History cannot simply ignore those persons who once strode the World stage commanding life and death sentences over many 1,000,000’s of Jews. I am not yet speaking of Hitler here but of the many who fell under the very caustic shadow of Hitler and then Himmler. More specifically, I aim to point to Otto Ohlendorf, who is neither unique in his position as an arbiter over life or death, nor is he uniquely qualified to be presented to honest and decent History. Though he is an augmented facet of History’s worst example of inhumanity in human nature, he stood outside the bounds of what I would consider civilises us all. That such a man, with accredited educational qualifications, should act in such a manner, and with total disregard to what learning should encompass, is an accusation in itself of a man unfit for qualification.

“..EINSATZGRUPPEN ‘D’. SS Gruppenfuhrer Professor Otto Ohlendorf led his Gruppen into the reaches of the Southern Ukraine, into the Caucasus and into the Crimea, where the Jews of antiquity were met with such a brutish and infernal assault, Jewish presence has barely recovered to this day.” Patrick Dempsey.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust. ISBN:-1-904115-00-4.

This attempt to confront the past with characters the like of Ohlendorf, should not at all speak for the ability of mankind to step outside the norms of humanity and human concern. For such is the acts of such personages who betray us in accordance with a bestiality and inhumanity we barely recognise, accuses them above many other cowardly killers and criminal murderers. For the assault toward those not best able to defend themselves against the mounting onslaught, we barely have the words to convey the total incomprehension and anger toward them. All too often though, we do come across these moribund characters, who are so charged with the intention for destruction , they act with total disregard for what humanity demands of us all.

“..I was part-time chief of Amt III from 1939 to 1945. ..concept Einsatzgruppe was established after an agreement between ..Chiefs of RSHA ..OKW ..OKH ..on ..separate use of Sipo units in ..operational areas. ..concept of ..Einsatzgruppe ..first appeared during ..Polish campaign. ..agreement with ..OKH and OKW however ..was arrived at only before ..beginning of ..Russian campaign. This agreement specified that a representative of ..Chief of ..Sipo and ..SD would be assigned to ..Army Groups ..or Army’s ..and that this official would have at his disposal mobile units of ..Sipo and ..SD in ..form of an Einsatzgruppe ..subdivided into Einsatzkommandos. ..Einsatzkommandos would ..on orders from ..Army Group or Army ..be assigned to ..individual army units as needed.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..For his part in the relationship between the Army, the Einsatz and the slaughter, Ohlendorf did not commission the normal excuses, nor did he hide behind the usual euphemism’s to describe the conduct of his own men in the ‘Aktionen’ against innocent Men, Women and Children.” Patrick Dempsey.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust. ISBN:-1-904115-00-4. For these mass murderer’s to then apply every means possible to not only justify that destructive end, but to succeed in its implementation, is a crime of untold proportions. Such is the delivery, in terms of The Holocaust, that it is not just symbolic of their ability to not only divest themselves of their humanity but that they themselves have infested and infected all of History because of their presence. These are never representative of us though they are taken from amongst us to act out in the overall atrocity, a barbarity unequalled in all of History. For me personally, one of the terms infecting this period and, more certainly, that of The Holocaust is the word Slaughtered.

“..Einsatzgruppen and Einsatzkommandos, as I have just described them, were used on the basis of a written agreement between the OKW, OKH, and RHSA. I was repeatedly present during the negotiations which Albrecht and Schellenberg conducted with the OKH and OKW; and I also had a written copy of this agreement which was the outcome of these negotiations, in my own hands when I took over the Einsatzgruppe. Schellenberg was, at the end, chief of Amt VI in the RHSA; at the time when he was conducting as the representative of Heydrich, he belonged to the Amt VI. The negotiations lasted several weeks. The agreement must have been reached one or two weeks before the beginning of the campaign.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..Einsatzgruppe ..used on ..written agreement ..OKW ..OKH ..RHSA. ..negotiations ..Albrecht ..Schellenberg conducted. ..I ..had a written copy of this agreement.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

The nature of the term itself so mortally offends me, and even whilst I use it all too often, it is an essential language in the unremitting horror to have faced more than 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. However, in the very context of how the word itself is used, and it is as if a People should be brought to a place of execution and treated so inhumanely, that they are indeed ritually Slaughtered, is the point to its usage. But this single word Slaughtered is, in the exacting nature of the accusation I wish to bear down upon, and is issued against the whole of humanity for this treatment of these Jews of Europe, is that it has been entered into the Historical arena in Catastrophic fashion.

