March 1st.

1933 Rabbi S. Wise seeks to ensure the American President has Hitler’s assault’s upon the Jews of Europe as a Centre piece to America’s Foreign Policy!

1935 Germany retakes the Saarland.

1941 Himmler plans expansion of Auschwitz Camps. Construction of Birkenau, Auchwitz II, begins. Bulgaria allied to Germany.

1942 Sobibor Death Camp under Construction.

1943 Madison Square Garden Rally, New York, saw 20,000 protesters inside urging greater support for the Jews of Europe. A further 50,000 protesters remained outside the building.

March 2nd.

1939 Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli becomes Pope Pius XII.

1941 Hitler outlines plans for Operation Barbarossa. German troops occupy Bulgaria.

1942 5,000 Minsk Jews are murdered at Koidanovo.

March 3rd.

1936 Jewish doctors prohibited from practicing in all public health institutions throughout Germany

1941 Cracow Ghetto established. Cracow, the First Jewish Settlement on Polish soil, in existence since 13th. Century. Dr. Arthur Rosenzweig Chairman of Judenrate. Over 56,000 Jews are enclosed.

1942 2,300 Baranowicze Jews murdered. 1,500 Dolginovov Jews murdered. Belgian Jews forced into labor gangs.

1944 Over 700 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

1945 Finland declares War on Germany. American troops cross the Rhine at Remagen.

1951 Members of The Treblinka Death Camp staff are tried before a Court in Frankfurt.

March 4th.

1933 United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes his inaugural address. Roosevelt will remain President throughout The Holocaust years.

March 4th. 1938 “..Providence ..charged me with a mission to reunite ..German peoples with a mission to restore my homeland to ..German Reich. ..believed in this mission. ..lived for it ..and fulfilled it.” Adolf Hitler.

1941 Bunawerk factory authorised for Auschwitz area.

1943 Over 800 Jews from Gurs deported to Drancy then Auschwitz. Jews of Thrace deported to Treblinka.

March 5th.

1933 Nazis secure 44% of the votes cast, with 288 seats in the Reichstag Election. A coalition is formed with the Social Democrats who hold 18% of the vote. Hitler assumes total control in Germany. All Individual German States now have all power divested of them.

1943 1,300 Khmelnik Jews murdered.

1947 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. Case Number 3. The Judges Justice Case begins. 9 members of the Reich Ministry of Justice and 7 members of the People’s and Special Courts are charged with using their power as prosecutors and judges to commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

March 6th.

1940 Jewish Physicians in Poland barred from treating ‘aryans.’

1942 Sterilisation Conference convened.

1943 Over 900 Jews from Gurs deported to Drancy then Auschwitz.

March 7th.

1936 Hitler denounces Locarno Pact. German troops remilitarise and occupy the Rhineland.

1941 1,000’s of Polish and German Jews forced into labour squads.

1942 100’s of Mielec Jews murdered.

1944 Over 1,500 French Jews to Auschwitz.

1945 Allies take Cologne.

March 9th.

1933 Himmler becomes the Police President in Munich.

1936 Jews are killed and injured in Przytyk, Poland, during anti-Semitic riots .

1942 700 Cihrin Jews murdered.

March 10th.

1927 Speaking ban on Hitler lifted.

1948 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial. Case Number 8 ends. 13 defendants are found guilty on one or more charges. One defendant is acquitted. Maria Dolezalova, a 15-year-old Czech girl kidnapped by the Germans, testifies for the prosecution at the Trial.

March 11th.

1939 Hungarian Labor Service System requires enforced Military construction duties of Jews.

1941 Lend Lease enacted. America lends material support for War against Hitler.

1942 2,000 Mielec Jews murdered.

Thursday, March 11th.1943 “..Polish people ..looks with horror ..deep sympathy on ..murder of ..remainder of ..Jewish population in Poland.” Rzeczpospolita Polska.

1944 300 Gospic Jews to Jasenovac.

March 12th.

1938 German Army enters Vienna.

1940 All of Schneidemuehl’s 160 Jews deported to Lublin in freight cars. German Gypsies are now being deported from Western and Northern Germany. Russia and Finland sign Pact.

1943 Grodno is now declared ‘Judenrein’. 40,000 Jews have been resettled to Auschwitz and Treblinka.

1945 Kaltenbrunner meets President of IRC, Professor Burckhardt.

March 13th.

1932 German Presidential Election’s Adolf Hitler polled over 30% of the votes cast, with 13,700,000 votes

1933 Goebbels appointed Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.

1938 Austria is absorbed into the Reich, by means of ‘Anschluss’. The systematic larceny of Jewish assets is set in motion within Austria.

” ..reunion ..Austria with ..German Reich ..Heydrich gave ..order ..set ..Jewish emigration in motion from Vienna.” Adolf Eichmann.

1941 Hitler issues addition to War Directive No. 21 for the Barbarossa campaign.

1942 650 Hulievca Jews murdered. Jewish Joint Distribution Committee statement issued an eyewitness reportstating that:

“..Germans have already killed 240,000 Jews in Ukraine alone.”

