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Arad, Yitzhak. Pictorial History of Holocaust.
Arad, Yitzhak. Documents on the Holocaust.
Arad, Yitzhak. Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka.
Arad, Yitzhak. Ghetto in Flames.
Arendt, Hannah Eichmann in Jerusalem.
Arendt, Hannah Eichmann and the Holocaust.
Arendt, Hannah Association of Jewish Refugees We Remember.
Auerbacher, Inge I Am a Star.
Auschwitz State Museum. Auschwitz 1940 -1945. 5 Volumes.
Essential for all those whose attendance at Auschwitz marks their search for a comprehension to Read this work. The State Museum has produced a work which is indispensable in retracing those steps taken by more than 1,100,000 Jews on their way toward Destruction.

Barker, A. J. Waffen SS At War.
Bartov, Omer Murder in Our Midst.
Bartov, Omer The Holocaust.
Bauer, Yehuda Jews for Sale.
Bauman, Janina Beyond the Walls.
Beckman, Morris The Jewish Brigade.
Becu, Yves Planet Dora.
Benz, Wolfgang. The Holocaust.
Berg, Mary Diary.
Berenbaum, Michael A Promise to Remember.
Birger, Zev No Time for Patience.
Bitton-Jackson, Livia I Have Lived 1,000 Years.
Bitton-Jackson, Elli.
Black, Edwin IBM.
Blatt, Thomas ‘Tovi’ Ashes of Sobibor.
Boas, Jacob We Are Witnesses.
Borowski, Tadeusz This Way to the Gas.
Boyne, John The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
Braham, Randolph L. Politics Of Genocide.
Brecher, Elinor J. Schindler’s Legacy.
Breitman, Richard Architect of Genocide.
Breitman, Richard Official Secrets.
Brostoff, Anita Flares of Memory.
Browning, Christopher R. Ordinary Men.
Browning, Christopher R. Fateful Months.
Browning, Christopher R. Origins of the Final Solution.
Bullock, Alan Hitler: A Study in Tyranny.
Burrleigh, Michael. The Racial State.
Burrleigh, Michael. Death and Deliverance.
Burrin, Philipp Hitler & The Jews.

Calvocoressi, Peter. Total War.
Carp, Matatias. Holocaust in Romania.
Cargas, Harry J. Voices from the Holocaust.
Celan, Paul Correspondence.
Cesarani, David The Final Solution.
Cesarani, David Justice Delayed.
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Cohn, Norman Warrant for Genocide.
Chostowski, Witold Extermination Camp Treblinka.
Corni, Gustavo. Hitler’s Ghettos.
Crankshaw, Edward Gestapo.
Czech, Danuta Auschwitz Chronicle.

Dawidowicz, Lucy S. War Against the Jews, 1933-1945.
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. A Holocaust Reader.
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. Holocaust and the Historians.
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. What Is The Use of Jewish History?
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. Politics In A Pluralist Democracy.
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. The Golden Tradition.
Dawidowicz, Lucy S. On Equal Terms.
Dean, Martin. Collaboration in the Holocaust.
Defonseca, Misha Misha.
de Gaulle, Genevieve Dawn of Hope Ravensbrueck.
Deker, Sheila Cohn Children of the Flames.
de Mendelsohn, Peter The Nuremberg Documents.
Dempsey, Patrick. Testimony and Fading Memory in the Holocaust.
I thought it would be difficult to get through nearly 600 pages of text.
I expected the Book to be the usual story of death, destruction and
defilement. It is! It is also a Book that damns much of a civilization
that cannot stir itself to stand against the bigotry and race hatred we
see and hear every day. I had delved into the Holocaust at an earlier
time, parents being what they are, they filled me with tales of what
they witnessed at Belsen. This Book informs, it educates, it stands
against a tide of bile which has not been severely punished enough. It
is a warm Book in many ways given the Holocaust’s tragic consequences.
The treatment of the Jewish People was most savage, it is dealt with
kindly here. There is a compassion in the writers words, it is an
understanding for the Jewish People; and as he is at pains to state:-
6,000,000 Men, Women and their CHILDREN. I commend people to read this
work, but I commend the author more for daring to go where few
Christians wish to tread.

This is a very good introduction for me to Holocaust Books. I knew of
the subject but writing essay meant I had to know more. This Book gave
me hope that we will learn, shock that we have not learned, confident we
are better than racists of the past. Amazed that so many who killed so
many escaped justice. I have learned much of other writers and will look
these up. Patrick Dempsey is obviously a thoughtful Christian with it
seems a Jewish conscience!

