“..We shall regain our health only by eliminating ..Jews.” Adolf Hitler.

There has been this huge debate raging around the history of The Holocaust as to whether Hitler fully intended to Slaughter all the Jews of Europe? Added to this, as to whether Hitler’s Final Solution was a functional progression toward the Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children all adds to an irrelevance. All too often we debate the movement toward the Destruction when there is way too much devastation to contend with. The debate then is irrelevant when we attempt to comprehend the incomprehensible and we can simply overlook or fail to recognise the very Fact of the Catastrophe. As we know from history, though we cannot discern with exact measure what the total weight of the Catastrophe for the Jewish People might be, we know of its Veracity, we know too its Truth and we know for certain the Fact of it. We know with almost clinical approximation too that 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were removed from the face of the Earth by Hitler’s clear intention to do so.

“..Apologists for defeated nations are sometimes able to play upon ..sympathy and magnanimity of their victors ..so that ..true facts ..never authoritatively recorded ..become obscured ..forgotten. ..in ..absence of any authoritative judicial pronouncement ..a tolerant or a credulous people is exposed. With ..passage of time ..former tend to discount ..perhaps because of their very horror ..stories of aggression and atrocity ..latter ..credulous ..misled by perhaps fanatical and perhaps dishonest propagandists ..come to believe that it was not they but their opponents who were guilty of that which they would themselves condemn. And so we believe that this Tribunal ..acting ..as we know it will act notwithstanding its appointment by ..victorious powers ..with complete and judicial objectivity ..will provide a contemporary touchstone and an authoritative and impartial record to which future historians may turn for truth ..and future politicians for warning.” Sir Hartley Shawcross.

We cannot then become complacent when those who would seek to deny this exact Truth seemingly find an apologist’s excuse to extract Hitler from the midst of that maelstrom he ordered, orchestrated and ensured would achieve all its ghastly excesses. Certainly, and while we also know that in terms of reference, The Final Solution, die Endlosung der Judenfrage was to be the total Destruction of as many Jews as could be Murdered. That aim was total in all too many Countries. Whilst moving the killing operation in tandem with that other Hitler goal, Lebensraum, the room required to manoeuvre the Murder operation was presented to Hitler! There are many broad assumptions placed before the student of The Holocaust, but with unequivocal certainty, nothing motioned within the Reich without Hitler’s tacit approval.

“..first and foremost perpetrator was Adolf Hitler. ..without him it would have been inconceivable.” Raul Hilberg.

As we move on, into a history that grew darker with every moment of Hitler’s presence on the World stage, the presence of the Jewish People amongst us becomes a more precarious one. While we can be certain there was much debate as to how to progress the resolve which Hitler sought, it cannot be then denied that Hitler was either in control of his Reich, or he was not! We know for a fact that on March 20th, 1933, with the establishment of the Dachau Concentration Camp, Hitler had immediately sealed the fate of all those he saw as opponents to his regime or as a threat to his personal aspirations. This formative containment exercise would eventually include some 131,800 of Germany’s own Jews. The Jews of Germany, then Austria, the Czech lands and finally Poland, would all be caught within the immediacy of that Murderous resolve which Hitler would set for these Jews drawn into his Reich sphere of influence. Then there came the remaining Jews of Europe and Russia.

“..During ..Second World War ..war crimes were committed by ..Germans on an unprecedented scale. ..part and parcel of ..Nazi conception of total war ..carried out in pursuance of ..preconceived ..concerted plan to terrorize ..exploit ..inhabitants of invaded ..occupied territories and to exterminate those elements among them who might be found most inimical to German conquest and Nazi Domination.” Lord Russell of Liverpool.

The verdict on The Holocaust has yet to be made here before the advent of World War Two had struck, but the indictment of History is being answered already. With the awakening of an awful reality that Hitler has brought a turbulence to Europe and the World, with his hatred for the Jewish People gradually exposed, the move toward The Holocaust was gaining a certain momentum. That such a convulsive rage should be presented amidst an era of a World’s humanitarian civility, Hitler’s hatred has been written into the legislation of Hitler’s Reich. We know too that Hitler considered the Jews both threateningly opposing of his hatred for them and as a source of immense wealth which he could use to further establish his Reich outside German borders. As such, The Jewish People were to be a primary target, expendable in this life and indispensable in the after life. With due regard given to all Jewish possessions, lands and accommodations, moneys, valuables, art works, goods, and anything that could be netted by expulsion, containment and confinement, Hitler’s larcenous greed shone out from the supposed ideology of intent.

