May 1st.

1934 Der Sturmer becomes one of Germany’s most popular periodicals. Julius Streicher is its editor. Streicher regurgitates the ‘blood libel’ lie on his front cover. With it, The Blood Libel, or Ritual Murder Charge, stirs the antisemitic hatred of Der Sturmer’s readers, regurgitating the Middle Ages accusation of Jewish guilt in the ritual murder of Christians, especially their Children, and with the usage of their blood for Religious ritual purposes, such ignorance persisted. This all dates back to the Middle Ages, and even when the Catholic Church’s repudiation of the charge has not stemmed the flow of antisemitic hatred, the body blow to Jews, who have been violated in pogroms and with the widespread destruction of entire Jewish Communities, the lie persists! Also, and when we consider any aspect of The Blood Libel, we must regard it in light of Jewish Law, contained in Leviticus, that does not allow the consumption of any blood. Der Sturmer becomes one of Hitler’s favourite rags. Rudolf Hess creates the Racial Policy Office of the National Socialist German Workers Party, or ‘Rassenpolitisches Amt der NSDAP.’

1940 Norway surrenders.

1941 Natzweiler Concentration Camp established. Gross Rosen Concentration Camp an independent camp established.

1942 Artur Greiser, Wartheland Gauleiter, sends a letter to Himmler which recognises the destruction of 100,000 Jews in Lodz region. 1,000 Dvinsk Jews are murdered. Some 12,200 Jews have been murdered here. All Slovak Jews expelled to Poland will see a fee of 500 Reichmarcs paid to Reich.

1943 2,500 Brody Jews murdered.

1945 Admiral Karl Doenitz heads German Government.

May 2nd.

1934 Congressman Louis T. McFadden delivers an antisemitic speech on the floor of the United States House of Representatives.

1941 At a meeting of Reich Secretaries, it was concluded that any territorial solution ‘East’ would not be feasible given the requirement for all produce and supplies for German growth.

1945 Russians occupy Berlin. Berlin surrenders. President Truman appoints Robert Jackson as chief U. S. counsel for the prosecution of Nazi war criminals.

May 3rd.

1935 Schacht subordinates all other tasks to that of Rearmament:

Friday May 3rd. 1935 “..fulfilment of ..programme for rearmament on a mass scale is ..basis of German policy ..everything else must be subordinate to this task.” Hjalmar Schacht.

1938 Flossenburg Concentration Camp established.

1939 Viacheslav Molotov replaces Maksim Litvinov as Russian Foreign Minister.

1942 More than 20,000 of Prague’s Jews have been ‘resettled.’

1945 17,247 Theresienstadt Jewish inmates handed over to Red Cross. Eichmann commando last seen at Alt Ausee, Salzkammergut.

1946 Walther Funk testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

May 4th.

1924 Nazis secure 6.4% of votes in ‘Reichstag’ Elections.

1942 Gassing selection begins at Birkenau and by completion, more than 1,100,000 Jews would be Murdered there.

1943 Over 1,100 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor.

May 5th.

Tuesday May 5th. 1942 “..there’s a good deal of mopping up taking place ..particularly amongst ..Jews. ..we just get on with it. That way we’ll all be home quicker.” Fritz Jacob.

1945 Mauthausen liberated. Wehrmacht surrenders in Denmark. Of 5,600 Danish Jews, most escaped. 116 Danish Jews were murdered. Wehrmacht surrenders in Holland. Some 106,000 Dutch Jews were murdered. Wehrmacht surrenders North Germany.

Saturday May 5th. 1945. “..word we indulged ourselves with in ..most secret corner of our being and feared to pronounce aloud. That sacred word ..contains so many beautiful ..unbelievable things ..liberty ..freedom…end of tyranny ..misery ..slavery..hunger. has come true. ..Peace.” Helga Weiss.

May 6th.

1933 The Institute of Sexual Studies in Berlin is destroyed by pro-Nazi students, over academic curiosity in the area of ‘homosexual behaviour.’

1940 Siedlice Ghetto, Poland established. 15,000 Jews Enclosed.

1945 Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering surrenders to the Allies. Goering is at first toasted with champagne, but later is transferred to Bad Mondorf in Luxembourg.

May 7th.

1943 1,000 Zagreb Jews to Auschwitz. Last 370 Nowogrodek Jews murdered.

1945 General Alfred Jodl signs Germany’s unconditional surrender at Reims. “1,000 year Reich” ends. Colonel General Alfred Jodl signs the terms of unconditional surrender for Germany in Rheims. World War II in Europe ends.

May 8th.