1943 Cracow Ghetto liquidated. Many of the liquidated Jews were shot in the Zgoda Square, along with the town of Wadowice’s own Rabbi Seltenreich. First of new design of crematoria opens at Auschwitz. Murder will now be more complete, and the total removal of all evidence of the mass murder will near totality. There will be 5 purpose built Krematorium with their own gas chambers in operation here. 2 other extermination facilities are prepared at Bunker I, the little Red House, and Bunker II, the little White House. Gassing did also commence from within Block 11. During a 24 hour period, utilising all 46 ovens, between 12,000 and 15,000 Jewish Victims could be totally destroyed. There were designs also for a 6th. Krema, which never got off the drawing board. The ashes of the Victims too was a resource that Hitler’s Germany sought to utilise.

1944 Kherson Liberated by Russian Forces.

March 14th.

1937 Pope Pius XI encyclical ‘With Burning Concern’, ‘Mit brennender Sorge’ declares Totalitarian State and Hitler racial hared ‘twin evils.’ A question which persists is concerned with why the Pope remained so quiet on the question of the Jewish situation. The Pope was meant to be vocal in the call of Christ, in the manner of humanity and in respect that all that Christ taught us about tolerance and the perpetuity of all life here on Earth?

1942 Over 900 Ilja Jews burned alive.

1943 2,000 Cracow Jews to Auschwitz. 700 Cracow Jews murdered.

March 15th.

1939 Nazi’s enter Czechoslovakia. Nazi’s Annex Bohemia-Moravia which become a Reich Protectorate.

1940 Bochnia Ghetto, Poland is established. 15,000 Jews from Town and surrounding area are Enclosed.

1941 The Planned expulsion of Vienna’s Jews was halted. 5,000 Jews had already been displaced. Barbarossa beckoning, a newer reckoning with The Jews of Europe was being formulated.

1942 Hitler predicts victory over Russia, by Summer.

1943 Deportations begin from Greece. Deportations begin from Salonika. Deportations begin from Thrace.

1944 Comb through of Greece for expellation of Jews to Auschwitz. Some 69,221 Jews of Greece were murdered. Russian forces cross Bug River.

March 16th.

1935 Military Conscription in Germany is reconvened in contravention of the Versailles Treaty.

1939 German Troops enter Prague. Czechoslovakia ceases to exist. Slovakia a Reich Protectorate.

1942 Lublin Ghetto clearance begins. 9,000 Lublin Ghetto Jews removed to Belzec. Belzec seeks to adopt a more robust static gassing facility in a wooden hut. The move away from the ‘gassing van’ was being made. Over 1,800 Pochep Jews are murdered. Murder of 100’s more of Mielec’s Jews.

1943 Germans retake Kharkov.

1944 Admiral Horthy accepts Hitler’s Policing control. Hungary accedes to Jewish deportation.

1945 Allies attack in Saar Basin.

March 17th.

1933 Hitler’s SS Bodyguard Regiment Adolf Hitler, ‘Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ formed under Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich. Schacht becomes President of the Reichsbank.

1936 Demonstrations by Jews and left-wing and liberal Poles protesting against the anti-Jewish riots in Poland.

1941 Hitler convenes meeting and restates to General Halder that Russian campaign calls for early successes with ‘no reversals’.

1942 Belzec Death Camp begins its extermination of Jews.

1943 1,500 Lvov Jews murdered.

March 18th.

1944 Hitler orders German troops into Hungary. RAF drops over 3,000 Tons of bombs on Hamburg.

March 19th.

1933 Jewish War Veterans of America to boycott German goods and services.

March 19th. 1941 “.. Lithuania’s liberation is close at hand. ..traitors will be pardoned ..if they provide certain proof ..liquidated at least one Jew. ..Jews must be informed ..their fate has been decided upon. ..At ..decisive moment ..seize their property ..nothing will be lost.” Lithuania Activist Front.

1942 2,000 Rava Ruska Jews murdered at Belzec. 500 Belgrade Jews murdered in ‘gassing vans’.

1944 Germany occupies Hungary.

1945 Hitler orders his own ‘Scorched Earth’ policy.

March 20th.

1933 Dachau Concentration Camp is established on the outskirts of the Town. SA and SS form the first Policing guards of the Camp system. In partnership with Hartheim, prisoners from Dachau will be gassed.

1939 Nazi burning of over 5,000 drawings, paintings and sculptures in Berlin.

1942 2,000 Rohatyn Jews murdered. Ernst von Weizsacker approves removal 6,000 Parisian Jews to Auschwitz.

1943 First deportations from Salonika arrive at Auschwitz.

March 21st.

1933 Communist Deputies banned from taking Reichstag Seats. Special Courts to deal with Hitler’s political enemies established. A threat is issued that any assassination attempt upon Hitler will result in all the Jews of Germany being put up against the wall and then shot.