“..Once I really am in power ..my first ..foremost task will be ..annihilation of ..Jews. As soon as I have ..power to do so ..I will have gallows built in rows ..at ..Marienplatz in Munich ..as many as traffic allows. ..Jews will be hanged indiscriminately ..they will remain hanging until they stink ..they will hang there as long as ..principles of hygiene permit. As soon as they have been untied ..next batch will be strung up ..and so on down ..line ..until ..last Jew in Munich has been exterminated. Other cities will follow suit ..precisely in this fashion ..until all Germany has been ..cleansed of Jews.” Adolf Hitler.

As we continue to have the debate as to when Hitler formulated his Plan for ‘The Final Solution of The Jewish Question’, die Endlosung der Judenfrage, let us never forget that the Jewish People were being Murdered continuously during each and every episode of Hitler’s transition toward that eventual resolve. Ever since Hitler attained power over Germany, and this was back in 1933, Jews of Germany were threatened, bludgeoned and killed unremittingly. Certainly, there was an escalation of containment and Murder after 1938, when the Jewish People were blamed for all manner of wrongs. What the Evian Conference had failed to achieve, to give respite, relief, a margin of safety to the Jews under direct Hitler threat, not only abandoned the Jews but asserted for Hitler that the World would more or less acquiesce with all that he would achieve against the Jewish People.

July 14th. 1938 “..Jews for Sale at a Bargain price. Who Wants Them? No One!” German Newspaper.

While it cannot be possible that the Jewish People were at once the Capitalist money lenders and at the same time perceived and portrayed as the Communist antipathy of such a bourgeois concept, the muddle of fused intolerances bemuse. Hitler’s clear agenda ignored the obvious ludicrous nature of that particular lie. That the Jewish People were to be the God like masters of devilish design, and all other antagonisms railed against all other considerations. Hitler’s was a newer dimension to the stale approach which 2,000 years of antisemitic hatred had presented. Let me point the antisemites to their Bible! For in it we believe that God the Father sent his only Son to Die for us. So in that belief we accept that God alone delivered Jesus to the Cross, not the Jews, nor even the Romans who commanded the Jews of the time.

“..Where ..Jews were left to themselves ..in Poland ..most terrible misery and decay prevailed. ..In Poland this state of affairs has been fundamentally cleared up. If ..Jews there did not want to work ..they were shot. If they could not work ..they had to succumb. ..This was not cruel ..even innocent creatures ..have to be killed ..so that no harm is caused by them. Why should ..beasts who wanted to bring us Bolshevism be spared more.” Adolf Hitler.

The Jews were to be the be all and the end all of all that was wrong, with no discernible good given over to them. It was a totally warped presentation that was distinguishing Jewish People as a presence at the root of all evil. Not only was it absurd, it is not possible for a Communist to remain a Capitalist and have Socialist values encrusted with an ideal of status for a minority. The sheer idiocy of what Hitler convulsed was rarely countered by a very knowledgeable, a well cultured and a more than civilised German Society. So it is highly incongruous of us to even imagine how such a delinquent in life could so dupe a modern people with ideas and concepts from the Middle Ages? But the German people were duped and did not awaken to the destruction of their core belief until Hitler had fulfilled his master plan, the Destruction of the Jewish People.

“..final solution ..Jewish question ..result of long term planning. ..proved beyond doubt ..Germans themselves ..provided unchallengeable evidence in ..records ..returns ..inventories ..orders ..other documents ..all carefully preserved ..which fell into Allied hands after ..surrender of ..German forces in Europe.” Lord Russell of Liverpool.