“..First of all ..agreement stated that Einsatzgruppen and Einsatzkommandos would be set up and used in ..operational areas. This created a precedent ..because until that time ..Army had ..on its own responsibility ..discharged ..tasks which would now fall solely to ..Sipo. ..second was ..regulations as to competence. I said this was ..relationship between ..Army and ..Einsatzgruppen and ..Einsatzkommandos. ..agreement specified that ..Army Groups or Armies would be responsible for ..movement and ..supply of Einsatzgruppen ..but that instructions for their activities would come from ..Chief of Sipo und ..SD. Every Army Group was to have an Einsatzgruppe attached to it. ..Army Group in its turn would then attach ..Einsatzkommandos to ..Armies of ..Army Group. ..operational area of ..Einsatzgruppe was already determined by ..fact that it was attached to a specific Army Group and therefore moved with it ..whereas ..operational areas of ..Einsatzkommandos were fixed by ..Army Group or Army. Even though ..Chiefs of Sipo und SD had ..right to issue instructions to them on their work ..there existed a general agreement that ..Army was also entitled to issue orders to ..Einsatzgruppen if ..operational situation made it necessary. I can’t remember whether anything specific was contained in ..agreement about that. At any rate a liaison man between the Army command and ..SD was appointed.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Professor Dr. Otto Ohlendorf.

That these Jewish People were so tyrannically treated, and without regard, is symptomatic of the carefree disregard of all morals held by these killer’s. That these Jewish People should be, and were, so callously abused and mistreated, and that they were then loaded on to cattle cars and removed toward industrialised Slaughter houses, speaks volumes for the descent of humanity here. For the whole of European Jewry, their destruction is a factual assessment of that truth that there were these Slaughter Factory’s. These 6 Death Camps though, are merely a more mechanised tool of a wider ranging hatred which sought to consume all the Jews of Europe, some 11,293,300 of them.

“..From June 1941 to ..death of Heydrich in June 1942 ..I led Einsatzgruppe D ..and was ..representative of ..chief of ..Sipo and ..SD with ..11th Army.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

Others too were delivered toward destruction in much this same way and though there were Gypsies, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Political Opponents and Hitler’s own Ideological Enemies, they never constituted The Final Solution. None of these groups or factions were to be so treated, from the very outset, nor in the same systematic sense and legislated case that was fully put forward by Hitler, as it was written and carefully orchestrated in terms exclusively for the Jewish People. Through the usage of the word Slaughtered itself, which systematically seeks out those very Jews I write about, and which so incriminates the World which has been delivered to the usage of its term, a shocking statement is being made.

