August 1st.

1914 World War I begins.

1936 Olympic Games opens in Berlin. All anti-Jewish measures halted for duration. All anti-Jewish posters taken down for duration. Poland’s Ministry of Commerce sanctions name plates of ownership at front of Business Premises.

1937 Karl Otto Koch given Command of Buchenwald Concentration Camp. Buchenwald Concentration Camp has more than 1,000 inmates.

1938 Reich Central Bureau for Jewish Emigration, ‘Reichszentralstelle fur Judische Auswanderung’ is decreed and is aimed toward the facilitation of Jewish removal from the body of the Austrian people, initially. Over coming 18 months, 150,000 Austrian Jews persuaded to leave their homeland.

1941 Lvov Ghetto Established. Over 100,000 Jews are Enclosed. Lvov is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established. Over 1,000 Kishinev Jews murdered. Bialystok Ghetto established. 50,000 Jews Enclosed. Ephraim Barasz Chairman. Bialystok is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established. Himmler orders that all Jewish Males in region of Pripet Marshes to be rounded up and murdered by SS Cavalry Brigade. Jewish Women and Children in the area to be driven into the Marshes and drowned. 296 Ukmerge Jews murdered.

1942 Eduard Schulte confirms Hitler’s impending Auschwitz ‘Zyklon B’ plan for the Jews of Europe. Plan forms content of Gerhart Riegner ‘Cable.’

Saturday August 1st. 1942 “..Jewry has been completely eliminated from Minsk area.” Wilhelm Kube.

1943 Bedzin Ghetto Liquidated. Remaining Jews Murdered Auschwitz. Some 12,000 Jews murdered from Bedzin.

1944 Polish Underground Uprising in Warsaw. Russian forces liberate Kutno. Fewer than 800 Jews Survived. Americans reach Avranches.

Tuesday, 1st. August 1944 “..what I would so like to be ..what I could be ..if there weren’t any other people living in” Anne Frank.

August 2nd.

1929 150,000 participate in Nuremberg Rally.

1932 Hjalmar Schacht writes to Hitler of his dependability.

1934 President Paul von Hindenburg dies. Hitler declares himself Fuhrer of the German State, combining Offices of President and Chancellor. Hitler is now Commander-in-Chief of Germany’s Armed Forces. Members of the Armed Forces take an oath of personal allegiance to Hitler.

1939 Einstein enters the fray on Atomic Weapons, siding with America, should Germany gain the jump on them.

1941 4,000 Vilna Jews murdered in Ponary Woods. 204 Kovno Jewish Men and Women murdered at Fort IV. Decree expelling all Ruthenian Jewry.

1942 81,000 Warsaw Ghetto Jews murdered at Treblinka over 3 day period.

Sunday August 2nd. 1942 “..I was transported from ..City of Sziradz to Ghetto Lodz. With me were my brother Geniek and my father ..while my mother sisters Kadzia and Estera and 3 children of Estera were left behind a church in Siradz. After a few days I learned that all who were in that church ..were driven in trucks to ..wood between Kolo and Dabie and there poisoned by gas and burnt in big crematoria which were specially built for this purpose. During a few weeks there was curfew ‘Sperre’ in ghetto Lodz ..and 20,000 were taken from it to that wood and they too were gassed and burnt. Among them my father. ..same thing happened in all ..region towns. After 2 years ..cemetery of .. ghetto and ….people died there like flies ..ghetto..was spread with corpses of about 100,000 innocent men because they could not defend themselves. were sent to labor camps. We already knew then what kind of work it was. I work as a tailor but my brother could not bear ..tortures taking place in ..wood and he fell. I have another brother in Russia ..Avraham Szlamokowicz ..I doubt if I’ll live to see him again. I have a little request from those who will find this notebook. I ask them to say a few words to ..people of Sziradz ..Zielinski ..Kuziczki ..Olandra ..Westodolski ..ask from them that if my brother will return from Russia they will tell him our story ..and that God will pay them their proper punishment. I myself cannot do anything because here we are all chained.” Yacov Szlemokowicz.

