February 1st.

1942 SS Economic Administrative Main Office, ‘Wirtschafts Verwaltungshauptamt’ WVHA established under SS Gruppenfuhrer Oswald Pohl, controlling Concentration Camps.

1943 2,000 Buczacz Jews murdered.

1945 Gross-Rosen Death March of 40,000 inmates.

February 2nd.

1933 All Political demonstrations in Germany are banned.

1943 Field Marshal Friedrich von Paulus and German 6th. Army, surrender at Stalingrad. 300,000 Germans are dead or captured. With the defeat of Hitler’s Armies here at Stalingrad, the need to destroy the very evidence of The Holocaust was conceived. ‘Sonderkommando 1005’, to be directed by Blobel’s punctilious effort, came into being.

1945 Red Cross discuss with SS relief of all Camps.

February 3rd.

1933 Hitler’s Lebensraum, his expansion plan is revealed. Der Sturmer is now an official organ of the party.

1939 Budapest Synagogue bombed.

1944 Over 980 Parisian Jews from Drancy to Auschwitz

February 4th.

1936 Wilhelm Gustloff, the Swiss Nazi Party Leader, is assassinated by David Frankfurter, a Jewish Student. It proves an expedient for Hitler, at this time, not to react, not to show indignation as will be witnessed with the Grynzspan affair in 1938.

1938 Joachim von Ribbentrop appointed Foreign Minister. Nazis in Austria set to take all Jewish business.

1945 Yalta Conference. Meeting at Yalta, FDR, Churchill and Stalin agree that a prosecution of Axis leaders should follow the expected conclusion of World War II.

February 5th.

1941 Romania issues Law for Protection of State.

1943 Jewish Resistance in Bialystok. 2,000 Jews are killed resisting.

February 7th.

1939 Alfred Rosenberg, Foreign Political Office, proposes a Jewish reserve for World Jewry.

“..What territories are ..democracies willing to provide for ..settling some 15,000,000 Jews.” Alfred Rosenberg.

1940 Warsaw Jews prevented from attending public libraries.

1943 First Armed Resistance in Warsaw Ghetto.

February 8th.

1940 Lodz Ghetto Established. More than 202,000 Jews are Enclosed. Lodz is One of the Nine Major Ghettoes Established. More than 8,200 Lodz Jews will die from Starvation in this 1st Year.

1942 First major deportations to Death Camps commence. Fritz Todt, Minister for Armaments and War Production, is killed. Hitler is back at the Wolfsschanze.

1943 Russians retake Kursk.

February 9th.

1939 More anti Jewish legislation passed in Italy.

1942 Albert Speer succeeds Fritz Todt.

1945 Allies reach the Rhine.

1948 Final Judgment in der Einsatzgruppe Case is delivered.

February 10th.

1935 Prohibition of gatherings urging Jews to remain in Germany.

1936 Gestapo placed above the law.

1939 Pope Pius XI dies.

1944 Over 1,200 Parisian Jews from Drancy to Auschwitz. Over 800 Dutch Jews from Westerbork to Auschwitz.

February 12th.

1933 Berlin’s ‘Bloody Sunday’ riots lead to the death of a Communist Party Member and injuries to 100’s of other’s. Jews are systematically targeted.

1940 First deportations of Jews from Germany, Pomerania to Lublin. Goering moves to stem flow of Jewish expulsions to Eastern Poland, except those from Lodz.

1941 Reich Protectorate decree demands all capital be declared by its Jews.

1942 Oswald Pohl issues instructions to Concentration Camps on maximum usage of inmates for ‘work’. Restricted to 10% of Camp population.

1943 Week-long resettlement at Bialystok ends. 10,000 Bialystok Jews murdered at Treblinka. Himmler and his entourage of 20 High Ranking Personnel in a fleet of 7 Cars, arrives at Sobibor to oversee the destructive capacity of the facility. Over 200 Female Jews from Lipowa, including 70 of Wlodowa’s “prettiest Jewish Females” are murdered for Himmler’s benefit! Later that day, Himmler and his party visit Treblinka.

1946 Chief Soviet Prosecutor Roman Rudenko examines Field Marshal Friedrich Paulus, who provides testimony relating to German activities in Eastern Europe that incriminates Goering, Jodl, and Keitel.

1948 Defense closing statement in der Einsatzgruppe Case is completed.

February 13th.