“..From June 1941 to ..death of Heydrich in June 1942 ..I led Einsatzgruppe D ..and was ..representative of ..Chief of ..Sipo und ..SD with ..11th Army. Heydrich was wounded at ..end of May 1942 ..and died on June 4th. 1942. There were four Einsatzgruppen ..Groups A ..B ..C ..D. Chief of Einsatzgruppe A was Stahlecker ..Chief of Einsatzgruppe B was Nebe ..Chief of Einsatzgruppe C ..Dr. Rasch ..and later ..Dr. Thomas ..Chief of Einsatzgruppe D I myself ..and later Bierkamp. Group D was not attached to any Army Group but was attached directly to ..11th Army and operated in ..Southern Ukraine. ..Northernmost city was Cernauti ..then Southward through Mohilev-Podolsk ..Yampol ..then Eastward Zuvalje ..Czervind ..Melitopol ..Mariopol ..Taganrog ..Rostov ..and ..Crimea. Group D was held in reserve for ..Caucasus ..for an Army Group which was to operate in ..Caucasus. We left Duegen on June 21st. and reached Pietra Namsk in Romania in three days. There ..first Einsatzkommandos were already being demanded by ..Army ..and they immediately set off for ..destinations named by ..11th. Army. ..entire Einsatzgruppe was put into operation at ..beginning of July and instructions were that in ..Russian operational areas of ..Einsatzgruppen ..Jews ..as well as ..Soviet political commissars ..were to be liquidated ..killed. Pretz conference at which ..Einsatzgruppen and ..Einsatzkommandos were informed of their tasks and were given ..necessary orders. Chiefs of ..Einsatzgruppen and ..commanders of ..Einsatzkommandos and Streckenbach of ..RHSA who transmitted ..orders of Heydrich and Himmler and general orders of ..normal work of ..Sipo und ..SD ..and in addition ..liquidation order about three or four days before ..mission. Himmler told me that before ..beginning of ..Russian campaign Hitler had spoken of this mission to a conference of ..Army Groups and Army Chiefs ..no ..not ..Army Chiefs but ..commanding generals and had instructed ..commanding generals to provide ..necessary support. ..Army Groups and Army’s had no orders for liquidation ..order for ..liquidation was given to Himmler to carry out ..but since this liquidation took place in ..operational area of ..Army Group or ..Armies ..they had to be ordered to provide support. Moreover ..without such instructions to ..Army ..activities of ..Einsatzgruppen would not have been possible. In late summer of 1941 Himmler was in Nikolaiev. He assembled ..leaders and men of ..Einsatzkommandos ..repeated to them ..liquidation order ..and pointed out that ..leaders and men who were taking part in ..liquidation bore no personal responsibility for ..execution of this order. ..responsibility was his ..alone ..and ..Fuhrer’s. This order and ..execution of these orders were known to ..commanding general of the 11th. Army through conferences with ..Army and through instructions that were given by ..Army on ..execution of ..order ..since some of ..leaders were also active in ..Einsatzgruppen and Einsatzkommandos in ..course of time. Furthermore ..leaders who were dealing with ..organization and legal aspects of ..Einsatzgruppen also knew of it. Leaders of ..Einsatzgruppen and Einsatzkommandos came from all over ..Reich. After his assumption of office Kaltenbrunner had to deal with these questions and consequently must have known details of ..Einsatzgruppen which were offices of his.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

With the wholesale destruction of 6,000,000 Jewish People, which history can no longer fully gain a Memory of, a gaping wound remains open and is an infection of what we thought had civilised us and what we were assured has humanised us. Of course, as these Jews are observed being evicted from their former homes, and from a World which remains indifferent to their death effacing struggle, they are then forced toward their removal and eventual annihilation at a pace unrecognisable throughout what civilisation might register. In many of those specific death places known as the Killing Sites, which were established throughout Eastern Europe and The Baltic States, the term of Slaughter gained a crescendo of a newer meaning. “..without ..army ..activities ..Einsatzgruppe ..not ..possible. ..orders ..known to ..commanding general ..army. Ritter von Schobert ..later ..von Manstein. ..In Simferopol ..army ..requested ..Einsatzkommandos ..hasten liquidation’s.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

“..Ritter von Schobert ..later Field Marshal von Manstein commanded 11th. Army. An order from ..11th Army was sent to Nikolaiev that liquidations were to take place only at a distance of not less than 200 kilometres from ..headquarters of ..commanding general. In Simferopol ..Army command requested ..Einsatzkommandos in its area to hasten liquidations ..because famine was threatening and there was a great housing shortage.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

Here too though, and within the Death Factories in Poland more certainly, where it has been duly noted that these are the abattoir’s of human history, other men the like of Ohlendorf took point in the purposeful delivery for Adolf Hitler of a final resolve which emerged from The Jewish Question. The Final Solution has delivered to memory, The Holocaust term with all its ramifications for the wrong lessons history has learned from. Today it seems, and it is getting more and more precariously so, even the Jewish extinction is to be fully denied. Even when History, through the memory’s gained from the gifted words of those who fully knew their own terrifying passage through toward extinction was not fully realised, their’s is the detailed evidence of what lays us prostrate before all of history.

“..children were people who would grow up and ..being ..children of parents who had been killed ..would constitute a danger no smaller than that of their parents.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

Hatred cannot be allowed to become the mainstay of the lies that are furnished to deny this truth and belie what is fact. What is yet to be told must hold the integrity of what is known, what is learned and what has been taught us, in truthful confrontation with this awful past. Of course! We already have the truthful and factual veracity of the very testimony of those, so permanently affected by their experience and it is levelled upon the excruciating evidence of these facts, and still denial wreaks its putrid disregard. However, all evidences clearly point to and adds toward the accusation of a World that sustains such unrivalled hatred, even while it managed to abandon these Jewish People.

