All Jewish valuables to be declared in Poland.

1942 Pope Pius XII does not see that his silence is highly damning to the Holy See.

1943 Over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz.

1945 The prosecution begin introducing evidence to prove the criminality of seven German organizations: the Nazi party leadership, the German High Command, the SS, the SA, the SD, the Reich Cabinet, and the Gestapo.

December 19th.

1941 General Walther von Brauchitsch dismissed. Hitler is Commander in Chief Wehrmacht.

1942 3,000 Dworzec Jews murdered after Resisting. Over 560 Jews murdered in Rakow Forest.

1943 First trial of German war criminals in Kharkov ends.

December 20th.

1924 Hitler released from prison.

1939 Radomsko Ghetto, Poland established. 18,500 Jews Enclosed.

December 21st.

1941 Over the coming 4 weeks, the Massacre of the Jews from Bogdanovka Camp begins.

December 22nd.

1941 Over 32,000 Vilna Jews have been murdered. 1,000 Zablotov Jews murdered.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 5 ends. Three defendants, including Flick, are convicted and sentenced to varying terms of imprisonment. Three are acquitted.

December 23rd.

1942 Jewish Resistance in Cracow.

1943 End of Red Cross mission to Transniestria.

December 24th.

1938 Leading American clergy come together to issue a resolution protesting at ‘Kristallnacht’.

December 27th.

1936 Non-intervention agreement between Britain and France abandons Spain. Spain provides the proving ground for Hitler’s future ‘blitzkrieg’ tactics. The Spanish Civil War will rage for 3 years.

1941 Knowledge of ‘gassing van’ operations at Chelmno reaches Izbica Lubelska.

December 28th.

1942 Dr. Carl Clauberg begins his sterilization ‘experiments’ at Auschwitz.

1944 Russians besiege Budapest.

December 29th.

1940 Glowno Ghetto, Poland, established. 3,000 Jews Enclosed.

Wednesday, 29th. December. “..I have not enough faith in God. ..only thing to do is to pray that God will some of them.” Anne Frank.

December 30th.

1939 1,210 refugee Jews aboard the Uranus prevented from going on to Palestine. Over the past 6 years more than 1,400 individual anti-Jewish measures are enacted in Germany alone.

1941 Over 50,000 Jews at Bogdanovka murdered in 10 day period. 10,000 Jews in Simferopol murdered.

1942 Pope Pius XII remarks upon atrocities against Jews as ‘propaganda exaggerations’

December 31st.

1930 ‘Rasse und Siedlungshauptamt’ or RuSHA is established as the Nazi Racial Research Office.

1935 All remaining Jews in Germany’s Civil Service are dismissed.

1941 Jewish Armed Resistance being prepared in Vilna. A report is sent to SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Fritz Dietrich, Police commander for Libau area, that 2,731 Jews of Libau have been murdered on the beaches of Skeden.

“..Ponar is not a ..Camp. Jews ..shot there. Hitler plans to destroy all ..Jews of Europe ..Jews of Lithuania ..first in line. ..We must not go like sheep to ..slaughter!” Abba Kovner.

1942 More than 2,000,000 Jews already murdered in Death Camps. Einsatzgruppe and Police Battalions have added more to this figure? Dachau Concentration Camp have Gas Chamber and Crematorium installed. A concentration camp is established at Riga. Labour Camp attached to Vilna Ghetto.