“..struggle against ..Jews ..implacable ..intensifying ..deportations ..mass executions. ..massacres of ..Jews in Ukraine ..nearly complete. In Poland and Germany they want to complete it ..with a system of mass murders.” Abbot Pirro Scavizzi.

The Holocaust is the establishment of a memorial to the memory of 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe. The reason for the close association of the term to these Jews is simple enough and it is certainly pertinent. The very systematic nature of the Slaughter which engulfed these Jewish People, Men, Women and Their Children broadly accepts that the engineering of this very Catastrophe was based upon the Jewish antecedence Hitler sought to destroy. The wider issue of all those people who have died or were otherwise killed and murdered before and during WWII belongs to a separate page. For the Gypsy, that page is being written into all of history as the Porajmos and we know from our Holocaust study, that 500,000 Roma, Sinti and Lalleri reside within the context of that murderous term and were killed during Hitler’s period of hatred toward many. While no one doubts the case for these Gypsies, or Jehovah’s Witness, nor the Slavic peoples, nor the Poles, or the Homosexuals or even the Mentally ill, 6,000,000 Jews were systematically and selectively murdered for being Jews.

There is a debate which should rage over the dilution of a term which seeks to collectively Remember these Jewish People. The Holocaust as such is an exclusive term for an act that was predicated on Hitler’s hatred, aligned to Hitler’s Weltanschauung and enacted as conceived and perceived by Hitler, a man eloquent in a spacious hatred for all things Jewish. The Holocaust is a term which referred to The Jews of Europe, the 6,000,000? The Porajmos of the Gypsies is neither contentious nor argued over. If I state that 1,000,000 Irish Died in the Famine, that is the Irish Famine, not to be confused, diffused or diluted into any other Famine! So why do we not accept that such an enormous graveyard for the Jewish People, which requires remembrance for 6,000,000 of their People, why would we then deny them a Headstone which signifies their place within it? Surely, if the term of The Holocaust was brought into being because we needed to identify with the Jews of The Holocaust, then that term belongs to them?

People might well perceive that I have some alternative agenda so I wish to make it abundantly clear. I have been accused in the past of having what some conceived as a hidden agenda. Nothing I have to say hides other than the dismay at the failed accusation of states against those duplicit, complicit, participant and the perpetrator in the atrocity. As far as I am concerned! There is nothing ethical, moral nor Christian in the behaviour of all too many who allowed 6,000,000 Jews to go toward that destruction unaided. Without even a jot of sympathy many were led with a sneer of acquiescence and that was from far too many standing idly by. So while I am not here merely to record the Destruction of 6,000,000 Jews in The Holocaust, I am here to add the words of testimony to their recall, their recollection and their memory for those Jews now missing from our History. History has already recorded the factual truth which has placed 6,000,000 Jewish Lives before posterity and its veracity is an undeniable accusation ranged against many! But while I am here working toward my own need for comprehension, I am here to help. I also wish to assist all of those seeking to understand how all of this could happen in a Europe of our Parents and Grandparents. The proviso though in assisting toward an understanding is that it is with my own grasp of the very pertinence of this Jewish Catastrophe that I share my own very personal incomprehension.

This then is for me a simple matter of communicating a belief that allows for those ‘nations’ who suggest they did enough to prevent or even alleviate the tenets of The Holocaust, to say so! I would suggest here too that while no other nation suffered as much for its assistance of Jews than Poland, more could have been done. And While no other nation had the warrant of destruction placed before them for assisting their Jewish Citizens than did Poland, all too many Poles did not achieve what so many of their own Christian peoples managed. But let Denmark suggest to ALL other nations what it is to contain nationhood and statesmanship within its borders. It is for the Danish People to suggest to all other nations what could and should have been done as it responded to a human need of immense proportions!