“..In ..year between June 1941 to June 1942 ..Einsatzkommandos reported 90,000 Men ..Women ..Children liquidated. Figures based upon reports sent by ..Einsatzkommandos to ..Einsatzgruppen.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..I knew ..of ..greatest importance to Ohlendorf to have ..persons ..to be shot killed in ..humane and military manner ..otherwise ..moral strain ..too great for ..execution squad.” SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Heinz Schubert.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust. ISBN:-1-904115-00-4.

As the World forges newer links to the same pattern of ritual hatreds, the terrible reality of Survival for the Jewish Survivor is the ignorance of the hatred they managed to survive. But these 6,000,000 Jewish People, who are the very same Jews I have always wished to present to a World which cannot be allowed to ever forget them, cannot be used to allow for Survivor’s to face their denial. Back then though, as the Jews of Europe are to be and are discarded, we realise that they are of no consequence to a world which proved indifferent to their struggle. This World now continues to allow freedom for the disparaging and degrading abuse of the 6,000,000 Slaughtered Jews whose very omission from our presence is an historical fact.

“..I was present at 2 mass executions for purposes of inspection where a local Einsatzkommando attempted to collect all ..Jews in its area by registering them. This registration was performed by ..Jews themselves ..on ..pretext that they were to be resettled. After ..registration ..Jews were collected at one place ..and from there they were later transported to ..place of execution ..which was ..as a rule ..an antitank ditch or a natural excavation.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..inspected ..executions ..by EK 11b under ..SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Werner Braune ..executions by SK 11a under SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Zapp in Nikolaiev ..a smaller execution by SK 10b under ..SS Standartenfuhrer Alois Persterer in Ananev. ..not possible to inspect all mass executions. ..Schubert inspected ..execution ..EK 11b under Braune’s direction ..December 1941 ..Simferopol. ..I ..assigned ..Schubert ..Willi Seibert ..Hans Gabel.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

For the eventual demise of a group of People, torn from us along Ethnical, Spiritual, Religious and certainly Jewish lines, requires our continued and intended vigour in defending them. In not only acknowledging that in their destruction, there is an accusation of the World, because we chose not to defend them in maintaining their lives, we choose to Remember them. The sorry state then, of the refusal of a portion of History to acknowledge the clear wrong presented, by the abhorrent illegitimacy that is denial, focuses far too much attention on that which we now have to battle over. What with the growing few who would seek to further deny these 6,000,000 Jewish People any stake in our past History altogether, this all requires a newer attention and focus.

“..executions were carried out in a military manner ..by firing squads under command. They were transported to ..place of execution in trucks ..always only as many as could be executed immediately. In this way it was attempted to keep ..span of time from ..moment in which ..victims knew what was about to happen to them until ..time of their actual execution ..either standing or kneeling ..was as short as possible. ..bodies were buried in ..antitank ditch or excavation.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

“..it was known to me ..through ..emotional excitement of ..executions ill treatment could not be avoided ..victims discovered too soon ..they were to be executed and could not ..endure prolonged nervous strain. ..intolerable to me that individual leaders and men should in consequence be forced to kill a large number of people on their own decision.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2

With such a renewed hatred, this is where we find the likes of those Hitler type entity’s emerging to confront us again and again with the greatest hatred that is antisemitism. Where any hatreds go unchecked, and the serious reminders of The Holocaust go unheeded, that is where we cross paths with the likes of Blobel, Jaeger, Jost, Klingelhoefer, Lange, Nebe, Rasch, Six, Stahlecker and of course Ohlendorf. One does not need to know too much about any of these, not in fact Otto Ohlendorf except that they, and he were useful tools in Hitler’s hatred for the Jewish People. And the many weak willed miscreants just like them, whether educated or not, are a scourge to the idea of what supposedly civilises and supposedly adds culture to out humanity.

