I guess it is all too easy from this vantage point in History to know we could have done more to alter the course of The Holocaust. We could have at least prevented some of the detail of the atrocity which claimed 6,000,000 Jewish lives. How much more difficult is it for the Jewish People to know that we didn’t manage even to try? Today the World has awakened to yet another terrible statistic, and innocent lives are once more shed as the vagaries of disaffection, disillusion or denial stirs up ever more hatreds. Another young man goes on the rampage through a place of education and Children are slain. A further terrorist cell awakens and innocent commuters are slain. The hate is palpable and the victims are a cause we can do without. The whole of humanity is inexplicably set toward the resolve for yet more answers as to why atrocity has become common place. I draw from the terrible catastrophe which is The Holocaust and know that only the negative lesson’s appear to form the example that is used for persistence or existence today. For me, and in all truth, all narrative accounts from the era of The Holocaust have become the documented Evidence we are now provided with, presses home a warning to mankind to alter course or face future genocide’s.

We have The Holocaust evidence to draw upon so that experience, knowledge and what has been clearly ascertained from all manner of testimony, can rein in the excesses of the few against the exigency of the many. Any particular documented evidence can only enhance what it is we are aware of. This fact of evidence all adds to an increase in the dimension of that the factual truth which The Holocaust preserves for all of us, is both tangible and certain. Here is where we meet with deniers and what denial does not have is that same residual or even factual account of the truth The Holocaust has borne to History. Nor does any denial of The Holocaust possess the accumulated documentation of an evidence equivalence that we already carry. In large part, the evidence from The Holocaust has been delivered to us by those who chose to ensure we became aware of its terror and by those who sought to ensure we would not be made so aware.

However, we already possess such an immense knowledge of what transpired, which assesses the account for the destruction of 6,000,000 Human Beings, and all because these innocent human beings had a Jewish antecedence, we seek further evidences. The denial of The Holocaust is an irrelevance, it has no credibility nor veracity and it only seeks to deceive those who would buy into their lies. For instance, here in history, as is the case with Chelmno, which was one of Hitler’s first Death Camps established in Poland, we seek to review the evidence we have obtained. We do not seek to revise its integrity as newer evidence might yet appear to add to the devastating weight of the particular detail of that atrocity. Though we might have earlier assessed the destruction at Chelmno, as the murder of 250,000 Jews, it remains uncertain whether that assessment might be varied as a lesser appraisal or even as an upward spiral of destruction? What ever reassessment occurs, it will be methodically managed given the very delicate nature of the Slaughter we seek to Remember. None of that evidence though will ever bring us any nearer to the realisation of the very totality which is the individual assessments made for any of the Death Camps let alone for the overall Catastrophe that is The Holocaust.

While that detail is measured and presented in the specified mass slaughter of these 6,000,000 Jews of Europe Men, Women and Their Children, humanity cannot afford to neglect them further. Hitler’s reach for a Final Solution is seemingly, to the deniers anyway, an attempt to deconstruct our own History. This is attempted in favour of a bias which has no credibility, no documentation, lacks Evidence and has no veracity in truth, and wishes to exonerate Hitler from the midst of the conflagration. There can never ever be a comparison to this catastrophe, the unprecedented and systematic Slaughter of the 6,000,000 Jews within The Holocaust. That being stated, what parallel’s that might be reached, is of a World standing so idly by while Humanity gets washed up upon a Turkish shore. A little boy whose only future resided away from home, in a foreign land and away from a Syrian slaughter is drowned and intolerance’s persist.

That certainty which sees the unprecedented nature in The Holocaust, can clearly be evidenced whether this be in Babi Yar, Belzec, Chelmno, Ponary, Sobibor, Treblinka, Birkenau or amongst the sand dunes of Liepaja. This formulaic slaughter is a resonating factor from The Holocaust and it is clearly identifiable within an indifference that is so clearly precise within the passages written and still to be recorded. Any conclusions to be drawn, however, will see the death’s of future human beings, not just Syrian’s, as other refugees become stranded in an exercise of political positioning, but people considered unworthy of life, existence or any rights to survival! This stated fact though is not a Genocide of The Holocaust proportion, but it is a negligence so remarkably similar to what Jews might have come to expect but where all too often denied! The tragedy today is of a People fleeing conflict and being used as pawns in a game of brinkmanship! The loss of the Jewish People was tantamount to the abandonment of all humanity, morality and the ethics of concern.