1943 Jewish Uprising at Treblinka. Meir Berliner kills the Treblinka SS guard Max Bielas. Both Berliner’s Wife and Daughter were murdered in Treblinka. Stangl was replaced by his Deputy, SS Kurt Hubert Franz, who supervised the dismantling of the Camp. This brings about the cessation of Treblinka operations. Revolt at Krikov Labor Camp.

1944 Over 220 Verona Jews to Auschwitz.

August 3rd.

1914 Hitler petitions to join Bavarian Regiment.

1934 Hitler assumes total power.

1938 Italy enacts wider anti Jewish laws.

1941 Over 650 Chernovtsy Jews murdered. 1,500 Mitau Jews murdered. Over 200 Stanislawow Jews murdered.

1942 12,000 Przemysl Jews murdered at Belzec. 10 Tin Boxes and Milk Churns holding Emmanuel Ringelblum’s Warsaw Diary, hidden by Israel Lichtenstein.

Monday August 3rd. 1942 “..I am proud these grave ..fateful days ..I was one ..who buried ..treasure order that you ..know of ..tortures ..murders of ..Nazi tyranny.” Naum Grzywacz.

1944 2,000 Jews of Ostrowiec Labour Camp murdered.

August 4th.

1941 403 Panevezys Jewish Men and Women murdered. Kovno Ghetto sealed with 30,000 Jews still alive. Army Group Centre has its HQ at Novy Borissov.

1942 First deportations of 998 Jews from Belgium to Auschwitz.

1943 Jews of Sosnowiece to Auschwitz.

1944 The Franks arrested in Amsterdam.

August 5th.

1934 A Pogrom in Constantine, Algeria sees 100 Jews murdered.

1941 279 Rasainiai Jewish Men and Women murdered. Wehrmacht defeat Russians at Smolensk.

1942 800 Radom Jews murdered. Remainder of Pilica’s Jews murdered.

1943 Sweden refuses Germany transit for military supplies. Danish dockyard workers revolt.

August 6th.

1941 Over 200 Orgeyev Jews thrown into Dniester River and murdered. SS Brigadefuhrer Franz Walter Stahlecker states in a Memorandum that the move toward the elimination of the Jews is at hand.

1942 15,000 Warsaw Jews murdered in Treblinka. Amongst Warsaw’s Jews, murdered this day, were those of the ‘Orphanage’ directed by Janusz (Hersch Goldszmit) Korczak. Together with his assistant, Stefa, at the head of a column of orphans, Korczak walked them toward a more consoling end in Treblinka. 3,000 Diatlovo Jews murdered. Jews in Gurs Camp are resettled and ‘murdered’ in Auschwitz and Sobibor. Oswald Pohl issues directive to utilise Human Hair.

1944 First stage of Kaiserwald Camp evacuation. Some 30,000 Jews were murdered here. 27,000 Jews deported back to Germany from Camps ‘East.’

August 7th.

1941 1,200 Kovno Jews murdered. 570 Uteba Jewish Men and Women murdered.

1944 Liquidation of Lodz ghetto begins. 74,000 Lodz Jews deported to Auschwitz over 3 week period. Final action at Chelmno. 7,000 Jews murdered here since resumption of action.

August 8th.

1938 Concentration Camp at Mauthausen established. The use of Gassing Vans utilised to murder inmates.

1941 Over 11,000 Pinsk Jews Murdered in 4 day operation. 702 Ukmerge Jewish Men and Women murdered. The murder of Jewish Men and Women of Bjala-Zerkow begins.

1942 Edith Stein, a Catholic convert Nun, gassed at Auschwitz. Gerhart Riegner informs West of Hitler’s plan for extermination of European Jewry. America holds back on annihilation plan, for verification.

