Most statistical breakdowns I have seen list the number of Jews killed in The Holocaust, and there are estimates which vary around 4,100,000 to the original 6,000,000, I use as a measure of the original perception and concern related to those Murdered. There are even those who would suggest that an even higher figure might well represent the True Catastrophe. Raul Hilberg’s eponymous work on the Destruction Of The European Jews has a very detailed analysis of these Jewish Murders. Outside that remit, we term The Holocaust, there are a further 6 Million others, from Gypsies, those of the Lalleri, Roma and Sinti, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Homosexuals, Prisoners of War from all Nations, but more especially Russian POW’s, in the early stage of Barbarossa, June 22nd. 1941 onward who were Murdered, left to Starve to death.

So statistical analysis can never be an exact science! For example. Prior to Hitler’s Invasion of Poland September 1st. 1939 there were some 16,600,000 Men, Women and Their Children of The Jewish Faith in the World! By the time War had ended the Jewish Population had diminished to around 11,000,000 Jews Worldwide. While this seemingly represents some 5,600,000 Missing Jews, we also must bring into that equation that the Jewish Population would have risen, in line with a 1/11 Birth rate, which would have brought the World figure to 18,200,000 during the 5.5 yearsof WWII in Europe. This would present the World with a Catastrophe in the region of 7,200,000 Jews missing.

It must be noted that whilst der Einsatzgruppe shot to Death more than 1,250,000 Jews, they Murdered countless others. Whilst the Death Camps and even the Concentration Camps delivered toward the Final Accounting, many Jews were so deprived of Basic essentials, Food, Water, Housing, they were Systematically driven toward their own Destruction! It is clear that from within the Ghettoes established by Hitler, countless tens of thousands lost their Battle to Survive.