On March 7th. 1904 Reinhard Heydrich, the organiser of The Holocaust is born followed 2 years later on March 19th. 1906 when Adolf Eichmann, the Chief Administrator of The Holocaust is born. Also 2 years after that on March 26th. 1908 Paul Franz Stangl, Kommandant of Treblinka is born. On March 10th. 1927 the Speaking ban on Hitler is lifted and on March 13th. 1932 in the German Presidential Election’s, Adolf Hitler polled over 30% of the votes cast, with 13,700,000 votes. On March 1st. 1933 Rabbi Stephen Wise of the World Jewish Congress seeks to ensure the American President has Hitler’s assault’s upon the Jews of Europe as a Centre piece to America’s Foreign Policy! On March 4th. United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt makes his inaugural address. Roosevelt will remain President throughout The Holocaust years.

On March 5th. the Nazis secure 44% of the votes cast, with 288 seats in the Reichstag Election and a coalition is formed with the Social Democrats who hold 18% of the vote. Hitler assumes total control in Germany as all Individual German States now have all power divested of them. On March 9th. Himmler becomes the Police President in Munich and on March 13th. Goebbels is appointed Reich Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. On March 17th. Hitler’s SS Bodyguard Regiment Adolf Hitler, ‘Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ is formed under Josef ‘Sepp’ Dietrich. On March 19th. the Jewish War Veterans of America seek to boycott German goods and services. On March 20th. Dachau Concentration Camp is established on the outskirts of the Town and the SA and SS form the first Policing guards of the Camp system.

Here, in partnership with Hartheim, prisoners from Dachau will be gassed. On March 21st. Communist Deputies are banned from taking Reichstag Seats and Special Courts are established to deal with Hitler’s political enemies. A threat is issued that any assassination attempt upon Hitler will result in all the Jews of Germany being put up against the wall and then shot. On March 22nd. Dachau Concentration Camp near Munich opens and on March 23rd. The Enabling Act, the Law for Removal of the Distress of People and the Reich, ‘Ermaechtigungsgesetz,’ is passed. With this, Hitler gains dictatorial powers as Germany’s artistic growth will be fuelled by ‘blood and race.’ On March 27th. an anti-Nazi rally held in New York City, organised by The American Jewish Congress. 55,000 people attend and a boycott is proposed of German goods if Germany insists upon their own but permanent boycott of Jewish owned business.

On March 31st. Oranienburg Concentration Camp is established as all German States are denied individual power. On March 1st 1935 Germany retakes the Saarland and two weeks later on March 16th. Military Conscription in Germany is reconvened and this too is in contravention of the Versailles Treaty. A unilateral decision by America, Britain and France to not confront Hitler is reached which secures in Hitler’s mindset a free hand to do what he wishes and against those he views as his enemies. These are largely Jews, Communists, Poles, and as he sees it, any of those who look sideways at him. On March 3rd. 1936 Jewish doctors are prohibited from practising medicine in all public health institutions throughout Germany.

On March 7th. Hitler denounces The Locarno Pact as German troops re-militarise and occupy the Rhineland and while America, Britain, and France all condemn such an aggressive act, they do not actively respond. On March 9th. 2 Jews and a Pole are killed and more than 20 Jews are injured in Przytyk, a Town in Poland with more than 2,700 Jews, 90% of the Population, Those attacked during anti-Semitic riots saw more than 40 Jewish Homes and Business’s ransacked, looted and destroyed. On March 17th. demonstrations are held by Jews and left-wing and liberal Poles protesting against these anti-Jewish riots in Poland. On March 29th. the SS Death’s Head Division of Camp Guards is renamed SS Deaths Head Units ‘Totenkopfverbande’ and they are responsible for guarding The Concentration Camps. The SS is expanded to 3,500 men. In the Reichstag election, this sees Hitler’s policies gain 98% approval.

On March 14th. 1937 Pope Pius XI’s encyclical ‘With Burning Concern’, ‘Mit brennender Sorge’ declares the Totalitarian State and Hitler’s racial hatred ‘twin evils.’ A question which persists is concerned with why this Pope remained so quiet on the question of the Jewish situation, as the growing frenzy of assault turned toward a more destructive phase. This Pope, and subsequently Pope Pius XII, were meant to be very vocal in the call of Christ, in the manner of humanity and in respect of all that Christ taught us about tolerance and the perpetuity of all life here on Earth. No one is saying that any Pope could have more readily interpreted Hitler’s vile and vocal rants as other than political bluster. But with the accumulation of events, which could not deny the bold facts of a more than brutal response toward the Jewish People, silence was a pernicious and complicit acquiescence.