Once Hitler’s Nazi thugs were set loose, and by a Hitler who had fully contrived the Kristallnacht assault of November 9th. 1938, what was unleashed upon the Jewish People, was defining. Some 267 synagogues were ransacked and destroyed. More than 7,500 Jewish Shops were scoured and looted, no doubt for an ideological gain, but consistent with an avarice readily admitted. With over 50,000 Jews being removed to the Concentration Camps, there was room to be had at Dachau, Buchenwald, Flossenburg and Sachsenhausen, where a differing precedent was being established. We know that this period was a staging post for a final resolve that would Murder, with impunity, any Jew within Hitler’s range and under the Reich yoke of oppression. Clearly, this was to be Hitler’s carefully thought out intention for the Jewish People of Germany and then Europe. With a removal of all their rights and establishing the Jews with an alien status fully applied to them, they would be treated with increasing terror and brutality.

” ..shall ..take ..Jewish Question toward its total solution. ..total elimination.”

das Schwarze Korps.

We must also decide Never to Forget, that while over 240 Jews were killed during these few days of 1938, we are obliged Always to Remember their innocent status. Know too, that when Hitler endorsed this Pogrom, it was a purge that the World looked upon, incredulous, impotent and with an immobile intransigence. The media of the time was resplendent with what Hitler was intent upon accomplishing and his endorsement of the much mooted Madagascar Plan, was voiced. With this Plan, supposedly to remove all Jews from the Map of Europe, Hitler was merely ruminating his threatening posture and detailing options en-route toward his final move and toward that eventual destructive force which would annihilate any Jew presented before any German Nazi. That final resolve Hitler had been careful to articulate and administer to those who would forward his plans from the drawing board to the killing field.

“..destruction of Poland is in ..foreground ..aim is ..elimination of living forces ..not ..arrival at a certain line. I shall give a propagandist cause for starting ..war ..never mind if it is plausible or not. ..victor will not be asked later on whether he told ..truth or not.” Adolf Hitler.

During his speech to the faithful at the Sportspalast on August 22nd. 1939, Hitler clearly enunciated his resolve to attack Poland, using subterfuge to get what he wants. If deceit did not work, Hitler would no doubt have bullied his way through toward the Russian border in preparation for his next exploit in Lebenraum. Hitler saw, with the ever expanding German borders, that Lebensraum was a stage toward the final elimination of all Jewish presence in and around German soil. Once War was engaged however, Hitler’s mind had fully settled upon his primary target, and that was the eventual route toward what History would fully recognise is, The Holocaust. Distance would then be sought which was to supposedly conceal all of his ‘Aktionen’ against the Jewish People. Under threat of a growing and escalating assault upon their integrity, the Jewish People had their vital opportunities to run, escape or evade the tragedy was fully removed. Though emigration was not fully countenanced by all too many Jewish People, even those who could afford to escape, who could have foreseen the final destruction in Hitler’s solution.

“..Today I will once more be a prophet. If ..international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging nations once more into a world war then ..result will not be .. bolshevization of ..earth and ..victory of Jewry ..but ..annihilation of ..Jewish race in Europe!” Adolf Hitler.

This speech, which Hitler made to the Reichstag on January 30th. 1941 could have easily been the utterings of Hitler as he surveyed, not only the assault upon Jewish integrity, but also the almost compliant lack of response from the Western World to that very Jewish plight! But then, how could anyone conceive of such a threat? In fact, could civilisation stoop so low as to allow what threats Hitler furnished to go unchecked, unanswered or without much of a protest. I do not propose things nor do I deal in the supposition of possibilities. What we know for a Fact is that Hitler hated the Jewish People with a clearly vocal passion. Of course it was an irrational hatred, that had already taken civilisation back 2,000 years. Then, as the German people were swept back into the Dark Ages, the Jewish People were Massacred on an unprecedented scale! For History, The Holocaust has widened our perceptions as to what we know so that we can alter and then set down, with an elementary understanding, just how to achieve the comprehension needed toward developing a better life for us all.

“..Jenghiz Khan had millions ..women ..children killed. ..I have sent ..East my ‘Death’s Head Units’ ..to kill ..all men ..women ..children. ..win ..vital space ..we need.” Adolf Hitler.