Saturday August 8th. 1942 “..That there has been and is being considered in Hitler’s headquarters a plan to exterminate all Jews from Germany and German controlled areas in Europe after they have been concentrated in ..East. ..numbers involved is said to be between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000 and ..object to permanently settle ..Jewish Question in Europe.” Dr. Gerhart Riegner.

1943 Vilna Ghetto Jews leave to join partisans.

1945 The London Agreement is signed by the Allies, enabling the prosecution of war criminals.

August 9th.

1940 Hitler orders build up of transport infrastructure for Russian Campaign.

1941 1,000’s of Dvinsk Jews murdered in Pogulanka Forest. 534 Kovno Jewish Men and Women murdered at Fort IV. Einsatzkommando ‘3’ takes over Vilna area from Einsatzkommando ‘9.’

1942 Mir Ghetto resists. 500 Radun Jews murdered. 1,500 Kremenets Jews deported to Bialokrynitsa Camp.

August 10th.

1938 Great Synagogue in Nuremberg destroyed.

1940 Romania enacts antiĀ­-Jewish Laws amidst anti-Jewish riots which erupt in the Country.
1942 First Deportations from Lvov to Belzec. 50,000 murdered. Camp Kommandant SS Standartenfuhrer Christian Wirth adopts Diesel engine for gassing. 1,000 Theresienstadt Jews were transported toward Minsk and were murdered in gassing vans at the nearby killing site of Maly Trostinets. More than 35,000 Jews were murdered here. 800 Brzozow Jews murdered. Newsweek acknowledges trainloads of Warsaw’s Jews vanishing into the ‘black Limbo’ of Treblinka.

Tuesday August 10th. 1943. “..It is not ..task of ..police to interfere in clashes between Germans and ..English ..American terror flyers who have baled out.” Heinrich Himmler.

August 11th.

1941 498 Panevezys Jewish Men and Women murdered.

1942 1,000 Belgian Jews murdered. Kremenets Jews resist.

1944 Over 650 Jews from Lyon to Auschwitz.

August 12th.

1941 Hitler issues War Directive No. 34a for the conduct of operations in Russia. Army Group North moves in on Leningrad.

1942 Allied goal ‘destruction of Nazism.’

1945 Major war criminals that had been housed in Luxembourg are flown to Nuremberg, where they are incarcerated in a prison adjacent to the Palace of Justice.

August 13th.

1932 Hitler refuses to accept Cabinet Vice-Chancellor post.

1941 717 Alytus Jewish Men and Women murdered. Eichmann meets with Ministry of Interior, Representatives of Goering’s Four Year Plan, and the Reich Chancellery, on definition term for Jews.

1942 Gorodok Ghetto liquidated. Mir Ghetto liquidated. Switzerland ejects refugee Jews back to France. America and Britain continue to sit on Riegner’s Report.

August 14th.

1941 552 Jonava Jewish Men and Women murdered. 493 Rokiskis Jews murdered. Entire Lesko Jewish Community murdered at Zaslaw. Atlantic Charter between the US and Britain agrees to the defeat of the Axis Powers.

1942 In France 7,000 non-French Jews detained.

1943 Rome declared Open City.

August 15th.

1940 Adolf Eichmann adds huge Jewish Ghetto dimension to ‘Madagascar Plan.’

1941 Riga Ghetto is established. 60,000 Jews Enclosed. Dr. Rudolf Blumenfeld Chairman of Ghetto. Artur Keilman Heads Social Services Department. Riga is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established. Surviving 26,000 Jews of Kovno moved to Ghetto at Viliampole. In coming 2 day period 3,200 Rokiskis Jewish Men, Women and Children will be murdered. Hitler decrees that ALL Reich Jews must be clearly identifiable. The Jewish Badge Decree is born. Himmler all but faints at the site of extermination of Jews at Minsk. Heinrich Lohse, Reich Commissioner Eastern Territories, ‘Ostland’ orders ALL Jews must now wear ‘Two Jew Badges.’ All Jews under German sphere of influence will be ghettoised. Hungary deports Jews of Bachka to Serbia. Slovak Government disperses Bratislava Ghetto.