Surely too, with the scale of atrocity now being observed it could have been figured that there was a less than cursory link between Hitler and the proposed fate for the Jews within Hitler’s own domain. For every action against the Jews, which were growing in such ferocity, and with the apparent and systematic nature of the attacks, which were all being aimed at the eventual eradication of all Jews, all of this seemed in line with Hitler’s expressed wish and countenanced demand! When we even consider that whether or not Jewish destruction came from enforced illness, food deprivation or the physical annihilation we were about to be introduced to, Hitler was lining the Jewish People up for a more permanent and calamitous resolve.

What can then be construed, from that same silence from Political and Religious leaders, and as it failed to accumulate any collective response, this can all be seen as duplicitous and fully conducive with Hitler’s immediate and awakening conduct. Hitler must have heard heartily, an audible quiet and reflected on the silence as indifference or worse, approval. Hitler took full advantage of the omitted roar of protest to plan for the eventual destruction of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, All Men, Women and Their Children with no exception.

March 4th. 1938 “..Providence ..charged me with a mission to reunite ..German peoples with a mission to restore my homeland to ..German Reich. ..believed in this mission. ..lived for it ..and ..now fulfilled it.” Adolf Hitler.

On March 12th. the German Army enters Vienna and on the following day, March 13th. Austria is fully absorbed into the Reich and by means of this ‘Anschluss’, Austria ceases to exist and the systematic larceny of Jewish assets is set in motion within Austria.

” ..at ..reunion ..Austria with ..German Reich ..Heydrich gave ..order ..set ..Jewish emigration in motion from Vienna.” Adolf Eichmann.

On March 22nd. President Roosevelt issues invitations to 33 Nations to an Evian Congress meant to assist the escalating Jewish Refugee situation and on March 23rd. Jewish community organizations within Hitler’s Reich are no longer recognised. On March 26th. Goering makes ‘aryanisation’ a clear principle in Vienna and the extortion of anything the Jews own begins with everything possible to be confiscated. On March 28th. Law diminishing legal rights of Jewish cultural organizations is in place as Hitler incites Sudeten Germans to conform to his ultra State. On March 31st. the Polish government passed a law threatening to revoke all Polish citizenship of all Polish Jews residing in Germany and Austria. This would affect 30,000 Polish Jews living in Germany and a further 20,000 Polish Jews living in Austria.

On March 2nd. 1939 Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli becomes Pope Pius XII. On March 11th. Hungarian Labour Service System requires enforced Military construction duties of Jews. On March 14th. Josef Tiso declares Slovakian Independence and the following day, March 15th. Nazi’s enter Prague, Czechoslovakia and Hitler Annexes Bohemia-Moravia which become a Reich Protectorate. On March 16th. German Troops enter Prague and as Czechoslovakia ceases to exist, Slovakia becomes a Reich Protectorate. On March 20th. there is the Nazi burning of over 5,000 drawings, paintings and sculptures in Berlin and the following day, March 21st. Jews seek refuge away from Memel, Lithuania, as hostile German troops enter the City. On March 31st. Chamberlain pledges Britain’s and France’s guarantee of Polish sovereignty.

On March 6th. 1940 Jewish Physicians in Poland barred from treating ‘aryans’ and on March 12th. all of Schneidemuehl’s 160 Jews are deported to Lublin in freight cars. German Gypsies are now being deported from Western and Northern Germany and Russia and Finland sign a mutual nonaggression Pact. On March 22nd Goering halts all deportations of the Jewish People to Lublin. On March 29th. the German Foreign Office denies any move to expel Berlin’s Jews. On March 1st. 1941 Himmler visits Auschwitz and Himmler plans ahead for the expansion of the Auschwitz group of Camps. Construction of Birkenau, Auschwitz II, now begins and Bulgaria allied to Germany. On March 2nd. Hitler outlines his plans for Operation Barbarossa, the defeat of Russian and his move toward further ‘Lebensraum’, the living space for the German people.

