September 1st.

1939 Germany invades Poland. German troops enter Danzig. 5,000 Jews are trapped in the city. Jewish curfew operates in Germany and Austria. Wehrmacht and SS Mobile Murder Groups, the fledgling ‘Einsatzgruppe,’ set about murdering Jews, burning Synagogues and attacking the Catholic intelligentsia in ‘Operation Tannenberg.’ General Johannes Blaskowitz protests such a murderous crime.

1940 Kovno Jews are issued 3,500 visas by Japanese Consul Sempo Sugihara.

1941 A further 9,000 Hungarian Jews are murdered at Kamanets-Podolsk. 5,090 Mariampole Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Over 2 week period 440 Vilna Jewish Men and Women murdered. Hitler’s ‘Euthanasia Program’ ends, officially. Hitler now proposes that all Jews leave the Reich. Over 120,000 have been murdered in the ‘program.’ Janowska Camp opens. Jews in Bohemia and Moravia and Slovakia must wear ‘The Yellow Star.’

1942 13,500 Wlodzimierz Wolynski Jews murdered at Piatydni gravel pits. 3,000 Stryj Jews murdered.

1943 Vilna Ghetto Uprising fails.

September 2nd.

1930 Hitler assumes role of SA Leader

1939 Stutthof camp established. Britain and France give Hitler ultimatum. Hitler must remove Wehrmacht from Poland.

September 2nd.

1941 Over 5 day period the following communities were struck:- Over 4,800 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children are murdered in Ponary Woods. 1,556 Joanna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 1,125 Crakes Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 662 Ariogala Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 282 Jasvainai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 252 Wenziogala Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 247 Carliava Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 144 Jesuas Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 125 Petrasiunai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 99 Darsuniskis Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 83 Babtei Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 8,000 Dzialoszyce Jews murdered at Belzec. 2,000 Dzialoszyce Jews murdered at Dolles Cemetery.

1943 Tarnow Ghetto Liquidated. 5,000 Tarnow Jews to Auschwitz. More than 11,000 Tarnow Jews will be murdered. Przemysl Ghetto Liquidated. 3,500 Przemysl Jews to Auschwitz. 1,000 Jews from Paris to Auschwitz.

1946 The justices meet to discuss verdicts in the Major War Criminals Trial.

September 3rd.

1938 Neville Chamberlain believes he has secured peace with Hitler over Czechoslovakia.

1939 180 Czestochowa Jews murdered. 17 Wieruszow Jews murdered. 4 Lelow Jews murdered. 3 Zdunska Wola Jews murdered. World War II commences when Britain and France, the Commonwealth of Australia, New Zealand and India all declare war on Germany. Britain blockades Germany. David Ben-Gurion assures world that 1,500,000 Jews will fight Hitler, 555,000 in American Armed Forces; 500,000 Russia, 243,000 other European Jews and 116,000 Jews from Britain and the Commonwealth.

1941 Vilna Ghetto Established. Over 55,000 Jews are Enclosed. Vilna is One of the Nine Major Ghettos Established. Vilna Judenrate established. Shaul Trotzki, Anatole Fried, then Jakob Gens Chairmen. Zyklon ‘B’ first used in Auschwitz against 250 Jewish Infirm and 600 Russian POW’s. Zyklon ‘B’ proves the method of murder of Millions of Jews in the Death and some Concentration Camps. 600 Elderly Dubossary Jews are then burned to death in 8 Synagogues. 6 Dubossary Jews who refuse to join Jewish Council, publicly hanged.

1942 2,000 Bolechow Jews murdered at Belzec. Jewish Armed Resistance in Lachva. 800 Lachva Jews killed. Treblinka recommences its operations.

1943 Bochnia Ghetto is Liquidated. 3,000 Bochnia Jews to Auschwitz. Belgian Jews deported to Auschwitz. Allies land in Calabria. Italians sign Armistice.

1944 Over 1,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork Camp to Auschwitz. Brussels liberated.

1965 Treblinka Trial concludes.

September 4th.

