No one ever suggests that the German people, even those under Hitler, were nothing but meticulous or accurate in all their endeavours. There are those ‘others’ today however, and this is a cautionary tale, that unless it comes to the notes, records, accounts and even the very detail of the atrocity which is The Holocaust, these pariahs deny. At least that is their denial contention, transfused back to an era which already troubles much of History with contorted views of the why’s and where fore’s. Here though, at the ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ gates, upon the very ramparts toward extinction for the Jews who entered Auschwitz and certainly Birkenau, we cannot simply ignore the vileness of those who would deny this very Truth. There is also mixed within this, the infinite possibility of the accommodation of ever greater numbers of Jews, and others, ‘resettled,’ Murdered here which would further damn humanity for its role in the overall Catastrophe. While The Holocaust claimed the lives of those Jews, far in excess of whatever assessment we have so far made, and we have accepted a more conservative estimate that is 6,000,000 murdered Jews, it is certain that we can never, ever know the exacting detail!

Here at Auschwitz though, the Camp personnel and the many Jews and other nationals who looked on as they were debilitated, brutalised and destroyed, copied down copious notes as to what they saw, what they witnessed and what they became aware of. All of which is relating to the devastation facing those to be ‘resettled along with their fellow Jews. All of this was an atrocity, the carnage so very carefully itemised, the atrociously correlated and accurately recorded barbarism which will stand for an inglorious 1,000 year period, as a marker to what inhumanity means. Of course that register of such a heinous crime records an accusation that more than 1,100,000 Jews were wholly destroyed here within Auschwitz’s and Birkenau’s grasp. Here, there are these individuals I acknowledge, who have voiced their own personally witnessed and even perpetrator estimates, which range from 2,500,000 to 5,000,000 Murdered souls, all within the constricted confines that was the Death Camp complex that was Auschwitz and Birkenau. However, will that on going assessment be further contended by the likes of those who see in the Perpetrators, and these criminals are the ones who best knew the depths of cruelty and barbarity they exceeded, can these have any redeeming faculty opened to them? There are those like:


“..more than 4,000,000 were Murdered here.” SS Unterscharfuhrer Wilhem Boger.


“..2,500,000 or 3,000,000 were gassed here.” SS Unterscharfuhrer Pery Broad.


“..He covered ..whole extermination process in ..East. It came roughly 4,500,000 or 5,000,000. That figure stuck in my memory. concluded ..Jewish problem in Europe was to all intents and purposes solved.” SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann.


“..2,000,000 to 2,500,000 were killed in Auschwitz. ..might have been 5,000,000.” SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr. Friedrich Entress.


“..If I were to ..tell them that I was part of it and that all of it is true ..these 5,500,000 Jews were murdered ..I would be afraid.” SS Oberscharfuhrer Karl Frenzel.


“..There were so many deaths ..I completely lost count and today cannot state how many ..were murdered. ..during my term as head of ..Political Department it was at least 3,000,000.” SS Untersturmfuhrer Maximilian Grabner.


“..Lublin [read Majdanek] 24,733 ..Belzec 434,508 ..Sobibor ..101,370 ..Treblinka ..713,555.” SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Hoefle.


“..When I came into ..Eichmann was speaking of a figure of 2,500,000 relating to Auschwitz. On what had transpired before ..and whether that was ..correct number of Jews that had been supplied for extermination by gas at Auschwitz ..this I do not know.” SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

“..I ..never knew number ..I have nothing to help me make an estimate. ..I ..remember ..figure in ..larger actions ..repeated to me by Eichmann or his deputies. ..I longer remember ..figures for ..smaller actions ..insignificant in comparison with ..numbers given. I regard of 2,500,000 ..far too high. ..Auschwitz had limits to its destructive possibilities ..Upper Silesia ..Polish territory under German rule 250,000 Germany ..Theresienstadt 100,000 Holland 95,000 Belgium 20,000 France 110,000 Greece 65,000 Hungary 400,000 Slovakia 90,000 .” SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.


“..I was trying very hard to obtain statistical material about ..Jews ..found out that at ..beginning of ..War there had been about 15,000,000 Jews in ..whole world. ..6,000,000 Jews ..murdered ..meant a proportion of 40%.” SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl.