1943 Further Bialystok Ghetto Revolt commences. 3,000 Wehrmacht troops, SS and Ukrainian auxilliary forces surround the remaining 30,000 Jews of Bialystok.

August 16th.

Friday August 16th. 1935 “..solution of ..Jewish question of ..Fuhrer ..not ..individuals.” Heinrich Himmler.

1936 Olympic Games come to an end. Considered a propaganda coup for the Reich. German Jews and Mischlinge Jews allowed to compete. Jesse Owens dominance in tract proves too much for Hitler. He declines to deliver the Winner’s Medal’s. Marty Glickman and Sam Stoliar, both American Jewish runners are forced not to compete in the 400 metre relay so as not to ’embarrass’ Hitler further? Avery Brundage, as head of the American Olympic Committee delivers Hitler a further coup!

1941 298 Rassainiai Jewish Women and Children murdered.

1943 The Bialystok Ghetto Liquidation commenced. There are barely 300 Ghetto fighters, who had held out for several weeks. Those finally captured were sent to Majdanek. Amongst those who refused to surrender was Mordechai Tenenbaum. Mordechai Tenenbaum committed suicide. Judenrate Chairman, Ephraim Barasz, sent to Treblinka.

Wednesday August 16th. 1944 “..if remains as it is now ..if new social relations don’t emerge and substantially change human nature ..I will finally become ..a failure.” Hanna Levy-Hass.

1947 Nuremberg Tribunal on ‘Krupps Werks.’

August 17th.

1938 Decree demands all Jews carry Israel or Sarah as first names.

1939 Reich Ministry of Interior publishes Forenames list for Jewish Parents.

1940 German ‘Blockade of Britain’ begins.

1941 SS Cavalry Brigade reports Murders of 7,819 Jews in the Minsk region.

1942 30,000 Radom Jews murdered at Treblinka. Over 600 French Jewish Children murdered in Birkenau.

1943 American daylight Bomber raids on Regensburg. American daylight Bomber raids on Schweinfurt. Allies take Messina. Sicilian resistance ends. Nikolas Kallay’s Hungarian Government puts out peace feelers.

August 18th.

1938 Swiss Government denies entry to Jews.

1939 Reich Interior Ministry circulates ‘Euthanasia’ paper.

1940 Authorities allow Czerniakow to establish vocational education program for Ghetto.

1941 Over 1,811 Kovno Jewish Men and Women murdered at Fort IV. Over 160 Jewish Men and Women of Bjala-Zerkow are murdered by units of Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and SonderKommando4a. Romania deports Jews across Dniester. Remnants of Berlin’s Jews to be murdered; Hitler promises Goebbels. Hitler orders move away from Moscow toward Kiev and Caucasus Oil.

1942 2,500 Drogobych Jews murdered at Belzec. SS Obersturmfuhrer Kurt Gerstein, arrives at Belzec. Gerstein is a Gas and Disinfection specialist.

1943 Blobel returns to Kiev and ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ exhumes and disposes of much of the evidence of mass murder. Over 100,000 at Babi-Yar are disinterred. Blobel’s 33,771 murdered included.

August 19th.

1927 30,000 SA Stormtroopers march at Nuremberg Rally.

1931 German supposed Conformity reached in Basle, between Heinrich Bruening and Allied Finance Ministers to pay 2,000 Reichsmarks to those Jews emigrating to Palestine. This would lead to The Ha’avarah Agreement which would allow for German Jewry to transfer Funds to Palestine. Also agreed that between 12,500 Reichsmarks and 15,000 Reichsmarks would be payable to Families who chose to leave for Palestine! The Agreement was not rescinded immediately upon Hitler’s accession of Power, but persisted until 1935.