1934 Nuremberg Party Congress is staged over the coming six days.

1939 90 Zarki Jews murdered. 80 Zloczew Jews murdered. Over 20 Jews murdered in Kruszyna. 20 Konskie Jews murdered. 13 Sosnowiec Jews murdered. Warsaw cut off by Wehrmacht attack.

1941 1,500 Berdichev Jews murdered. 253 Pravenischkis Jewish Men and Women murdered. 193 Seredsius Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 178 Zapiskis Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 159 Velinona Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 146 Cekiske Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Yakov Guzanyatskii’s Jewish Resistance in Dubossary retaliate. 10 Jewish Females of Vilna, Judith Trojak included, escape from Ponary and report back to Vilna with the evidence of what Ponary means for the Jews.

1942 2,000 Skole Jews murdered. Macedonia’s Jews to wear the Yellow Star. Chaim Rumkowski agrees to the deportation of Lodz’s Jewish Children.

1944 Over 2,000 Dutch Jews from Westerbork Camp to Auschwitz. Antwerp liberated. Barely 5,000 Jews survive. Finland and Russia sign Armistice. Bulgaria surrenders.

September 5th.

1937 Hitler reveals his War aims in secret Chancellery discussion.

1939 24 Ozorkow Jews murdered. Wehrmacht enters Pietrkow Trybunalski.

1940 Germans bring Nuremberg Laws to Luxembourg. All Jewish Business handed to Luxemburgers. Bishop Theophil Wurm objects once more to ‘euthanasia killing.’

1941 4,709 Ukmerge Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Wehrmacht troops occupy Estonia.

1942 500 Zurawno Jews murdered. 500 Zydaczow Jews murdered.

1944 Lodz Ghetto evacuated. Russia declares War on Bulgaria. Sweden denies sanctuary to War Criminals.

1945 Robert Jackson meets with President Truman. Truman proposes naming former attorney general Francis Biddle as the American judge at Nuremberg. Jackson, who does not think highly of Biddle, suggests alternatives, but Biddle gets the appointment.

September 6th.

1938 Pope Pius XII tells pilgrims they must not involve themselves with anti-Semitism.

1939 Wehrmacht occupies Cracow.

1940 Ion Antonescu Governs Romania.

1941 Over 12 day period 843 Rasainiai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. All 412 Jewish Men, Women and Children of Georgenburg murdered. 70 Zbaraz Jews murdered at Lubienicki Forest. Both Vilna Ghettos established and sealed. 40,000 Jews Enclosed. Hitler issues War Directive No. 35 for the conduct of operations in Russia.

1942 8,000 Wolbrom Jews murdered.

September 7th.

1936 25% tax is imposed on all Jewish assets in Germany.

1939 60 Aleksandrow Jews murdered. 7 Zgierz Jews murdered.

1942 5,000 Kolomyia Jews murdered at Belzec. 1,000 Kolomyia Jews murdered in the Ghetto. Over 3,000 Warsaw Ghetto Jews have been murdered by roaming Nazis.

1943 Over 900 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

September 8th.

1926 Germany becomes a member of League of Nations.

1933 Second World Jewish Congress held in Geneva.

1939 37 Trzebinia Jews murdered. 30 Ostrow Jews murdered. Wehrmacht occupies Lodz, Radom, and Tarnow.

1941 Leningrad encircled. 900 day siege begins.

1943 Over 5,000 Jews expelled Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Over 3,400 Moravska Ostrava Jews to Auschwitz. Italy announces its surrender. Germans move to occupy Rome.

1944 First V2 Bomb lands in Britain.

September 9th.

1936 Goering’s 4 Year Plan announced

1941 1,279 Alytus Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 740 Butrimonys Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 2,000 Lublin Jews murdered in Majdanek. 1,800 Kislowodsk Jews murdered. Furthest East Jews have been murdered in The Final Solution.

1943 Allies land at Salerno.

1944 Bulgaria and Allies sign Armistice. Some 7,335 Jews from Bulgaria murdered. Paris occupied by French Provisional Government. 75,000 Jews from France have already been murdered.

September 10th.

