April 1st.

1924 Hitler sentenced to 5 years in jail.

1933 One Day Boycott of all Jewish shops and businesses in Germany ordered by Hitler. Jewish lawyers, doctors and Pharmacists are ‘Berufbeschrankung’, restricted and their practices are also boycotted. Jewish merchants are boycotted. Hitler orders the boycott limited to a single day. Jewish students were forbidden to attend schools and universities.

1934 Heinrich Himmler appointed head of the SS.

1935 Anti-Jewish legislation in the Saar region is passed. The Jehovah’s Witness organisation is banned because they refuse to swear allegiance to the state.

1940 China admits thousands of Jews to Shanghai.

1941 Cracow Jews barred from Public and Private Buses and Taxis.

1942 Over 900 Slovakian Jews deported to Auschwitz.

1945 Allies encircle Ruhr.

1946 Rudolf Hoess, the commandant at Auschwitz concentration camp, provides graphic testimony of mass executions at his camp. Joachim von Ribbentrop begins to testify at Nuremberg.

April 2nd.

1941 Pal Telecki, Hungary’s Premier, commits suicide rather than collaborate with Germany.

1942 1,000 Kolomyia Jews murdered at Belzec. Fritz Sauckel cuts across Auschwitz Labour Plans for its Jews.

1944 1,500 Athens Jews to Auschwitz. Russians on Romanian border.

1945 Hitler announces that world will be ‘eternally grateful’ for eradication of the Jewish People.

April 3rd.

1939 Hitler directive for seizure of Danzig, Poland.

1942 1,200 Tlumacz Jews murdered. Last Jews of Augsburg murdered at Belzec.

1944 Krummhuebel Conference of experts on Jewish Question.

April 4th.

1933 The Yellow Badge, Wear it with Pride, by Robert Weltsch is published. Excerpts appear in the German Jewish Review.

Thursday April. 4th. 1940, “..I learned ..Jews from various streets are being deported.” David Rubinowicz.

1942 1,500 Gorodenka Jews murdered.

1943 Over 4,000 Jews of Mikhailishki, Oszmiany and Soly are murdered in Ponary Woods.

Sunday April 4th. 1943 “..in less than four hours ..2,500 people were murdered ..even more.” Kazimierz Sakowicz.

April 5th.

1938 Anti-Jewish riots spread across Poland.

1943 5,000 Zloczew Jews murdered. Over 10,586 Zloczew Jews will eventually be murdered. 4,000 Swieciany Jews are murdered in Ponary Woods.

1944 Over 650 Dutch Jews deported to Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Theresienstadt. Over 550 Fossoli Jews to Auschwitz. Joel Brand, accompanied by Rudolf Kasztner, meet with Eichmann to discuss ways of saving Hungary’s Jews. The Blood for Goods deal is sought! During height of Brand’s mission, 84,000 Hungarian Jews are ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz on a weekly basis. Wide-scale controversy surrounds this period, and will dog this particular attempt to deal with Eichmann in suspicion. Kasztner will eventually pay with his life for the accusation of collaborating with ‘Satan’. Previously, September 1941, Brand’s Wife’s Family had been deported to Kamanetz Podolsk and would have been murdered there except for Brand’s move to bribe a Hungarian official to bring them back. The rescue attempt, from the jaws of death formed the genesis of this newer attempt.

April 6th.

1941 Radom Ghetto established. 30,000 Jews Enclosed. Germany and her Axis allies invade Greece and Yugoslavia. Jews driven from their homes.

1943 Over 2,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork Detention Camp are murdered in Sobibor. Of the over 34,000 Jews ‘resettled’ from Westerbork to Sobibor, barely 19 Survived.

1945 Evacuation of Buchenwald begins.

April 7th.

1933 Hitler decrees ‘Berufsbeamtengesetz’ Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service. All Jews barred from the practice of law. All Jews barred from holding civil service jobs. All Jews barred from university positions. All Jews barred from all other state institutions. All Jews barred from membership in associations. All Jews barred from membership of societies. Exceptions are Jews who were World War I veterans and Heroes.