A most valuable text for any scholar of the Holocaust, or anyone who wants to discover the extent of the Shoah.
and Gentiles have so much to learn from what is given in this book.
The most compelling testimonies are included, from Perpetrators and
Victims alike. The most balanced book of its kind with more than enough
evidence to support its themes.
Buy it, and spread the word. Patrick Dempsey is an author who will be cross-referenced in Holocaust texts in the future!

Dempsey, Patrick. der Einsatzgruppe.
Dempsey, Patrick. Babi Yar – A Jewish Catastrophe.
Denenberg, Barry Shadow Life.
Dinur, Yehiel Ka-Tzetnik.
Dobroszycki, Lucjan. Holocaust in the Soviet Union.
Doerry, Martin My Wounded Heart.
Donat, Alexander The Holocaust Kingdom.
Donat, Alexander Death Camp Treblinka.
Dwork, Deborah Holocaust: A History.
Dwork, Deborah. Children With A Star.
Dwork, Deborah. Auschwitz.

Earle, Alexander Nazi Butcher’s.
Eber, Irene The Choice.
Edelheit, Abraham J. History of the Holocaust.
Ehrenburg, Ilya. The Black Book.
Eisenstat, Bernice I Was A Child of the Holocaust.
Eisenstat, Stuart Imperfect Justice.
Eliach, Yaffa Hassidic Tales.
Elias, Ruth Triumph of Hope.
Epstein, Eric Dictionary of the Holocaust.

Faber, David Because of Romek.
Fest, Joachim C. Hitler.
Finkelstein, Norman The Holocaust Industry.
Fischel, Jack R. Historical Dictionary of Holocaust.
Fischer, Klaus B. History of an Obsession.
Fisher, Julius S. Transnistria Forgotten Cemetery.
Fleming, Gerald Hitler and The Final Solution.
Fogelman, Eva Conscience & Courage.
Foster, Mark Arnold The World At War.
Fraenkel, Manvell Dr. Goebbels.
Fraenkel, Manvell Heinrich Himler.
Frank, Anne. The Diary of a Young Girl.
Frank, Anne Anne Frank: Critical Edition.
Frankl, Viktor. Recollections.
Freeman, Joseph Road to Hell.
Freid, Heidi Fragments of a Life.
Friedlander, Albert H. Out of the Whirlwind.
Friedlaender, Saul Hitler & the Germans.
Friedlaender, Saul. The Years of Extermination.
Friedrich, Otto The Auschwitz Kingdom.

Georg, Willy In The Warsaw Ghetto.
Geve, Thomas Guns and Barbed Wire.
Gigliotti, Simone The Holocaust: A Reader.
Gilbert, Gustave Mark. Nuremberg Diary.
Gilbert, Martin Atlas of the Holocaust.
Gilbert, Martin The Holocaust.
Gilbert, Martin Auschwitz and the Allies.
Gilbert, Martin Never Again.
Gilbert, Martin Holocaust Journey.
Gilbert, Martin Kristallnacht.
Gilbert, Martin The Righteous.
Gill, Anton Journey Back from Hell.
Ginsburg, Waldemar And Kovno Wept.
Ginz, Peter The Diary of Petr Ginz.
Glazer, Richard Trap With The Green Fence.
Goldhagen, Daniel Hitler’s Willing Executioners.
Goldhagen, Daniel A Moral Reckoning.
Goni, Uki. The Real Odessa.
Green, Coral Elie Wiesel.
Gross, Jan T. Neighbours.
Grossman, Mendel With a Camera in Lodz.
Grubler, Kurt Journey Through the Night.
Gryn, Hugo Chasing Shadows.
Grynberg, Michal Words to Outlive Us.
Guderian, Heinz. Panzer Leader.
Gutman, Yisrael. Resistance.
Gutman, Yisrael. Holocaust Encyclopedia.

There may never be a definitive reference point, other than YadVashem, but the work that has emanated from it has been an invaluable instrument in accessing the information required to make a sustained judgement. This book is essential reading for those who wish to pick through the detail of The Holocaust and know the veracity of the Truth contained! There are detailed accounts of the growing awareness of the tragedy and the very comprehensive structure of the work leaves no area untouched. The exacting calamity to face the Jews of Europe, 6,000,000 of whom perished has been a monumental undertaking so comprehensively contained with this work! Incredibly detailed!