Thursday May 8th. 1941 “..General Komissare ..Estonia ..Latvia ..Lithuania will take measures to establish ..German Protectorate ..possible in ..future to annex these territories to ..German Reich. ..suitable elements among ..population must be assimilated ..undesireable elements exterminated.” Alfred Rosenberg.

1942 5,000 Lida Jews murdered,

1943 In the Warsaw Ghetto, the Headquarters of Jewish Resistance, 18 Mila Street, is surrounded and liquidated. Mordechai Anielewicz and 97 Resistance Fighters Died that Day.Their refusal to succumb to the Nazi brutality will point the way toward all future Jewish Persistence and Resistance! 2 managed to Survive. More than 50,000 Warsaw Jews have been murdered in recent months.

1945 Russians liberate Theresienstadt. More than 140,000 Jews have passed through the Camp. 90,000 Jews perished during, in or enroute to The Death Camps. More than 33,500 Jews from Theresienstadt have been murdered. 30,000 Jews were liberated. Victory in Europe, VE Day. There are still some 700,000 inmates in Concentration Camps at War’s end! More than 1,100,000 Russian Jews were murdered.

1946 Grand Admiral Karl Donitz testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

May 8th.

1947 Nuremberg Tribunal on ‘IG Farben’.

May 9th.

1918 Hitler awarded Regimental Diploma.

1942 Markuszow Jews resist and escape to Wola Forest.

1943 Over 600 Skalat Jews murdered. German surrender in Tunisia.

1944 Russians retake Sevastopol.

1945 Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel signs Unconditional German surrender. Some 171,000 Jews of Germany were murdered.

May 10th.

1933 Tens of thousands of Books are burned on the Unter den Linden, Berlin. More than 20,000 Books are burned opposite the University of Berlin. Books written by Jews, political dissidents, and others not approved by the state are Burned. Rabbi Stephen S. Wise addressed 100,000 people in Battery Park, Manhattan, New York, to protest Nazi persecution of the Jews!

Wednesday May 10th. 1933 “..Those who begin by burning Books end by burning People.” Heinrich Heine.

1940 Germany invades Belgium. Germany invades Holland. Germany invades France. Germany invades Luxembourg. Martin Luther appointed to Foreign Office Department, Deutschland. Chamberlain resigns as Britain’s Prime Minister. Churchill takes charge.

Friday May 10th. 1940 “..I felt as if I were walking with destiny ..that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial.” Winston Churchill.

1941 Rudolf Hess lands in Scotland.

1942 1,000 Wolozyn Jews murdered.

1964 The Treblinka Monument is unveiled.

May 11th.

1943 Over 1,400 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor. Shmuel Zygielbojm commits suicide.

Tuesday May 11th. 1943 “..responsibility for ..crime of ..murder of ..whole Jewish nationality in Poland rests first of all on those who are carrying it out ..but indirectly it falls also upon ..whole of humanity ..peoples of ..Allied nations and on their governments ..who up to this day have not taken any real steps to halt this crime. By looking on passively upon this murder of defenceless millions of tortured children ..women and men they have become partners to ..responsibility…My friends in ..Warsaw ghetto fell. ..I did not succeed in dying ..same way or ..with them. ..I belong to them and ..mass graves there.” Shmuel Zygielbojm.

1944 Allied forces mount major offensive in central Italy.

1960 Adolf Eichmann, the Architect of The Holocaust slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe, Men, Women and Their Children, is captured in Buenos Aires.

May 12th.

1935 Polish dictator Jozef Pilsudski dies. Anti-Jewish measures now escalate within Poland. The government and most Polish political parties will call for discrimination, economic boycott, expulsion, and physical violence against Jews. The Polish Catholic Church, most priests, the Catholic press, and schools will sanction discrimination and/or violence against the Jews.

1942 1,000’s Gabin Jews murdered Chelmno. 2,500 Ivye Jews murdered.

May 13th.

1943 1,000 Zagreb Jews to Auschwitz. Axis Forces North Africa, surrender.

May 14th.

1935 German edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion declared a forgery by Swiss Court in Bern.

1940 Dutch Army surrenders.

1941 4,000 Jews from Paris interned at Pithiviers. Romanian Jews forced to labour. Martin Bormann succeeds Hess.

1948 The establishment of the State of Israel. The loss to the state of Israel is measured in the 6,000,000 Jews murdered in The Holocaust.

May 15th.

1933 The Jews of Paris protest for two days over the campaign of anti-Jewish measures within Germany.

1939 900 women prisoners transferred from Lichtenburg Concentration Camp to newly established Ravensbrueck Camp. St. Louis leaves Hamburg for Cuba, with 734 Jewish refugees.

1940 1,000’s of Jewish refugees caught out by speed of German assault as Holland is overrun and surrenders.