1934 Hitler demands expanded powers. More than 89% vote their approval.

1939 Romanian Jewish refugee ship Rim runs aground.

1940 Otto Abetz proposes deportation of stateless Jews to Vichy.

1941 Over 3,000 Mogilev Jews murdered. More than 18,000 of Mogilev’s Jews will eventually be murdered. Over 640 Ukmerge Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Almost 100 Jewish Children of Bjala-Zerkow are murdered. Wehrmacht defeats Russians before Kiev. Wehrmacht occupies Kherson. Mass Murder of Kherson Jews, Men, Women and Their Children in Gassing Vans begins almost immediately. German and Romanian pact at Tighina. Transnistria, region between Dniester and the Bug Rivers under Romanian rule.

1942 Jewish Resistance in Otwock. 14,000 Jews murdered. 1,000 Rembertow Jews murdered. Gerstein affords the world first hand evidence of Belzec Murder operation. Witnesses arrival of 6,000 Lvov Jews. Lvov Jews transported in 45 Cattle Cars.

Saturday August 19th. 1944 “..This human mass is heterogeneous. It is piles together here force violence this small patch of dirty ..humid ground ..forced to live in ..most humiliating conditions and to endure ..most brutal deprivations ..that all human passions ..weaknesses have unleashed themselves ..taking on beastly forms.” Hanna Levy-Hass.

August 20th.

1933 American Jewish Congress declares boycott against Nazi Germany.

1941 90 Jewish Children of Bjala-Zerkow are locked up in a building on the edge of Town.

Wednesday August 20th. 1941 “..these were children of Jews ..Jewesses ..already ..shot.” Josef Maria Reuss.

1942 Majority of Croatian Jews murdered Auschwitz. General Friedrich von Paulus’s 6th Army at Stalingrad. Gerstein witnesses gassing operation at Treblinka.

1943 3,000 Glebokie Jews murdered after Resistance.

1946 Goering returns to the witness stand.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 1 ends. Sixteen defendants are convicted of varying crimes, against Humanity. Seven are sentenced to death and Seven acquitted. Dr. Waldemar Hoven, the Chief Doctor of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp, and a defendant in the case, testifies at the Trial.

August 21st.

1941 Over 5 week period 9,012 Dunanberg Jewish Men, Women and Children will be murdered. 4,300 Jews in Paris sent to Drancy Transit Camp. Over 5 day period, more than 70,000 Jews will transit Drancy and toward Birkenau.

Thursday August 21st. 1941 “..primary importance ..not ..capture ..Moscow ..but ..Crimea.” Adolf Hitler.

1942 3,500 Jews from Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland, are murdered at Treblinka. The Jewish community at Ozorkow, Poland, is murdered.

1947 Military Tribunal I sentences sixteen Nazi doctors found guilty in the Doctors Trial. Seven doctors are sentenced to death.

August 22nd.

1939 Hitler’s speech on Living Space, ‘Lebensraum’ urges Wehrmacht Generals toward total eradication of the Polish People.

1941 Over 4 day period more than 1,900 Kreis Rasainiai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Remaining 90 Jewish Children of Bjala-Zerkow murdered. Jews murdered at Dunaburg. Jews murdered at Aglona, including Men, Women, Children, the sick and the infirm. Jasenovac Concentration Camp begins operations.

1942 Over 40,000 Lvov Jews murdered in under 2 weeks. 10,000 Wielun Jews murdered Chelmno. 10,000 Siedlce Jews murdered Treblinka. Losice Jewish Community murdered Treblinka.

August 23rd.

1939 Ribbentrop and Molotov, respective Foreign Ministers for Germany and Russia, sign the ‘Treaty of Nonaggression’.

1940 Czestochowa Ghetto, Poland sealed off.

1941 7,523 Panevezys Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 17,000 Lutsk Jews murdered at Polanka Hill in a 4 day operation. von Paulus launches attack on Stalingrad.

1943 26,000 Bialystok Jews murdered in Auschwitz and Treblinka after week long action. Russians retake Kharkov. Some 14,000 Jews of Kharkov were murdered.

