There were many Germans who insisted upon a lack of knowledge of what was carried out in their name. Many were brought into the Camps to see for themselves. Today, the German State, and the German people have acknowledged their Crimes, which is why it is part of their History. To alter that History, would be to deny to the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust, their rightful place in all of History. Any portion of History altered changes all History, and when it becomes distorted, what truth remains? Germany does not belong to a past it denies! It embraces that past and possesses its Future.

While I am at it! There are Memorials all over Europe! There are Institutions all over the World dedicated to telling the World the Truth of the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust. YadVashem in Israel has a very important role in Remembering. USHHM in the US plays a significant role as does The Simon Wiesenthal Centre. Smaller Centres, Beth Shalom in England, and there is a Centre in Japan all have an important part in Informing us. But crucially, the Centre in Berlin, the epicentre of Hitler’s orchestration of The Holocaust is seen as pivotal to acknowledging the Testimony required to Teach the present what was done in the past in order for the future to be more secure.

“..People seldom learn from history. Can we be an exception?” Yehuda Bauer.

“..Jews regularly killed by machine gun fire ..hand grenades ..poison gas.” BBC World Radio.

“..There is much more tell ..but today there doesn’t seem to be many who are willing to listen.” Avigdor Ben-Dov.

“..Transports from Berlin arrive ..Kovno ..doubtful ..anybody ..alive. No ..Minsk ..Riga. Many ..shot. ..intention exterminate ..Jews entirely.” Bishop Berning. February 1942.

“..hold a solemn requiem mass in memory of der Fuhrer.” Cardinal Bertram. April 30th. 1945.

“..attitude of ..troops toward SD and police alternates between abhorrence and hatred. Every soldier ..disgusted by ..crimes committed in Poland by ..Reich ..representatives of our state.” Johannes von Blaskowitz.

“ June 1942 I was entrusted by Gruppenfuehrer Mueller with ..task of obliterating ..traces of executions carried out by ..Einsatzgruppen in ..East. ..During my visit in August I myself observed ..burning of bodies in a mass grave near Kiev. This grave was about 55 meters long ..3 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep. After had been removed ..bodies were covered with inflammable material and ignited. It took about two days until ..grave burned down to ..bottom. I myself observed that had glowed down to ..bottom. After that ..grave was filled in and ..traces were now practically obliterated.” Paul Blobel.

“..greatest ..most horrible crime ever committed in ..whole history of ..done by scientific machinery by nominally civilised men in of a great state of ..leading races of Europe. ..all concerned in this crime who ..fall into our hands ..including people who only obeyed orders ..should be put to death.” Winston Churchill.

“..None has suffered more cruelly than ..Jew ..unspeakable evils wrought by Hitler and his vile regime.” Winston Churchill.

“..As his Armies advance ..whole districts are being exterminated. ..executions in cold blood ..perpetrated by ..German police. ..Since ..Mongol invasions ..there has never been methodical ..merciless ..butchery. ..We are in ..presence of a crime without a name.” Winston Churchill.

“..100 Dead are a catastrophe ..Millions of dead are a statistic.” Adolf Eichmann.

“..executions at Litzmannstadt ..Minsk were a deep shock to me. Certainly I too had been aiming at a solution of ..Jewish problem ..not like this.” Adolf Eichmann.

“..what must it be like ..those ..places ..Germans are sending them. ..most are ..murdered. ..English radio says they are being gassed.” Anne Frank.

“..population in its majority disapproves of this defamation.” Elisabeth Freund.

“..Jewish persecution ..taken ..most inhuman ..merciless ..deeply shaming forms ..for which no compensation can be adequate. ..Anyone who believed ..he could enrich himself with Jewish property will discover ..a disgrace for any German to seek such dishonestly acquired property.” Carl Goerdeler.

“..Those who begin by burning Books end by burning People.” Heinrich Heine.

” ..following I make known briefly ..most important instructions given by me to ..Einsatzgruppen and Kommandos of ..Security Police ..Sicherheitspolizei and ..SD ..Sicherheitsdienst ..with request to take note of them. ..following be executed ..Officials of ..Comintern ..professional Communist politicians ..medium-level officials ..radical lower-level officials of ..Party. Central Committee ..district ..sub-district committees. People’ Commissars. Jews .” Reinhard Heydrich.

“..Somewhere near Lublin ..buildings ..constructed. ..thousands ..killed a day ..saving ..trouble ..shooting ..digging mass graves ..filling them in.” Wilm Hosenfeld.

“ eight months less than fifty-five more than eighty-seven Jewish convoys arrived in camp. ..each convoy carried a thousand ..that makes a total of 55,000 to 87,000 Jews exterminated in ..Salaspils camp.” Friedrich Jeckeln.

“..Jews in despair. Every day two trains ..twenty cars each Belzec ..from Lublin ..from Lvov. ..unloaded ..all Jews. ..killed with electricity ..poison gases ..bodies ..burned.” Zygmunt Klukowski.

“..Is there cowardice or greatness in this ability and will to survive ..hardship. ..will we ..survive in ..end.” Miriam Korber.