“..Eichmann ..told me that ..according to his information ..some 6,000,000 Jews had perished.. 4,000,000 in extermination camps ..remaining 2,000,000 through shooting by ..Operations Units ..Death Squads ..epidemics and other causes in ..camps.”. SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl.


“ Jewish population of was estimated at 17,000,000 in 1937. ..over 10,000,000 were in Europe.” Richard Korherr.

“..Between 1937 and ..beginning of 1943 ..Jewish population of Europe should have decreased by an estimated 4,000,000 ..partly due to excess mortality of ..Jews in Middle and Western Europe and partly due to ..evacuations ..mainly in ..Eastern territories.” Richard Korherr.

or even Wisliceny,

“..Eichmann personally always talked about at least 4,000,000 Jews. Sometimes he even mentioned 5,000,000. According to my own estimate I should say that at least 4,000,000 must have been affected by solution. How many of those actually survived ..I am not in a position to say.” SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Dieter Wisliceny.

all of whom equated themselves with every bestial diversion known to humanity. Therefore, can we trust their varied assessment even when they had been found guilty of their crimes and had merely to await their punishment? But here, unlike the deniers, the truthful Historian has been able to look carefully at these assessments and erred on the cautious. It is both essential that we have accuracy in the account and it is certainly more of an imperative that not one single Jew is allowed to reside within the confines of The Holocaust, unacknowledged, forgotten or otherwise excluded from the atrocities calculated detail. So will we be forever denied the advocacy of Truth when we know that 6,000,000 Jews were Destroyed at the whim of a character like Hitler? Hitler’s very able lieutenant’s were able to support the murder apparatus, and the likes of these few, who were amongst the many 1,000’s who are so abundantly guilty of the most appalling of crimes against our own humanity. These too few, are those who have already been justly condemned for their crimes. Can we forget the acknowledgement of the media or National Governments of the time for that matter:

The American State Department,

“..German authorities carrying into effect Hitler’s ..intention to exterminate ..Jewish people in Europe.” The American State Department.

The BBC,

“..Jews regularly killed by machine gun fire ..hand grenades ..poison gas.” BBC World Radio.

The Polish Fortnightly Review,

“..end ..November 1940 ..8,000 ..were at ..Oswiecim camps. ..political prisoners ..criminal ..Jews. This last group ..persecuted most of all. Scarcely any of them came out alive. ..death notices. ..received. ..December 20,260 ..were sent. ..200 bodies ..being burned in ..crematorium each week.” The Polish Fortnightly Review.

The Daily Telegraph,

“..I was in Berlin at that time and saw some pretty revolting sights ..destruction of Jewish shops ..Jews being arrested and led away ..police standing by while ..gangs destroyed ..shops ..even groups of well dressed women cheering. Maybe those women had a hangover next morning they were intoxicated all right when this was taking place. I found it ..utterly revolting. In fact to a German journalist who saw me on that day and asked me what I was doing there ..I remember I just said very coldly ..I’m studying German culture.” Hugh Greene. The Daily Telegraph.

The Sunday People,

“..Hitler has murdered or destroyed 3,000,000 Jews.” The Sunday People.

or should we more properly rely upon the Evidence of those like:


“..Auschwitz may be 100’s of kilometres from Hungary but it is part of Hungarian history. ..This Death Camp was ..scene of ..inhumane suffering ..humiliation and death of nearly 500,000 of our compatriots.” Janos Ader.


“ conceivable chronicle of any kind could succeed in turning 6,000,000 dead people into a political argument.” Hannah Arendt.


“..Our war of independence ..fought after 6,000,000 of our people have been exterminated by ..Nazis ..proved once again that ..cause of justice ..faithfully pursued ..must triumph in ..end.” David Ben-Gurion.


“..Mankind will not soon forget ..sickening story of ..murder of women and little children in gas vans ..nor of ..evil ..hardened killers whose stomachs turned at ..awful sight when they unlatched ..doors of ..death cars at gravesides. These were who sat at ..edge of anti-tank ditches ..cigarette in mouth ..calmly shooting their naked victims in ..back of ..neck with their machine guns. These were who ..according to their own corpse accountants ..murdered some 2,000,000 men ..women ..children. These were of ..SD.” Sir David Maxwell Fyffe.