1941 Biala Podlaska Jews murdered at Konskowola. Petain pledges cooperation with Germany.

1942 10,000 Lodz Ghetto Jews murdered Chelmno. Belzec reopens for mass murder. More of Izbica Lubelska’s Jews expelled to Belzec. Jewish Family Transports to Lublin from Slovakia commence. Russians counter at Kharkov.

1944 Over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Over 870 Jews from Drancy deported to Kovno and Reval. Eichmann begins the deportation of Hungary’s Jews to Birkenau with the assistance of the Hungarian Gendarmerie.

May 16th.

1940 Nazis plan to eradicate Polish intellectuals.

1941 Danica Concentration Camp in operation. Others in Croatia:- Dakovo, Jadovno, Jasenovac where 4,000 Jewish Men are murdered, and Loborgrad where 4,000 Jewish Women are murdered. Petain approves collaboration with Hitler.

1942 4,500 Pabiance Jews murdered Chelmno.

1943 Last detail of the Warsaw Ghetto begins at 8:15pm with Synagogue being blown up. There remains but 8 buildings in the Ghetto, including the Dzielna Prison, now a Concentration area. The Rising is fully Suppressed. Tlomackie Street Synagogue set alight. Much of the Warsaw Ghetto goes up in flames. The Final Liquidation begins.

1944 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Over 500 Fossoli Jews to Auschwitz. Hungarian action in Birkenau begins.

May 17th.

1933 Petition handed to League of Nations by a Jewish Delegation protesting Germany’s anti-Jewish legislation.

1934 German Jews are no longer entitled to health insurance. At New York’s Madison Square Garden, thousands attend a pro-Nazi rally sponsored by the German-American Bund.

1939 Britain’s, MacDonald White Paper, sets seal on Jewish immigration of 50,000 into Palestine for coming 5 years.

1940 Germans occupy Brussels.

1943 395 Berlin Jews to Auschwitz. Ruhr Dams attacked by RAF

May 18th.

1940 Germans take Antwerp.

1942 New York Times carries certain facts of Jewish slaughter. 100,000 Jews murdered in Baltic States. 100,000 Jews murdered in Poland. 200,000 Jews murdered in Russia.

1943 Over 2,500 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor.

1944 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Polish Forces take Monte Cassino.

1953 YadVashem, The Holocaust Martyrs and Hero’s Remembrance Authority, established.

“..I will give in my house and within my walls a monument and a name better than sons and daughters; I will give them an everlasting name which shall not be cut off.” Isaiah 56:5.

May 19th.

1940 Arthur Seyss Inquart appointed Reich Commissioner over Holland.

1943 Berlin declared ‘Judenrein.’

1944 Over 680 Dutch Jews deported to Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. SK 1005 Exhumation at Ponary Woods ended.

May 20th.

1928 Nazis secure 2.5% of votes in Reichstag Elections, return 12 Deputies.

1938 Sudeten Germans seek German rule. Partial mobilisation in Czechoslovakia along German border.

1940 Auschwitz now functioning.

1941 Jews in France prohibited from trading, ownership of banks, hotels or restaurants denied them. A regulation, signed by SS Gruppenfuhrer Walther Schelenberg, prevents all future Jewish emigration from Belgium or France in line with Goering’s decree. Goering bans all future Jewish emigration.

Tuesday May 20th. 1941 “..doubtless and imminent final solution.” Hermann Goering.

1946 Grand Admiral Erich Raeder testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

May 21st.

1935 Hitler’s Reichstag speech on peace. Army Defense Law sees ‘Aryan heritage’ as a clear demand for military service. ‘Jews Not Wanted’ posters and signs spring up on restaurants, shops and at the entry point to villages. Schacht becomes Plenipotentiary General for a War Economy. The fullest exploitation of Lands, Goods, Valuables and possessions of all those declared alien to the Reich commences. This will lead to the depreciating wealth of the Jews move in direct contrast with the accumulation of Reich wealth. The policy of persecuting the Jews, and the larceny thus gained was a matter of principle in Economic circles. Plunder of all Jewish assets was a matter of decree.

1940 SS Sturmbannfuhrer Herbert Lange’s Sonderkommando begins its operations in Soldau.

“..special command being under my command for particular tasks was sent to Soldau during ..time from May 21st. to June 8th. 1940 in accord with ..RSHA and has evacuated 1,588 insane persons from ..transition camp during that time.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Jakob Sporrenberg

1942 3,000 Brzeziny Jews murdered in 3 day operation Chelmno. The I.G. Farben established factory at Auschwitz III Monowitz is in operation.

1943 1,000 Busk Jews murdered.