German troops now occupy Bulgaria and the following day, March 3rd. the Cracow Ghetto established. Cracow was the First Jewish Settlement of Polish soil and believed to have been in existence since the 13th. Century. Dr. Arthur Rosenzweig is the Chairman of the Judenrate and has over 56,000 Jews who are to be enclosed over the period of its existence, for some 2 years. On March 4th. the Bunawerk factory is authorised for the Auschwitz area. On March 7th. 1,000’s of Polish and German Jews are forced into labour squads. On March 11th. the Lend Lease is enacted whereby America advances material support to Britain for War against Hitler. On March 13th. Hitler issues addition to War Directive No. 21 for the Barbarossa campaign.

On March 15th. the Planned expulsion of Vienna’s Jews is halted although 5,000 Jews had already been displaced. In Bochnia, Poland a Ghetto is established with Symcha Weiss as the Judenrate Chairman and 15,000 Jews from the Town and the surrounding environs are Enclosed. Operation Barbarossa is now beckoning as a newer reckoning with The Jews of Europe was being formulated. On March 17th. Hitler convenes his Military meeting and restates to General Halder that with the Russian campaign, this calls for early successes with ‘no reversals’. On March 18th. Witold Pilecki (aka Tomasz Serafinski) reports to Polish Government in Exile, London, on the Auschwitz Camp conditions. Information had previously been dispatched to Zwiazek Organizacji Wojskowej, ZOW and onto Warsaw throughout October 1940. In November 1940, with the first details of Exterminations emanating from within Poland, the West was being given the Evidence that would lead 6,000,000 Jews of Europe toward their eventual Destruction.

Wednesday March 19th. 1941 “.. Lithuania’s liberation is close at hand. ..traitors will be pardoned ..if they provide certain proof ..liquidated at least one Jew. ..Jews must be informed ..their fate has been decided upon. ..At ..decisive moment ..seize their property ..nothing will be lost.” Lithuania Activist Front.

These were the Lithuanian fascists, the LAF who had escaped to Germany to build a resistance movement against the Russian forces of occupation. The Jewish People of Lithuania, whom they sought to Destroy and purloin their possessions, would be duly destroyed! On March 24th. the Lublin Ghetto, Poland is established with 35,000 Jews who are enclosed. Chief Engineer Henryk Bekker is the Judenrate Chariman of Lublin and Mark Alten, the Zionist Leader, is its spiritual Head. All told there are over 200,000 Jews Enclosed in region called ‘Lublinland.’ On March 25th. Yugoslavia joins the Axis alliance and the following day March 26th. The German Army High Command, OKH, gives special powers to Heydrich’s RSHA, on der Einsatzgruppe method’s of operations to be enacted upon arrival in Russia.

On March 27th. a coup in Yugoslavia alters the balance of power and away from any allegiance with Hitler. On March 30th. Hitler’s ‘Fuhrer Order’ is given as he prepares to move ‘East’ and states his plans to his Generals and as Hitler declares his intention to murder all Jews as Wehrmacht troops murder 250 of Subotica’s Jewish Youths and are also active in the Murders of 250 Jews in Novi Sad. In France, the Vichy Government appoints a Commissioner for their own Jewish Question. On March 1st. 1942 the first deportation of 5,000 of Stanislawow’s Jews are taken from the Ghetto there and ‘resettled’ at Belzec. This was the largest transport to reach Belzec during its first phase as Sobibor Death Camp comes under Construction.

Dr. Chaim Szoszkies assesses Jewish Ghetto losses at some 10,000 per month and the complete Extinction of Polish Jews within Poland is feared. This is headlined in The New York Times. On March 2nd. 5,000 Minsk Jews are murdered at Koidanovo and the following day March 3rd. 2,300 of Baranowicze’s Jews are murdered as are 1,500 of Dolginovov’s Jews are murdered as Belgian Jews are forced into labour gangs. Elsewhere, Vojtech Tuka declares a Slovak version of The Final Solution of their Jewish Problem is to be accomplished by Nazi Germany. On March 6th. a Nazi Sterilisation Conference convened.

Friday March 6th. 1942 “..greater ..number of Jews liquidated ..more consolidated will ..situation in Europe be after this war.” Joseph Goebbels.

On March 7th. 100’s of Mielec’s Jews are murdered and two days later, and while Jews are not expressly mentioned by a Vatican official, the identification with German actions against the Jewish People, 80,000 at this time, is being made.

Monday March 9th. 1942 “..deportation of 80,000 people to Poland at ..mercy of ..Germans is ..condemning ..great part of them to ..death.” Monsignor Giuseppe Burzio.

