The Holocaust Resource.

Any School, College, University or Educational facility which allows for – or teaches – bias, racism or bigotry is not Educating and therefore cannot be classified as Schooling in its proper sense! Any agenda which is set that has an Intolerant and therefore subversive element, should not be considered of any merit, whatsoever! It is difficult to see how any Educator can deliver to the Student body other than what is the Truth. I have spoken to many Academics, Students, Professors on The Holocaust, all supporting the role of Educating the next generation. However, I have been alarmed by some who see no wrong in allowing for a dissenting voice. That articulation, which is an intolerably denier-based distortion of Fact and Truth, gains a foothold in many establishments with a license to Instruct, Tutor, Inform, Teach and Educate.

If but a morsel of that instruction is tainted or tarnished by any bias whatsoever, there can be no reason to doubt the oppression of the truth is being applied. I write on the subject of The Holocaust out of a conviction that the Murders of 6,000,000 Jewish People is inherently wrong from any angle one would proceed to suggest. That they were Jews is no argument for their Destruction. That they were Religious is no reason to suspend their existence. That they were Human Beings is every motivation to feel the guilt and that sense of remorse belonging to the humanity we are all supposed to be engaged in. For that reason I have put together a compiling resource on what matters in the search for the answers necessary for us, for History and for the Jewish People who might just wonder why we so abandoned them. I include my own Auschwitz Blog here in the hope that there are 6,000,000 reasons to suggest I am not alone in damning those who committed these crimes and condemning those who did little to prevent The Holocaust from happening!

1) Anti-Defamation League.

There is a public resource for anyone who wishes to serve notice upon those who would use all manner of antisemitism, bigotry and race hatred against our fellow human beings.

2) Auschwitz

The Official Auschwitz and Birkenau State Museum was created by an act of Parliament of Poland on July 2nd. 1947. It includes the sites of both parts of the Auschwitz I Concentration Camp and Auschwitz II, which is the Birkenau Death Camp. Visitors will be escorted if necessary, by well considered and articulate guides. From the Camp of Auschwitz you will be delivered through the very gates of Birkenau as a Witness to what transpired there.

3) Auschwitz Blog.

As an Author, it is imperative that one strikes the right balance between informing and promoting, and as such, I am mindful of the atrocity I have become witness to. On the subject of The Holocaust, there is a perpetual need Always to Remember, Never to Forget! With that principle established it is my continuing aim to ensure that The Holocaust of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust is not disparaged or denigrated without the Truth and my reason for responding being placed before the audience of History.

4) Art Gallery of Ontario.

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) developed a digital archive of over 4,000 images from the Henryk Ross Collection of Lodz Ghetto Photographs. This was augmented in partnership with the Facing History and Ourselves facility and the Sarah Chaim Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre. The launch of the digital archive marked the 70th anniversary of Mr. Ross’s unearthing of the original Negatives.

5) Belzec, The Museum Memorial Site in

The Site of The Death Camp Belzec is in need of a recognition for its fulfillment of a duty it has to History. The Memorial Site itself is an experience way beyond what Human imagination can even begin to fathom. Belzec was under construction on November 1st. 1941 and became operational on March 17th. 1942. It delivered its resolve to Murder as many Jews, and others, as it could, until it was dismantled that November 1942. The terrible tragedy, instituted here within the space of 8 months is that it consumed some 600,000 individual Jewish souls, and many others. In terms of its murderous enterprise it ranks higher than both Auschwitz-Birkenau and Treblinka in qualification of its kill ratio. As to the Museum’s Exhibition itself:

“..The historical exhibition presented in the Museum Memorial Site in Belzec has an interactive character. It shows the history of The Death Camp against the Nazi policy of Exterminating European Jews.” Belzec Booklet.

4) Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

Beth Shalom (House of Peace) is a dedicated Holocaust Memorial and Education Centre. It provides a peaceful setting where visitors from all backgrounds and persuasions can explore and reflect upon the history and implications of The Holocaust. Conference, library, seminar and research facilities are available for use by students, teachers and lay people of all ages and at all levels.

5) Books.

Firmly established as a life-long resource, the selected Bibliography I present to you here is from my own Library. It contains only those Books which I consider worthy of aiding my own need for comprehension. This selection does not include all those other outstanding Books which will deliver a resonance as to what The Holocaust means for History, for Humanity and for us all.

