It takes but a moment to kill, but it takes a final solution to plan and then implement the destruction of some 6,000,000 Human Beings. This is an inglorious chapter in our own history, an unwritten page in our long struggle to emerge from the dark and escape toward enlightenment. What man has done during The Holocaust, man must repair, man must reconstruct and eventually laws will come to terms with the damage this has caused. History is not merely what is recorded on paper, but what has been so often passed down, what has been learned from experience and what has been ascertained from the facts. What is then discerned, and more certainly and importantly, what is truthfully acknowledged, becomes conscious pages in the narrative of that past. There are those who still seek to deconstruct our knowledge of what happened to the Jews of Europe during this terrible period.

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They use the absence of a ‘written decree’ to excavate Hitler from the midst of a pursuance he was firmly committed to. Clearly, the message that reached Himmler, Heydrich, Eichmann and the entire murder apparatus was force fed from Hitler’s own office. The subsequent implementation of that resolve was fed back to its source through a multitude of channels and personnel. Bormann stood at the door and allowed all but the specific detail of what was being achieved in the Reich, and this included the accumulation of the destructive detail of the ‘aktionen’ against the Jewish People. Here too we have an input from the Vatican which is at a cross roads and with what Mother Church has always declared would be her indissoluble position with regard to meddling in the status of a sovereign nation.

The Church chose to avoid meddling in the solution Hitler had made to finally deal with the Jews of Europe. The Vatican could have clearly demanded, which it did, that Russia not pursue its interest and intention at the expense of Finnish integrity, and in 1939 put its voice to meddling in the status of a sovereign nation. That position was never restated however, with regard to the Jews of Europe? I guess the question remains as to why and then, as those slaughtered Jews were being murdered and while all moral conscience was shifted toward a positioning of its neutral stance, that was to stand aside without any concerted Christian concern for our Jewish Brother’s.

This Vatican dalliance with political etiquette, when Rome and Pope Pius XII had warned Vojtech Tuka, Deputy Prime Minister of Slovakia, of Hitler’s planned destination for the Jews, resettled ‘East’, also breached this contrivance. What the significance of such a transportation move meant for the Jews was clear, even here in March 1942. Himmler though, who had no such qualms when it came to committing to the ramifications of any such euphemism’s, also resorted to paper issues of the wishes and demands of der Fuhrer for The Final Solution. What this fully meant for the Jews of Finland and Europe was not shielded from the eyes of those who wished to see what Himmler had already committed to paper here in Finland.

So to that end, we only need to excavate information from Finnish Intelligence at the time, for them to reveal what they had copied from Himmler’s own files. Himmler had been in Finland in July 1942 to press for Finnish compliance with an anti-Jewish resolve and to know what that final decisive act was to be for a very Jewish Question. But such was Finnish knowledge by now, that her Government, an ally of Hitler’s against an aggressive Russia, was moved to ensure the practical safety of most of the Jews of Finland. Here, where 2,300 of their number were targeted for destruction, under the auspices of The Wannsee Conference, only a tiny percentage of that number became final victims.

If we are to then accept that Finnish Intelligence was quick to respond to the threat Hitler presented to her Jews, we have to fully accept that, of the 7 to 11 Jews who died as a consequence of Hitler’s intention, there was a remarkable act of sabotage by Finland and against what Hitler had clearly demanded. That this constituted knowledge of the emergence of The Holocaust is clear to a history that wishes to see it. There is still however, a great debate about how we arrive at a genesis for a crime we find completely incomprehensible to this day. Though we surely do not attempt to deny Hitler’s signature permeates every loose filed chapter in the progression of the atrocity, there are some who would demand a penned document that has Hitler sign the lives of the Jews away.

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What we know, and what we assert is that without Hitler, there would have been no Final Solution ans with this resolve, 6,000,000 more Jews would have survived World War II. Perhaps, one moment in this history disgorges the truth, more than any, of Hitler’s own self serving intention to murder every single Jew he could lay his hands on. At the Klessheim Castle, where Hitler sought to brow beat the Hungarian leader Admiral Horthy into a more deadly and immediate compliance with the terms of ‘The Final Solution’, Dr. Paul Schmidt of the Foreign Office clearly notes in his minutes what Hitler was unafraid to utter:-

“..Where ..Jews were left to themselves Poland ..most terrible misery and decay prevailed. ..In Poland this state of affairs has been fundamentally cleared up. If ..Jews there did not want to work ..they were shot. If they could not work ..they had to succumb. ..This was not cruel ..even innocent creatures ..have to be killed that no harm is caused by them. Why should ..beasts who wanted to bring us Bolshevism be spared more.” Attributed to Adolf Hitler.

Hitler has always linked his own ‘struggle’ for dealing with ‘The Jewish Question,’ with that same ideological hatred he had for Communism. As he sought to come face to face with both strands of the same loathing, he indulged his own impulses to murder both Jews and Communists. That the Jews were shot, that the Jews succumbed, this is an incontrovertible truth, and while his hatred of the Jews became ‘die Endlosung der Judenfrage’, European history would be indelibly marked with the killed, succumbed and shot members of the Jewish Race, all 6,000,000 of them. It is all too obvious to historians, who seek the truth, that here, and this was April 17th. 1943, that Hitler was expressing to all those around him what he knew of both the ‘Einsatzgruppe Aktionen’ and more certainly, what he was fully aware of, and that was the destruction that had taken place of the Jews, both of Poland and those sent into Poland, toward Auschwitz, Belzec, Birkenau, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor and Treblinka.

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