1945 Odilo Globocnik commits suicide in detention centre, Weissensee, Austria.

May 22nd.

1939 Germany and Italy sign ‘Pact of Steel’.

1941 Croatian Jews forced to wear yellow badges.

1943 1,000 Stryj Jews murdered.

May 23rd.

1939 Hitler prepared to attack Poland.

1942 4,000 Chelm Jews murdered Sobibor in 3 day operation. 2,000 Ozorkow Jews murdered Chelmno in 3 day operation. Entire Jewish Community Dolginovo murdered in 2 days. 100’s Wlodowa Jews murdered.

1945 Himmler Captured. Himmler Commits suicide. British tanks enter Flensburg, Germany. In Flensburg, the British take several of the Nazis that will be tried in the Major War Figures Trial, including Donitz, Jodl, Keitel, Rosenberg, and Speer.

1946 Baldur von Schirach testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

May 24th.

1943 Further rebellion strikes at the Bialystok Ghetto, where 15,000 Jews have already been removed to Treblinka. Protest by Sofia Jews saves over 19,000 of their number. Bulgarian Government scatters its Jews to avoid German resettlement.

1944 Oswald Pohl’s detailed report on the Hungarian ‘resettlement’ exercise reaches Himmler.

May 25th.

1940 Hitler receives Himmler memo on Jewish treatment ‘East’.

1943 Over 2,800 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz and Sobibor.

Tuesday 25th. May 1943 “..holiest thing in explains and defines all we ought to be we ought to conduct ourselves and what we ought to believe.” Moshe Flinker.

May 26th.

1940 Commencement of evacuation of 338,000 British and French troops from Dunkirk.

1942 Britain and Russia sign mutual assistance treaty.

May 27th.

1940. the Le Paradis Massacre against British Prisoners of War was conducted by 14th Company, 3rd. SS Panzer Division (Totenkopf). British Forces were in retreat toward Dunkirk. Troops from the 2nd Battalion, of the Royal Norfolk Regiment were defending a farmhouse surrounded by the Waffen SS task force. Without ammunition, the British Troops surrendered. 100 British Prisoners of War were Machine Gunned against a wall. Murdered!

1942 2,000 Zamosc Jews murdered Belzec. Heydrich target of assassination. Belgian Jews ordered to wear Yellow Star. Wehrmacht beat back Russians at Kharkov.

1943 3,000 Tluste Jews murdered. 2,500 Sokal Jews murdered.

1944 Two Jews, Arnost Rosin and Czezlaw Mardowicz escape from Auschwitz.

May 28th.

1937 Neville Chamberlain becomes Prime Minister in Britain.

1938 Boycott of Jewish businesses in Frankfurt.

1940 Belgium capitulates.

1942 6,000 Cracow Jews murdered Belzec.

1946 Fritz Sauckel testifies at his Nuremberg Trial.

May 29th.

1938 Hungary restricts rights of Jews.

1940 Slovak Government agrees to deport 120,000 Jews to Germany as Slave Labourers.

1942 3,000 Radziwillow Jews resist. 1,500 are killed. Vichy bans Jews from all Public places.

Monday May 29th. 1944 “..Do you know where ..Jews of Austria ..and of Germany ..Holland ..Czechoslovakia and France. Poland ..taken in cattle cars ..70 into each car. What happened to them I do not know ..I can only guess.” Eva Heyman.

1962 Eichmann’s appeal against his Death sentence is rejected.

May 30th.

1938 Hitler tells his Generals he is set to invade Czechoslovakia.

1942 1st. RAF 1,000 bomber raid, Cologne.

May 31st.

1935 Jews are banned from serving in the German Armed Forces.

1938 Decadent art banned in Germany.

1941 Heydrich and General Eduard Wagner, Wehrmacht Quartermaster, agree respective roles in Russia.

Wednesday May 31st. 1944 “..destruction of all roads leading from Hungary to Poland.” Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel.

A call for the destruction of the routes to and from Hungary and Auschwitz to be bombed was ignored. While there was no guarantee that this would have ceased the destructive ability of Auschwitz/Birkenau, it is obvious that the ability to operate at all, for whatever time span not allowed for the ‘resettlement’ operations, would have given Hitler a clear indication of what was known about his Final Solution. It might also have pre-empted the complete cessation of Auschwitz/Birkenau’s functioning in annihilation. History will never know if any Jews might have been saved by this effort. History though would be aware of the effort expended on behalf of these Jews of Europe, a predominantly Hungarian grouping by now. Who knows though, History could even find the answer as to why this alleviation for these Hungarian Jews was not even attempted?

1962 Adolf Eichmann is Hanged for his Crimes Against the Jews of Humanity!