1939 23 Rawa Mazowiecka Jews murdered. Massacre was witnessed by Leni Riefenstahl. Reported to Hitler. General Franz Halder, of Hitler’s General Staff, noted in his Diary an account of the mass murder of 50 Jews.

1941 6,000 Vilna Jews are murdered in Ponary Woods. 854 Merkine Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 831 Varena Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Full scale offensive against Kiev commences.

1942 8,000 Sanok Jews murdered.

1943 Germans occupy Rome. Germans control Northern Italy.

1944 Russians capture Prague.

September 11th.

1939 560 Ostrow Jews murdered. 12 Karwodrza Jews murdered. Odilo Globocnik appointed HSSPF for Lublin. Admiral Wilhelm Canaris reports knowledge of atrocities to Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel, OKW.

1940 Quanza refused leave to disembark Jewish refugees in America or Mexico.

1941 7,000 Rudel Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered in the Stasino Gravel Pit at Stolin. 953 Seirijai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 155 Leipalingis Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 7,000 Jews murdered at Stolin. Resistance took place to prevent the eventual Stolin tragedy, but ill equipped and out manoeuvred, Jewish Resistance in Stolin could not prevent the eventual massacre. 5,000 Warsaw Ghetto Jews murdered at Treblinka.

1943 German raids against Nice, France, Jews commence. Family ‘transports’ from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz.

1944 Chaim Weizmann pleads for RAF to bomb approaches to Auschwitz. British troops arrive in Holland.

September 12th.

1938 Jews prevented from attending cultural events.

1939 3 Czermno Jews murdered. Hitler is aboard his Command Train near Ilnau.

1941 3,334 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children are murdered in Ponary Woods. 414 Simnas Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 Total of 265,000 Warsaw Jews have been murdered at Treblinka in just 7 weeks. 15,000 Lodz Ghetto Jews murdered in 8 day operation. Abraham Jakob Krzepicki escapes from Treblinka. Ringelblum archive afforded vital evidence. Refugee Jews in Belgium rounded up and held in Mechelen Concentration Camp. Battle of Stalingrad begins.

1944 Allied troops on the German border.

September 13th.

1933 Race theory is to be practised in all German schools.

1937 Jews in ‘protective custody’ can be released if emigrating.

1939 53 Warsaw Jews murdered. 35 Mielec Jews murdered.

1941 11 Piotrkow Judenrate Members murdered. Einsatzgruppe Radio Transmissions stopped.

1942 4,000 Checiny Jews murdered Treblinka. Battle for Stalingrad under way.

1943 Lida Ghetto liquidated. Rumour mounts that Globocnik has been accumulating wealth from his ideological role! Globocnik relieved of his Command, ‘Operation Reinhard.’ Globocnik posted to partisan front in Yugoslavia as HSSPF Adriatic.

1944 Russian forces on Slovak border.

September 14th.

1930 Nazis secure 18.3% of the votes cast. 107 seats in Reichstag Elections. Over 6,400,000 votes gained.

1939 14 Pultusk Jews murdered. 7 Nowe-Miasto Jews murdered. Heydrich announces to his department heads annexation of Poland. Wehrmacht occupies Przemysl.

1941 Berdichev Ghetto Liquidated.

1943 Over 1,000 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz. Vilna Judenrate Chairman, Jacob Gens is murdered by SD.

September 15th.

1935 The Racist Nuremberg Laws are passed. National Citizens Law. Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour. Marriage and extra Marital relations between Jews and ‘aryans’ forbidden. Reich Flag Law. The Swastika is the symbol of the State. All on this National Socialist German Workers Party, NSDAP Day. For European Jewry, ‘Lawlessness’ became the Law promulgated against them. September 17th. 1917 Hitler awarded Bavarian Service Cross.

1938 Neville Chamberlain again meets Hitler over Sudetenland.

1939 14 Mielec Jews murdered. 4 Strzyzow Jews murdered. Wehrmacht occupies Bialystok. Russians administer Town until ‘Operation Barbarossa,’ Hitler’s planned attack upon Russia.