“..unit leaders or ..firing squad commanders had orders to see to this and ..if need be ..finish them off themselves. Either ..unit leader himself or somebody designated by him. All valuables were confiscated at ..time of ..registration or ..rounding up and handed over to ..Finance Ministry ..either through ..RSHA or directly. At first ..clothing was given to ..population ..but in ..winter of 1941-42 it was collected and disposed of by ..NSV. Valuables were registered. They were obliged to take off their outer garments immediately before ..execution. ..other garments remained on ..bodies was ..order in my Einsatzgruppe. I don’t know how it was done in other Einsatzgruppen. Some of ..unit leaders did not carry out liquidations in ..military manner ..but killed ..victims singly by shooting them in ..back of ..neck. I was against that procedure ..because ..both for ..victims and for those who carried out ..executions ..it was ..psychologically ..an immense burden to bear. All valuables were sent to Berlin ..to ..RSHA or to ..Reich Ministry of Finance. ..articles which could not be used in ..operational area ..were disposed of there. ..it was actually handled in that way from Simferopol. At ..request of ..Army ..watches were made available to ..forces at ..front.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

“..Einsatzgruppe and ..Einsatzkommandos ..informed of their tasks ..given ..necessary orders. ..Streckenbach of ..RHSA ..transmitted ..orders of Heydrich and Himmler. ..the liquidation order. ..Himmler told me that before ..Russian campaign Hitler had spoken of this mission to ..army groups and ..commanding generals ..to provide ..necessary support. ..order for ..liquidation ..given to Himmler.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

We recognise of course that this herr Doctor Professor, who exemplifies in all of history that the growth of power and the chase for power, fully leads us away from the tenets of humanity’s essential needs, as civilisation would demand of it. As to where Ohlendorf’s own awareness of hatred can be sewn, even amongst the very well educated like him, has no need of me to research what proves of little consequence compared to the impact he made on Jewish existence. However, the veritable hatred that is enmeshed in the growth of Ohlendorf towards mass murderer speaks volumes for the doctoral thesis which remains as a representative of his group called der Einsatzgruppe.

“..Until ..Spring ..1942 ..then an order came from Himmler that in ..future Women and Children were to be killed only in Gas Vans. Kommandos filled ..graves to efface ..signs of execution ..and then labour units of ..population levelled them. These vans were in ..future to be used for killing of Women and Children. ..actual purpose of these vans could not be seen from ..outside. They looked like closed trucks ..and were so constructed that at ..start of ..motor ..gas was conducted into ..van causing death in 10 to 15 minutes. ..vans were loaded with ..victims and driven to ..place of burial ..which was usually ..same as that used for ..mass executions. ..time needed for transportation was sufficient to insure ..death of ..victims ..told that they were to be transported to another locality ..within 10 to 15 minutes ..victims were not conscious of what was happening to them. About 15 to 25 Persons as ..vans varied in size. ..Einsatzkommandos did not willingly use ..vans as burial of ..victims was a great ordeal for ..members of ..Einsatzkommandos. ..Gas Vans did not belong to ..motor pool of ..Einsatzgruppen but were assigned to ..Einsatzgruppe as a special unit ..headed by ..man who had constructed ..vans. ..vans were assigned to ..Einsatzgruppen by ..RSHA and Einsatzgruppe D and Einsatzgruppe C made use of these vans. On ..one hand ..aim was that ..individual leaders and men should be able to carry out ..executions in a military manner acting on orders and should not have to make a decision of their own ..it was ..to all intents and purposes ..an order which they were to carry out. On ..other hand ..it was known to me that through ..emotional excitement of ..executions ill treatment could not be avoided ..since ..victims discovered too soon that they were to be executed and could not therefore endure prolonged service strain. And it seemed intolerable to me that individual leaders and men should in consequence be forced to kill a large number of people on their own decision. ..identification of ..Jews was carried out by ..Jews themselves ..since ..registration was handled by a Jewish Council of Elders. I believe that half Jews were also considered as Jews.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

Human nature of course being what it is, human and filled with its own peculiar frailties, will invariably gravitate to both ends of the inhuman status of us. But, for any people’s want for power, there is the disproportionate neglect of the humanity perceived by humanity that should be a civilising influence. Nothing underscores this more than The Holocaust, and those who perpetrated it and those who orchestrated its many atrocity’s and those who ultimately ordained, ordered and demanded its inception through to its very completion. That there was search for an education which precluded the search for power which facilitated these crimes, and the search therein from within that educational effort, education alone cannot be held to account for not teaching more certainly the correct need for a moral and ethical probity.