On this day, March 9th. as 700 of Cihrin’s Jews are being murdered, Gieuseppe Burzio who is the Vatican’s representative in Slovakia reports the planned expulsion of all of Slovakia’s Jews to the ‘East’, and so condemning a great part of them to death. The following day Filippo Bernardini, the Swiss Nuncio to the Vatican declared the Churches intention should be to:

Tuesday March 10th. 1942 “..save ..so many people from atrocious suffering.” Monsignor Filippo Bernardini.

On March 11th. 2,000 of Mielec’s Jewish Children and their Elderly are murdered while more than 1,000 Jews from the Theresienstadt Ghetto are transported to Belzec. On March 13th. 6,000 of Mielec’s Jews are transported to Belzec and elsewhere 650 of Hulievca’s Jews are murdered. The Jewish Joint Distribution Committee statement issued an eyewitness report stating that:

“..Germans have already killed 240,000 Jews in Ukraine alone.”

Archbishop Angelo Riotta, Papal Nuncio in Budapest seeks some form of protest from Pope Pius XII toward the Slovak Government on behalf of those Jews being deported. There was no Vatican intervention. On March 14th. over 900 of Ilja’s Jews are burned alive and Cardinal Luigi Maglione sends his protest to the Slovak Government over its treatment of their Jews which was ignored. On March 15th. Hitler predicts victory over Russia, by the coming Summer. On March 16th. the Lublin Ghetto clearance begins as 9,000 of Lublin’s Ghetto Jews are removed to Belzec. Here, Belzec seeks to adopt a more robust static gassing facility in a wooden hut as the move away from the ‘gassing van’ was being made. Elsewhere, over 1,800 of Pochep’s Jews are murdered and the murder of 100’s more of Mielec’s Jews proceeds. On March 17th. The Belzec Death Camp begins its extermination of Jews with the arrival of the 1,400 Jews of Lublin and 1,500 Jews of Lvov.

Wednesday March 18th. 1942 “..That there has been and is being considered in Hitler’s headquarters a plan to exterminate all Jews from Germany and German controlled areas in Europe after they have been concentrated in ..East. ..numbers involved is said to be between 3,500,000 and 4,000,000 and ..object to permanently settle ..Jewish Question in Europe.” Dr. Gerhart Riegner.

The following day, March 18th. Gerhard Riegner handed his report to Monsignor Filippo Bernardini. On March 19th. 2,000 of Rava Ruska’s Jews are murdered at Belzec while 500 of Belgrade’s Jews are murdered in ‘gassing vans’. On March 20th. 2,000 of Rohatyn’s Jews are murdered and Ernst von Weizsacker, as the Nazi State Secretary at the Foreign Office approves removal 6,000 Parisian Jews to Auschwitz. On March 21st. 26,000 of Lublin’s Ghetto Jews are murdered at Belzec. On March 23rd. the Birkenau Women’s Camp is established as Jewish and Gypsy Women arrive from Ravensbrueck. The first Slovak Jews also arrive at Birkenau.

On March 24th. the first deportation of Jews from Izbica Lubelska arrive at Belzec and its 2,200 Jews are immediately murdered there and it appears these Izbica Jews are aware of their fate, upon arrival at Belzec. Izbica Lubelska is ethnically cleansed of its Jews to make way for Theresienstadt Jewish transport. Also, the ‘resettlement’ of West European Jews to Belzec begins and the Belgian Government-in-Exile recognises that 10,000 of its Jewish Citizens had already been expelled toward Lodz. On March 25th. 1,000 of Tarnopol’s Jews are murdered as are 100 of Glebokie’s Jews, also murdered. On March 26th. 58,000 of Slovakias Jews are deported to Auschwitz and Majdanek and all Jewish homes within Germany are to have notices displayed, identifying their Jewish occupants.

On March 27th. Himmler formally declares the essential need for Sloavakia to be ‘Judenrein’, free of Jews! Goebbels notes and acknowledged in his Diary entry that 60% of all World Jews would be liquidated. When we look to what The Wannsee Protocol has targeted, with 11,293,300 Jews sought for annihilation, 60% of that Wannsee assessment clealry leaves us with a figure that represents 6,600,000 Jews murdered within The Holocaust?