1944 Drancy liberated. Romania surrenders. Eichmann moves to deport all of Romanian Jewry. Some 469,632 Jews of Romania will be murdered.

August 24th.

1939 Pope Pius XII appeals for peace.

1941 Hitler calls a halt to present Euthanasia Program. Murder operations move into wider aspects of Einsatzgruppe actions and Death Camp capacity.

Sunday August 24th. 1941. “..aggressor retaliates by ..most frightful cruelties. As his Armies advance ..whole districts are being exterminated. Scores of 1,000’s ..literally scores of 1,000’s ..executions in cold blood are being perpetrated by ..German Police Troops upon ..Russian patriots who defend their native soil. Since ..Mongol invasions of Europe in ..16th. Century ..there has never been methodical ..merciless butchery on such a scale ..or approaching such a scale. And this is but ..beginning. Famine and pestilence have yet to follow in ..bloody ruts of Hitler’s tanks. We are in ..presence of a crime without a name. ” Winston Churchill.

1942 19,000 Kielce Jews murdered Treblinka in 4 day operation. 1,000 Zdunska Wola Jews murdered. Franz Paul Stangl becomes Treblinka Kommandant.

1943 Himmler appointed Minister of Interior.

1944 3,000 Jews Mielec of Labour Camp murdered. General Dietrich von Choltitz, German City Commandant surrenders Paris.

August 25th.

1933 Hitler now sought a wider emigration policy for the Jews of Germany. The Ha’avara Agreement Transfer of Jews from Germany to Palestine would be formally agreed between the German Ministry of Economy, and the Zionist Federation of Germany (die Zionistische Vereinigung fuer Deutschland)

1935 Pastor Martin Niemoeller an anti-Nazi minister, preaches that the Jews are ‘The Christ Killers’ and their history is both:-

Sunday August 25th. 1935 “..dark and sinister and under a curse for they brought ..Christ of God to ..cross but are also responsibility for ..blood of all ..righteous men who were ever murdered.” Martin Niemoeller.

1939 Anglo Polish Alliance Treaty of mutual assistance signed.

1940 Britain launches first air raid on Berlin.

1941 1,500 Tykocin Jews murdered. More than 2,100 Tykocin Jews will be murdered. 1,160 Obeliai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 8,000 Belgrade Jews deported to Topovske Supe and murdered.

1942 53,750 Warsaw Jews murdered at Treblinka in a 2 week period. 10,000 Miedzyrzec Jews murdered. Great aktion at Bochnia where 2,600 Jews are expelled to Belzec. More than 500 of Bochnia’s Jews, Children, the Old and the Infirm are murdered in nearby Bazkow Forest. Treblinka transports halted due to accumulation of un-buried and un-cremated corpses littering the area.

1944 Paris liberated. Romania declares War upon Germany.

August 26th.

1938 Office for Jewish Emigration, ‘Zentralstelle fur Judische Auswanderung’ established in Vienna. Decreed for the facilitating of Jewish emigration and comes under Adolf Eichmann jurisdiction.

1939 Hitler guarantees neutrality of Belgium. Hitler guarantees neutrality of Holland. Hitler guarantees neutrality of Luxembourg. Hitler guarantees neutrality of Sweden.

1941 Over 2,560 Zarasai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. All 1,911 of Kaisiadorys’ Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Over 2 day period 664 Seduva Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Hitler flew from his Vinnitza HQ to von Kluge’s HQ at Brest-Litovsk.

1942 1,000 Belgian Jews deported East. 7,000 Jews arrested in Unoccupied France. 518 Parisian Jewish Children murdered Birkenau.

August 27th.

1938 General Ludwig Beck resigns as Chief of Staff.

1939 Ration Cards ‘Lebensmittelkarten’ issued. Jews restricted to 1,400/2,100 calories a week. Not equivalent to a daily need! Germany is on a War Footing!

