Day 20: Hitler Commanded all He knew!

1941 August 29th. 11,000 Hungarian Jews are murdered at Kamanets-Podolsk while 3,782 of the Jews from Utena and Moletai, Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered. The catalogue of atrocity swells the growing account as 784 of Rumsiskis’s and Ziezmariai’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are also murdered. Hitler is at von Runstedt’s HQ in Uman.

There is a long standing debate over what Hitler knew, or what Hitler was aware of in connection to The Final Solution. It is incomprehensible that a Hitler whose involvement was in the minutiae of detail could have overlooked the Jewish Question. When the attention of a Warring effort was drawn away because of the lack of rolling stock to attend to the logistics of War, the logistics of The Holocaust could not have failed to become impressed upon those concerned with the need for Trains, Transport or Personnel for that War. While the German soldier fought for Fuhrer and Fatherland, der Fuhrer deprived them of the necessary support in order to feed the Death Camps, Gas Ovens and Crematoria with the Jews of Europe.

1942 August 29th. All of Olesko’s Jews have now been murdered at Belzec.

Once an assessment has been made, that all the Jews of a certain Community have been Murdered, it heightens our awareness that an inordinate penalty has been inflicted upon the Jewish People. I agree, that one Jew Murdered is too many, and when we are reminded that entire Jewish Community’s have been obliterated from existence, the Tragedy becomes more comprehensive and fatal and not merely in scale but in the reference point that deepens the wound.

1943 Sunday, August 29th. “..two thirds and more ..Axis world’s Jewish population has been murdered ..foully ..unnaturally murdered.” Rabbi Dr. Stephen S. Wise.

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22. Sevillas, Erikkos Athens to Auschwitz.