1939 Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan enter anti-Comintern Pact. Italy occupies Albania. Britain brings in conscription.

1943 700 Skalat Jews murdered. Chelmno Castle is blown up. ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ has commenced with its onerous duty here at Chelmno, to destroy the evidence of Hitler’s final solution. Blobel’s Sonderkommando then moves on to Belzec, and spends three months there.

1944 Two Jews, Rudolf Vrba and Alfred Wetzler escape Auschwitz. The ‘Auschwitz Protocols,’ a detailed overview of operations at Auschwitz, by Vrba and Wetzler, is delivered to Jewish Leaders and subsequently, to the Allied Powers.

Friday, 7th. April 1944 “..millions of Jews ..captured ..who knows where they are. ..We have come ..from place where your brothers are. ..Two thousand years have we brought into this world children ..doomed to suffer.” Moshe Flinker.

April 8th.

1940 Katyn Forest massacre of 26,000 Polish Officers by Russian soldiers begins.

1941 Kielce Ghetto established. 27,000 Jews Enclosed.

1942 Crimea cleared of all Jews. Izbica Lubelska, becomes a transit ghetto as deportation action continues.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 4, The Oswald Pohl or Economic and Administrative Office, the WVHA Case begins. Oswald Pohl and seventeen other members of WVHA () charged with war crimes against POWs in concentration camps which WVHA controlled after spring of 1942.

April 9th.

1940 Czestochowa Ghetto, Poland established. 48,000 Jews Enclosed. Germany invades Denmark and Norway. Denmark capitulates after four hours.

1941 Germany occupies Salonika.

1943 1,700 Rudki Jews murdered. 500 Komarno Jews murdered.

1945 Mauthausen is evacuated. Over 38,000 Jews were murdered here. 10,000 in ‘gassing vans’ at Hartheim, in the Melk sub-Camp or in their own Gas Chamber.

1948 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 9, ends. All Twenty Four defendants are found guilty on one or more of the charges. Fourteen defendants are sentenced to death. Ten defendants have these sentences commuted later to varying terms of imprisonment.

April 10th.

1932 German Law requires that more than 50% of the vote is required for the elected Candidate to succeed. Rerun of presidential election Hitler increases his popular vote to over 36% of the votes cast. Hindenburg re-elected.

1939 Germany approves Anschluss in referendum.

1941 Croatia declares itself independent State.

1942 950 Kuty Jews murdered.

1943 Plans to resettle Jews of Warsaw Ghetto undertaken.

1944 Russians retake Besserabia. Some 148,000 Jews murdered here. Russians retake Bukovina. Some 62,000 Jews murdered here. Russians retake Odessa. Over 91,678 Odessa Jews had been murdered.

1945 15,000 Jews marched from Buchenwald.

1947 Military Tribunal II-A sentences twenty convicted defendants in the Einsatzgruppen Trial. Fourteen of the defendants, members of German mobile killing units, are sentenced to death.

1948 Sentence in der Einsatzgruppe Case is presented with the confirmation of the sentences passed in the United States Zone of Occupation by its Military Governor.

April 11th.

1933 German government begins racially based employment and economic sanctions against the Jews. The non-Aryan decree describes those who descend from Jewish Parents or Grandparents as non-Aryan. One Jewish Parent or Grandparent is enough to classify a person as non-Aryan. A descendant of a practising Jew is a non-Aryan. The Lutheran Church opposes this decree.

1942 3,000 Zamosc Jews murdered at Belzec.

1945 Americans liberate Buchenwald. Some 56,500 Jews murdered here. 15,000 Jews freed. Allies take Essen. American troops reach Elbe River.

1946 Kaletenbrunner testifies at Nuremberg.

1961 The Trial of Adolf Eichmann begins in Jerusalem.

April 12th.

1940 Hans Frank demands Cracow ‘Judenfrei’ by November.

1941 Wehrmacht Troops enter Belgrade. Jewish shops and homes looted.

1945 Roosevelt dies. Harry Truman succeeds him.

April 13th.