Friday March 27th. 1942 “..Begining with Lublin ..Jews are now being deported ..East. ..a fairly barbaric process is being employed ..one not to be described more precisely ..and of ..Jews themselves ..not much is left over. On ..whole ..one can confirm that 60% of them have to be liquidated ..while only 40% are able to be put to work.” Joseph Goebbels.

On March 28th. The first French Jews arrive at Auschwitz and Fritz Sauckel, the Gauleiter of Thuringia, becomes the Slave Labour Chief.

Saturday March 28th. 1942 “..If you did not finish your work properly

..And lost precious time

..Then once again take up your task

..And try harder than before.

..If others have reproached you

..For what you have done wrong

..Then be sure to amend your mistake.

That is ..best memory one can make.” Signed, in memory Anne Frank.

Innocence is lost to Anne Frank as those who sought her destruction dealt in the terms of reference she could barely conceive of at this time. As we progress through her time, Atrocity upon Atrocity is heaped upon those Jews of Europe she lives beside, those Jews she shares a Nation with, those Jews she hides with within a Continent now seeking her and all those she knows for immediate destruction! This poem by Anne has just become available to the Public in 2016 but will be sold to the highest bidder. What profit the misery of a Young Jewish Girl and 6,000,000 of her People.

On March 1st 1943 the Nazi collaborationist Byelorussian Central Council was established and at Madison Square Garden, New York, a rally saw 20,000 protesters inside urging greater support for the Jews of Europe. A further 50,000 protesters remained outside the building. At Koriukivka, Ukraine the destruction of the entire village by SS troops took place. In much the same way as Lidice, the Town was raised to the ground with 6,700 locals murdered. der Einsatzgruppe forces had visitd the Town in 1942, killed all 300 of its Jews, 131 Villagers and the 12 Gypsies who had lived there.

On March 4th. over 800 Jews from Gurs are deported to Drancy and then onto Auschwitz while the Jews of Thrace are being deported to Treblinka. Also that same day, 1,500 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were deported from Berlin to Auschwitz where 1,350 of them are Murdered immediately upon arrival. On March 5th. 1,300 of Khmelnik’s Jews are murdered.

Saturday March 6th. 1943 “..Auschwitz Krematorien II and III ..service agrees that cellar 1 should be preheated with ..air coming from ..rooms of ..3 forced draught installations. ..supply and installation of ..ductwork and blowers necessary to this end are to be effected as soon as possible. As you point out in your above-mentiond letter, execution should commence this week. We would ask you to send in triplicate detailed quote for supply and installation. ..same time ..send an additional quotation for ..modification of ..air-extraction installation in ..undressing room.” Sturmbannfuhrer Jahrling.

On March 6th. a further 900 Jews from Gurs are deported to Drancy and then onto their destruction at Auschwitz. The Bishop of Berlin, Bishop Konrad von Preysing sent a message asking Pope Pius XII to intervene with Hitler on behalf of Berlin’s Jews now being sent to their deaths.

Sunday March 7th. 1943 “..I wish I could leave all this behind and run away from Janek ..Jumek ..Mietek ..my house and all this grayish rottenness. Spread out wings and fly high and far away ..hear ..wind howling and run wild on my face ..feel its breeze. Fly to places where there are no ghettos ..shops ..no pretending.” Rutka Laskier.

On March 7th. the Polish government-in-exile issues it most strident report on the executions of prisoners in a Nazi German ‘murder camp’situated at Oswiecim, better known to us as Auschwitz/Birkenau.

March 8th. 1943 “..Because of whom or what am I crying. Because of Janek ..certainly not. Then because of whom. Probably because of freedom. I am sick and tired of these gray houses ..steady fear seen on everybody’s faces. This fear clutches onto everyone and doesn’t let go.” Rutka Laskier.

On March 9th. SS forces returned to what was left of Koriukivka and burned alive those who had returned, mostly the elderly. On March 11th. the entire Jewish population. some 7,240 Jewish Citizens of 3 Yugoslavian Towns, Bitola, Skopje and Stip are transported to The Death Camp Treblinka.

Thursday March 11th. 1943 “..Polish people ..looks with horror ..deep sympathy on ..murder of ..remainder of ..Jewish population in Poland.” Rzeczpospolita Polska.