In this mix of re-examining our past it is about time the Irish Government rescinded its condolences over the death of Hitler. No one should mourn a man who lived off hatred and caused so much pain and destruction. The Catholic Church too should play its part in correcting the perceived notion that it did all it could. My Church kept silent while the Jews were systematically Slaughtered. Silence is an opportunity for some to act with impunity and, unsanctioned will devastate the host of Humanity. Not just that. My Church should not be party to assisting known mass murderers like Eichmann or Stangl to evade Justice. When it was clearly apparent that The Jews of Europe had been decimated, left devastated and obviously abandoned how could anyone afford the perpetrator any sanction other than indictment, recrimination or a punitive resolve. We need to ensure that while there are the last Survivor’s who could accept these apologies, the time for all apologies is now!

“..elimination of ..Jews ..with mass killings ..almost complete ..without regard for children even if they are nursing. ..over 2,000,000 Jews have been killed.” Abbot Pirro Scavizzi.

Given that Yisrael Kristal is 113 years old, he would be the best placed person on this Earth to take a richly deserved apology having held onto the knowledge of his abandonment to Auschwitz and the destruction of his People that took place there and elsewhere. Where is the morality in holding back from what is an essential in our own belief system? For the level of abuse and hatred directed at the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust was unprecedented and causes me to write of the immorality of condoning the Catastrophe with inaction, injustice and a failure to posthumously correct what was so wrong. With the scale of denial insulting the memory of these Murdered Jews, all of which only adds to the depth of the tragedy that met these People. As surely as Hitler conceived, devised, ensured and enacted the unparalleled atrocity we have come to recognise, the lack of Justice for these 6,000,000 Jews perpetuates Hitler’s design.

My role, as a Writer on The Holocaust is not merely to place words before a public seeking information and comprehension. It is hoped my work becomes a powerful tool in advocating Tolerance for all today, learned from the intolerable hatred the Jews of Europe faced not too long ago. Tragically, The Holocaust is an account written in 6,000,000 angry rebukes, so what measure of understanding does The Holocaust present as it is being trivialised. Denial is that form of race hatred clearly identified as antisemitic, irrelevant and without any credibility whatsoever. For those who seek to reflect on our past to ensure our future, the denier does not have an answer to what is the veracity and factual truth that is, The Holocaust. If we look at what Richard Korherr, the Reich’s Statistician, assessed for Hitler, his figures which were taken from census files explore the presence of Jewish People in the major nations of Europe. If we look to the denier, who knows where each of the 3 ‘supposed’ Jews resided during this time, one, the Marxist Criminal Banker who exploited the World to finance his own world view.

Then there was Israel Gold, the multi-Billionaire Jewish Financier who forgot to lend the money which made him so Rich. Israel though died in 1922. Then there is the unsophisticated Moshe Presburgher whose only claim to anything was the cart he pushed around the streets to collect the things nobody else wanted. Moshe would take Gold and Jewellery and all manner of Art works to define his low status. Yet Moshe never managed to visit further than 42nd. Street and this was the hub of his Jewish existence, following the dream the American way. I forgot to mention Moshe’s Brother Yankiel who had always been a different kind of Jew and lived in the former Israeli State of Palestine. I might add here too, that Mathematics was not always my strong point. So what do we suppose here happened to those Jews which Richard Korherr managed to bring to Hitler’s Table Talk for an analysis of a very final solution.

01. Poland had 3,113,933 Jews in 1930

02. Russia had 2,570,330 Jews in 1926

03. Romania had 984,213 Jews in 1930

04. Hungary had 444,567 Jews in 1930

05. Britain had 234,000 Jews in 1931

06. Lithuania had 155,125 Jews in 1923

We know with certainty that this figure of 7,502,168 Jews of Europe was established to clearly acknowledge the factual truth that these Jews were residing in just these x6 Country’s. So with this disaster set to explode all over the Jewish presence, we are to resign ourselves to this Catastrophe. For The Holocaust Jews of Europe, this is an inexorable debt that is unyielding to time and belongs to all of humanity. And it is not just a consensus in dealing with the atrocity, which is difficult enough to arrive at, but it assesses an outrage which figures with numbers so colossal, we have difficulty coming to terms with them. It is also damning of all who knew of, participated in and eventually Perpetrated the crimes Hitler had commissioned within its grasp. Accepting Nazi figures given by Richard Korherr as to a European Jewish population that was ripe for Hitler to excavate, and with those figures then blended with what SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich and SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann established at The Wannsee Protocol, with their assessment we can evaluate the totality of the Jewish loss.

