The Official Wannsee Conference Figures!!


The General Government 2,284,000 Jews.
Unoccupied France 700,000 Jews.
The Eastern Territories 420,000 Jews.
Bialystok 400,000 Jews.
Occupied France 165,000 Jews.
Holland 160,800 Jews.
Germany 131,800 Jews.
Bohemia & Moravia 74,200 Jews.
Greece 69,600 Jews.
Austria 43,700 Jews.
Belgium 43,000 Jews.
Lithuania 34,000 Jews.
Denmark 5,600 Jews.
Latvia 3,500 Jews.
Norway 1,300 Jews.
Estonia Free of Jews. (1,000 Jews)

The Official Wannsee Conference Figures!!


Russia 5,000,000 Jews.
(with Ukraine and Byelorussia)
Hungary 742,800 Jews.
Rumania 342,000 Jews.
England 330,000 Jews.
Slovakia 88,000 Jews.
Italy 58,000 Jews.
Turkey 55,500 Jews.
Bulgaria 48,000 Jews.
Croatia 40,000 Jews.
Switzerland 18,000 Jews.
Serbia 10,000 Jews.
Sweden 8,000 Jews.
Spain 6,000 Jews.
Ireland 4,000 Jews.
Portugal 3,000 Jews.
Finland 2,300 Jews.
Albania 200 Jews.

TOTAL 11,293,300 Jews to be Murdered!

Statistical Analysis does play an inordinate part in the telling of The Holocaust. I would rather err of the side of Simon Wiesenthal when he suggests we Remember, these are People, not merely a Statistic! Caught up in the figure at The Wannsee Conference is a direct threat to more than 11,000,000 Jews living within Hitler’s grasp. It is a Fact that while 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were Destroyed, 5,000,000 of those targeted at Wannsee did not!

The Murder of 6,000,000 Jews must never be reduced to a statistic.” Simon Wiesenthal.