1943 2,000 Buczacz Jews murdered. Over 1,200 Dutch Jews expelled from Westerbork Camp and are murdered in Sobibor. Katyn Massacre discovered.

1944 1,500 Jews transported from Paris to Auschwitz.

1945 Russian forces enter Vienna.

1949 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 11, The Ministries Case ends. 19 defendants found guilty

April 14th.

1932 SA and SS Banned.

1933 The National Political Educational Institute, ‘der Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalten’ are established as Nazi Party cadet training schools.

1934 A strong anti-Semitic group is formed in Poland called the ‘Oboze Narodovo Radzykalny,’ The Radical Nationalist Organization or ONR.

1941 Hungarian troops enter Yugoslavia. Jews are randomly shot. Croatia recognised as Fascist state by Germany and Italy .

1943 1,000 Sambor Jews murdered. Siedlice Ghetto Liquidated.

1944 First transport Athens Jews arrives at Auschwitz.

April 15th.

1938 In Dabrowa Tarnowska, Poland there is a pogrom which sees many Jews killed.

1939 Roosevelt presses Hitler to guarantee integrity of all national borders.

1941 15,000 of Lublin’s Jews ‘resettled’.

1944 Jewish revolt hampers action of ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ in their attempt to destroy the evidence in Ponary Woods. 25 Jews are murdered. The exhumation at Ponary Woods had continued from the November of 1943.

1945 British liberate Bergen-Belsen. 13,000 Dead lie as they fell. Amongst them is Anne and Margot Frank. 50,000 Jews murdered here. 40,000 are freed. Jews were dying at the rate of 4,500 per week. The toll for all who died here, is incalculable!

April 16th.

1941 Main Synagogue Sarajevo destroyed.

1942 Over past 4 weeks, Lublin Ghetto cleared to Belzec. Some 40,000 Lublin Jews have been murdered, in situ or in Belzec. A further 8,000 Jews from Lublin district murdered at Belzec. 36,000 Jews from Galicia had also been murdered here.

1943 Hitler briefs Hungarian Regent, Admiral Miklos von Nagybania Horthy on The Final Solution.

1944 Hungarian Government registers Jews. Hungarian Government confiscates Jewish property.

1945 Russian forces move on Berlin.

1947 Rudolf Franz Ferdinand Hoess Hanged in Auschwitz 1 for his crimes against the Jews of Humanity. Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 2 ends. Erhard Milch is convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment for his crimes.

April 17th.

1943 SS Obergruppenfuhrer Jurgen Stroop arrives in the Warsaw Ghetto.

April 18th.

1939 Slovakia passes its own anti-Jewish legislation as defined by their Judaism religion.

1941 Yugoslavia surrenders.

1942 1,000 Theresienstadt Jews despatched to Sobibor. SS Haupsturmfuhrer Paul Franz Stangl is Kommandant at Sobibor. 52 Warsaw Ghetto Jews murdered.

1943 Over 3,400 Jaworow Jews murdered.

Tuesday April 18th. 1944 “..heard ..all would die in Poland.” Eva Heyman.

1946 Hans Frank testifies at Nuremberg.

April 19th.

1943 1,400 Brussels Jews to Auschwitz. Berlin over 900 Jews murdered in Sobibor. 800 Borszczow Jews murdered. Jewish Warsaw Ghetto Uprising begins. Remnants of Warsaw’s Jews, 70,000 Jews still alive. The Warsaw Ghetto’s final liquidation begins. Stroop leads the assault against the Jews of Warsaw in the early hours. Globocnik is on hand to assist in crushing remnants of Jewish Warsaw. Mark Lichtenbaum is the Chair of Warsaw Ghetto Judenrate before Final Liquidation.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 5, The Friedrich Flick Case begins. Six members of the Flick Concern, a group of industrial enterprises, including coal mines and steel works, are charged with the usage of Slave Labour for the enterprises and the utilisation of POWs. They are also charged with the deportation of people for that labour from all of the German occupied territories. They are further charged, on direction, of the plundering of privately owned property and the ‘Aryanization’ process of Jewish properties.