“..officer personnel was furnished by ..State Police ..Kripo ..SD. ..Waffen SS ..Ordnungspolizie. ..State Police ..Kripo furnished most of ..experts ..troops were furnished by ..Waffen SS and ..Ordnungspolzei. ..Waffen SS and ..Ordnungspolzei were each supposed to supply ..Einsatzgruppe with one company.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

What has been measured from within The Holocaust, and in terms that are way beyond our own comprehension, has been the latent ability of any human being to conduct themselves without humanity. With total disregard for the Jewish Life placed in front of them, men, women and even children acted out a sick and convulsive atrocity, without humility, compassion or a need for any emotive concern whatsoever. That no one presents us with an understanding that might be even remotely commensurate with the actual implementation of an atrocity which sealed the fate of 6,000,000 Jews, is a veritable wasteland of denial, obfuscation and lies. This gain in education for these many mass killers, is certainly a considered factor in how we should concern ourselves.

“..officer personnel was furnished by ..State Police ..Kripo ..Criminal Police and ..to a lesser extent ..SD ..Waffen SS and ..Ordnungspolizie. ..State Police and ..Kripo furnished most of ..experts and ..troops were furnished by ..Waffen SS and ..Ordungspolzei. Waffen SS and ..Ordungspolzei ..each supposed to supply ..Einsatzgruppen with one company. Ordnungspolzei also furnished ..Einsatzgruppen with one company. I estimate that Einsatzgruppen D was one half or two thirds as large as ..other Einsatzgruppen. That changed in ..course of time since some of ..Einsatzgruppen were greatly enlarged. ..basic order was never revoked. But I cannot remember ..details ..at least not with regard to Russia ..which would enable me to make concrete statements on this subject. ..retreat began very shortly thereafter ..so that ..operational region of ..Einsatzgruppen became ever smaller. I do know ..however ..that other Einsatzgruppen with similar orders had been envisaged for other areas. I know that ..liquidation of Jews was prohibited about 6 months before ..end of ..war. I also saw a document terminating ..liquidation of Soviet commissary but I cannot recall a specific date. There were about 500 men in my Einsatzgruppe ..excluding those who were added to ..group as assistants from ..country itself. Whenever possible I sent a member of ..staff of ..Einsatzgruppen to witness ..executions but this was not always feasible since ..Einsatzgruppen had to operate over great distances. To determine whether or not my instructions regarding ..manner of ..execution were actually carried out ..to a certain whether ..conditions which I had set for ..execution were actually being carried out. 1 exclusion of ..public 2 military execution by a firing squad 3 arrival of transports and carrying out of the liquidation in a smooth manner to avoid unnecessary excitement 4 supervision of the property to prevent looting. There may have been other details that I no longer remember. At any rate ..all ill treatment ..whether physical or mental ..was to be prevented through these measures. If ..for instance ..manner in which ..executions were carried out caused excitement and disobedience among ..victims ..so that ..Kommandos were forced to restore ..by means of violence ..to resort to beating. A special order from Himmler to ..effect that Women and Children were not to be exposed to ..mental strain of ..executions ..and thus ..men of ..Kommandos ..mostly married men ..should not be compelled to aim at Women and Children. I learned of Becker’s reports for ..first time from ..letter to Rauff ..shown to me here. ..I know from ..doctor’s reports that ..victims were not conscious of their impending death. ” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

Ironically, and while more so with the appearance of Women into this fractured humanity, we are inducted into their array of hatred’s also, as they are clearly set before us. But from those whose educational qualifications allowed their ability to abandon all reason, we have a requirement to question what is contained within the qualifications of any education. Do we then ask for a qualification of what Females descend toward in order to equal in ferocity what men manage to achieve as has been etched upon history since time immemorial. What fully exists for me though, and given that the presence of women and children are present in the midst of the horror conducting themselves with equal inhumanity, further deepens the legacy of civilisations loss.

“..summer ..1941 Himmler ..in Nikolaiev. ..assembled ..leaders ..men of ..Einsatzkommandos ..repeated to them ..liquidation order.” Otto Ohlendorf.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

Then, and between what my book states and what Ohlendorf in fact delivered to the Jewish People, the loss is more deeply felt wherever Jews once resided. As my book has previously presented Ohlendorf’s testimony, albeit in its abridged form, this is so to illustrate the very nature of the immoral orders which prevailed and were written at the time, that were simply obeyed above and beyond all moral conscience. For conciseness though, I had used a more broken down abridgement in my books so as not to bog the narrative flow of the works with the consequences of what would become Ohlendorf’s fuller testimony. The testimony therefore, of those like Ohlendorf, and certainly Hoess, has long been used by deniers in their deluded contention, that while there has been no evidence of a written order from Hitler, Hitler should remain absented from the midst of The Holocaust.