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Yahil, Leni. Holocaust: Fate of European Jewry.

Zapruder, Alexander Salvaged Pages. Ziemian, Joseph Cigarette Sellers 3 Crosses Square. Zsolt, Bela Nine Suitcases. Zuccotti, Susan The Holocaust of French Jews. The Italians & The Holocaust. The Vatican & The Holocaust. Zullo, Alan Survivors. Zusak, Marcus The Book Thief. Zylberberg, Michael A Warsaw Diary.

6) Buchenwald

Part of the Memorial Foundation of Buchenwald and Mittelbau Dora, these Concentration Camps are jointly managed by the German Federal Government and by the State of Thuringia. The Buchenwald Memorial is dedicated to preserving the memory of those interned in the Nazi concentration camp and the former Soviet camp.

7) Bundes Archive.

A German Government Resource for all those whose Families were German Jews, deported and killed during The Holocaust. Of course the range of the search is not Limited to Holocaust victims, but that is the area in which I research. There are comprehensive Lists of the Deportations undertaken within Germany and by the German Occupying powers as they established the mechanism of ‘resettlement’ from within Belgium, France and Holland.

8) Holocaust Educational Trust (HET)

The HET raises public awareness of the Holocaust and related issues both nationally and internationally. It conducts and supports research on The Holocaust and provides teaching resources for secondary schools.

9) Holocaust Memorial Day.

This very particular anniversary date recognises not simply the Liberation of Auschwitz and Birkenau on January 27th. 1945, by the forces of Russia, but adds to a Worldwide educational requirement to inform as to what 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were forced to endure. This British Government site is the official resource for all information pertaining to HET. All Educational material and links to other resources continually adding to an appreciation and understanding of what this Genocide implies.

10) Imperial War Museum

The Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Exhibition uses historical material to tell the story of the Nazis’ persecution of the Jews and other groups before and during the Second World War.

11) Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation.

The official information website for the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation against Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities with a proposed US $1.25 billion Settlement. This litigation is a class action lawsuit against private Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities for their alleged corrupt conduct and money laundering enterprise related to the Second World War and The Holocaust.

12) Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute.

The Roosevelt Institute brings together thousands of thinkers and doers from emerging leaders in every state to Nobel laureate economists. We reimagine the rules that guide our social and economic realities.

13) Ghetto Fighters’ House.

The Ghetto Fighters’ House was established in Israel shortly after the founding of the State of Israel. Set up in 1949 by former Ghetto Fighters, Survivors and Partisans from The Holocaust era, it brings to the attention of History, the very long and penetrating struggle Jews of Europe put up against the Nazi regime, for all the years of Jewish Struggle. There is also attached, The Centre for Humanistic Education, which not only acknowledges the sanctity and sanctification of all human life, but emphasises the universal and the underlying ramifications for all of us of what The Holocaust enshrines.

14) Holocaust Art Restitution Project.

This is an official site and deals within the Art World to offer details of the history of works stolen, with a list of artwork, information on case histories and legal histories as well as sponsor information, grant requests and related resources.

15) Holocaust History Project

The Holocaust History Project is a regularly updated archive of documents, photographs, recordings and essays about the Holocaust, with evidence that directly refutes the arguments of Holocaust deniers.

16) Human Rights, The Centre for the Universal Declaration of

The Centre for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which seeks to secure a world wide acknowledgement of the human rights of All Peoples everywhere in this world.

17) International Organisation for Migration.

The IOM will process claims for payment relating to slave labour, forced labour, personal injury or death of a child lodged in a home for children of slave or forced labourers. Gives details of the German Forced Labour Compensation Programme with contacts world wide.

18) Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This site has the full Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel, as approved by the Jewish People’s Council at the Tel Aviv Museum on 14 May 1948.

19) Jewish Claims Conference.

This was established to ensure those Jews who Survived the rigours, torment and terror of The Holocaust receive restitution, in part, for any detail of those crimes perpetrated against them. It also handles the cases brought by others who were so treated by Hitler and his Nazis. Ostensibly assigned to claims against Germany and Austria, for the material wealth plundered from those Jews sent to their Deaths, this has seen a resolve to return what is rightfully Jewish-owned to either Survivors of The Holocaust, or those who live with the legacy of The Holocaust. For those Survivors and Children or Families of those who did not Survive, that legacy is delivered with honour. Great strides are being made to ensure the recipients of payments are made to those People, Jewish, who were Forced to Work for Hitler’s Reich as Slaves. This also applies to the many others of differing Faiths slavishly treated by Hitler.