March 12th. Grodno is now declared ‘Judenrein’ with 40,000 Jews having been resettled to Auschwitz and Treblinka. On March 13th. the Cracow Ghetto is being liquidated with many of the liquidated Jews, some 10,000 of them, shot to death in the Zgoda Square, along with the town of Wadowice’s own Rabbi Seltenreich. This is significant in that Karol Wojtyla, the future Pope Paul II was from Wadowice and knew personally Rabbi Seltenreich, but knew nothing of this taking place on his doorstep! Meanwhile, the first of new design of crematoria opens at Auschwitz/Birkenau and the murder process will now be more complete, and the total removal of all evidence of the mass murder will near totality. There will be 5 purpose built Krematorium with their own gas chambers in operation here while 2 other extermination facilities are prepared at Bunker I, the little Red House, and Bunker II, the little White House.

Gassing did also commence from within Block 11. Auschwitz/Birkenau was a colossus in the mechanised and industrial scale of the Destruction of the Jewish People. It exemplified to the World what Hitler had clearly sought to achieve in his final resolve for The Final Solution of The Jewish Question. In total and during a 24 hour period, utilising all 46 ovens, between 12,000 and 15,000 Jewish Victims could be totally destroyed. There were designs also for a 6th. Krematorium, which never got off the drawing board. The ashes of the Victims too was a resource that Hitler’s Germany sought to utilise. The ash of 6,000,000 Jewish Victims could be contained within a given space of some 25,470 Cubic Metres.

On March 14th. with the final phase of Cracow’s Ghetto Jews’ liquidation, 2,000 of Cracow’s Ghetto Jews are removed to Auschwitz and 700 of Cracow’s Ghetto Jews are murdered in situ. On March 15th. Jewish deportations begin from Greece with the deportations from Macedonia, Salonika and from Thrace. These Greek Jewish deportations have the assistance of forces from Bulgaria. On March 17th. 1,500 of Lvov’s Jews are murdered and on March 20th. those first deportations of Salonika’s Jews arrive at Auschwitz. On March 22nd. the new Krematoria in Birkenau is in operation. On March 23rd. over 900 of Marseilles Jews are deported to Auschwitz and on March 25th. 2,000 of Zolkiew’s Jews are murdered in the Borek Forest. Meanwhile, a further 1,000 Jews of Marseille are transported to Auschwitz/Birkeanu for annihilation.

Saturday March 29th. 1943. “..concerning ..delivery ..gas tight door celler I ..Krematoria III ..to be produced identical ..cellar door Krematoria II which is ..opposite ..with peepholes of double 8mm glass ..rubber sealing strip and frame.” SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Bischoff.

On March 30th. more than 15,000 Jews of Lvov have been Murdered in Belzec and Himmler visits Treblinka. The following day, March 31st. some 5,000 of Stanislawow’s Jews are also murdered at Belzec. On March 3rd. 1944 over 700 Dutch Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On March 7th. the liquidation of the Family Camp at Auschwitz/Birkenau begins as more than 1,500 French Jews are transported to Auschwitz/Birkenau.

“..Day in ..day out ..in hundreds of cities throughout Poland ..Russia 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of Jews are ..systematically murdered according to a preconceived plan ..no one .takes our part.” Emanuel Ringelblum.

Elsewhere, during March 7th. Emmanuel Ringelblum is murdered with His entire Family but not before His Oneg Shabbat Archives have been secreted within Warsaw for future evidence of what had been endured. This archive will allow Emmanuel Ringelblum’s name to ring throughout Eternity.

“..Comprehensiveness ..chief principle guiding our work ..objectivity was ..second principle.” Emmanuel Ringelblum.

On March 9th. 3,796 Jews from the September Theresienstadt transport are liquidated at Auschwitz. 1,140 had already perished. Barely 70 have Survived. On March 11th. 300 of Gospic’s Jews are sent to Jasenovac. On March 15th. The Nazi’s comb through Greece for the future expellation of Jews to Auschwitz where some 69,221 Jews of Greece were murdered.On March 16th. Admiral Horthy accepts Hitler’s Policing control as Hungary accedes to Jewish deportation. On March 18th. Hitler orders German troops into Hungary and the following day, March 19th. Germany fully occupies Hungary. On March 22nd. there is a Jewish Uprising at Koldyczewo and on March 23rd. over 1,600 of Yanina’s Jews are sent to Auschwitz as are more than 590 Dutch Jews, adding to a glut of transports in Auschwitz.