April 20th.

1889 Adolf Hitler was born.

1934 Himmler acting-Chief Prussian Gestapo.

1939 Economy and Administration Main Office, ‘Wirtschafts und Verwaltungshauptamt’, WVHA is to concern itself in all matters economic, especially financial management of Camp system.

1940 Hitler orders High Command of the Armed Forces, OKW, discharge Jews of mixed blood and Husbands of Jewish women.

1943 Over 1,100 Dutch Jews from Westerbork murdered Sobibor.

1944 Last 70 Jews assigned to ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ in Ponary murdered.

1945 American troops enter Nuremberg.

April 21st.

1933 Jewish ritual slaughter to be banned. Rudolf Hess created deputy Fuhrer NSDAP.

1938 German decree eliminates Jews from national economy, allows for seizure of Jewish assets.

1945 Ravensbrueck evacuated of its 15,000 inmates.

April 22nd.

1940 Odilo Globocnik, HSSPF for Lublin plans to use more Jewish forced labour.

1943 Stroop orders Warsaw Ghetto to be burned down. First Transport of Dutch Jews arrives at Theresienstadt.

1944 Russians cross Romanian border.

April 23rd.

1938 Jews in Vienna, rounded up on the Sabbath.

1940 Jews in Stutthof Camp murdered, forced to leap into open latrines, many drowned.

1943 Marek Lichtenbojm, Judenrat Chairman and his Deputies of the Warsaw Ghetto are executed.

Friday April 23rd. 1943 “..Great things are happening ..this action ..we have dared to take is of enormous value. ..Jewish self defense has become a fact.” Mordechai Anielewicz.

1945 33,000 Sachsenhausen inmates begin Death March. More than 35,000 Jews were murdered here. 3,000 Survivors after SS massacre. Russian forces stand before Berlin. Some Ravensbrueck inmates force marched to Schleswig. 7,000 Ravensbrueck Women inmates handed over to the Swedish Red Cross. Mauthausen opened to Red Cross.

April 24th.

1937 Pastor Martin Niemoeller preaches that Jesus being born a Jew was God’s mistake.

1938 German autonomy in Sudetenland called for. Registration of all Jewish property mandatory within Reich.

1941 Lublin ghetto sealed. Bulgaria occupies Thrace.

1942 German Jews not allowed on Public Transport.

1945 Himmler hands peace proposal to Count Folke Bernadotte. Bernadotte was Nephew of the King of Sweden and Vice-President of the Swedish Red Cross.

April 25th.

1933 The Law for the Prevention of Overcrowding in German Schools and Schools of Higher Education is established. This law fully restricts the enrolment of Jews into the Educational system.

1944 Eichmann elicits ‘Blood for Trucks’ deal with Reszo Kasztner and Hungarian Jewish Leadership.

1945 Himmler’s offer of surrender declined. American and Russian Troops meet at Torgau on the Elbe. United Nations talks in San Francisco.

April 26th.

1933 Hermann Goering establishes Geheime Staatspolizei, Gestapo as the Secret State Police. The Vaad, ‘Va’ad Le’umi,’ the National Committee of Palestinian Jews establish a method for the absorption of Jewish immigrants from Germany. Hitler meets with Bishop Berning and Monsignor Steinmann of the Roman Catholic Church in Germany. Hitler explains his was the continuance of what the Church’s own 1,900 year policy toward the Jews. Hitler reminds the Church that it was they who regarded the Jews as dangerous and forced them into ghettos away from Christian areas. The Church describes this meeting as ‘cordial and to the point.’

1938 Registration of all Jewish real estate. Other assets exceeding 5,000 Marks, owned by Jews in Germany to be registered. Jewish property expropriated in Austria.

1942 Reichstag grants Hitler dictatorial powers.

1946 Julius Streicher testifies at Nuremberg.

April 27th.