We clearly know then from the consensus at Wannsee that 11,293,300 Jews were available to Hitler for culling, killing and annihilation. This was a target assessed by those attending the conference and which could be a target achieved for Hitler. So if we then extrapolate from that figure which Hitler was presented with via Wannsee, in the attempt to come to terms with Hitler’s own Final Solution, a final resolve would be accomplished. Accepting both what Korherr states and then what both SS Sturmbannfuhrer Hermann Hoefle and Eichmann further assess to be the Murders of 6,000,000 Jewish People, we arrive at an acceptance that some 5,293,300 Jews were saved from Hitler’s intention. From here the highest proportion of Jewish Murders, some 91% of the total Jewish population of 3,104,000 Polish Jews was purposely sought out and this presented to Hitler a rich grain of opportunity.

There is the loss then of 2,824,640 Polish Jews to be accounted for, some 279,360 Polish Jews who barely survived which is roughly 9.8% of the total Jewish Community within Poland. But believe me, we could delve ever deeper into the statistical analysis of The Holocaust forever and never accomplish a satisfactory resolution as to the numbers of those Jews Murdered. Agreed, we have settled on a figure, a token of respect for a memory vanquished that seeks to add weight to our remembrance. However, with the realisation that some 6,000,000 Jews were Murdered, we acknowledge without knowing if, from what The Wannsee Protocol had designated, that from the 11,293,300 Jews for Destruction, if 5,293,300 Jews actually Survived. What is certain, and I am mindful of what Simon Wiesenthal has to say:

“..Murder of 6,000,000 Jews must never be reduced to a statistic.” Simon Wiesenthal.

and we cannot ever forget that we are dealing in the lives of People, these Jewish People in The Holocaust. Regardless of whatever we might profess it is clear that what has been claimed is a shameful indictment of Human intolerance’s and murderous abuse. There is no doubt, at least to those with a rational mind, for Historians, Writers, Witnesses, and especially for those under the yoke of Hitler’s oppression, that Hitler himself, once he had gained a mandate for power, he would find his foremost target, the Jews. From his earliest days he had set his sights firmly upon a demonstration of hatred for the Jews of Germany and Austria and World Jewry became targeted. Hitler had a global view which had been formulating since the German defeat in WWI and the major protagonist to him was an irrational, ill fated hatred toward World Jewry. To Hitler, the Jewish Conspiracy was not merely a Communist plot, it was a Capitalist venture, a Left and Right assault upon Political thought, an assailing of Negative and Positive thinking and a scapegoat for all the ails of the World.

In effect; Hitler blamed the Jews for the Sun not shining and for the Rain coming out of the Skies! The Jews could do no right! Not the Jewish Physician who saved Lives! Not the Jewish Soldier whose Bravery was commended, rewarded and awarded. No Jewish Banker, who made his money in exactly the same fashion as all of World banking, could be other than the stealer of financial stability! Not for Hitler a Jewish Wholesaler whose slight profit margin was squeezed so low that they could barely subsist with their entrepreneurial business skills. None of these Jews could do any right! Stereo typical and rancid Racism was Hitler’s format for that convulsion toward power! It is clear too, from the muddled, illogical and totally radical view of Hitler, clearly contained within the laboured tome of Mein Kampf, that he had always sought to become a committed antisemite.