1941 First Amsterdam Jewish Council, ‘Joodse Raad,’ meets.

1942 Hamburg Jewish leaders murdered in Minsk Ghetto.

1948 Prosecution closing statement in der Einsatzgruppe Case is delivered.

February 14th

February 14th. 1942 “..Jews have deserved ..catastrophe that has now overtaken them. Their destruction will go hand in hand with ..destruction of our enemies. We must hasten this process with cold ruthlessness.” Josef Goebbels.

1943 Russians retake Rostov. Over 18,000 Rostov Jews were murdered.

1944 Himmler reduces Lodz Ghetto.

1945 Allied Air Raids devastate Dresden over 2 Nights. Russian forces liberate Buda part of Budapest. Budapest surrenders. More than 90,000 Jews reprieved by Russian forces.

February 15th.

1938 Artur Seyss-Inquart appointed Austrian Interior Minister.

1941 Kielce Ghetto taking in nearly 1,000 Viennese Jews per week.

1942 First massed Jewish gassing at Auschwitz. The realm of Auschwitz/Birkenau will incorporate 5 purpose-built Krematoria with their own gas chambers.

“..I have created a world power out of ..German Reich. I am boundlessly proud that I was blessed by Providence ..to lead this battle.” Adolf Hitler.

1943 Russians retake Voroshilovgrad.

1944 Cassino Monastery destroyed.

February 16th.

1937 German and Poland relations strengthened by Goering visit.

1944 Wehrmacht counters at Anzio.

1948 Dr. Irmfried Eberl commits suicide.

February 17th.

1934 Great Britain, France and Italy move to secure Austrian independence.

1941 Romania joins Hitler’s War effort.

1945 7 Sokoly Jewish Survivors murdered by locals. 4 year old, Tokele, is included in these shameful murders.

February 18th.

1940 Two Jewish Warsaw teenage girls raped in the Jewish cemetery by two Wehrmacht ‘officers’.

1941 Warsaw Ghetto Jewish Council seek loan from German Banks.

1943 Student unrest in Munich

1946 Russian prosecutors offer into evidence a 45-minute film, including footage from captured German films, showing shocking evidence of atrocities.

February 19th.

1940 Waffen SS training moves out of Dachau.

1948 Nuremberg War Crimes Trial, Case Number 7, ends. Eight defendants are found guilty of their crimes and are sentenced to varying periods of imprisonment. Two defendants are acquitted. Two other defendants committed suicide before the verdict was reached.

February 20th.

1933 Hitler wins over a group of leading German industrialists at a meeting designed for that purpose.

February 21st.

1939 Jews required to hand over gold and silver.

February 22nd.

1933 40,000 SA and SS sworn in as auxiliary Police.

1941 Beginning of action against Jews of Plock.

1944 Over 460 Fossoli Jews to Auschwitz. Over 80 Narva Jews to Auschwitz.

February 23rd.

1941 400 Amsterdam Jews sent to Buchenwald and Mauthausen.

1942 Struma is sunk. Over 700 Jewish Refugees drown.

1943 Stanislawow Ghetto Liquidated.

1945 Americans close in on Cologne.

February 24th.

1920 Nazi Party is born from the ‘Nationalsozialistischen Deutsche Arbeiter Party.’

1942 Over 30,000 Lodz Jews deported to Chelmno.

February 25th.

1932 Hitler granted German Citizenship.

1941 Dutch General Strike over deportation of Jews.

1943 First transports from Salonika to Auschwitz.

1944 Over 30 Viennese Jews to Auschwitz.

February 26th.

1924 Hitler’s trial begins.

1943 First Gypsy transport arrives at Auschwitz.

1944 Over 50 Sosnowiec Jews to Auschwitz.

February 27th.

1933 German Reichstag set on fire. Blame falls upon the Communists.

1943 Deportation of Jewish armament workers from Berlin to Auschwitz.

February 28th.

1933 President Hindenburg gives plenary powers to Hitler. Decree of the Reich President for the Protection of the Nation and State the ‘Reichstagsbrandverordnung,’ the Reichstag Fire Decree. Weimar Constitution all but annulled. All 100 Communist deputees are arrested.

1941 Entire Jewish population of Plock removed to Dzialdowo Camp and murdered.

1943 2,000 Stryj Jews murdered at Sobibor. Aktion 1005 begins at Treblinka.

February 29th.

1936 Cardinal August Hold, head of Catholic Church in Poland, issues his ‘pastoral letter’, discriminating against the Jewish People.