November 1st.

1935 Reich Citizenship Law additionally disqualifies Jews from German citizenship.

1941 Belzec Death Camp, is now under construction and becomes part of the Aktion Reinhard Camp system. Theresienstadt Ghetto suggested as a showcase Ghetto. Grodno Ghetto established. 20,000 Jews Enclosed.

“..God fearing representatives of ..Catholic Lithuanian nation liquidated four truckloads of Jews. ..All Saints Day. ..did not disturb ..executions.” Kazimierz Sakowicz.

1942 First deportation from Bialystok District to Treblinka. Commencement of deportation of Plonsk’s Jews to Auschwitz.

1943 Rudolf Hoess leaves Auschwitz.

November 2nd.

1938 Hitler awards parts of Czechoslovakia to Hungary and Italy in violation of the ‘Munich Pact’.

1942 Over 100,000 Jews in the Bialystok Region held in Camps at: Bogusze, Keilbasin, Volkovysk and, Zambrow. Eventually, Bialystok Jews deported to Auschwitz and Treblinka. 6,000 Siemiatycze Jews deported. 4,300 Bilgoraj Jews murdered at Belzec. 2,500 Zolochev Jews murdered at Belzec. 2,000 Ostryna Jews murdered in Birkenau. Further action against 2,000 Jews of Izbica Lubelska. Barely a handful of Izbica Jews remain. Izbica Lubelska declared ‘Judenrien’.

1944 Last gassings at Auschwitz. Deportations from Budapest resume. 50,000 Budapest Jews are evacuated toward Vienna. 10,000 of these are murdered as a result of their incapacity, or failure to move.

November 3rd.

1941 1,535 Lazdijai Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

“..Kiev. ..thought ..action would only involve 5,000 ..6,000 Jews ..more than 30,000 Jews reported.” OSR No. 128.

1942 7,000 Tomaszow Mazowiecki Jews murdered at Treblinka. 4,000 Radoszyce Jews murdered at Treblinka.

1943 Operation Harvest Festival, ‘Erntefest’ begins. Majdanek Death Camp is being liquidated. 18,400 Jews are murdered in ‘Erntefest.’ Lublin’s Lipowa Street Camp liquidated. 2,500 Jews murdered.

1944 Russians occupy two thirds of Hungary. Russians nearing Budapest.

1947 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 4 ends. Fifteen defendants are convicted of their crimes, Three defendants are sentenced to death, including Pohl, and the remainder receive varying prison terms. 3 defendants are acquitted.

November 4th.

1921 ‘StormAbteilungen,’ the Stormtroopers or SA is formed.

1940 Jewish Civil Servants dismissed in Holland.

1941 Lodz Ghetto deportations completed. Over 20,000 German Jews already deported there.

1942 1,000 Brzezany Jews murdered at Belzec.

1943 Trawniki Camp liquidated. 8,000 Jews murdered in ‘Erntefest.’ Over 2,800 Jews from Szebnie Labour Camp to Auschwitz.

November 5th.

1937 Hitler hosts Hossbach Conference. This was the convening of a War Cabinet. Minutes were taken by Colonel Friedrich Hossbach, Hitler’s Military Adjutant. Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, General Werner Freiherr von Fritzsche, Hermann Goering, Constantin Freiherr von Neurath and Admiral Erich Raeder in attendance.

1942 3,000 Skarzysko-Kamienne Jews murdered at Treblinka. 400 Skarzysko-Kamienne Jewish Elderly and Children are murdered. 745 Elderly Jews from Paris murdered in Birkenau. Europa Rescue Plan. Rommel defeated at El Alamein.

1943 Poniatowa Camp liquidated. 14,000 Jews murdered, in ‘Erntefest.’ Unlike Babi Yar, which denotes the single most concentrated action against Jews in a single geographical area, ‘Erntefest’ specified a single action which amounted to a colossal account of more than 42,500 Jews murdered under a single banner action! 1,500 Jews from Krychow Labour Camp murdered.

1944 British troops in Salonika.

November 6th.

1932 Nazis secure 33.1% share of the popular vote with 196 seats in Final democratic Reichstag Election. They are down 34 seats, losing over 2,000,000 votes and over 4% of the popular vote.

1941 15,000 Kovno Jews murdered. 1,341 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Heydrich reminds Quartermaster General Wagner of his role in Jewish Question. This is an acknowledgement that ‘The Final Solution’ is to be resolved.

“..I have been entrusted for years with ..task of preparing solution of ..Jewish Question.” Reinhard Heydrich.

1942 Over 170,000 Jews murdered in 6 day period at Belzec, Birkenau and Treblinka.

1943 500 Jews from Szebnie Labour Camp murdered. Russians retake Kiev. More than 150,000 Kievan Jews were murdered.

November 7th.

