Day 5: Still not There!

1941 August 14th. 552 of Jonava’s Jewish Men and Women were murdered whilst, elsewhere, 493 Rokiskis Jews were also murdered. The entire Lesko Jewish Community is murdered at Zaslaw on the same day. Politically, The Atlantic Charter is signed between the US and Britain and agrees to the defeat of the Axis Powers.

Amidst the brutality of the increasing onslaught upon Jewish existence, Allied powers are locked into an agreement which should, seemingly, secure the future safety of all Citizens from Nazi aggression! The tragedy however is, that the Jewish People are considered, and not just even a secondary regard, but as an expedient wholly dependent upon a War-winning timeframe as yet defined!

1942 August 14th. In France 7,000 non-French Jews are detained and as the Allied troops march on through Italy Rome is declared an Open City.

The progress of the War is gaining in momentum but the suffering of the Jewish People of Europe has not abated in line with the increased Allied effort. The one defining factor of the seeming rush toward victory is the expendable nature of an entire People under the yoke of Hitler’s hatred and suffering the eradicating abuses of Starvation, Privation and Murder!

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

7. Hart, Kitty Return to Auschwitz.