Once achieved, and in order to garner support for a Worldview, his Weltanschauung, that antisemitism would deliver him power in Germany and from there, he would fully secure the demise of The Jewish People. Their very existence throughout the World was to be placed under the concept of that worldview and of course had that strategy not been a totally annihilatory one in the first place the Jewish People would succumb to a pestilence Hitler had conceived of. The obvious fact that many Jews would die in order to secure his lie became a reality for 6,000,000 of the Jewish Race. That Hitler’s fabricated fiction, which was to secure in his own mind that the assault upon the Jews was somehow pre-emptive, convinced no one. So for Hitler, the staging of acts to inculcate German society toward atrocity and lead them on a graduating process by which we would see the Jews marginalised from Society, contained behind brick walls and then finally ‘resettled’ away from the Communion of Christian German peoples was forged.

Here too, Hitler’s romance with the idea that he could emulate all that Napoleon had gained, and go a stage further with a venture into the expansive Russian State, was gaining a delusional momentum! Here is where the procession toward The Holocaust developed. In the mind of an irrational thinker, whose political idea was suspended upon a eugenic notion. Hitler’s constant need for an object for his profanity, for focusing away from the daily grind of state duty was to be found in The Jewish People, Men, Women and Their Children. Initially, he developed and enumerated upon the very idea that those he considered unworthy of life, and these were fellow Germans and Austrians, they could be so easily Murdered. The numbers are staggering and evidenced against a weak German nation unable to rise above the nausea of Human destruction.

Perhaps as many as 200,000 of these Human Beings, whose only crime was having been born different to all others, was to become a staging post on the road toward annihilating the Jews of Europe! For those ‘aryans’, whether with deformity, or with an opposing opinion, with a humanitarian concern, for all those with social concerns and with Genetic differences, all these would be targeted! Any feature that could separate a person out from a conforming view or from his own myopic mindset, Hitler would fix a course for destruction without conflict with moral, ethical or human decency. Of course that conflict would secrete a Genocidal intention for Hitler, and against the Jews but behind a War of conquest. The initial burst of hate that Hitler filed, was in an impure eugenics programme that rode alongside his hatred for the Jews! With this shifting of aims Hitler moved more radically toward a far more bloody resolve.

Those with a diverse Ethnical background, with a Genealogy of Biblical proportions or with a simple Religious preference, borne of 3,000 years of Religious Belief, made the Jew a prime target! Hitler found a resolve then in destroying them all! Here, and we do not need to dig too deep into the pseudo racial theory Hitler had often pronounced to find his resolve! We know enough from History that Hitler used the Jews to rally the bully in Humanity and with impunity they could mercilessly bully 6,000,000 Jews toward destruction. Hitler, once in power set upon his course to destroy all Jewish presence from the midst of Europe. After such an accomplishment, he would then ensure the very traces of Jewish existence was wiped out, eradicated once the shield of World conflict had been engaged! Here, and where the argument that persists to this day is not merely anchored to a lack of a paper trail, Hitler is the main signatory of The Final Solution of The Jewish Question, die Endlosung der Judenfrage.

Here, at the cross roads of a former territorial resolve, that motion to act against was becoming a Destructive Solution. Hitler is first and foremost the Architect of all that emanated from his dictatorial presence! Once enunciated, there was that grouping of bureaucrats who would secure for posterity the ambiguity of a totally wielded power never diminished in any curious fashion by some lack of a paper file? Hitler had Invaded Poland and swept across Belgium, France, Holland and Luxembourg and secured huge victories. No matter the muted but escalating terms that would suggest any amelioration of positions, Annihilation would always emerge as the focus of his intentions, especially toward The Jewish People! We know here, from Himmler’s meeting with higher Nazi echelon’s and Gauleiters in Berlin, December 10th. 1940, that at this juncture, this was still a territorial consideration, but

“..By resettling ..Jews out of ..European economic area to a yet to be determined territory. In ..framework of this ..5,800,000 Jews will be affected.” Adolf Eichmann.