Hackett, David The Buchenwald Report.
Halter, Roman Roman’s Journey.
Hartman, Geoffrey Holocaust Remembrance.
Harris & Oppenheimer Into the Arms of Strangers.
Hart, Kitty I Am Alive.
Hart, Kitty Return to Auschwitz.
Hartman, Geoffrey Holocaust Remembrance.
Hastings, Max Das Reich.
Hersh, Arek A Detail of History.
Hilberg, Raul Volume Set Destruction of the European Jews.
Hilberg, Raul The Jewish Catastrophe.
Hillesum, Etty An Interrupted Life.
Amongst some of the finest words to come out from the midst of The Holocaust. As aware as I am of her fate, there was a time when I chose not to finish reading this work to prolong the thought of her life as still tangible to an integrity that The Holocaust enclosed.
Hillesum, Etty Letter’s from Westerbork.
A companion to a life that is interrupted, Etty will endure throughout the margins of the study of pain and its acute awareness that we are watching it from a safe haven.
Hillman, Hannelore I Will Plant You A Lilac Tree.
Hitler, Adolf Mein Kampf.
Not so much a read as an endurance. The words are hashed together to offer an ideology we know to be hate filled and negating of all humanity. A dire read though of consequence to those in need of answers to why such hatred was exposed to the glare of human acceptance.
Hitler, Adolf The Secret Book.
Little to distinguish this tome from its more austere cousin. There is no secret in this book that has not been revealed in the glare of atrocity and mass murder.
Hoehne, Heinz Order of the Death’s Head.
Hoess, Rudolf Kommandant Auschwitz.
This man, who ruled on separate occasions a Death Camp which delivered more that 1,100,000 toward a mechanized industrial scale Slaughter, because they were Jews. Hoess does not slink away from what Humanity accuses him of. His matter of fact rendering of a task he willingly undertook leaves a cold embellishment across a wounded humanity! The work of the accountant is worded in terms of an atrocity unprecedented in all of History.
Hoffman, Eva After Such Knowledge.
Hoffman, Eva Shtetl.
Holliday, Laurel War Times Diary.

Jacob, Lili The Auschwitz Album.
Johnson, Eric A. The Nazi Terror.

Karay, Felicja. Death Comes in Yellow.
Karski, Jan Story of a Secret State.
Katsh, Abraham J. Warsaw Diary of Chaim Kaplan.
Kaufman, Lola Rein The Hidden Girl.
Kemperer, Victor Diary Vol I.
Kemperer, Victor Diary Vol II.
Kennealy, Thomas Shindler’s List.
Kessel, Sim Hanged At Auschwitz.
Kirby, James My Mother’s Diamonds.
Klarsfeld, Serge French Children and Holocaust.
Klee, Ernst The Good Old Days.
Klein, Gerda All But My Life.
Kluger, Ruth Landscapes of Memory.
Kolisnky, Eva After the Holocaust.
Knopp, Guido Hitler’s Holocaust.
Knopp, Guido Hitler’s Children.
Knopp, Guido Hitler’s Henchmen.
Kochan, Lionel Pogrom.
Kogon, Eugen Theory’s and Practices of Hell.
Korczak, Januscz. Ghetto Diary.
Kornreich, Rena Rena’s Promise.
Krausnick, Helmut Anatomy of the SS State.
Kruk, Herman. Last Days: Jerusalem of Lithuania.
An essential reference point for anyone wishing to know what happened to the Jews of Lithuania in The Holocaust. It is a remarkable work. A History!
Kulka, Erich Escape from Auschwitz.
Kulka, Otto Dov Landscapes of Metropolis of Death.
Kuper, Jack Child of the Holocaust.
Kurzman, Dan The Bravest Battle.
Kuznetsov, Anatoli. Babi Yar.

Lacquer, Walter. The Holocaust Encyclopedia.
Landau, Elaine Holocaust Memories.
Landau, Ronnie S. The Nazi Holocaust.
Langbein, Hermann. People in Auschwitz.

There are just some people who lend authenticity to the study of The Holocaust. Hermann Langbein is one of those. A well understood and researched subject. I would suggest Hermann Langbein as a formative Author on The Holocaust and Death Camp system. With unashamed honesty, we meet and establish contact with many of those who were thrown into the awful mix that was Auschwitz Birkenau. A formidable, accurate conveyor of the mechanisms of an atrocious centre for the total Destruction of well in excess of 1,100,000 Jewish People, and other nationals.

Langbein, Hermann, Against All Hope.

