June 1st.

1932 Franz von Papen appointed Chancellor.

1933 Germany introduces Law for Reduction of Unemployment, giving marriage loans to ‘worthy’ Germans.

1940 Tomaszow-Mazowiecki Ghetto, Poland established. 14,100 Jews Enclosed.

“..June 1942 ..entrusted by Gruppenfuhrer Mueller ..task of obliterating ..traces of executions carried out by ..Einsatzgruppe in the East.” Paul Blobel.

1942 2,000 Cracow Jews murdered at Belzec. Jews must wear ‘The Jewish Star’ in France and Holland.

Monday June 1st. 1942 “..two Jewish women ..mother and ..daughter ..gone ..from Rudki to Bodzentyn. ..Germans ..went into ..woods ..then shot them.” David Rubinowicz.

1943 Over 3,000 Dutch Jews murdered at Sobibor. Jewish Resistance mounts as Lvov Ghetto is liquidated. 3,000 killed. More than 20,000 Lvov Jews murdered. HSSPF Katzmann reported on Lvov’s attempt to resist.

Tuesday June 1st. 1943 “..Jews tried every means to evade evacuation. ..We were compelled ..to act brutally. ..We had to blast and burn many houses.” Friedrich Katzmann.

1944 Joel Brand’s mission reaches Syria.

June 2nd.

1939 St. Louis reaches Cuba.

1941 Second ‘Statut des Juifs’ passed in France.

1942 3,000 Kobrin Jews murdered Bronna Gora.First deportations of German Jews to Theresienstadt. Viennese Jews deported to Minsk Ghetto.

Tuesday June 2nd. 1942 “..700,000 Jews killed in Poland.” BBC.

June 3rd.

1942 Breslau Jews fight back.

1946 General Alfred Jodl testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

June 4th.

1938 Sigmund Freud emigrates from Austria to England.

1940 Completion of Dunkirk evacuation. Germans occupy the Town.

1942 Heydrich dies. America declares war on Romania.

1944 Americans occupy Rome

June 5th.

1940 Battle for France begins.

1942 97,000 Jews murdered in mobile gassing vans, SS report declares. Breslau Jews end their resistance, 3,000 Murdered. Wehrmacht besiege Sevastopol.

1943 Over 1,200 Dutch Jews murdered at Sobibor.

1944 Joel Brand is in Aleppo.

1945 Allies section Germany and partition Berlin. Allies now Govern.

June 6th.

1933 In conference with senior officials, Hitler declares his ambitions and aims to re-Arm.

1940 Herbert Lange completes his action at Soldau with over 1,550 mental patients from the asylum ‘specially treated’, murdered in a euthanasia exercise.

1941 Commissar Order, ‘Kommissarbefehl,’ issued by Wehrmacht.

1942 Cracow Ghetto liquidated. 6,000 Jews murdered Belzec. 3,000 Biala Podlaska Jews murdered. Eichmann insists residents of a Coblenz mental institution join deportation to Lublin.

1943 1,000 Tluste Jews murdered. 1,000 Rohatyn Jews murdered.

1944 D-day landings, Allied invasion of Normandy. Joel Brand is arrested on British authority.

June 7th.

1942 Jews in Occupied France must wear Jewish Yellow Star.

1944 Joel Brand meets with Moshe Shertok, head of Palestine Jewish Agency Political Department. Jewish officials in Palestine now appraised of the threat toward Hungary’s Jews.

1951. Paul Blobel, Werner Braune, Erich Naumann, Otto Ohlendorf, Georg Schallermair and Hans Schmidt executed.

June 8th.

1940 Allied Evacuation of Dunkirk completed.

1942 7,000 Cracow Jews have been ‘resettled’ Belzec in week. Pilica Jewish Council urges escape. Pilica Jews resist. 3,000 Pilica Jews murdered Belzec.

1943 Over 5,000 Dutch Jews murdered at Sobibor. Over 800 Salonika Jews to Auschwitz.

1944 Joel Brand is moved to Haifa.

June 9th.

1933 Sole responsibility for NSDAP Political and Counter Intelligence under SD, ‘Sicherheitsdienst’ control.

1934 Security and Intelligence Service ‘Sicherheitsdienst’ or SD, of SS, is the sole intelligence service for the SS and Nazi Party. Poland, Romania and Russia agree to the integrity of their mutual borders.