As time drove relentlessly on a hiatus would be reached and 5,800,000 Jews and many more, would be substantially affected and would be systematically Destroyed! Hitler was to remain in ebullient mood and with all of Europe prostrate before him, Jewish pre-eminence was to disappear. The reaches of Russian wealth and space, Lebensraum, and his much vaunted confrontation with World Jewry was within earshot of those, like Himmler, Heydrich or Eichmann who would deliver the necessary administrative expertise to a Humanitarian Catastrophe. The Holocaust was a staging post closer and that led toward an inestimable confrontation with a World already steeped in the knowledge of Hitler’s hatred for The Jews and the ramifications for the Jewish People already steeped in their own blood.

The World was not only privy to what Hitler’s clear intentions were and with an enactment setting forth the legally immoral Nuremberg Laws of 1935 and with the moribund Destruction of Jewish Life, Limb and Livelihood taken during the Kristallnacht pogrom of 1938, the rhetoric is both visibly and physically stated. What then was to remain hidden? The Jewish People were moved Centre Stage in what Hitler now viewed to be, a murderous confrontation of epic proportions. Hitler strode that stage with an earth shattering and death dealing monstrous blow. It is clear though, that while the deed was monstrous, those who dealt in its defining obscenity were men and women. Even Hitler’s monstrous aberration does not make him a monster simply a terrible man who defined his presence on this Earth with terrible deeds. Hitler would ensure that all became orchestrated toward a growing Jewish and even World awareness with a brash unconcern!

Under Hitler’s intolerant tutelage which was administered in order, by Himmler, Heydrich and Eichmann, plans were established to deal a deadly blow to the Jews of Europe. The figures, census and populace of the Country’s mentioned have been drawn up with the Destruction of 11,293,300 Jews demanded. This process was a systematically selective and concerted undertaking. That final resolve, which developed into The Final Solution of The Jewish Question, die Endlosung der Judenfrage, became the wholesale Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children. A figure, extrapolated from the very detailed account drawn up for Hitler, his minions calculated in cold relief a destructive process which required a newer expression and there was a term born, and Genocide became an eloquence of Hitler’s clear intention. Hitler allowed for internecine squabbling to incorporate his very strategy for the Destruction of these Jewish People to bear a bitter fruit!

These are the factual calculations brought to bear once Hitler had fully moved away from any territorial solution for the Jewish People. Once he had settled upon the mass murder of all of these 11,293,300 Jews in what History knows is, The Holocaust of The Jews of Europe, a production line of mass murder was incorporated into Reich policy! Of the Jews of the European Continent Russia had by far the largest Jewish Population of 5,000,000 Jews within her borders. This figure, which included the Ukraine and Byelorussia hastened Hitler’s intention to invade Russia. These Jews were in Hitler’s direct line of fire once he launched that attack on Russia and Operation Barbarossa, which commenced on June 6th. 1941 had der Einsatzgruppe to bring to bear a murderous decree upon Jewish pre-eminence.

Next in terms of a Jewish presence came the territory of Poland which was controlled by Hitler after he had invaded the sovereign Polish state on September 1st. 1939. Quickly established and known throughout History as the General Government, this Cemetery for The Jews of Europe contained some 2,284,000 Jews according to The Wannsee Protocol. Hungary contained some 742,800 Jews who remained pretty much unmolested until 1944 when Hungary decided to jump the imploding Nazi ship! Two areas of France, under Hitler’s jurisdiction after he Invaded Belgium, France Holland and Luxembourg, May 10th. 1940 were Vichy France, the unoccupied part of France controlled by a collaborative Government, and a directly administered France. Vichy contained some 700,000 Jews. Poland’s Eastern Territories held 420,000 Jews. The Bialystok region had some 400,000 Jews. Romania had 342,000 Jews within her borders while island England had a population of some 330,000 Jews.

“..massacres of ..Jews ..reached fearful ..execrable forms and proportions. Incredible slaughter takes place every day.” Monsignor Giovanni Montini.

