The question has been raised so I guess it validates the reason for an answer. It is true many of you do not know me, in Person. Some do! Many of you have yet to discover me through the Books I have placed upon The Holocaust shelf, since 2002. My monthly Blog, since 2014 has been with many of you, who followed me through the strains of a ‘youtube’ irreverence toward The Holocaust, and yet, there is a question which suggests I might not be who I say I am.

For that question, and My Publisher allows me his Server to communicate My Blog to those interested in understanding my meaning, I will respond. I answer the many questions to My Books in Private to avoid the Copyright infringements this would occasion. Then there are those who communicate through the my Publisher to the Blog, which I gladly answer.

Now there is a very good reason why I do not give anymore information about who I am than I thought was necessary. Tonight! I will take what I have just written, and mix it with the last post on

‘The level of abuse’

and connect them together to deliver a sample of what goes into My Blog. My integrity must not be doubted if I am to deliver a clear and honest representation of what The Holocaust means to me, and my on-going relationship with those 6,000,000 Jews, who are The Holocaust.

I will finish this later, post it here and then, to My Blog so that at least My Books, My Blog and My Person are connected here in Remembering Always to Remember, Never to Forget. In so many respects Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust delivers us toward an understanding of how der Einsatzgruppe and The Destruction of European Jewry could be so enormous as seen in Babi Yar A Jewish Catastrophe. But Hitler moved The Final Solution along toward an industrialised killing machine exemplified in his Death Camps of which Hitler’s Belzec was indeed a deadly space for Galician Jewry.

Here though, the level of abuse which seeks to attract itself to the Memory of 6,000,000 Jews, wrongly Murdered by an ostensibly ‘christian’ community of peoples no longer shocks nor surprises me. Nor does it facilitate my observance of other than the effort I manage to consider worthy of 6,000,000 Jews, Murdered because we were too complacent with their lives and indifferent to their suffering.

I completely get, and very well appreciate the reason why so many would wish to conceal this truth. How could it have happened? Why did it happen? How was it we allowed it to happen. These questions highlight the savage nature of mankind’s inhumanity toward those considered different, whose observance of other ideals or who pronounce a Faith we have no appreciation of, should be allowed to do so!

So for all of who seek to detract me from my effort. Your vitriol allows me the thought processes to enter words which counter the revulsion I feel for anyone who would trample upon the graves of 6,000,000 wholly innocent Jews. These Jews were destroyed under foot and interred wherever Hitler’s foot soldiers traipsed.

But for those of You who Survived the already brutal attempt to deliver The Final Solution, I apologise on behalf of these ignorant, racist and irrelevant people who have no fundamental right to their hatred. My task has always made it difficult reading for those of you who search, as I do for Comprehension. This understanding is clearly known by the Survivor, for who my Books continue to add to their efforts in reminding us!