1941 150,000 Jews deported to Transnistria. 90,000 die. 16,873 Berdichev Jews have been murdered. Slovakia adopts Nuremberg Laws. German Jewry must wear Jewish Badge.

1942 1,500 Kamionka Strumilova Jews murdered at Belzec. 1,400 Radziechow Jews murdered. 500 Dobre Jews murdered at Treblinka.

1943 Kovno Ghetto becomes Concentration Camp.

1944 Colonel Murray Bernays, of the War Department’s Special Project Branch, proposes part of the framework that will be used in Nuremberg. Bernays proposes treating the Nazi regime as a criminal plot. William Chanler, a friend of Secretary of War Stinson, suggests another part of the framework: making the waging of a war of aggression a crime.

September 16th.

1939 16 Aleksandrow Jews murdered.

1941 24,000 Uman Jews murdered by Wehrmacht troops. More than 25,412 Uman Jews will be murdered. Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel orders reprisal action at a ratio of 100/1.

1942 Final ‘resettlement’ of 55,000 Lodz Jews to Chelmno. 6,000 Jedrzejow Jews murdered Treblinka. Wehrmacht enters Stalingrad.

1943 More than 37,000 Italian Jews were under direct threat from the Germans.

September 17th.

1933 The Central Representative Body of German Jews, ‘Reichsvertretung der Deutschen Juden’ established. Rabbi Leo Baeck and Otto Hirsch are the representatives of the only official representative body of German Jews.

1939 20 Laskarzew Jews murdered. Russia occupies Eastern Poland.

1940 Hitler postpones ‘Operation Sealion,’ attack on Britain.

1941 3,000 Lomza Jews murdered at Galczyn Forest. Some 1,271 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children, and as many as 2,000, are murdered in Ponary Woods. Severe famine hits Kiev.

1944 Attack on Arnhem begins.

September 18th.

1939 Hitler was aboard his Command Train at Gogolin and then moved to the Hotel Cosins at Zoppot.

1941 German Jews being deported.

1942 Reich decree between Himmler and Reich Minister of Justice. Food ration for Jews in Germany reduced. Otto Thierack for Jewish extermination through work policy, ‘Vernichtung durch Arbeit.’

1943 2,000 Minsk Jews murdered at Sobibor. Week long deportation of families from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz completed.

1946 The First part of Emmanuel Ringelblum’s ‘Oneg Shabbat’ is discovered in Warsaw.

September 19th.

1930 Goebbels threatens that any attempt upon Hitler’s life will be met by a ‘pogrom’ against the Jewish Population of Germany.

1939 100 Lukow Jews murdered. Hitler enters Danzig.

1940 Polish women banned from serving in Jewish Homes.

1941 Zhitomir Ghetto liquidated. 10,000 Zhitomir Jews were murdered. Over 27,000 Zhitomir Jews will be murdered. German Jews to wear Jewish Badge. Germans capture Kiev. Advance party of Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel’s ‘SonderKommando 4a’ arrives in Kiev. Jews of Slovakia, Bohemia and Moravia to wear Yellow Star of David.

1942 3,500 Zamosc Jews murdered.

1943 Sonderkommando 1005 finishes with Babi Yar.

September 20th.

1939 33 Sieradz Jews murdered. 20 Siedlce Jews murdered. Radios owned by Jews in Greater Germany are confiscated.

1940 Hitler orders the go ahead for Operation Barbarossa. The Jewish Question now moves toward a destructive resolve.

1941 1,000’s of Kovno Jews murdered in the synagogue. 403 Nemencing Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1943 Over 1,400 Belgian Jews to Auschwitz.

September 21st.

1938 Britain and France suggests Czechoslovakia accept Hitler’s terms.

1939 Heydrich issues his directive for der Einsatzgruppe to establish Jewish Ghettos under Jewish Council control. Heydrich reaffirms role for Poland.

1941 Sk4a Commander Paul Blobel arrives in Kiev.

1942 48,000 Warsaw Jews murdered Treblinka in 2 week operation. ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ arrived at Birkenau to dispose of the evidence of 107,000 previously buried mass murders.

1943 Over 900 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

September 22nd.

