Day 3: Words are Amassing and Days are Counting Down!

1941 August 12th. Hitler issues War Directive No. 34a for the conduct of operations in Russia as Army Group North moves in on Leningrad.

It is perhaps worth noting, in timing and in the escalating terms of the Destructive capacity for Hitler’s Final Solution, a further 5,00,000 Russian Jews came under direct attack as Hitler’s echelons move deeper into the East. The tentacles of that final resolve, which would spread the length and breadth of Europe and Western Russia, bear with it the culmination and correlating efforts of a Final Solution to The Jewish Question, die Endlosung der Judenfrage. The first wave of attacks, from roving bands of Einsatzgruppen, Waffen SS, Police Battalions and Auxiliary Forces would be replaced by the increased dependence upon Technical and Industrialised Killing in the Death Camps. The Murder pits would continuously deliver Death on an enormous scale, but would now become dwarfed by the Murder Mills with their Industrial Capacity to Kill! The price of efficiency would be in saving bullets too and in the midst of the World’s most devastating War, the question of logistically supplying those German forces became secondary in nature to the transporting need for supplying the Death Mills with their Jewish Cargo!

1942 August 12th. Allied goal ‘destruction of Nazism.’

Here we can find a deflection from the requirement to remove Hitler from expanding further his territorial demands from the Humanistic Need to ensure an entire People could be saved from Hitler’s Final Solution. Whilst one could not be achieved without the eventual goal of defeating Hitler, the Jewish People’s plight should have been moved centre stage and so depriving Hitler of his ultimate goal, the Destruction of All of World Jewry. Here was the acknowledgement, in the burgeoning awareness of what Hitler fully intended for World Jewry, an acquiescence to the Destruction of The Jewish People. Within that accomplishment, which resulted in 6,000,000 Murdered Jews, we have to appraise this failing, albeit from a distance, as far too costly in Human terms. While it might have appeared a feature of a World wide effort to continually adhere to its goal to defeat Hitler, this cannot ever ensure Humanity’s greatest need is always to ensure the lives of All People is raised above all other considerations!

1945 August 12th. those Major war criminals who had been housed in Luxembourg are flown to Nuremberg, where they are incarcerated in a prison adjacent to the Palace of Justice.

“..Murder remains Murder even when shows itself to be impotent and ..courts are unable to punish even one single person for ..genocide.” Benno Mueller-Hill.

We might be talking about the Parajmos, the Gypsy Genocide, but in relation to the 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust, where was the Justice, who were the punished? It is an unfortunate assessment in History that of all the War Crimes Trials collectively administering justice, too few Instigators, Perpetrators or even Participators in the Crimes Against Humanity, against the Jews of The Holocaust, ever stood Trial in the first place. Those that did, paid too scant a penalty for the most horrendous of Crimes ever committed against a People. Such too was the measure of The Holocaust Crime, that an advocate, Raphael Lemkin devised a term, ‘Genocide’, in an attempt that the World would acknowledge the sheer magnitude of what was now being fully realised!

“..People seldom learn from history. Can we be an exception?” Yehuda Bauer.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

5. Friedrich, Otto The Auschwitz Kingdom.