1935 Anti-Jewish riots occur in Grodno, Poland.

1938 Munich Synagogue burnt down.

1942 Germans begin murders at Lidice. Reprisal for Heydrich’s assassination.

1944 Hannah Szenes arrested in Hungary

June 10th.

1940 Denmark and Norway defeated. Italy declares war on Britain and France.

1942 1,000 Prague Jews murdered East. Germans destroy Lidice. Wehrmacht commences Don Front Offensive.

1944 642 inhabitants of Oradour-sur-Glane, Men, Women and Children, were Murdered by a Waffen SS unit from 2nd. SS Panzer Division (Das Reich). The Community was forced into the local Church and incendiary devices were placed around the building! The Church was set alight and Those who sought to escape were machine gunned. In total, 190 Men, 247 Women and 205 of Their Children, all Innocent Civilians, were slaughtered.

1946 Arthur Seyss-Inquart testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

June 11th.

1933 Conference of Silesian Jewish organizations discusses safeguarding rights of German Jews.

1935 ‘Jews not welcome’ signs removed, temporarily.

1940 Bolimow Ghetto, Poland established. 4,000 Jews Enclosed.

1941 Hitler issues War Directive No. 32 for the conduct of operations in Russia.

1942 Eichmann plans deportations Belgian, French and Dutch Jews.

1943 Himmler orders the liquidation of all Ghettos in Poland.

June 12th.

1937 Reinhard Heydrich issues detention order for Race Violators, after due process.

1942 10,000 Tarnow Ghetto Jews murdered Belzec in 2 day period.

1944 Germany launches first V-1 rockets at England

June 13th.

1942 3,000 Theresienstadt Jews murdered.

June 14th.

1934 Hitler and Benito Mussolini, the Italian Dictator, meet in Venice over the coming two days, to discuss fate of Austria.

1938 Registration and Identification of Jewish industrial enterprises, their ‘aryanisation’ is decreed. Marked down, all enterprises are expropriated, and any financial transactions placed into blocked accounts. The wealth list of Jews to be officially held.

1940 Paris falls. First transports arrive at Auschwitz from Tarnow.

1941 Hay Action, ‘Heu Aktion’ decree issued by Alfred Rosenberg, demanding 40,000 to 50,000 Ten to Fourteen year olds for Forced Labour be brought to Germany from Eastern Territories

1942 Entire Dzisna Jewish Community murdered at Piaskowe Gora, 4,000 Jews over 2 day period.

1944 Jewish population of Corfu, 1,800 Jews to Auschwitz.

1944 Ribbentrop captured in Hamburg.

1946 Franz von Papen testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

June 15th.

1938 In an A-social Action, 1,500 Jews are rearrested and confined to Camps.

1940 Russians occupy Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

1942 1,800 Borki Jews murdered. Riga requires 2nd. gassing van. Eichmann forced to accede to Russian offensive transport demands.

June 16th.

1932 SA and SS ban lifted by Papen.

1933 Chaim Arlosoroff, a Zionist Labour leader, is murdered.

1940 Kutno Ghetto, Poland established. 7,500 Jews Enclosed. France seeks terms with Germany. Marshal Henri Philippe Petain becomes French Premier.

Monday June 16th. 1941 “..It must be seriously considered whether ..most humane solution is not to finish off ..Jews who are unable to work by means of a quickly working agent. In any event ..this would be more appropriate than to let them starve.” Rolf Heinz Hoeppner.

1944 Chelmno resumes its killing operations. 3,000 Lodz Jews ‘resettled,’ at Chelmno.

June 17th.

1934 von Papen denounces Nazi continuing revolution.

1936 Himmler appointed Chief of the German Police.

1939 St. Louis docks in Antwerp. Britain takes 287 Jewish passengers. France takes 224 Jewish passengers. Belgium takes 214 Jewish passengers. Holland takes 181 Jewish passengers. Only 6 managed to disembark in Cuba.

1940 Marshal Petain, France’s Head of State seeks peace.

1941 Heydrich briefs his Einsatzgruppe Commanders in Berlin, on The Final Solution of the Jewish Question, ‘die Endlosung der Judenfrage.’ Slovakian Governments offers all its Jews for Deportation.