For all those learned in the History and escalation toward the final term we are aware is The Holocaust, we should all require the facts to be stated. What is not up for debate is the certainty that The Holocaust is the adoption of Hitler’s specific demands and the criteria he established which would deliver for him, The Final Solution. That solution was to be the final Destruction of the Jews of Europe. For all of History, what is recorded, above and beyond what we can possibly know, should be assessed, and this is to be verified by all manner of means. For The Holocaust itself, that clearly entails those closest to the maelstrom of The Catastrophe, delivering up an account that is so horrendous, that it is difficult to comprehend its placement. Also, and from amongst us, there is an incredulous certainty that such was the horror, that for all too long the comprehensiveness has been severely dented by the many who have no wish to retrieve their account for us. But who can blame them when we consider what it must have been like to endure, to persist and then Survive. It is for us that they are to be continually asked to recall.

“..only by fear ..torture ..starvation ..death ..Nazis ..opponents of ..regime ..and it was in this way that ..organisations of oppression gained ..experience ..training ..later put into practice abroad with such thoroughness and brutality ..that made the nightmare ..scourge of Occupied Europe.” Lord Russell of Liverpool.

The most important accounts, when those who delivered their evidence from within The Holocaust, and remained behind to afford humanity this barbaric legacy, is crucial to our understanding of what terms Genocide provide. We have both the Survivors, who deliver their Testimony with a certain value and we have the Perpetrator who admits into Evidence what they saw, what they witnessed, what they did and what they sought on behalf of Hitler. There is little ambiguity in what has been stated and what is being relayed to us by diverging sources. Where there are Witnesses who wish to corroborate what we know, who from a perspective of distance, whose knowledge or even intelligence based information swells the basis of what we know of, we add further to what is known. This all adds to a dimension which houses the overall framework that is to become a part of our own knowledge.

“..This criminal race has ..two million dead of World War I on their conscience ..and now hundreds of thousands. Let no one say to me ..we cannot send them into ..mire. Who concerns themselves about our men? It is good if preceding us is ..terror that we are exterminating ..Jews. ..attempt to found a Jewish state will fail.” Adolf Hitler.

In that search for the specific detail of a knowledge clearly known to 6,000,000 Murdered Jews, we stumble to come to terms with even the remotest detail of its perpetration. Of course we cannot have that degree of certainty which will account for the 6,000,000 names of those Jews of the Catastrophe who were Murdered. So the account we seek is representative of that final total of a Jewish People we know have been lost to us. We can take what Hitler stated and demanded. We can know that his ‘hanged on the streets’ statement was clearly not rhetorical! The Reichstag speech tabulates what is to come for those 6,000,000 Jews caught out by a horror we could not conceive of. So we can now move the verbal jousting and articulation into the arena where it all adds up, and in the clear mannered report, there is no ambiguity of words used by Jaeger.

The Jaeger Report

The Commander of the security police and the SD

Einsatzkommando 3

Kauen [Kaunas], 1 December 1941

5 copies

(4th copy)

Secret Reich Business!

Complete list of executions carried out in the EK 3 area up to 1 December 1941

Security police duties in Lithuania taken over by Einsatzkommando 3 on 2 July 1941.

(The Wilna [Vilnius] area was taken over by EK 3 on 9 Aug. 1941, the Schaulen area on 2 Oct. 1941. Up until these dates EK 9 operated in Wilna and EK 2 in Schaulen.) On my instructions and orders the following executions were conducted by Lithuanian partisans:

4.7.41 Kauen-Fort VII 416 Jews, 47 Jewesses 463

6.7.41 Kauen-Fort VII Jews 2,514

Following the formation of a raiding squad under the command of SS-Obersturmfuhrer Hamman and 8-10 reliable men from the Einsatzkommando. the following actions were conducted in cooperation with Lithuanian partisans:

15-16.8.41 Rokiskis 3,200 Jews, Jewesses, and J. Children, 5 Lith. Comm., 1 Pole, 1 partisan 3,207

9-16.8.41 Rassainiai 294 Jewesses, 4 Jewish children 298

27.6-14.8.41 Rokiskis 493 Jews, 432 Russians, 56 Lithuanians(all active communists) 981

18.8.41 Kauen-Fort IV 689 Jews,402 Jewesses,1 Pole (f.), 711 Jewish intellectuals from Ghetto in reprisal for sabotage action 1,812