Also, as a partisan raid kills 33 German police in Rome, the City is set for a reprisal action. It came the following day on March 24th. when 335 Italians, from every walk of life, including 35 Jews were taken to the Ardeatine Caves and massacred. Roosevelt seizes his chance and warns Hungary to refrain from anti-Jewish measures, long since aware that Hitler had all but destroyed the 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust.

Sunday, 26th. March. “..All I think about is Marta. ..just a girl ..Germans killed her. ..I don’t want them to kill me.” Eva Heyman.

On March 27th. 1,800 of Kovno’s Jewish Women and Their Children are murdered and over 1,000 French Jews are sent to Auschwitz. On March 28th. 600 of Boryslaw’s Jews are sent to Plaszow Camp while the Nazi seizure of Elderly and Ill Jews from the Trieste City hospitals is acknowledged by Bishop Antonio Santini. On March 12th. 1945 SS Obergruppenfuhrer Ernst Kaltenbrunner meets President of International Red Cross, Professor Carl Jacob Burckhardt. On March 20th. Mauthausen sub-Camp Amstetten is Bombed. On March 28th. while Russian forces reach Austria, it is too late for some 65,000 Austrian Jews who have been murdered. On March 6th. 1946 as the Russian prosecutors at Nuremberg War Crimes Trials the finish their presentation and the prosecution rests, the news of Churchill’s anti-Russian speech gives the guilty Nazi defendants renewed hope. On March 8th. The Nuremberg War Crimes Trials defense begins its case. Three days later, on March 11th. Rudolf Hoess is arrested in Schleswig-Holstein. On March 13th. 1946 Goering begins his testimony and between March 18th. and March 22nd. Goering is cross examined.

On March 5th. 1947 The Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 3, The Judges Justice Case begins. 9 members of the Reich Ministry of Justice and 7 members of the People’s and Special Courts are charged with using their power as prosecutors and judges to commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. On March 10th. 1948 the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 8, The RuSHA or Main Race and Resettlement Office verdict is delivered. On March 3rd. 1951 Members of The Treblinka Death Camp staff are tried before a Court in Frankfurt. On March 3rd. 1957 Rudolf (Reszo) Kasztner was Murdered in Israel for his part in saving 1,000 Jews from The Holocaust. Depending upon which definition one wishes to aplly to the status of Holocaust Survivor, a ratio of 1 in 25 or 1 in 10 out of the overall 6,000,000 assessment of those who did not Survive might be made. The danger in playing with numbers, the figures of the destructive capacity Hitler applied to his very own Final Solution, de-humanises the Jewish People, both Victim and Survivor.

Wednesday March 27th. 1963 “..whole extent of ..Jewush persecutions ..number of 6,000,000 victims of ..extermination camps ..only ..verified after ..war.” Father Robert Leiber.

On March 23rd. 2000 Pope John Paul II visits YadVashem.

Thursday March 23rd. 2000 “..In this place of memories ..mind ..heart ..soul feel an extreme need for silence. Silence in which to remember. Silence in which to try to make some sense of ..memories which come flooding back. Silence because there are no words strong enough to deplore ..terrible tragedy of ..Shoah. ..I remember my Jewish friends ..neighbors ..some of whom perished ..while others survived. I have come to Yad Vashem to pay homage to ..millions of Jewish people ..stripped of everything ..human dignity ..murdered in The Holocaust. ..memories remain. ..as at Auschwitz ..we are overcome by ..echo of ..heart rending laments of so many. Men ..Women ..Their Children ..cry out to us from ..depths of ..horror that they knew. How can we fail to heed their cry. No one can forget or ignore what happened. No one can diminish its scale. We wish to remember. ..we wish to remember for a purpose ..to ensure that never again will evil prevail. I assure ..Jewish People ..Catholic Church ..is deeply saddened by ..hatred ..acts of persecution ..displays of antisemitism directed against ..Jews by Christians at any time and in any place. Church rejects racism in any form as a denial of ..image of ..Creator inherent in every human being. In this place of solemn remembrance ..I fervently pray that our sorrow for ..tragedy which ..Jewish people ..will lead to a new relationship between Christians and Jews. Let us build a new future in which there will be no more anti Jewish feeling among Christians. ..world must heed ..warning that comes to us from ..victims of The Holocaust ..from ..testimony of ..Survivors. Here at YadVashem ..memory lives on ..burns itself onto our souls. It makes us cry out.” Pope John Paul II.