Eva Mozes Kor (85 Years Young)

January 31st. 1934 until July 4th. 2019.

“..Getting even has never healed a single person.” Eva Mozes Kor.

Perhaps this was Eva’s own independence day, a day she could look upon and know her work was being well formed and delivered to those all too willing to learn her lessons. For a Survivor who had Survived so much and lent her voice, travelling back and forth to where cruelty and destruction continually confronted her, she is a remarkable Woman. For her to deliver to the World, what it can barely comprehend, even to this day, is a monumental undertaking we can barely conceive of.

“..I was given 5 injections. That evening I developed extremely high fever. I was trembling. My arms and my legs were swollen ..huge size. Mengele and Dr. Konig and 3 other doctors came in ..next morning. They looked at my fever chart ..and Dr. Mengele said ..laughingly. ..Too bad ..she is so young. She has only 2 weeks to live.” Eva Mozes Kor.

Such was Eva’s resilience and strength, she Survived and outlived all those who had condemned her. While this space here is my realm, and I will not sway from the adherence to why I maintain this space, I recognise the appropriateness of those who this space is reserved for. The Holocaust is a matter which should and must confront the World. With that said, there are those of you here who know all too well how profoundly the Catastrophe itself has touched you.

“..Until that moment I had stopped thinking about my family. Maybe it was due to ..bread we ate each evening that supposedly contained not only sawdust but a powder called bromide that made us forget memories of home ..a sedative of some kind. Whatever it was or was not ..I could not feel sorry for myself ..for Miriam ..for anyone. I could not think of myself as a victim ..or I knew I would perish. It was simple. For me ..there was no room for any thought except survival.” Eva Mozes Kor.

I have sought only to insist upon respect for all those who wish to contribute towad the narrative I deliver. With that, and in the hope that all of you are gifted the absolute and factual truth, for me, I still seek to obtain a comprehension of what 6,000,000 Murdered Jews succumbed to and for what all Survivor’s know in detail. For many of You. Eva Mozes Kor will mean so much and for many other’s, she will be a reference point on the edge of the abyss called The Holocaust.

“..Every night I had nightmares. I dreamed of rats ..size of cats ..dead bodies ..needles stuck into me. After we found out that ..Nazi’s had made soap out of Jewish fat ..I dreamed that soap bars spoke to me in ..voices of my Parents and Sisters ..asking me ..why are you washing with us.” Eva Mozes Kor.

Eva’s immense struggle to Survive, took this now 11 year old Child away from a harmful place to other’ places which continued to harm her because of it. Eva for me, is a Survivor and I am unbounded by an immense respect for all she stood for, her meaning, her valaues and her persistence in telling us her story. While I fundamentally did not agree with her stated forgiveness of all those who perpetrated, particpated or merely looked away from The Holocaust, I knew it was Eva’s strength.

“..Mrs. Goldenthal’s twin boys ..Alex and Erno ..were our age ..and I discovered that they had been selected at Auschwitz for Mengele’s experiments like us. Mrs. Goldenthan had stayed with them ..and I found out later that she had hidden a younger Child ..Margarita ..underneath her long skirt. She had come into ..camp with ..Child hidden in her dress and during her entire stay there ..even in ..Nazi barracks where she had kept Margarita under ..mattress during inspections ..she and ..other Women had helped conceal ..Child.” Eva Mozes Kor.

I sincerely felt though, that it was not her place to forgive for 6,000,000 Murdered Jews who had no way of affording us their own forgiveness for what emerged to consume them. But for Eva, as much as for her Sister Miriam, a light was switched oin when she was delivering to Teacher’s and Students who listened ardently to what us lesser beings would have been overwhelmned by. July 4t. 2019, that switch might well have now turned itself off, but the light of example will forwever shine brightly for who Eva Mozes Kor was, is and will be.

“..At Auschwitz dying was so easy. Surviving was a full time job.” Eva Mozes Kor.