19.8.41 Ukmerge 298 Jews, 255 Jewesses, 1 Politruk, 88 Jewish children, 1 Russ. Comm. 645

Total carried forward 3,384

Total carried over 3,384 ———–



Prior to EK 3 taking over security police duties, Jews liquidated by pogroms and executions (including partisans) 4,000


Total 137,346


Today I can confirm that our objective, to solve the Jewish problem for Lithuania, has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews, apart from Jewish workers and their families. The distance between from the assembly point to the graves was on average 4 to 5 Km. I consider the Jewish action more or less terminated as far as Einsatzkommando 3 is concerned. Those working Jews and Jewesses still available are needed urgently and I can envisage that after the winter this workforce will be required even more urgently. I am of the view that the sterilisation program of the male worker Jews should be started immediately so that reproduction is prevented. If despite sterilisation a Jewess becomes pregnant she will be liquidated.

(signed) Jaeger


With History then coming to know what The Wannsee Conference proposed, we must remember that up until this point in WWII history, all had exceeded what even the World expected Hitler would achieve and against the Jewish People, more so. Hitler’s brigands had devoured Europe and were on the Steppes of Russia. But this too is where History played its trump card. As Hitler, the advocate of history itself was aware, even Napoleon faltered in the midst of Russia and Napoleon’s all-conquering French legions dissolved in the mud and bitter cold of the Russian bear. So what does this signal for the Wehrmacht, the SS, Police Battalions, der Einsatzgruppe and for Hitler’s confrontation with World Jewry?

“..total Jewish population of ..world was estimated at 17,000,000 in 1937. ..over 10,000,000 were in Europe.” Richard Korherr.

Hitler’s statistician knew the full extent of Jewish presence in Europe, Russia and all nations therein. What is a remarkably accurate assessment given by Eichmann’s later attachment to The Wannsee Protocol shows the very precise nature of German thoroughness. The Official Wannsee Conference Figures, as produced by Eichmann at the time, will expose the Jewish People to the German machinery of Destruction with certainty. The approach to the solution, though already in operation, now incorporates all elements of German society and for German bureaucracy, the call to arms is a systematic call, it is a concerted effort and it will be a destructive confrontation which will lead 6,000,000 Jews toward their final Destruction!

The Official Wannsee Conference Figures!!


The General Government 2,284,000 Jews.

Unoccupied France 700,000 Jews.

The Eastern Territories 420,000 Jews.

Bialystok 400,000 Jews.

Occupied France 165,000 Jews.

Holland 160,800 Jews.

Germany 131,800 Jews.

Bohemia & Moravia 74,200 Jews.

Greece 69,600 Jews.

Austria 43,700 Jews.

Belgium 43,000 Jews.

Lithuania 34,000 Jews.

Denmark 5,600 Jews.

Latvia 3,500 Jews.

Norway 1,300 Jews.

Estonia Free of Jews.


Russia 5,000,000 Jews.

( with Ukraine and Byelorussia)

Hungary 742,800 Jews.

Rumania 342,000 Jews.

England 330,000 Jews.

Slovakia 88,000 Jews.

Italy 58,000 Jews.

Turkey 55,500 Jews.

Bulgaria 48,000 Jews.

Croatia 40,000 Jews.

Switzerland 18,000 Jews.

Serbia 10,000 Jews.

Sweden 8,000 Jews.

Spain 6,000 Jews.

Ireland 4,000 Jews.

Portugal 3,000 Jews.

Finland 2,300 Jews.

Albania 200 Jews.

TOTAL 11,293,300 Jews to be Murdered!

That Wannsee declared these 11,293,300 Jews were to be Destroyed should suggest that those who emerged from underneath the totality of Hitler’s expectation are Survivors of his intention. With Hitler’s hate filled demand, those Jews who Survived must be considered fortunate to have Survived Hitler’s utter contempt for them. However, on the question of Who is actually a Survivor, there is to be no hard and fast rule! Nor is there an easy answer to this, despite my attempts to assure myself it was rather simple, in a studied and methodological way! By definition, I would suggest that any Jew who avoided the intention of Hitler to have them Slaughtered is a Survivor. When we consider that The Wannsee Conference had sought the Destruction of 11,293,300 Jews, and given that 6,000,000 of those sought out Jews were Murdered in The Holocaust, there is a precedent for accepting there are 5,293,300 Jewish Survivors.