“..When I stand before you lead ..Prosecution of Adolf Eichmann ..I am not standing alone. With me are 6,000,000 accusers. ..they cannot rise ..and point an accusing finger. ..For their ashes are piled up on ..hills of Auschwitz and ..fields of Treblinka ..and are strewn in ..forests of Poland. Their graves are scattered throughout ..length and breadth of Europe. Their blood cries out ..but their voice is not heard. ..I will be their spokesman and in their name I will unfold ..awesome indictment.” Gideon Hausner.


“..first and foremost perpetrator was Adolf Hitler. ..without him it would have been inconceivable.” Raul Hilberg.


“..While British ..US tribunals ceased to try war criminals ..1949 ..ceased to allow extradition 1950 ..ceased to execute ..death penalty ..1951 ..Bon Government ..committed to ..trial of wartime offences for many years to come.” Gerlad Reitlinger.


“..That there has been and is being considered in Hitler’s headquarters a plan to exterminate all Jews from Germany and German controlled areas in Europe after they have been concentrated in ..East. ..numbers involved is said to be between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000 and ..object to permanently settle ..Jewish Question in Europe.” Dr. Gerhart Riegner.

Lord Russell,

“..Millions ..deported slaves 1,000’s of hostages ..reprisal prisoners ..put to death ..100’s of unjustified reprisals ..carried out ..scores of towns ..villages ..razed to ..ground 1,000’s of fertile acres ..ruined by ..scorched earth policy ..1,000,000’s of Jews ..exterminated 100’s of 1,000’s ..innocent civilians killed in mass executions ..ghetto’s destroyed ..occupants killed or carried concentration and annihilation camps. All raw materials ..scrap ..machinery ..taken ..for ..German economy ..wholesale seizure treasures ..textiles from all ..invaded territories.” Lord Russell of Liverpool.

And what of the Historians, and these advocates of truth, many of whom Survived all that Hitler and the Nazi system of destruction had thrown at them to reach back to a terrifying time and add a validity to our own History, those like:


“..Jews were compelled to establish relations with an alien ..hostile government that regarded them as subhuman only for exploitation and extermination. ..human values in which they believed and on which they had built their lives tottered and collapsed. In this cruel reality ..Vilna Jewry struggled to survive and seek rescue. ..daily struggle was for life itself ..survive in ..face of hunger ..disease. Jewish Vilna embodied ..majority of hardships ..torment ..European Jewry ..underwent during The Holocaust ..its responses sum up most of ..options ..available to ..Jews during this tragic epoch. Vilna Jewry was a microcosm of ..fate of all Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.” Yitzhak Arad.


“..People seldom learn from history. Can we be an exception.” Yehuda Bauer.


“..War ..annihilation of ..Jews were interdependent. ..disorder of war would provide ..hitler with ..cover for ..unchecked commission of murder. He needed an arena for his operations where ..restraints of common codes of morality and accepted rules of warfare would not extend.” Lucy Schildkret Dawidowicz.


“..It has been said that there will never be people as innocent as ..victims on ..threshold of ..Gas Chambers.” Yisrael Gutman.


“..No 6,000,000 Jews were murdered ..but only one Jew ..and this happened 6,000,000 times. If you really want to understand ..meaning of ..persecution of ..Jews would have to write 6,000,000 biographies of 6,000,000 individuals.” Abel Herzberg.


“..German people could have tried to save those people ..but maybe they were afraid for themselves. I feel afraid when I hear people say The Holocaust never happened. I feel nothing but pity for ..ignorance of such people ..shame on them ..they should know better. ..1,500,000 ..Jewish Children were murdered by ..Nazis 1,000’s of other innocent children perished because they were considered not worthy of a life. Why would I hate these people? That would make me ..same as them and I will never be that.” Tomi Reichental.


“..a total of about 5,000,000 people were burned in ..crematoriums of Oswiecim Birkenau.” Seweryna Szmaglewska.


“..attempts by members ..German General Staff to whitewash their complicity in these atrocities ..or by German historians to exculpate ..regular German Army ..should not be allowed to cover up ..factof ..vital ..significant economic ..stragegic advantages ..Nazi establishment together with ..German Army and its General Staff derived from this unprecedented ..unparalleled mass murder and robbery.” Rudolf Vrba.


“..Americans ..British in these regions. ..Why did they not drop ..bombs on ..horrible tomb ..sixty kilometres from their Northern Frontier. They could have wrecked SS barracks ..ramps ..crematoriums ..roads ..rail track. Why didn’t they.” Alfred Wtzler.