1939 Jews seek refuge away from Memel, Lithuania, as German troops enter the City.

1942 26,000 Lublin Ghetto Jews murdered at Belzec.

March 22nd.

1933 Dachau concentration camp opens

1938 President Roosevelt issues invitations to 33 Nations to a Congress meant to assist the escalating Jewish Refugee situation.

1940 Goering halts deportations of Jews to Lublin.

1943 New Crematoria in Birkenau in operation. Bulgaria assists deportations of Thracian Jews. Bulgaria assists deportations of Macedonian Jews.

1944 Jewish Uprising at Koldyczewo.

March 23rd.

1938 Jewish community organizations no longer recognized.

1942 Birkenau Women’s Camp established. Jewish Women and Gypsy Women arrive from Ravensbrueck. First Slovak Jews arrive at Birkenau.

1943 Over 900 Marseilles Jews deported to Auschwitz.

1944 Over 1,600 Yanina Jews to Auschwitz. Over 590 Dutch Jews to Auchwitz.

1945 Allies attack toward Ruhr. British cross Rhine at Wesel.

March 24th.

1933 The Enabling Act, the Law for Removal of the Distress of People and the Reich, ‘Ermaechtigungsgesetz,’ is passed. Hitler gains dictatorial powers. Germany’s artistic growth will be fuelled by ‘blood and race.’

1941 Lublin Ghetto, Poland is established. 35,000 Jews are enclosed. Chief Engineer Henryk Bekker Chariman of Lublin . Mark Alten, the Zionist Leader is its spiritual Head. Over 200,000 Jews Enclosed in ‘Lublinland.’

1942 2,200 Izbica Lubelska Jews murdered at Belzec. Izbica Jews are aware of their fate, upon arrival at Belzec. Izbica Lubelska cleared to make way for Theresienstadt Jewish transport. Resettlement of West European Jews to Belzec begins. Belgian Government-in-Exile recognises that 10,000 of its Jewish Citizens had already been expelled toward Lodz.

1944 Ardeatine Cave massacre. Roosevelt warns Hungary to refrain from anti-Jewish measures.

March 25th.

1941 Yugoslavia joins Axis alliance.

1942 1,000 Tarnopol Jews murdered. 100 Glebokie Jews murdered.

1943 2,000 Zolkiew Jews murdered in Borek Forest. 1,000 Jews Marseilles Jews deported to Auschwitz.

March 26th.

1938 Goering makes ‘aryanisation’ a clear principle in Vienna. The extortion of anything the Jews own begins. Everything possible is to be confiscated.

1941 German Army High Command, OKH, gives special powers Heydrich’s RSHA, on Einsatzgruppe method of operations in Russia.

1942 58,000 Slovakian Jews deported to Auschwitz and Majdanek. All Jewish homes in Germany to have notices identifying their Jewish occupants.

Sunday, 26th. March 1944. “..All I think about is Marta. ..just a girl ..Germans killed her. ..I don’t want them to kill me.” Eva Heyman.

March 27th.

1933 An anti-Nazi rally held in New York City, 55,000 people attend. A boycott is proposed of German goods if Germany insists upon their own but permanent boycott of Jewish owned business.

1942 Goebbels acknowledged that 60% of all World Jews would be liquidated. Wannsee targeted 11,293,300 Jews. 60% of that Wannsee figure represents 6,600,000 Jews murdered within The Holocaust?

March 27th. 1942 “..Not much will remain of ..Jews. ..Sixty percent ..will liquidated. ..whole series of possibilities presents itself for us in wartime that would be denied us in peacetime.” Josef Goebbels.

1944 1,800 Kovno Women and Children murdered. Over 1,000 French Jews to Auschwitz.

March 28th.

1938 Law diminishing legal rights of Jewish cultural organizations. Hitler incites Sudeten Germans.

1942 First French Jews arrive Auschwitz. Fritz Sauckel, Gauleiter Thuringia, becomes Slave Labour Chief.

1944 600 Boryslaw Jews to Plaszow Camp. Russian forces enter Galicia.

1945 Russian forces reach Austria. Some 65,000 Jews murdered. American and British troops at the Elbe.

March 29th.

1936 SS Death’s Head Division of Camp Guards renamed SS Deaths Head Units ‘Totenkopfverbande.’ SS expanded to 3,500 men. Reichstag election sees Hitler’s policies gain 98% approval.

1940 German Foreign Office denies move to expel Berlin’s Jews.

March 30th.

1941 Hitler’s ‘Fuhrer Order’ as he prepares to move ‘East’ and states his plans to his Generals. Hitler declares his intention to murder all Jews. Wehrmacht troops murder 250 Subotica Jewish Youths and 250 Jews in Novi Sad. Vichy appoints Commissioner for Jewish Question.

1943 Himmler visits Treblinka.

March 31st.

1933 Oranienburg Concentration Camp is established. All German States denied individual power.

1939 Chamberlain pledges Britain’s and France’s guarantee of Polish sovereignty.

1942 5,000 Stanislawow Jews murdered at Belzec.