March 27th. 1942 “..Beginning with Lublin ..Jews are now being deported ..East. ..a fairly barbaric process is being employed ..one not to be described more precisely ..and of ..Jews themselves ..not much is left over. On ..whole ..one can confirm that 60% of them have to be liquidated ..while only 40% are able to be put to work.” Joseph Goebbels.

It is obvious, that if what Goebbel’s clearly knew, it is safe to assume that he gained his information from Hitler or his other minions. The Truth which was continually emerging was relayed through to Hitler from the many sources engaged in the Killing exercise and these too were feeding bulletins and reports through to the Propaganda Ministry. But it is what Goebbels predicted, that sustains the position which accounts for the 6,000,000 Jews, laid to waste in the Killing Sites, Death Camps and other destructive places for Jews. It is no coincidence that Wannsee matched the assessment now made with regards to the eventual Destruction of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe.

“..I was trying very hard to obtain statistical material about ..Jews ..found out that at ..beginning of ..War there had been about 15,000,000 Jews in ..whole world. ..6,000,000 Jews ..murdered ..meant a proportion of 40%.” SS Sturmbannfuhrer Dr. Wilhelm Hoettl.

Clearly, if Hitler demanded what Wannsee was established to achieve, Hitler knew how many Jews of Europe he could reach. It is evident here that Hitler knew there were 11,293,300 Jews available for Slaughter. It also means that an escalation toward a speedier Solution to the Jewish Question would now incriminate all arms of the Reich. All of Germany would become fully complicit in what actions had already been taken against the Jews and which had been so poorly disguised up till this point. What was now to be enacted by more Germans than has been previously recognised adds to the further degeneracy of a nation. The terms of The Wannsee Conference would ultimately prove Final for 6,000,000 of these itemised Jews.

“..extermination process in Auschwitz took place as follows ..Jews selected for gassing were taken as quietly as possible to ..crematories. ..men were already separated from ..women.

In ..undressing chamber ..prisoners of ..Sonderkommandos ..who were specially chosen for this purpose ..would tell them in their own language that they were going to be bathed and deloused ..and ..must leave their clothing neatly together ..and ..remember where they put them ..so ..would be able to find them again quickly after ..delousing. ..Sonderkommando had ..greatest interest in seeing that ..operation proceeded smoothly and quickly. After undressing ..Jews went into ..gas chamber ..which was furnished with showers and water pipes and gave a realistic impression of a bathhouse. ..women went in first with their children ..followed by ..men ..who were always fewer in number. This part of ..operation nearly always went smoothly since ..Sonderkommando would always calm those who showed any anxiety or perhaps even had some clue as to their fate. As an additional precaution ..Sonderkommando and an SS soldier always stayed in ..chamber until ..very last moment. ..door would be screwed shut and ..waiting disinfection squads would immediately pour ..gas into ..vents in ..ceiling of ..gas chamber down an air shaft which went to ..floor. This ensured ..rapid distribution of ..gas. ..process could be observed through ..peep hole in ..door. Those ..standing next to ..air shaft were killed immediately. I can state that about one-third died immediately. ..remainder staggered about and began to scream and struggle for air. ..screaming ..however ..soon changed to gasping and in a few moments everyone lay still. After 20 minutes at ..most no movement could be detected. ..time required for ..gas to take effect varied according to weather conditions and depended on whether it was damp or dry ..cold or warm. It also depended on ..quality of ..gas ..which was never exactly ..same ..and on ..composition of ..transports ..which might contain a high proportion of healthy Jews ..or ..old and sick ..or children. ..victims became unconscious after a few minutes ..according to ..distance from ..air shaft. Those who screamed and those who were old ..sick ..or weak ..or ..small children died quicker than those who were healthy or young. ..door was opened a half an hour after ..gas was thrown in and ..ventilation system was turned on. Work was immediately started to remove ..corpses. There was no noticeable change in ..bodies and no sign of convulsions or discoloration. Only after ..bodies had been left lying for some time ..several hours ..did ..usual death stains appear where they were laid. Seldom did it occur that they were soiled with feces. ..no signs of wounds of any kind. ..faces were not contorted. ..Sonderkommando now set about removing ..gold teeth and cutting ..hair from ..women. After this ..bodies were taken up by an elevator and laid in front of ..ovens ..which had meanwhile been fired up. Depending on ..size of ..bodies ..up to three corpses could be put in through one oven door at ..same time. ..time required for cremation also depended on ..number of bodies in each retort ..but on average it took 20 minutes.” SS Obersurmbannfuhrer Rudolf Hoess.