1933 The Reich Chamber of Culture ‘Reichkulturkammergesetz,’ is established. Reich’s Culture Ministry Law: Exclusion of Jewish writers and artists. German Jews are banned from the fields of journalism, art, literature, music, broadcasting, entertainment mediums and the theatre. Law banning Jews from the provision of art, broadcasting, entertainment, journalism, literature and music.

1938 Neville Chamberlain meets with Hitler.

1939 Reich Main Security Office ‘Reichssicherheitshauptamt’ RSHA established.

1941 Over 28,000 Vinnitsa Jews murdered. More than 37,000 Jews of Vinnitsa will eventually be murdered. All 2,000 Litin Jews murdered. 1,159 Novo-Wilejka Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 Czestochowa Ghetto liquidated. ‘Sonderkommando 1005’ arrives at Sobibor to dispose of the evidence of 250,000 murders.

September 23rd.

1936 Concentration Camp opens at Sachsenhausen with 1,000 incarcerated.

1939 First Polish Women prisoners sent to Ravensbrueck.

1940 Himmler authorises ‘Max Heiliger’ account for Jewish monies and valuables plundered from them.

1941 Over 3,450 Ejszyszki Jews are murdered. Entire Jewish Population of Krasnaya Gora murdered by Wehrmacht Troops. Gassing tests continue at Auschwitz. Rudolf Hoess, the Auschwitz Kommandant, found the use of Zyklon ‘B’, a Hydrocyanic Gas, formerly used as a pesticide, to be even more effective in the destruction of the Jewish People. The ratio of 8-10 grams per Cubic Metre would result in total asphyxiation within a 15 minute period. Zyklon ‘B’ was easy to pack, transport and store in their sealed cans.

1943 Vilna Ghetto liquidated. 3,700 Vilna Jews are sent to various Labour Camps, Vaivara included. 4,000 Vilna Jews are transported and murdered at Sobibor. Minsk Ghetto Jews expelled to Sobibor. Remaining Lida Ghetto Jews expelled to Sobibor. More than 14,200 Lida Jews are eventually murdered. Remaining Riga Ghetto Jews expelled to Sobibor. More than 30,000 Jews from Riga murdered.

1944 Massacre of Jews at Klooga Concentration Camp. Jewish Deportations recommence from Slovakia. Russian forces retake Reval.

September 24th.

1934 Militarised Standby Troops ‘Verf├╝gungstruppen’ are commissioned as part of the SS, but supposedly to be placed under Wehrmacht jurisdiction in War time.

1939 At Zyardow Stadium Jews endure 10 days of confinement without food.

1940 ‘Jud Suess’ premieres in Berlin.

1941 1,767 Riesa Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Russian Intelligence set booby traps in Kiev for Germans.

1942 Jewish Ghetto Uprising in Tuchin. 3,000 Jews escape. 1,000 later caught and murdered.

September 25th.

1935 A protocol from Walter Gross’s Racial Policy Office confirmed that the Jews would face all consequences as a result of another War on two fronts.

1941 Kherson Ghetto finally Liquidated. More than 15,410 Kherson Jews were murdered. 575 Jahiunai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. SS Obergruppenfuhrer Friedrich Jeckeln assembles his forces for liquidation of Kiev’s Jews.

1942 2,000 Kaluszyn Jews murdered Treblinka. Koretz Ghetto Uprising. 700 Stanislawow Jews murdered Treblinka. 700 Romanian Jews deported from Drancy Camp to Auschwitz gassed, along with deported French Jews.

1943 Russians retake Smolensk. All Ghettos in Byelorussia to be liquidated.

September 26th.

1938 Hitler declares no territorial demands to be made, after Sudetenland.

1941 8,000 Jews of Swieciany are murdered in the nearby Woods. 4,000 Jews of Eisysky murdered. 3,700 Jews of Polygon are murdered in the nearby Woods. 1,608 Kovno Jewish Men, Women, Children and Sick murdered at Fort IV. A German conference is held to discuss the position of the Jews of Kiev. Participating in this meeting are: Major Gen. Friedrich Georg Eberhardt, the City’s Military Governor, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Friedrich Jeckeln, HSSPF, SS Brigadefuhrer Dr. Otto Rasch, Einsatzgruppe ‘C’ Commanding Officer, and SS Standartenfuhrer Paul Blobel Sonderkommando 4a Commander. Kiev’s Jewish Synagogues are attacked and Jews found within them are taken to be murdered.