Then came the Occupied regions of France with its 165,000 Jews. Holland had 160,800 Jews while Germany itself had some 131,800 Jews. Slovakia had 88,000 Jews to be Murdered while the Protectorates of Bohemia & Moravia had 74,200 Jews who could be Killed. Then came Greece’s 69,600 Jews and Italy’s 58,000 Jews. Turkey had 55,500 targeted Jews and Bulgaria had 48,000 Jews set to be Destroyed. Austria had 43,700 Jews with Belgium having 43,000 Jews and Croatia 40,000 Jews. Lithuania had some 34,000 Jews, Switzerland some 18,000 Jews, with Serbia 10,000 Jews, Sweden 8,000 Jews, Spain had 6,000 Jews and Denmark would have its 5,600 Jews set to be Murdered, if it had not pre-empted Hitler’s murderous intention. Ireland’s 4,000 Jews lay at the mercy of Hitler’s clear intention and while My own Country prevaricated and settled upon an unconscionable neutrality, which fully played into the hands of Hitler’s designs for ALL Jews, the wholesale Slaughter of these Jewish People of Europe was already underway.

For Latvia’s 3,500 Jews, Portugal’s 3,000 Jews, Finland’s 2,300 Jews and Norway 1,300 Jews were in Hitler’s sights! Estonia had some 1,000 Jews and the tiny Jewish Population of Albania, some 200 Jews was not to be forgotten. This totalled some 11,293,300 Jews who were to be Murdered. Of course, by the time this Statistical analysis was laid before Hitler, many of these Jews had already been Murdered. In fact, Estonia had already been declared ‘Judenrein’ or Free of Jews! All of its Jews Murdered by Hitler decree! So just for Balance I present the Statistical analysis presented by The History Place to underscore the problem we have with assessing the final total. Sadly, that final analysis will remain impossible to know with exact certainty and this too is an indictment of our own humanity.

Country Initial Estimated Estimated Number of Population % Killed Jewish Killed Survivors

Poland 3,300,000 91% 3,000,000 300,000

USSR 3,020,000 36% 1,100,000 1,920,000

Hungary 800,000 74% 596,000 204,000

Germany 566,000 36% 200,000 366,000

France 350,000 22% 77,320 272,680

Romania 342,000 84% 287,000 55,000

Austria 185,000 35% 65,000 120,000

Lithuania 168,000 85% 143,000 25,000

Holland 140,000 71% 100,000 40,000

Bohemia and

Moravia 118,310 60% 71,150 47,160

Latvia 95,000 84% 80,000 15,000

Slovakia 88,950 80% 71,000 17,950

Yugoslavia 78,000 81% 63,300 14,700

Greece 77,380 87% 67,000 10,380

Belgium 65,700 45% 28,900 36,800

Italy 44,500 17% 7,680 36,820

Bulgaria 50,000 0% 50,000

Denmark 7,800 8% 60 7,740

Estonia 4,500 44% 2,000 2,500

Luxembourg 3,500 55% 1,950 1,550

Finland 2,000 03% 7 1,993

Norway 1,700 45% 762 938

TOTAL 9,508,340 63% 5,962,129 3,546,211

“..complete statistic of 6,000,000 dead ..in ..case of ..Jews ..calculated and known only at ..end if ..war.” Father Angelo Martini.

Using figures and the numbers of Jewish People involved, I have sought to redress an imbalance which seeks to somehow exclude Adolf Hitler from the commissioning article of The Holocaust. By dint of a missing signature, the omission of which cannot extract Hitler from any and all responsibility in those crimes he sought out, it is inexcusable then to attempt to evacuate him somehow from the veracity that is The Holocaust. The truth for history is that Hitler’s signature is over every piece of legislation written, verbal and intimated. For my part I am perhaps guilty of referring to the x6 Death Camps as Polish Death Camps. This was a simple slight of inference which did not ignore the simple Fact that these were Hitler’s Death Camps which Hitler established on Polish lands. Clearly there can be no other inference than that Hitler was instrumental in every phase, direction and implementation of his Final Solution, wherever his organs of criminality operated. The Holocaust is the resulting catastrophe for 6,000,000 Murdered Jews discarded by Humanity in a murderous endeavour heavily intimated and instigated by Hitler.