“..Ponar ..not ..concentration camp. ..all ..shot there. Hitler plans to destroy all ..Jews of Europe ..Jews of Lithuania ..first in line.” Abba Kovner.

“..For a Catholic ..anti-Semitism is offense against charity. We are bound to Israel ..tied to it.” Francois Mauriac.

“..A large number of Jews ..including women ..children of all ages ..gathered in ..Jewish cemetery of Kiev. Before they were shot ..all ..stripped ..naked ..beaten. ..forced to lie ..down at ..bottom of a ditch ..shot with automatic rifles.” Vyacheslav Molotov.

“..reports that ..transports of ..Jews only twenty percent arrive. ..With a blood guilt that cannot be atoned for ..and cannot be forgotten.” Helmuth von Moltke.

“..instructions were ..Jews well as ..Soviet political commissars be liquidated. ..I mean “killed”.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..between June 1941 to June 1942 ..Einsatzkommandos reported ninety thousand people liquidated.” Otto Ohlendorf.

“..end ..November 1940 ..8,000 ..were at ..Oswiecim camps. ..political prisoners ..criminal ..Jews. This last group ..persecuted most of all. Scarcely any of them came out alive. ..death notices. ..received. ..December 20,260 ..were sent. ..200 bodies ..being burned in ..crematorium each week.” Polish Fortnightly Review.

“..Your Holiness is certainly informed about ..situation of ..Jews in Germany and ..neighboring countries.” Bishop Preysing.

“..assistant commandant of ..deputy to Stengel [Franz Stangl] ..biggest murderer in Kurt Franz was known for having published January 1943 ..that a million Jews had been killed in Treblinka ..a report which had procured for him a promotion.” Samuel Rajzman.

“..Whether ..number of dead amount to tens of thousands or millions is not material.” Robert Reams.

“..NET carried ..announcement Rabbi Wise about ..slaughter of two million Jews. ..feel sick. What is doing about this destruction.” Hannah Rosen.

“..Rabbi Wise ..received it on August 28 ..three weeks after Gerhart had sent it. ..telegram states ..Hitler ..implementing ..”Final Solution” to kill all remaining Jews. I’m grief-stricken. Oh Gott! Mother! Father!” Hannah Rosen.

“..New York Herald Tribune ..front page story on ..massacre of ..million Jews. ..horrifying ..article contains hard facts. ..outraged to have found such a brief article about ..killings in Chelmno buried five ..NYT on June 27. ..Even worse ..only a two-inch article about ..Bund Report ..same day in NYT. ..Why is ..plight of ..Jews in Europe getting so little attention.” Hannah Rosen.

“..After so much suffering ..terror ..disappointments ..hardly surprising ..not willing to give themselves over to anticipatory rejoicing. ..if of ..redemption ..doorstep ..better to surprised than ..experience ..another disappointment.” Oskar Rosenfeld.

“..women ..older people ..beaten ..kicked. ..our helplessness ..our loneliness. one to take our part.” Yitshak Rudashevski.

“..enemy is strong ..crafty ..exterminating us to a plan.” Yitzhak Rudashevski.

“..street is full of ..tragedy that has ..happened here. ..a bloody reminder of ..people who have ..been dragged away to their deaths.” Yitshak Rudashevski.

“..At ..end of this Jewish war ..extermination of ..Jewish people will have been brought about.” Julius Streicher.

“..Hitler has murdered or destroyed 3,000,000 Jews.” Sunday People.

“..Germans seized ..Vilna ..80,000 Jews lived there. ..Sonderkommando was set up at 12 Vilenskaia Street ..under ..Schweineberg and Martin Weiss. ..broke into ..Jewish houses ..dragged away ..herded them into certain buildings near ..village of Panarai about eight kilometres from Vilna. ..hardly one returned.” Abram Gerzevitch Suzkever.

“..I was in Birkenau ..part of ..Oswiecim Camp. ..a woman in ..last month of pregnancy. ..had to walk ten kilometres to of work ..toiled ..whole day ..digging trenches. ..already ill and ..asked ..German ..for permission to rest. ..refused ..laughed at her and ..together with another SS man ..started beating her. ..situation of all ..women who ..were pregnant ..only during ..very last minutes were they permitted to stay away from work. ..newly-born children ..if Jewish ..were immediately put to death.” Seweryna Szmaglewska.

“..Liquidation ..Warsaw Ghetto ..taking place. ..all Jews ..irrespective of age ..removed ..shot. ..mass executions especially prepared camps ..Belzec. ..Jews deported be butchered.” Myron C. Taylor.

“..Jews ..assembled in ..thousands ..shot ..had to dig ..own graves. ..execution of ..Jews reach such proportions ..members of ..Einsatzkommandos suffered ..nervous breakdown.” Volkisher Beobachter.

“..No one has ..right to speak for ..dead. ..story had to be told. In spite of all risks ..all possible misunderstandings. It needed to be told for ..sake of our children.” Elie Wiesel.

“..By my death I wish to make my final protest against ..passivity in which is looking on and permitting ..extermination of ..Jewish people.” Shmuel Artur Zygielbojm.