1942 4,000 Biala Podlaska Jews murdered Treblinka.

1944 Final stage of Kaiserwald Camp evacuation completed. Wehrmacht cleared from Estonia. Some 4,000 Jews from Estonia were murdered.

September 27th.

1934 Great Britain, France and Italy declare their support for an Independent Austria.

1938 Decree disallowing Jewish Lawyers ability to practice. Dr. Heinrich Rothmund, Swiss Chief of Police, seeks stem flood of Jewish refugees to Switzerland. Meets with Werner Best, Gestapo and Gustav Roediger, Foreign Office to sign Red ‘J’ decree.

1939 Warsaw surrenders. Dachau cleared to make way for Waffen SS training camp. Inmates sent to Mauthausen.

1940 Tripartite Treaty concluded between Germany, Italy and Japan.

1941 3,446 Eysisky Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. More of Kiev’s Jewish Synagogues are raided and many more Kievan Jews are murdered. Heydrich becomes ‘Reich Protector of Bohemia and Moravia.’

1942 13,000 Kozienice Jews murdered Treblinka. 1,000 Kolbiel Jews murdered Treblinka. 300 Tuchin Jews return to Ghetto and are murdered.

September 28th.

1938 Hitler threatens Czechoslovakia. 1939 500 Przemysl Jews murdered in 2 week period. Poland surrenders.

1941 1,000’s of Kremenchug Jews murdered at Peschanoye. Over 1,000 Germans killed in Kiev by Russian bombs. Jews of Kiev ordered to assemble.

1944 Over 2,400 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz. Churchill announces formation of Jewish Brigade.

September 29th.

1933 Hitler approves the Decree banning German Jews from farming.

1938 Munich Conference attended by Hitler, Mussolini, Neville Chamberlain, Britain’s Prime Minister and Edouard Daladier, France’s Premier. Czechoslovakia is forced to accede the Sudetenland. Jews of Germany prisoners of Allied latency. Britain signs a Friendship Treaty with Germany.

1939 Hitler clearly avows that Poland will cease to exist as a separate state. Wehrmacht marches into Warsaw. Germany and Russia agree on spoils of War and Poland is partitioned. Russia signs pacts with Estonia and Finland. More than 2,000,000 Jews under German control, with 1,300,000 in Russian sphere of Poland. SS deports more than 8,000 Jews from Pultusk.

1941 First Day of the Babi-Yar Action. Murders undertaken by SK4a, Waffen SS and members of Poliziergiment South.

1942 800 Serniki Jews attempt to escape. 500 are killed.

1944 Over 1,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 9, ‘The Einsatzgruppen Case’, begins. Twenty Four defendants, all leading and active members of these Einsatzgruppen, the German mobile killing units, are charged with the murders and ill-treatment of POWs and of the civilian population in occupied territories. They are also charged that in search of that aim they acted with a wanton destruction that could not be justified by military necessity.

September 30th.

1938 Jewish Medical Certification ban comes into force. Jewish Doctors may only nurse Jewish patients.

1941 Second Day of the Babi-Yar Action. Combined Action sees the total of 33,771 of Kiev’s Jews murdered. Einsatzgruppe detailed this very slaughter in their own Operational Situation Reports (OSR’s). 1,446 Trakai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. 700 Berezhany Jews murdered.

1942 16,000 Lodz Jews murdered Chelmno in week-long exercise. 10,000 Zelechow Jews murdered Treblinka. 4,000 Parysow Jews murdered Treblinka.

1943 25 Prisoners from the SK 1005 task attack their SS overseers. Barely 14 managed to Survive and escape while all others were shot.

1946 Judgement on Major War Criminals at Nuremberg is given.