June 18th.

1935 Anglo-German Naval Agreement allows for the expansion of the German Navy. That expansion only allows a German Navy up to 35% of British strength.

1940 Hitler discusses ‘Madagascar Plan’ with Mussolini.

1941 Germany signs friendship treaty with Turkey.

1942 German offensive impinges upon transport for Final Solution.

1944 Russians break through Mannerheim Line. Allies take Assisi.

June 19th.

1936 When Max Schmeling defeats Joe Louis as the World’s Heavyweight Boxing Champion it is seen as a propaganda coup for Hitler and his theory of German evolutionary racial dominance.

1942 Glebokie Jews resist. 2,500 murdered Borek Forest.

June 20th.

Monday June 20th. 1938 “..Twenty years ago we tried to save ..world ..now look at it. If we tried to save ..world again ..it would be just as bad. ..we have nothing to gain by entering a European conflict ..and ..everything to lose.” Hugh R Wilson.

Saturday June 20th. 1942. “..Germany ..no longer persecuting ..Jews. It is systematically exterminating them.” OSS Report. (US Intelligence)

June 20th. 1943 2,000 Tarnopol Jews murdered. More than 10,815 Tarnopol Jews will be murdered.

June 21st.

Sunday June 21st. 1942 “..there is only ..small ..rapidly dwindling percentage left of ..24,000 Jews originally living in Kamenets Podolsky.” Fritz Jacob.

1943 Himmler orders liquidation of all Ghettos in occupied lands.

Monday June 21st. 1943 “..All ..Jews still ..in .ghettos ..Ostland ..to be shut in concentration camps. ..Inmates of ..Jewish ghettos ..not required are to be evacuated ..East.” Heinrich Himmler.

1946 Albert Speer testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

June 22nd.

1940 French Army surrenders. Petain signs armistice at Compiegne.

1941 Germany invades Russia in ‘Operation Barbarossa.’ Leningrad is fundamental to Hitler’s aspirations. Moscow and Ukraine remain secondary targets. Baltic States annexed to ‘Reichkommissariat Ostland.’ Four ‘Einsatzgruppe’ begin their mass murder campaign against the Jews, Soviet politicals and others deemed necessary for destruction.

Sunday June 22nd. 1941 “..New Lithuania will not give any Jew civil rights nor possibility of existence.” Lithuania Activist Front.

1942 First transports from Drancy to Auschwitz.

1944 1st. gassings at Ravensbrueck. 2,000 will be murdered by ‘Zyklon B.’ 700 Boryslaw Jews to Auschwitz.

June 23rd.

1941 Lithuanian convicts are photographed murdering Kovno’s Jews. 5 Drushkopol Jews murdered. Einsatzgruppe ‘aktionen’ has begun, with daily operational situation reports. Hitler leaves Berlin for the Wolfsschanze at Rastenburg, East Prussia.

1942 French Jews selected for gassing at Birkenau.

1944 More Lodz Ghetto Jews murdered Chelmno. New Russian Offensive starts.

June 24th.

1941 Wehrmacht occupies Kovno. Wehrmacht occupies Vilna. There are some 57,000 Jews Living in Vilna. Einsatz begin aktionen in Kovno.

1942 1,000’s of Lvov Jews murdered at Janowska and Piaski.

June 25th.

1938 Jewish Doctors only allowed to treat Jews.

1943 Czestochowa Ghetto liquidated. A further 1,000 Jews to Auschwitz.

June 26th.

1933 The Academy for German Law, ‘Akademie für Deutsches Recht’ is founded. Its task is to rewrite German Law, in its entirety, in accordance with the specifications of the NSDAP.

1935 Law for the Prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases amended to provide for compulsory abortion of ‘unfit’ foetuses of up to 6 month gestation.

1936 Reinhard Heydrich appointed to head SS Security Service branch, ‘Sicherhietsdienst,’ SD.

1940 American Secretary of State seeks to prevent Jewish refugees entering the US.

Wednesday June 26th. 1940 “..delay ..effectively stop. ..put every obstacle in ..way ..postpone ..postpone ..postpone ..granting of visas.” Breckinridge Long.