“..I remember that in Nikolaiev and in Simferopol a spectator from ..Army High Command was present for a short time. Officially ..Army did not assign any units for this purpose ..Army as such was actually opposed to ..liquidations. Individual units occasionally volunteered. activists and political commissars. Mere membership in ..Communist Party was not sufficient to persecute or kill a man. In ..opinion of ..leader of ..Einsatzkommandos ..unloading of ..corpses was an unnecessary mental strain. As far as I can remember ..conditions at that time ..picture presented by ..corpses and probably because certain functions of ..body had taken place leaving ..corpses lying in filth. Terrible impression created by ..position of corpses themselves ..and probably by ..state of ..vans which had probably been dirtied and so on. ..order was that ..Jewish population should be totally exterminated including ..Children. Reports ..executions ..regularly submitted to ..RSHA from ..Einsatzkommandos who carried out ..actions ..to ..Einsatzgruppe and ..Einsatzgruppe informed ..RHSA to ..Chief of Sipo personally. Order for ..liquidation came from ..Fuhrer of ..Reich ..and it was to be carried out by ..Reichsführer SS Himmler. Policy amounts to a practice so that in this respect it was laid down by ..Fuhrer. If you were to ask whether this activity was in conformity with ..idea of National Socialism ..I would say no. My duty was not ..task of liquidation ..but I did head ..staff which directed ..Einsatzkommandos in ..field ..and ..Einsatzkommandos themselves had already received this order in Berlin on ..instructions of Streckenbach ..Himmler ..and Heydrich. This order was renewed by Himmler at Nikolaiev. I led ..Einsatzgruppe ..and therefore I had ..task of seeing how ..Einsatzkommandos executed ..orders received. It is inconceivable that a subordinate leader should not carry out orders given by ..leaders of ..state. I cannot remember any one concrete case. I excluded some whom I did not consider emotionally suitable for executing these tasks and I sent some of them home. Since ..order was issued by ..superior authorities ..question of legality could not arise in ..minds of these individuals ..for they had sworn obedience to ..people who had issued ..orders ..result would have been a court martial with a corresponding sentence.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Dr. Professor Otto Ohlendorf.

This all consuming catastrophe for The Jews of Europe has been forever connected to Hitler himself and to the fuller tenets of The Final Solution of the Jewish Question. But, die Endlosung der Judenfrage has exemplified the courier route of direct orders from Hitler’s table to the Death Camps in Poland and the innumerable Killing Sites of Eastern Europe. And of course, History does not entirely rely upon the mode of testimony provided by such written statements as reluctantly entered into the evidences. The formal directions or even commands that they will deliver have a circumspect tone which does not wish to shed light on the barbarity on display. However, the forensic nature of the Historian’s craft allows for history to fully see, in the context of those order’s which are fully implemented, the actual delivery of orders as they were intended and from the very source they originated from.

“..Ohlendorf was hanged in Landsberg Jail, 8th. June 1951, for the duplicity, complicity, perpetration and participation in the murders of over 90,000 Jews, this estimate is conservatively low.” Patrick Dempsey.

© Copyright. Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and the Destruction of European Jewry. ISBN:-1-904115-01-2.

Hitler allowed no manoeuvre outside his own jurisdiction, which might impede his own resolve to deliver on those programmes he had always sought to extend beyond his own competence. Those competencies far outlived even Hitler and those like Ohlendorf who passed into oblivion leaving a discourse we simply seek to add to the very veracity of those crimes they are implemented in. The very nature of those acolytes, used wholly to mobilise those of Hitler’s intentions and put them into practice is well known to all of history. What had long been converted into this extremis of The Holocaust, witnessed as the intolerable hatred for the Jewish People as it unfolded, is measured so brutally in human terms beyond our comprehension. History must never rest in its quest to damn all those who serially escaped justice and have left a stain on our very humanity which goes deeper than mere degeneracy can suggest.