There are many exemplary works to emerge from those who Survived. There are rarer works of such import as to afford a glimpse of what we on the outside cannot even begin to comprehend. Such is the validity of this work by a Survivor. Excellence endorsed. An excellent research tool

Langer, Laurence L. Holocaust & Literary Imagination.
Langer, Laurence L. Holocaust Testimonies.
Langer, Laurence L. Admitting the Holocaust.
Lanzmann, Claude Shoah.
Laquer, Walter The Holocaust Encyclopedia.
Laska, Vera Nazism, Resistance and the Holocaust.
Lasker-Walfisch, Anita. Inherit the Truth.
Lebovitz, Shirley The Enduring Spirit.
Le-Cheyne, Evelyn Mauthausen.
Lee, Carol Ann Otto Frank.
Lengyel, Olga Five Chimneys.
Levi, Primo If This Is a Man.
Levi, Primo The Truce.
Levi, Primo The Wrench.
Levi, Primo The Periodic Table.
Levi, Primo If Not Now, When?
Levi, Primo Moments of Reprieve.
Levi, Primo The Mirror Maker.
Levi, Trude A Cat Called Adolf.
Levin, Nora The Holocaust.
Levin, Nora The Holocaust Years.
Levine, Karen Hana’s Suitcase.
Levy-Hass, Hanna Diary of Bergen – Belsen.
Lifton, Betty Jean The King of Children.
Ligocka, Roma The Girl in the Red Coat
Lindsay, Hal The Road to Holocaust.
Lipstadt, Deborah Denying the Holocaust.
Loeb, Ladislas Dealing With Satan.
Loftus, John. The Secret War Against the Jews.
Longerrich, Peter The Unwritten Order.
Longerrich, Peter Holocaust.
Lower, Wendy Nazi Empire Building.
Lower, Wendy Hitler’s Furies
Lustig, Arnost Darkness Casts a Shadow.

Maier, Ruth Diary.
Maik, Michael Deliverance.
Manstein, Erich. Lost Victories.
Markell, Jan Angels in the Camp.
Marks, Jane The Hidden Children.
Marrus, Michael R. The Holocaust In History.
Marshall, Robert Sewers of Lvov.
Mayer, Arno J. Why Did The Heavens Not Darken.
McDonald, Callum The Killing of Heydrich.
Michelsen, Max City of Life and Death.
Millu, Liana Smoke Over Birkenau.
Minaj, Matel The Lottery of Life.
Mollo, Andrew Pictorial History of the SS.
Mueller, Georg Leon Lucien’s Hope.
Muller, Filip Eyewitness Auschwitz.

Neumann, Robert Pictorial History of Third Reich.
Newman, Prof. The Holocaust.
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Nieuwsman, Milton J. Kinderlarger.
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Nyiszli, Dr. Miklos Auschwitz.

Offen, Bernard My Hometown CC, Plaszow.
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Porter, Anna. Kasztner’s Train.

Press, Bernhard. The Murder of the Jews of Latvia.
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Quarrie, Bruce Waffen SS Soldier.

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Rees, Laurence Auschwitz, Nazi’s Final Solution.
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Reitlinger, Gerald SS. Alibi of a Nation.
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Rhodes, Richard Master’s of Death.
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Ringelblum, Emanuel. Notes From the Warsaw Ghetto.
Rittner, Carol The Holocaust and Christian World.
Rittner, Carol Different Voices.
Robertson, Jenny Don’t Go to Uncle’s Wedding.
Robins, Phil War Children.
Roseman, Mark Wannsee and the Final Solution.
Roseman, Mark The Past in Hiding.
Rossel, Seymour. The Holocaust.
Roth, John K. Holocaust, Religious Philosophical.
Roth, John K. Ethics After the Holocaust.
Rubinstein, William D. Myth of Rescue.
Russell, Lord. The Scourge of the Swastika.

Sakerwicz, Kazimiercz Ponary Diary.
Sansom, Naomi Hide.
Schelvis, Jules Sobibor.
Schiff, Hilda Holocaust Poetry.
Schiff, Vera Theresienstadt.
Schlink, Bernhard The Reader.
Schneider, Helga Let Me Go.
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Segev, Tom The Seventh Million.
Seidl, Rochelle G. Jewish Women of Ravensbrueck.
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Sheperd, Ben After Daybreak.
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Soviet Embassy Soviet Documents.
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Stone, Dan Historiography of the Holocaust.
Survivor, A. Auschwitz, Camp of The Disappeared.

Sutin, Jack & Roshelle Jack and Rochelle.
Sydnor, Charles. Soldiers of Destruction.
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Talbot, Hudson Forging Freedom.
Taylor, A.J.P. Origins of WWII.
Tec, Nechama. Dry Tears.
Tec, Nechama. When Light Pierced the Darkness.
Tec, Nechama. Resilience and Courage.
Tec, Nechama. In The Lion’s Den.
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Trevor-Roper, H. R. Hitler’s Table Talk.
Trevor-Roper, H. R. The Goebbels Diaries.
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Velman, Edith Edith’s Book.
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