1938 Herschel Grynszpan shoots German Embassy official, Ernst vom Rath, over treatment of his Family at Zbaszyn.

1939 Mass resettlement of Jews from Western Poland.

1941 20,000 Bobruisk Jews murdered. Eventually, some 35,000 Jews will be murdered from here. 13,000 Jews from Minsk murdered in Tuchinka Forest.

1942 4,500 Konskie Jews murdered at Treblinka. 3,000 Lukow Jews murdered. 1,500 Miedzyrzec Jews murdered at Treblinka. 1,000 Jews in Drancy sent to Auschwitz.

1944 Russian forces at Lake Balaton.

November 8th.

1923 Hitler’s Munich Putsch fails.

1937 The Eternal Jew, ‘der Ewige Jude’ exhibition opens in Munich.

1941 Over 17,000 Rovno Jews murdered in Sosenki Forest in 2 day period. Chelmno (Kulmhof) Death Camp is established by Christian Wirth, Inspector of Death Camps. Dr. Irmfried Eberl, is Chelmno’s first Kommandant. Chelmno lies in close proximity to Lodz in the Warthegau. Lvov Ghetto established.

1942 1,000 Zbaraz Jews murdered at Belzec. American and Allied Forces land in North Africa.

1944 Eichmann has deported 50,000 Jews from Budapest to Buchenwald, Ravensbrueck and toward Vienna in Austria. 10,000 of these are murdered en-route.

November 9th.

1918 World War I ends.

1938 Ernst vom Rath dies. Hitler authorizes Goering to deal with all Jewish political issues. Night of Broken Glass, ‘Kristallnacht’, orchestrated throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland. Over 200 synagogues ransacked and destroyed. 7,500 Jewish Shops looted. Over 50,000 Jews removed to Concentration Camps at Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen. Over 240 Jews are killed. Hitler now endorses Madagascar Plan.

1939 Lodz incorporated into Reich.

1942 4,000 Piaski Jews murdered at Majdanek. 1,100 Skalat Jews murdered at Belzec.

November 10th.

1937 Hossbach Memorandum, ‘Hossbach Niederschrift.’ Hitler informs his High Command of his plans to dominate Europe Militarily and Racially.

1938 Nuremberg Rally when 100,000 Germans celebrate success of ‘Kristallnacht.’ Italy adopts anti-Semitic racial laws.

1942 6,300 Mlawa Jews murdered at Treblinka.

November 11th.

1918 Armistice signed at Compiegne. The end of World War One.

1923 Hitler imprisoned in Landsberg.

1938 Bratislava, Slovakia Jews are killed during a pogrom. Heydrich report to Goering lists numbers in ‘protective custody’ after ‘Kristallnacht’.

1939 Lodz Ghetto Judenrat ordered to meet. 600 Ostrow Mazowiecki Jews murdered by Wehrmacht.

1940 Warsaw Ghetto is official.

1942 5,000 Slutsk Jews murdered. 1,060 Greek Jews in Paris deported to Auschwitz. 1,000 Leczna Jews murdered at Majdanek. Wehrmacht occupies Vichy. Italians occupy Nice.

1943 300 Theresienstadt Jews die during roll call.

November 12th.

1918 Friedrich Ebert proclaims aims of new Germany.

1932 Schacht is set to ensure the Reich belongs to Hitler.

1933 Nazis secure 93% of votes in a rigged Reichstag Election with only Nazi Party candidates permitted.

1938 Goering Conference discusses 1,000,000,000 Reichsmarks fine to be applied to German Jews for cost of ‘Kristallnacht’. German Insurers pay out a total of 10,000,000RM to the Reich. Goering toys with idea of removing Heydrich and Gestapo from Jewish ‘evacuation’-cum-’emigration’ programme. Reinhard Heydrich proposes ‘Jewish Badge.’ Hitler does not wish to see Jews so marked just yet, as a precursor to their being expelled from all of German society. Heydrich proposes a German equivalent of Eichmann’s Vienna model for the expulsion of Jews from Germany. Joseph Goebbels urges Jews are kept from public parks. Jews not allowed to attend concerts, cultural events or movies.

1939 Shield of David, ‘Mogen David’ to be worn by Lodz Jews. Heydrich orders removal of all Jews from Warthegau.

November 13th.

1942 2,500 Wlodzimierz Wolynski Jews murdered after Resisting.

1944 The Budapest Ghetto, Hungary is established. 70,000 Jews are Enclosed. This is the last Nazi Ghetto to be created.

November 14th.