1941 7,000 Jews murdered at Kamanets-Podolsk. All 1,078 of Prienai’s Jewish Men, Women and children murdered. 355 Joniskia Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 212 Jews of Dagda and Kraslawa murdered.

1942 8,000 Wieliczka Jews murdered at Belzec. 6,000 Miedzyrzec Jews suffocated enroute to Treblinka. Liquidation of Zdunska Wola Ghetto completed.

1943 Bialystok Ghetto liquidation completed. Some 30,000 Jews have been murdered here.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 6, The I. G. Farben Case , begins. Twenty Four defendants, all of whom are involved with the I.G. Farben Group, are charged with plunder and spoliation of private property in the German occupied territories. They are also charged with various other war crimes.

August 28th.

1941 Entire Jewish Community of Kedainiai, some 2,201 Jews, Men, Women and Children are murdered. 1,349 Pasvalys Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 1,000’s of Czyzewo-Szlachecki Jews murdered. 402 Wilkia Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 14,000 Sarny Jews murdered. 10,000 Nowy Sacz Jews murdered at Belzec in 4 day operation. Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise, World Jewish Congress President, (WJC), receives Riegner Cable.

1944 Slovak National Uprising begins.

August 29th.

1941 11,000 Hungarian Jews murdered at Kamanets-Podolsk. 3,782 Utena and Moletai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 784 Rumsiskis and Ziezmariai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Some 100 Jews of Kherson were shot. Hitler is at von Runstedt’s HQ in Uman.

1942 All Olesko Jews murdered at Belzec. Jewish Question Serbia solved. 14,500 of 16,000 Jews murdered.

Sunday August 29th. 1943 “..two thirds and more ..Axis world’s Jewish population has been murdered ..foully ..unnaturally murdered.” Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise.

August 30th.

1940 The Vienna Dictate gives Northern Transylvania to Hungary. Jewish position in Romania worsens. Racial laws in Romania adapted from the Nazi legislation.

1942 50,000 Lvov Jews murdered in 3 week period. Rabka’s entire Jewish Community murdered.

Wednesday August 30th. 1944 “..As for despising and humiliating ..Jews ..Nazi’s are relentless ..even though themselves ..must know ..their end is near. ” Hanna Levy-Hass.

1944 Units of 1st Waffen ss Panzer Division (Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) Murdered Madmoiselle Maujean in front of her 5 Children in Tavaux. They set her alight and locked the Children in the cellar and poured petrol down into it. The 9 year old put out the flames, saving the 4 other Children and himself.

Wednesday August 30th. 1944 “..children who know no joy. Fear ..nothing but fear ..these poor little mortified creatures ..standing ..hours ..bodies filled with terror ..gaze fixed ..awaiting whatever might happen. They bury their heads in an old rag up against ..adults ..seeking shelter from ..cold and ..fear. ..their eyes remain wide open ..alarmed those of a hunted animal.” Hanna Levy-Hass.

1946 Testimony is completed in the Major War Criminals Trial. Defendants make their final statements.

August 31st.

1938 General Ludwig Beck conspires against Hitler.

1939 60 German Jewish Children escape to Britain. Buchenwald Concentration Camp has more than 8,500 inmates by the time Germany commences War. Sachsenhausen holds more than 8,000 prisoners. France opens its own Concentration Camp at Gurs.

1941 Over 160,000 Jews murdered in Bessarabia in an 8 week killing spree. Over 3,600 Vilna Jews murdered in Ponary Woods. Over 18 day period 233 Alytus Jews and other Jew s from local environs murdered. Kherson Ghetto, Ukraine established. Judenrate established in Kherson and Jews were forced to wear Star of David. 16,145 Jews had lived in Kherson as of 1939. This represented more than 16.5% of the Towns population.

1944 Russians capture Bucharest. Polish Committee of National Liberation issued a Decree on the Responsibility for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity.

1946 Trials of the Major War Criminals ends.