Helene Berr confirms The Holocaust in History.

Tuesday November 30th. 1943 “..Why did God endow humanity with ..power to do evil ..as well as ..capacity always to hope to be free.” Helene Berr.

Tuesday December 7th. 1943 “..people tell me ..your children are still young ..they’ll cope ..they’ll stand up to it. ..I told them ..They wont stand up to a bullet in ..neck. ..In Kiev they massacred 20,000 Jews. Feodosia ..Crimea ..12,000 in a single night.” Helene Berr.

Monday December 13th. 1943 “..Objectively ..it seems to me we are ..last shovelful ..we won’t slip through ..net. ..not many Jews left in Paris ..we don’t have much prospect of keeping out of ..way ..we won’t be tipped off. Subjectively ..time had finally come for each of us to look for our places of safety. ..I stay on in full awareness of what may happen ..it is a conscious choice. ..why did I make that choice. ..if I ..abandoned my official life ..it would feel like ..defecting. ..I’m well aware that nobody in ..family if left behind ..would have ..resolve in ..face of danger. ..separation will be atrociously painful for all of us ..above and beyond ..fact of being deported. ..If anyone reads these words after it has happened ..will be struck ..and ..ask ..How could you have done nothing. ..my worries are not about me. ..Should we abandon everything ..when it’s quite possible ..nothing will happen at all.” Helene Berr.

Friday December 17th. 1943 Convoy 63 is destined for Auschwitz from the Drancy Concentration Camp. Aboard are the Baur Family, along with 844 other Jewish Men, Women and Their Children. The Baur Family is later referred to in Helene Berr’s Journal.

Monday December 20th. 1943 850 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children arrive at Auschwitz from the Drancy Concentration Camp. Amongst these arrivals are the Baur Family which Helene Berr writes of in Her Journal. Immediate selection sees 505 of these deportees Gassed. None of the Baur Family ever returned.

Wednesday December 22nd. 1943 “..Maman told me ..Andre Baur ..his Wife ..deported ..with their four small Children. It haunts me. ..so certain they would not be taken ..at Christmas ..making trees for what is a Children’s holiday ..made me grieve so much.” Helene Berr.

History here adds to what Helene informs us of. WE know from Serge Klarsfeld that Andre, his Wife Odette and their x4 Children, Pierre who was 10 years old, Myriam who was 9 years old, Antoine who was 6 years old and Francine their 3 year old Youngest Child. They were deported toward Auschwitz on December 17th. 1943 on Convoy 63. None Survived.

Friday December 31st. 1943 “..When I write ..word Jew ..I am not saying exactly what I mean ..for me that distinction does not exist ..I do not feel different from other people ..I will never think of myself as a member of a separate human group. ..I suffer from ..sight of evil falling upon humanity.” Helene Berr.

Helene Berr was arrested March 8th. 1944 and prior to being deported to Auschwitz, spent time in the Drancy Concentration Camp until, on March 27th. 1944 with 1,000 other Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, was transported to Auschwitz. 472 others from Convoy 70 were immediately Gassed upon arrival. Helene was a Diarist and her work survives while she did not. It is a further coincidence that her Death was not in Auschwitz but in Belsen, amongst the many who succumbed there. She shares the same burial ground as Anne Frank