Also, and here is where Wannsee comes to bear on the demands Hitler would place before any Warring conquest, The Final Solution was foremost in his thought process. The Mass Murder of 11,293,300 Jews was to be escalated further to ensure that the major emphasis of achievement, the Destruction of the Jewish People, would be resolved beyond all other considerations. In the concise wording of what Dr. Muench, confessed to the euphemism of Destruction that is clearly shown and what became The Holocaust is in evidence.

“..I, Dr. Hans Muench hereby attest that, as an SS physician on duty in Auschwitz in 1944, I witnessed the selection process of those who were to live and those who were to die. Other SS physicians on duty in the camps made selections at the platform where the transports arrived. They also made selections in the barracks. I was exempt from performing selections because I had refused to do so.

I further attest that I saw thousands of people gassed here at Auschwitz. Children, old people, the sick and those unable to work were sent to the gas chambers. These were innocent human beings: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Hitler’s political opponents – anyone who did not fit Hitler’s idea of a pure Aryan race.

I am signing this paper of my own free will to help document the cruel intolerance of my fellow SS.

I, a former SS physician, witnessed the dropping of Zyklon B into simulated exhaust vents from outside the gas chambers. Zyklon B began to work as soon as it was released from the canisters. The effects of the gas were observed through a peephole by an assigned doctor or the SS officer on duty. After three to five minutes, death could be certified, and the doors were opened as a sign that the corpses were cleared to be burned.

This is the nightmare I continue to live with fifty years later.

I am so sorry that in some way I was part of it. Under the prevailing circumstances I did the best I could to save as many lives as possible. Joining the SS was a mistake. I was young. I was an opportunist. And once I joined, there was no way out.


Dr. Hans Muench

January 27, 1995, Auschwitz.”

We owe it too to Muench not to be mealy mouthed about what was implied, inferred or otherwise suggested with regards to the Destruction of the Jewish People.

“..Special treatment in ..terminology of ..camp means physical extermination.” SS Untersturmfuhrer Dr. Hans Wilhelm Muench.

There is much more that should be said. There is an abundance of accusation which could be made. The Proof here is the Evidence contained within the Testimony of the many who confirmed the Factual Truth. All of which adds fully to the awareness of the Catastrophe which is the Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews in The Holocaust! This Proof has been Authenticated by the Survivor, Validated by the Witness and Attested to by those who Perpetrated the most evil of Crimes ever inflicted upon a People, the Jewish People! However, in all of this proof which we have, there is the distinct lack of any Justice that might be consistent with the Slaughter we have become bystanders to and while there were some 356 differing War Crimes Trials in the British Zone alone while indicting some 1,000 War Criminals, weighted against the Slaughter of 6,000,000 innocent People, it is an insignificance.. This is an infinitesimal assertion of Justice, and in lieu of a Justice demanded for the Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews in The Holocaust. The International Military Tribunals, Nuremberg, were merely a perfunctory reaction to a terrible deed of incomprehensible enactment and an exacted hatred of immeasurable horror against the Jewish People.

“..Mankind will not soon forget ..sickening story of ..murder of women and little children in gas vans ..nor of ..evil ..hardened killers whose stomachs turned at ..awful sight when they unlatched ..doors of ..death cars at gravesides. These were ..men who sat at ..edge of anti-tank ditches ..cigarette in mouth ..calmly shooting their naked victims in ..back of ..neck with their machine guns. These were ..men who ..according to their own corpse accountants ..murdered some 2,000,000 men ..women ..children. These were ..men of ..SD.” Sir David Maxwell Fyffe.