The result of correcting that imbalance in my earlier inferences has been this work, Hitler’s Belzec. This, my 4th. Book on the subject of The Holocaust is an assertion that Hitler not only nurtured, owned and secured all aspects of His Final Solution, it is without any doubt owned in entirety by Hitler. In every essence, what Hitler’s deep seated hatred and mania for the methodology of Jewish destruction sought, was carried forward with his approval and with his sanctioning awareness. The Christian World is big on forgiveness, but Absolutely NOTHING is forgivable in The Holocaust. There are 6,000,000 Jews who would attest to that, if they had Survived to be given the opportunity to do so. There is a paradox of course in what I state so often about Always to Remember, Never to Forget. That is clearly that the Jewish People must wish to forget all that we allowed to happen to them. Simply for the continuous fact that the Jewish World are ceaselessly tormented by their abandonment from a morally ethical Christian founded World.

Always remember too that this Christian World turned its back on a Jewish crisis and so abandoned all precepts to the altruism of Christ’s own teaching. How then can the Jew today see us as anything different from what we were when so much antagonism, antisemitism and hatred remains. Such atonement as might reflect our genuine need to seek their forgiveness must be tinged with the same dilemma surrounding forgiveness. I know that the guilty cannot be forgiven for their crimes in The Holocaust when there are 6,000,000 Jews missing from that essential ability to forgive. So here I am and I suppose I must conclude something and while it is easy to infer that while Hitler placed before The Final Solution a seeming acquiescence from a World of inactivity and a Church of silence, then what the denier is quick to assume are those same positions which abandoned these 6,000,000 Jews to their fate. Can we so disregard what the Allied powers knew and chose, ahead of an end to the War, the total Destruction of 6,000,000 Jews?

“..whole extent of ..Jewish persecutions ..number of 6,000,000 victims of ..extermination camps ..only ..verified after ..war.” Father Robert Leiber.

While the Church was quick to abrogate its silence in matters related to the entanglement of State over Church, it was slow to remove the veil of secrecy which has descended over the moral place of Christ’s Church. That morality, in the midst of an immoral and annihilatory act of Human Destruction against an innocent Jewish congregation of Neighbours, Countrymen and fellow Human Beings was so readily abandoned. This failure to speak out might have been the sentiment which prevailed within the corridors of the Vatican, but the Church did not hear the Jewish agony, the World was oblivious to the Jewish trauma and the Jewish People simply assumed there was no dissenting voice. In the context of what we recognise is The Holocaust: the physical destruction of these 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, let nations show and state what they did or achieve to assist the Jews.

Let each relay what steps were taken to alleviate the fear of the Jews or even an attempt at limiting the despair of the Jews. Which of these nations did much to prevent the destructive capacity which Hitler clearly enjoyed against the Jews, foremost, Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, anybody in fact for whom he had a dislike. Then with all this ringing in our ears, let the knowledge of what was known be made aware and allow the many acknowledge we knew all we needed to know to confront Hitler and prevent even more of the destruction. Let the example of Denmark establish the criteria for response. Where the vocal outpouring of support was heard let the evidence appear. That too applies to My church which has sustained the accusation of silence since it went unheard. It appears that what the Vatican lacked at the time was the very proof, that was physically required. This is all too reminiscent of today’s denier seeking evidence of ‘homicidal gassing chambers’.

While the Vatican stuck to a rigid acceptance that while Papal representatives were missing on the ground in places where the Death Camps were established, that place was Poland, there was no shortage of Polish Priests willing to afford that very evidence. Despite what many see as Hitler’s blatant refusal to acknowledge the Church, it is clear Hitler took the Vatican silence as an inducement to act out with impunity what it was he had always intended to achieve against the Jewish People. One does not allow Hitler a free hand with regards to the Jews, a People he constantly issues threats against, a Jewish People Hitler is holding a knife to their threats and for the World or the Church to leave him unchallenged, whether vocally or physically.

“..it is not licit for Christians to take part in ..antisemitism. Antisemitism is unacceptable. Spiritually ..we are all Semites.” Pope Pius XI.