20) Jewish Student Online Research Centre.

Hosted by the American Israeli Cooperative Enterprise, this web site offers a vast range of texts on every aspect of Ancient and Modern Jewish History.

21) London Jewish Cultural Centre

The London Jewish Cultural Centre Registered charity that has taught Jewish history, culture and Modern Hebrew for over 20 years. Academic programme, outreach programme, cultural and social activities.

22) Majdanek, A Historical Outline.

The Death Camp itself has been carefully preserved as it was when Liberated by the forces of Russia. Majdanek had remained operational from October 1st. 1941 and ceased operations July 22nd. 1944. A high estimate suggests of some 200,000 Jews were Murdered there.

“..Even before the Commission for Investigating the German Crimes had finished working, members suggested the creation of a Museum on the grounds of the former Camp.” Majdanek Booklet.

23) Nizkor

The Nizkor site is dedicated to remembering the 6,000,000 Jews and nearly 6 million other civilians and prisoners of war killed by Adolf Hitler’s regime. Their resolve is also in refuting and marginalising those who say that it never happened.


The aims of this organisation is to preserve the memory of The Holocaust through art, discussion, photos and poems.

25) Searchlight.

Set up by London-based Searchlight, the international antifascist magazine, the site contains news, back issues, an archive and extracts from editorials about many aspects of racism and fascism, contemporary and historical.

26) Sobibor, Death Camp in

The Death Camp at Sobibor was operational from May 1942 and ended its murderous effort in October 1943 having claimed the lives of some 250,000 Jews of Europe. Oblivion over all Jews who entered here but History would not be denied the Fact of the Truth of what Hitler sought here.

“..For many years after the War, the Extermination Site of tens of thousands of Jews had sunk into oblivion.” Sobibor Booklet.

27) Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation.

This Stephen Spielberg initiated project, recording more than 50,000 unedited testimonies of survivors, liberators, rescuers, and other eyewitnesses of the Holocaust. The website gives details of the Shoah Foundation’s multimedia Archive.

28) Tel Aviv University/Wiener Library.

A comprehensive collection of publications on Germany in the 20th century, with special emphasis on the Third Reich, Europe during and between the two World Wars, Jewish communities in Europe, The Holocaust, antisemitism and fascism.

29) United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

This Washington museum was set up to advance and disseminate knowledge about The Holocaust, to preserve the memory of those who suffered, and to encourage visitors to reflect upon moral questions raised by the tragedy. Includes a vast online archive exhibiting a Holocaust focus.

30) Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum of Tolerence

The Simon Wiesenthal Center is an international Jewish human rights organization that aims to preserve the memory of The Holocaust by fostering tolerance and understanding through community involvement, educational outreach and social action. The Center’s headquarters are in Los Angeles and there are offices in New York, Toronto, Miami, Jerusalem, Paris and Buenos Aires. The Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles specialises in the history of The Holocaust and is a reliable guide to the subject.

31) Yad Vashem – The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority.

The Israeli Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem. Includes research, resources, eyewitness accounts and information about commemoration events.

Yad Vashem’s principal missions are commemoration and documentation of the events of The Holocaust, collection, examination, and publication of testimonies to The Holocaust, the collection and memorialisation of the names of Holocaust victims, and research and education.

32) Yahad In Unum

There are far too many graves, pits and ravines, these Killing Sites where the Jews of The Holocaust have been assigned to for eternity. Far too few of these have been uncovered to add to in an attempt to further understand the Testimony for those Jews who were sought out for eradication. Teams of researchers have established a network of excavations where a more defined Jewish presence is sought and is not to be forgotten in History. The unrelenting search has yielded ever more Evidence of what der Einsaztgruppe achieved in terms of the Destruction of the Jews of Eastern Europe, Russia and the Ukraine. The Archaeological exhumation of sites, Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka has yielded little of its evidence. The thorough nature of what Hitler resolved would be The Final Solution, has been irretrievably solved. What Science can now achieve however, as with Ancient Egypt’s unlocked secrets, is the concrete underbelly of the industrialised structures which continually, mechanically and with unrelenting zeal, drove 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, that is Men, Women and Their Children toward destruction.