“..I will never cease to rebel against those who committed or permitted Auschwitz ..including God. ..questions I once asked myself about God’s silence remain open. If they have an answer ..I do not know it. More than that ..I refuse to know it. ..I maintain that ..death of 6,000,000 human beings poses a question to which no answer will ever be forthcoming.” Elie Wiesel.


“..Murder of 6,000,000 Jews must never be reduced to a statistic.” Simon Wiesenthal.

or Zygielbojm,

“..700,000 Jews ..murdered by May 1942. ..shot ..starved ..gassed. 7,000 Jews ..deported daily from Warsaw.” Shmuel Artur Zygielbojm.

all of whom Survived that very deliberate intention to destroy them? There are those, whose sense of indignity at such a shocking catalogue of brutality and destruction, are they to be denied because of their knowledge of the Truth? There are far too many who wish to ply their vile nature against the Remembrance for a People we so literally abandoned to this awful fate. Can we thus assess the Catastrophe and add a dimension of comprehension which all too many have failed so far to gauge? Can there ever be Justice for what happened, indeed for what was allowed to happen to these Jewish innocents? Our place is to reason why and offer no attempt to lift the judgement of History which as yet has been unable to adequately judge the committal, preparation or genesis of the crimes incorporated into The Holocaust. The assessments having already been made, with sturdy research and as accurate a detail as possible, where nothing has as yet established the fullest extent nor the accurate account of what many have so far evaluated. This does not even begin to approach what might be adjudged an understanding or even a comprehension.

4,578,800 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust Gerald Reitlinger 1953

5,109,822 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust Raul Hilberg 1961

5,859,622 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust Yisrael Gutman, Rob Rozett 1990

6,269,097 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust Wolfgang Benz.1991.

How then can we move forward when there will be and cannot be forgiveness in The Holocaust? When those who are solely able to apply its absolution, those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe, who have been Eradicated, Murdered or Destroyed, they have no discerning voice wishing to invoke their own judgement? These Jews alone, with the moral, ethical and obligatory right to pardon all those who committed them toward oblivion, have been deprived of all ability to do so by the vagaries of a Hitlerite hatred. The deniers would even revoke the commissioning of a final solution from Hitler’s own command. For me, even those who stood idly by or even participated in any way, are no longer able to admit to any form of amnesty! But perhaps it is just me? The plague of antisemitism often Christian led, and through a series of expulsions, pogroms and intolerance’s led straight to the Gas Chamber doors, the Ghetto’s and the Killing Sites were 6,000,000 Jews were ritually Slaughtered.

To this day, and within that context, the frame that I now see of a young Child washed up on a Turkish shore leaves to feel that we have once again neglected the Child, and in some horrible way, we have! But we cannot ask forgiveness of that Child. We cannot remonstrate with the tide which washed over it and blunted its youthful existence. So for me personally, I feel the loss and I see the same need to resolve for all Humanity, the essential to recall, remember and never forget this Child so as to preserve in memory, not just the awful deed, but what had driven the desperation of a Parent to take such a risk with one so precious. As with The Holocaust, the loss to us all of those 6,000,000 Jewish People, Men, Women and Their Children, who are all confined within a Genocidal grasp we are aware is The Holocaust, must Never be Forgotten!

I never once considered whether this drowned Child was a Jew, a Christian or a Muslim. It was a Child! Young! Innocent! In need of our protection! We, humanity as a whole, morally responsible, we failed to ensure the safety of that Child. In much the same way, The Holocaust is all too similar, only amplified by a human factor 6,000,000 times over. It is unthinkable then that we would consider, other than the place of any Child within the catastrophe, which is most certainly The Holocaust, as other than repugnant, contemptible and grossly inhuman. Not showing here is the shallow nature of political posturing of some, who might seek to benefit from such an awful detail! So for these ‘others’, who might not respect such a value which is placed upon each individuals life, be it a Muslim, a Christian, or a Jew, or be they Black, White or Crimson, we know that all human existence warrants all human concern. That concern centres upon the individual no matter what degree of intolerance some might place upon them.