1935 The First decree for the National Law of Citizenship is established. Jews denied voting rights. Jews forbidden to hold public office. All Jewish civil service employees discharged, including WWI veterans. Definition of whole ‘Jews’ declares, for the first time, that anyone who has two Jewish grandparents and is a member of the Jewish religious community, and anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents is a Jew. The ‘Mischlinge,’ Jew or mixed race or part Jew is also designated. There are between 250,000 and 500,000 Germans who are categorised as Mischlinge. The First decree for the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour is established. Marriage between Jews and non­-Jews prohibited. Jewish children not allowed facilities of playgrounds. Jewish Children denied use of ‘aryan’ lockers in all establishments.November 24th. 1933 German Law against ‘Habitual and Dangerous Criminals’ allows compulsory castration of ‘hereditary’ criminals. Albert Einstein leaves Germany and settles in America.

1939 Kalisz Jews to wear Yellow Star.

1941 9,000 Slonim Jews murdered at Czepielow. All Protectorate Jews arriving in Riga and Minsk, shot upon arrival.

1942 500 Makow Jews murdered at Treblinka.

November 15th.

1935 German Churches supply Nazis with Baptismal details. This is a collaborative effort to identify the Jewish Community.

1938 Jewish Children expelled from all German Schools.

1939 Estate commission ‘Fideikommissariat’ established to plunder Jewish businesses in Poland. Nazis commence destruction of all Synagogues in Lodz. Russians return expelled Jews into German territory.

1940 Warsaw Ghetto sealed. Wolomin Ghetto, Poland established. 3,000 Jews Enclosed.

1941 115 Wilkowiski Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. Wehrmacht held outside Moscow.

1942 4,000 Zamosc Jews murdered at Belzec. Zamosc declared ‘Judenrein’. More than 12,500 Zamosc Jews were murdered. 3,000 Tarnow Jews murdered.

1943 Over 1,100 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

November 16th.

1941 Goebbels repeats, in Das Reich, Hitler’s prophecy if Jews were to start a world war.

1943 Over 990 Dutch Jews to Auschwitz.

November 17th.

1937 Britain appeases Hitler over Sudetenland.

1943 Jewish partisans liberate Jews in Borshchev.

November 18th.

1936 German Condor Legion joins with Franco’s Fascists in Spain.

1938 Hitler declares that Jewish Capital in Germany belongs to the German people. American Virgin Islands offered as a haven for Jewish refugees. Never ratified by America.

1939 Cracow Jews ordered to wear ‘Star of David’ armband. All Jewish Bank Accounts in Poland Frozen.

“..all Jews will bear ..armbands with ..’Shield of David’ as ..identification.” Hans Frank.

1940 All Jewish Cooperatives banned in Poland.

1941 Rosenberg notifies the German Press of the ongoing ‘final solution’ and that its resolve could only be accomplished by the ‘biological extermination of all the Jews of Europe.’

1942 5,000 Lvov Jews murdered at Belzec. 4,000 Przemysl Jews murdered at Belzec. Lvov Ghetto becomes a Labour Camp.

1943 Heaviest Air Raid by RAF on Berlin.

1944 American troops have crossed German Border.

November 19th.

1941 171 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered.

1942 2,700 Wyszogrod Jews murdered at Treblinka. Russia counterattacks at Stalingrad.

“..I get frightened when I think of close friends who have now been delivered into ..hands of ..cruelest brutes that walk ..all because they are Jews.” Anne Frank.

1943 Janowska Camp Lvov Uprising. Some 80,000 Jews were murdered here.

November 20th.

1941 7,000 Minsk Jews murdered in Tuchinka Forest. More than 25,000 Jews were murdered in the Tuchinka Forest. Dr. Friedrich Mennecke conducts experiments on 850 Women at Ravensbrueck.

1942 120 Wisznice Jews murdered.

1943 British 8th. Army crosses Sangro.

1944 The Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, begin. The trial of the major war criminals by the International Military Tribunal begins at 10 a.m. in Nuremberg, Germany.

November 21st.

1938 Objections to German ‘Persecution of Minorities’ raised by Britain’s Parliament.

1942 4,000 Suchedniow Jews murdered at Treblinka. 1,500 Szczekociny Jews murdered.

1944 The defendants enter their pleas of “Not Guilty.” Goering tries to make a statement, but is prevented by the Court from doing so. Justice Robert Jackson delivers his opening statement for the prosecution.

November 22nd.

1942 2,500 Zolkiew Jews murdered at Belzec. The Judenrat at Zolkiew had been Chaired by one Leon Feldhandler, a leader of the Uprising at Sobibor. 200 Serokomia Jews murdered. Russian counter offensive begins.

1943 Cairo Conference begins.

November 23rd.

1939 Jews in General Government must wear the Jewish Badge.

“..I must in all modesty say that my own person is indispensable. Neither a military nor a civilian personality could replace me…. I am convinced of the strength of my brain and my resolution . ..fate of ..Reich ..dependent entirely upon me.” Adolf Hitler.