1933 German government prohibits the practice of Jewish ritual slaughter of animals for meat.

1937 Hitler unleashes his Stukas on Guernica.

1939 Nonaggression pact with Poland revoked by Germany.

1940 Himmler directive establishes Auschwitz Concentration Camp. April 28th. 1939 Anglo German Naval Agreement withdrawn by Hitler.

1941 Wehrmacht enters Athens.

1942 1,000 Theresienstadt Jews deported to Izbica Lubelska.

1943 Over 2,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork murdered Sobibor. Total solution of Amsterdam’s Jews abandoned.

April 28th.

1941 Field Marshal Walter von Brauchitsch, German Army Commander in Chief, issues directive for Wehrmacht co-operation with Heydrich’s units ‘East’.

1942 1,000’s of Radom’s Jews murdered in 10 day operation.

1943 Izbica Lubelska ‘Judenrein’.

1945 Dachau liberated. Some 35,000 Jews have been murdered here. Mussolini killed.

April 29th.

1938 Vilna, Poland a pogrom sees many Jews killed.

1942 100’s of Lodz Jews murdered Chelmno. Evidence of this Lodz ‘resettlement’ at Chelmno gets back to Lodz.

1943 The Polish Underground Newspaper reports the struggle for the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

Thursday April 29th. 1943 “..strength of ..German military and police machine ..being weakened daily. This strength broke near Stalingrad ..had to retreat from Tunis now stands powerless before a group of Jews who defend themselves in ..ghetto.” Polska.

1944 3,000 Jews from Backa Topola to Auschwitz. Over 1,000 Jews from Paris to Auschwitz.

1945 Wehrmacht surrenders in Italy at Caserta. Allies enter Milan.

“…Centuries will pass ..but from ..rubble of our city ..our hatred of those who are to blame ..international Jewry and its lackeys ..I have made it clear that if they treat ..nations of Europe as tools that may be bought and sold by these international swindlers for money and material support ..then that race ..Jewish race ..which is truly responsible for this murderous struggle ..shall bear ..consequences. ..Above all ..I oblige ..national leadership and its followers to observe ..racial laws scrupulously and subject ..poisoner of all nations ..international Jewry ..to merciless resistance.” Adolf Hitler.

April 30th.

1935 Jews cannot display German flag.

1939 Jewish tenancy no longer protected.

1940 Lodz Ghetto sealed. Over 205,000 Jews are now trapped. First crematorium at Sachsenhausen built.

1941 Croatia enacts own anti Jewish legislation. All Croatian Jews removed from public office. The Head of the Polish Government in Exile, General Sikorski issues a stark warning about the treatment of the Jewish population in Polish Ghettos.

Wednesday 30th. April 1941 “..Jewish population in ..Ghettos is condemned to death by starvation.” Wladyslaw Sikorski.

1942 1,200 Diatlovo Jews are murdered. Pinsk Ghetto established. 20,000 Enclosed.

1943 1,200 Wlodowa Jews murdered Sobibor. Some in transport attacked SS at Sobibor. Goebbels published details of Katyn Massacre. Martin Luther dispatched to Sachsenhausen.

Friday April 30th 1943 “..if by free choice he wishes to remain a Jew ..then he is a Jew.” Zelig Kalmanovich.

1945 Ravensbrueck liberated. 3,000 inmates still dying here. More than 132,000 Women had been interred. Hitler and his Wife, Eva Braun, commit suicide. Goebbels and his Wife poison their Children. Goebbels and Magda commit suicide.

“..hold a solemn requiem mass in memory of der Fuhrer.” Cardinal Bertram.

While the Cardinal remembers Hitler in our prayers, Lest we Forget, 50 to 70 Million People died as a consequence of what Hitler planned. Of that number, 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children were Murdered. It might be truer to state that Hitler’s lust for power was only exceeded by his hatred for The Jewish People and as such, all memory of Hitler is best shelved!

1946 Hjalmar Schact testifies at Nuremberg.

Always to Remember, Never to Forget!