Of course, within that contention for more tolerance, I make no bones about it, I abhor those who would see other’s as somehow denied their space in our time. There are those on the fringes of Historical certainty, these deniers, who would impede the truth of The Holocaust, for their own hatred’s. It is a simple recourse for me that when you intrude upon that integral Truth, and for that single reason alone of denying that The Holocaust happened, in my own defence of that fundamental truth, I intrude. While some might be swayed by the lies told and are swerved off course, I interject! I wish only to uphold the integrity of The Holocaust and in the name of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews who have no defence of their own. Mine is an avarice, a greed somewhat, which seeks only to endorse Remembrance for these 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe. That these Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were so callously abandoned by the rest of humanity will forever blight that human instinct which should have stood for an ethical charitableness so blatantly lacking during the period of their gravest need!

So how dare some low life Hitler inflict a Nazi code upon a People and decide that that People have no right to life because of their Faith, Antecedence or Origin! How can it be that life is more worthy for some than it might be for others? Intolerance! It is the intolerable legacy of The Holocaust that brings us toward a similar expression permeating all of our relevance to this day. While history today has sought a concealing of the same limp indifference that not only assisted Hitler and his Nazi’s, refugees will be further abandoned due to the presages of space and fortune. Can we continue to place a value upon human existence outside that remit of monetary consideration? A Jewish presence from amongst us was vanquished to ensure a motive of profit would be certain. The wealth of a disgorged Jewish People now bestows a sinful gain amongst all too many in European society who witnessed the dissolution of Jewish Communities from within their midst.

Today it seems, and it is with great irritation that there are some media commentators who must point out that a Child is of some Faith or other, some Race, Creed or even Ethnicity, instead of recognising the status of the Child. Perhaps this is done to illicit ever more a feeling that so much more grieves us? But surely the point is not whether a Child is deserving of our compassion, because they are other than a Child, but it is because of the very fact that they are a Child. That any Child is now deprived of what prospects life had once held for it, that will no longer proffer its timeless gift upon all of society is both a senseless mockery of our own humanity and it is cruel. The tragic loss of any Child bears no comparison and has nothing to do with the Faith, the Belief or even the Religion of that Child! This is why I abhor the rancid denial of The Holocaust. Of the more than 1,100,000 Children who were murdered because their Parents were Jews, and 4,900,000 of those Parents and Adults were Slaughtered alongside these Children, their Belief system is a factor to be venerated, not brutally exorcised and destroyed.

The system which Hitler established to confine so many Jewish People and head them toward oblivion, is erected in the some 40,000 containment centres, these Camps and Ghetto’s constituted during The Holocaust. Within the Ghetto’s, in the Concentration Camps and more especially within The Death Camps, 6,000,000 Jews were made to disappear. In the midst of Europe there now exists an abyss into which a great deal of Testimony has sank. While this abandoned testimony might begin to incriminate ever more of those found closer to the atrocity than has been admitted to, an admission by more of those who witnessed all that happened to the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe is necessarily essential. It is not unreasonable to suspect that more than have so far admitted that they knew, that they witnessed, that they participated in and even perpetrated these crimes against the Jews of all of Humanity, will not dissolve anyone of the stain of guilt in the Genocide. When one considers the amount of available knowledge which emanates from such isolated, closed, insular and tight knit communities, where the Priest is the centre of all activity, where is the fuller detail of the overall atrocity that should have more fully have emerged?

Small details encompass a world wide dimension in tiny communities and it is no giant leap to assert that more within these communities knew more than they will ever admit to. What these communities recognised of The Jewish Catastrophe has not been fully placed before the mantle of History. It is obviously true that not all Ghetto’s were as large as Bialystok, Lodz or even Warsaw! It is essentially true that not all Concentration Camps were as Belsen, Dachau, Gross-Rosen, Neuengamme or even Sachsenhausen were to be designed or designated as. It is most certainly true that not all the Death Camps were as Mechanised in destruction or as Industrialised in killing as Auschwitz and Birkenau were, but each of the x6 Death Camps established by Hitler in Poland played a key part, a component fixture in a murderous enterprise which all linked together to devour some 6,000,000 Jewish People within The Holocaust.