1941 Over 29,000 Odessa Jews murdered. 1,500 Poltova Jews murdered.

1942 10,000 Szydlowiec Jews murdered at Treblinka.

November 24th.

1938 Palestine will not be considered a primary refuge for Jews, Churchill decides.

1940 Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join the Axis.

1942 Rabbi Wise releases Riegner Report at Press Conference. This provides confirmation that Europe’s Jews are being slaughtered by the Nazis.

November 25th.

1936 Anti-Comintern Pact signed by Germany and Japan in order to forestall Russian interests.

1937 Military pact between Germany and Japan signed .

1938 500 Concentration Camp inmates delivered to Furstenburg. Construction of the Women’s Camp Ravensbrueck.

1939 Jews in Poland must have properties outwardly identifiable.

1940 Patria sunk. 250 of 2,000 Jewish refugees killed.

1941 2,934 Jewish Men, Women and Children of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt murdered at Kovno’s Fort IX. 64 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Children murdered. All Jewish assets to be seized upon deportation.

1942 Jews deported from Bergen to Auschwitz.

1944 Birkenau ceases its operations.

November 26th.

1942 All Reich Jewish Armaments workers to be replaced by Poles.

1944 Himmler orders destruction of the Birkenau crematorium.

November 27th.

1933 Strength through Joy ‘Kraft durch Freude’ or KdF is established to ensure that all leisure activities of the German people, ‘der Truer Volk’ exist to promote only the aims of the Nazi Party. A Transfer Company is established in Tel Aviv to facilitate the immigration of German Jews and the transfer of their property.

1936 Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister, censors all Film Critique.

1941 Over 10,000 Riga Jews murdered in Rumbuli Forest. Many of these are from 19 transports of German Jews. In Czechoslovakia, Theresiendstadt, or Terezin (its German name) is established as the model ghetto.

1942 2,750 Buczacz Jews murdered at Belzec. 2,000 Tlumacz Jews murdered at Belzec.

“..Polish Jews are being exterminated together with Jews from other occupied countries. ..transported on Polish territory.” Stanislaw Mikolajczyk.

1943 Birkenau Crematorium blown up.

November 28th.

1940 The Film, The Eternal Jew, ‘Der Ewige Jude,’ is premiered in Berlin.

1941 Hitler meets Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini appraised on ‘Final Solution’ and offers Arab support.

“..sole German objective in ..region will be to liquidate all Jews who live in Arab countries under ..patronage of Great Britain.” Adolf Hitler.

1942 2,500 Mosciska Jews murdered at Belzec.

1943 Teheran Conference between, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin begins.

November 29th.

1936 Democracy, Liberalism invented by Jews, so declares Walther Darre, German Minister of Agriculture.

1939 Himmler orders death penalty for German Jews refusing deportation.

1941 3,500 Borislav Jews murdered. 2,000 Jewish Men, Women and Children of Vienna and Breslau murdered at Kovno’s Fort IX. 18 Kovno Jewish Men and Women murdered at Fort IX. Wannsee Conference date set. SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger signed off on a document we know today as the Jaeger Report in which he and his Einsatzkommando 3 murdered a Total of 137,346 Lithuanians, mostly Jews.

1944 The prosecution introduces a film shot by Allied photographers in liberated areas. The graphic footage of Nazi horrors causes weeping in the courtroom. Some defendants appeared shocked by what they see; others seem bored.

November 30th.

1938 Decree disallowing Jewish Lawyers’ ability to practice comes into force, they can only act as Jewish Consultants.

1939 Russia invades Finland. Lipowa Concentration Camp established in Lublin.

1941 Riga Ghetto is liquidated, the so called ‘largeaktion’. 30,000 Riga Jews murdered at Rumbuli Forest. Amongst these Jews of the ‘largeaktion’ are German Jews. Chelmno Death Camp opens for the murders of local Jews in the ‘gassing vans.’ 5,000 Novogrudok Jews murdered. Over 19,000 Odessa Jews were murdered in Camps and killing sites throughout Transnistria. Atmicetka, where some 5,000 Jews will be murdered. The killing site at Bogdanovka, where some 48,000 Jews will be murdered. Dumanovka, where some 18,000 Jews will be murdered. Vertugen, where some 23,000 Jews will be murdered. Lvov Ghetto established. Moscow free of Wehrmacht threat.

1942 Over 50,000 Polish Jews murdered at Belzec, Majdanek and Treblinka in 3 week period.

“..end ..November 1940 ..8,000 ..were at ..Oswiecim camps. ..political prisoners ..criminal ..Jews. This last group ..persecuted most of all. Scarcely any of them came out alive. ..death notices. ..received. ..December 20,260 ..were sent. ..200 bodies ..being burned in ..crematorium each week.” Polish Fortnightly Review.