1941 1,500 Kovno Jews murdered at Ninth Fort.

1943 2,000 Dabrowa Gornicza Jews deported to Auschwitz.

1944 Over 480 Fossoli Jews to Auschwitz.

1945 United Nations Charter Signed in San Francisco by 50 Nations. Robert Jackson departs Washington to meet with his Allied counterparts in London to discuss legal proceedings against Nazi officials. Numerous disagreements are discussed, including whether to use the adversarial system favoured by the Americans and British, or the inquisitive system favoured by the French and Soviets. For over 800 years, a declaration has been signed by various Countries on the need to punish those who commit atrocities in War. 23 Signatories agree to go forward with an International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg.

June 27th.

1933 Jews in London hold an anti-Nazi rally.

1941 800 Szulhof Jews are burned to death in their Synagogue by Wehrmacht troops. Wehrmacht troops photograph the ‘wooden club’ murders of Kovno’s Jews. What Stahlecker knows of these ‘aktionen’ is more widely dispersed than has ever been acknowledged. Dieter von Bischoffhausen, Staff Officer of Field Marshal Ritter von Leeb’s Army Group North, informs his immediate superiors. Both von Leeb and Commanding General of 16th. Army Ernst Busch are well informed of all these Kovno actions. Hungary enters the war.

1943 13,000 Lvov Jews murdered in a week long aktionen.

1944 Over 380,000 of Hungary’s Jews are already sent to Auschwitz. More than 250,000 of Hungary’s Jews have already been murdered at Auschwitz. Americans take Cherbourg.

June 28th.

1919 Germany signs Treaty of Versailles.

1933 In a speech to German newspaper publishers, Hitler describes the government’s new journalistic regulations.

1935 Paragraphs 175 and 175a of the criminal code are revised to criminalize all homosexual acts between men. The provision provided the police broader means for prosecuting homosexual men.

1940 Romania cedes Besserabia and Bukovina to Russia.

1941 5,000 Brest-Litovsk Jews were murdered. 1,500’s Iasi Jews murdered. More than 6,000 Jews of Iasi were eventually murdered.

“..10. all Jews.” Reinhard Heydrich.

1943 Four new crematoria completed at Auschwitz-Birkenau.

June 29th.

1939 440 Romani Women and their children arrive at Ravensbrueck.

1941 Einsatzgruppe ‘A’ acknowledges murder of 2,300 Kovno Jews by now. Massacre of Kovno Jews filmed.

1942 Slonim Jews resist.

1944 20,000 Jewish Women from Auschwitz to Stutthof. Hitler sacks two of his most competent Generals, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, Field Marshal Gerd von Rundstedt.

June 30th.

1930 French troops withdraw from Rhineland.

1934 A supposed coup by the SA Leader Ernst Roehm is purged on the ‘Night of the Long Knives.’ Hundreds of SA are murdered and others of Hitler’s opponents are eliminated. Victims include Ernst Roehm chief of the SA, and Gregor Strasser, former Reich organization leader of the Nazi Party. The SS is now established as the hierarchical policing power. Nazi persecution of homosexuals begins in earnest.

1936 Polish Jews strike in protest against anti-Semitism.

1940 Wehrmacht troops occupy Channel Islands.

1941 11,000 Dvinsk Jews are Murdered. 300 Lutsk Jews murdered. 90 Dobromil Jews are Murdered. 300 Amsterdam Jews deported to Mauthausen.

1942 15,000 Slonim Jews are killed. 2nd. gas chamber functioning at Birkenau. Jewish schools in Germany closed.

Tuesday June 30th. 1942 “..More than 1,000,000 Jews Killed in Europe.” Daily Telegraph.

1943. SS Gruppenfuhrer Katzmann, the Higher SS and Police Fuhrer for Galicia sought to praise those who had undertaken the slaughter of innocent Jews as a manner of stress alleviation:

Wednesday June 30th. 1943. “..Despite ..extreme stress ..mood ..morale ..exceptionally good ..praiseworthy. ..by a personal sense of duty ..every officer ..man ..able to overcome this pestilence.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Friedrich Katzmann.

1944 Over 1,100 Jews from Paris to Auschwitz. An appeal is made to British War Cabinet for the release of Joel Brand.