It remains true that countless other people were killed and even murdered during this period, but their title is not confined within a space Hitler had so callously drawn up and had set aside for The Jewish People. With that Final Solution placed before the lexicon of History, the full measure of The Holocaust has more than a single dimension to it! It extrapolates from all divergent arena’s and lends itself to an understanding which has little comprehension for those of us wishing to come to terms with such an atrocity. As to what we are able to know of the pure suffering, the awful atrocity or even the terror that was so cruelly inflicted upon an innocent Jewish People, we immerse ourselves in the struggle to do justice to a fleeing memory of a Destroyed People. How else can we even begin to come to terms with what has happened and then allow for the criminal intent of these deniers, who seek yet further to inflict a more insensitive outrage upon an already vanquished Jewish populace of 6,000,000 Europeans, with a sparing rejection of their hatred?

Throughout 40,000 diverse though converging arena’s, entire communities knew of the Deathly intent that brought the Jewish People to their attention. Many of the Jews own former neighbours became an intrinsic detail of the overall calamity. None too many of such a moral community stood up to be counted when much was to be gained from the Jewish destruction that was gradually emerging. The assessment I suspect has been made, though has failed to raise its pertinence above a muted scream, that far too many were perpetrator’s and enriched themselves at the expense of the Jewish presence. That detail mattered not whether those Jews, forced to run the gauntlet and were interred ignominiously without consideration, is both cruelly and without conscience, wrong. How deeply then has the rot of human depravity sunk our humanity when it has penetrated so deeply into the community of mankind? Has The Holocaust cost the lives of ever more Jewish victims than has previously been assessed and due in no small part to the catastrophic dimensions of individual participation?

The denier can then argue that 6,000,000 Jews were not Murdered at Auschwitz, or that they were even gassed there. We must contend with that! But this is an easy rebuttal as no one suggests that the Destruction of The 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust was accomplished there! No one suggests even that all the Jews of The Holocaust were Gassed or even asphyxiated. What cannot be argued over though is the very fact that 6,000,000 Jewish People were Murdered and that 1,100,000 of those Jews were Murdered at Auschwitz and Birkenau! We too can contend, given the Slaughter of Hungarian Jewry, that such an accomplishment of these 1,100,000 Murdered Jews could be achieved within the life time of Auschwitz! We can also posit the likelihood that more people could have been Murdered and more knew all of this than has thus far admitted.

The assessment to be made here surely, must contain an ever more proportionate admission as the Factual Truth which has documented, detailed, delivered and accounted for every aspect and detail of the atrocity. What we have learned is that The Holocaust destruction of 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children is a factual truth. That these Jews were Destroyed within the confines of Europe, that they were Murdered no less than 70 years ago, must not make for a veil of secrecy over the knowledge observed at the time, which is full of holes, lacks credibility and is so disingenuous to the memory of these 6,000,000 Jews.

The Holocaust has been spread out over x6 Death Camps, a very large concentration of Camps and their satellite or sub-Camps to deal in the Destruction of The Jewish People of Europe! Within the Ghetto’s of Eastern Europe, The Baltic States and wherever Hitler and the Nazi hatred decided to concentrate the Jews, Jews were either Starved to Death, Hanged, Shot or otherwise Murdered by Hitler’s cohorts and their auxiliary forces. As to the Final Accounting of the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews, we must take stock of the Fact that some 1,250,000 Jewish People of that number were Slaughtered in the field by der Einsatzgruppe, Wehrmacht, Waffen SS and German Police Battalions. There can be contention with those quite pertinent Facts. The Truth is the Truth and its veracity cannot be allowed to decompose or become scandalised under a revisionist system of denial, deceit and hate filled lies! While we have to contend with the Fact of what occurred to the Jews at Babi Yar, there can be no argument as to the impossibility of the task, as the task itself confirms itself! Within a x2 day period, 33,771 Jews were Murdered in that ravine.

That has the veracity of Truth assigned to it by Jewish Loss, Jewish Survivors, Independent Witnesses, Perpetrator evidence and even German Communications. Deniers might then contend that it would prove impossible to Murder, by shooting, 1,250,000 Jews in any given time frame! But given the proof that is acknowledged here at Babi Yar, and in the German Operational Situation Reports, and that over 16,800 Jews could be Murdered at Babi Yar in a single day, we too could contend that der Einsatzgruppe could have Slaughtered 1,250,000 Jews within a 75 day time frame! That is not a Fact, that is a contention! But it s Fact that will not be concealed that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe have been taken from us in the more barbarous terms ever to be inflicted up any People. This is not a contention! This is a Fact.