Day 24: Hitler Blags His way!

1939 September 2nd. Stutthof camp is established while Britain and France give Hitler an ultimatum, Hitler must remove his Wehrmacht Forces from Poland.

1941 September 2nd. over a 5 day period, the following communities were struck with over 4,800 of Vilna’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children all murdered in Ponary Woods. 1,556 of Jonava’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are also murdered as are 1,125 of Krakes’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, are all murdered. The 662 of Ariogala’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, the 282 of Jasvainai’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are all Murdered.

The 252 of Wenziogala’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, the 247 of Carliava’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, the 144 of Jesuas’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, the 125 Petrasiunai Jewish Men, Women and Their Children, the 99 Darsuniskis Jewish Men, Women and Their Children and the 83 Babtei Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are all murdered.

There is no other way than to repeat the catalogue of Atrocity that fell upon these Jewish Community’s by hordes of Hitler’s legions. Many were complimented by auxiliary forces, local Police battalions or simply local antisemites out to make profit from the misfortune and Destruction of their Jewish Neighbours.

1942 September 2nd. 8,000 Dzialoszyce Jews murdered at Belzec while 2,000 Dzialoszyce Jews are murdered at Dolles Cemetery.

Belzec is coming into its own with the gradual increase of its expertise and escalating growth in the killing operation. Nor are Hitler’s legions showing any respect of a time nor of a place. Whether within a Synagogue, or a Church Cemetery, the Murder of The Jewish People took precedence of any such sensibility’s!

1942 September 2nd. Ettie (Steinberg) Gluck, her Husband Vogtjeck and Their Son, Leon, aged 3 years old, were Deported to Auschwitz from the French internment Camp at Drancy.

Both Ettie and her Son Leon were Irish Citizens, though Ettie (Esther) was born in Czechoslovakia. She moved to Dublin with her Family in the 1920’s, and though Leon was born in Anvers, they became the only direct connection which places the Irish in the midst of The Holocaust!

“..attended ..first ‘Sonderaktion.’ Dante’s Inferno seems ..almost a comedy compared. ..don’t call Auschwitz ..extermination camp for nothing.” Johannes Paul Kremer.

1943 September 2nd. Tarnow Ghetto Liquidated with 5,000 Tarnow Jews, sent to Auschwitz. A Total of more than 11,000 of Tarnow’s Jews will be eventually murdered between their place of residence and the Death Camp system. Meanwhile the Przemysl Ghetto is Liquidated with 3,500 Przemysl Jews ‘resettled’ to Auschwitz. That same day, 1,000 Jews from Paris are Transported to Auschwitz.

A Book a Day, or so of suggested reading!

27. Swiebocka, Terese Auschwitz: A History in Photos.

A Book, dedicated to the Memory of the 11,000 deported from France, resettled amidst the Ashes of Auschwitz, already exists. Serge Klarsfeld’s Book is a haunting reminder of what the World has truly lost. For my part, there were Transports relevant to the Days I wish to comment upon here. On those particular Days, Jewish Children, 100’s upon 100’s of them were ripped from their former existence and were eventually Murdered in the grist Mill that was Auschwitz Birkenau. This, my own effort is not capable enough to mention them ALL, so I will restrict myself to the few who matched Tokele’s age, or were Younger on those dates in Question. They are Remembered, they are present in Klarsfeld’s Book. Please look at them and know, this was our Darkest moment in All of History as indeed it became the last moments for All of These Jewish Children!

September 2nd. 1942 Convoy 27.

Francois Choinsky Aged 2 years.

Madeleine Feiler Aged 4 years.

Clara Fleischmann Aged 4 years.

Leon Gluck Aged 3 years.

Colette Kapitowski Aged 4 years.

Ginette Korn Aged 4 years.

Ginette Kornfeld Aged 3 years.

Albert Radzanover Aged 2 years.

Alexandre Ripp Aged 3 years.

Joseph Rozenberg Aged 2 years.

Georges Stark Aged 4 years.

September 2nd. 1943 Convoy 59.

Rosette Kanovitch Aged 1 year.

Micheline Khodorowski Aged 6 months.

Claude Lechtzier Aged 1 year.

Nicole Lechtzier Aged 2 years.

Rosette Leib Aged 2 years.

Dora Leon Aged 6 months.

Monique Lion Aged 4 years.

Annie Molho Aged 3 years.

Albert Rosenfeld Aged 1 year.

Bernadette Salomon Aged 2 years.

Claude Valaix Aged 6 months.

Jeanette Weiss Aged 2 years.