Truth, however, is only safe in the hands of those who wish to move forward on its veracity into History. Truth will forever be distorted by the needs of some people who wish to forge their own agenda of bias and hatred. While need will exhort many People to take terrible risks to flee, it will extort from so many a penalty which the Jews of The Holocaust know all too well. The verification of the needs of any free People to flee their homeland will resonate with the Survivor of The Holocaust. So what exactly will be the legacy for Humanity from the lessons of the Jewish Holocaust? It is apparent that up till today, that lesson has been exemplified in destruction of more and more people. It has been proven that what this world has learned from the destruction of 6,000,000 Jews within Europe, has been the capacity to murder on an enormous scale, and relentlessly pursue its victims. It is almost a guarantee of an exemption from justice that the specific detail of any atrocity has a magnitude which can be measured in a human disaster we call a Genocide.

There is an entire industry surrounding this denial lobby and it is one that seeks to enter the mainstream narrative. But denial of The Holocaust is only adding confusion to the integrity of all of History. The denial franchise does not harbour the requisite needs of Truth which is essential if History is to lead us forward and away from past mistakes. Don’t get me wrong! The Holocaust is replete with revisiting the past, revising what we knew earlier and altering many of the perceptions gained in the immediacy of what we were confronted with. But, we have a duty to refer back to what became known in the full glare of the horror presented to an incredulous World in order that we can take forward the lessons gained. We students, researchers, writers on The Holocaust are all essentially adding to the Truth of what we know. We are not, unlike the denier, consciously denying that truth in favour of some racially motivated bias given over to ethnic hatred’s, Not even their attempt at political persuasiveness can deliver the denier to anything but contempt.

It is essential also to realise that all too many of these would be story tellers have sought the accolade of the Historian, and have even been previously accepted in some form of identity with an historical repute. But the failed academic or pseudo historian lost all acclaim and it came to a halt with such an impact, their reverberations cannon off of each other and stifle their failed legacy in such an obvious manner. This ousting of those revisionist deniers with a hidden agenda is clearly identifiable with a hatred for the Jewish People. There is also an underpinning with an apparent adoration of an Adolf Hitler who has been resurrected in the guise as some form of ideologue leadership. However, with their rejection of Hitler’s strongest claim to an ignominy so profound, as History has demonstrated is The Holocaust, they attempt to position Hitler outside that main goal he so urgently required. What Hitler clearly demanded of all those who followed him was a first and foremost radical confrontation with World Jewry, it could only be settled with their complete annihilation!

There is this voracious accusation in relation to what denial states, and that all too many are swept up in, and their seeming largess is less than subtle when all that it represents is the manifestation of hatred. There is that very sinister side to their denial, and it is in their attempt which wishes to orchestrate us away from the Truth. It is so transparent that they must fail to negate all that History must represent. The denial lobby is such a well oiled contentious hatred for all that The Holocaust represents. The aim of denial, which seeks only to bolster its own attempt to gain recognition for its failed, trite and corpulent fraudulence, is to confuse the Truth and make murky the waters of Historical integrity. The denier writers have been vested with the apparent ability to deny what is undeniable while they reiterate the rejection of the known truth. Once they have wound their way into a well ordered format they subsequently deny anything they ever admitted to as a contextual slip or reasoned excuse for their untruth’s.

What remains undeniable is the very Fact of The Holocaust. The Holocaust Truth has been Verified, Reasserted, Acknowledged and placed under the closest scrutiny of a History that has been scientifically analysed to extreme. The Holocaust Truth will remain a constant in what has been sieved through in the converging lines of Evidence that have been honestly presented. What remains for History however, apart from the commissioning certainty of Hitler’s direct blueprint demand, which was placed before thousands of Germans who took up the mantle of hatred, and this has been evidentially asserted, must be to honour more The Holocaust truth in order to deliver its lesson further. Amongst the colossal weight of documentary Evidence already established, and with much more still to come, has been the omission of a Hitler penned detail that is present in intention, reiteration, accentuation and presentation but it exists in the essence of a Weltanschauung that was clearly directed by Hitler, and Hitler alone!

Ever wondered why there is this accusation in history as to Hitler’s murder of the very soldiers of the Reich who were wounded fighting for the Fatherland? Those German soldiers, be they Wehrmacht, Waffen SS or otherwise engaged in World War II as opposed to The Holocaust, who having fought and were wounded were dispatched because they too were unworthy of life and mouths of no need to feed? There was a hatred and rabid conformity to so called ‘aryanism’ which Hitler utilised to sentence so many wounded German soldiers to death. They were not Jews! These were not Gypsies! These were the Men, and Women who drove a relentless swathe through Europe and the East and were discarded as if they had no worth. With a simple wound or War induced malady these soldiers of the Reich were considered expendable! That is the plain and simple truth for all deniers who would see Hitler as other than a hate filled tyrant. The denier cannot ever deliver Hitler from any regard to what emanated during his period of power, as to do so is to deny his power was as gratuitous and radical as it truly was.