November within The Holocaust.

There are 6,000,000 Murdered Jews who have had their raised voices quashed and their call for Justice quelled. They have been Slaughtered and obliterated with little thought to their human integrity. For us in History it becomes a human duty to raise our own voices 6,000,000 times on their behalf so that History hears the plaintive cry of our own shock, our horror for their despair. I am merely seeking to add to the narrative of consolation over the indifferent and intolerable approach we lent to The Holocaust. I offer up dates here which pointedly bear out the tragedy unfolding as the governments of nations heard the woeful cries of a Jewish World being inexorably torn to shreds. The language I use has been one of accusation. I am from a generation where apology and forgiveness run hand in hand with the ethical standards from a bygone age.

But while I am not obliged to apologise for things I did not do, nor was I around to ensure I would not do them, I apologise on behalf of those representatives whose values fell short of those I have inherited. That being said, I have no right to seek forgiveness either from 6,000,000 Jewish People whose remit is to afford that forgiving gesture. As we are aware, these 6,000,000 Jews have been so brutally Murdered, their remains scattered to the winds, that there is no one who can ever deliver a forgiveness on their behalf. On November 7th. 1900 Rudolf Hoess, a name synonymous with the death and destruction of the Jews at Auschwitz and Birkenau, is born. On November 4th. 1921 ‘Storm Abteilungen,’ the Storm trooper’s or SA is formed and the march toward Hitler’s Nazi militarization has begun.

We reach a particular milestone when we reach November 6th. 1932, as the Nazis secure a 33.1% share of the popular vote to win 196 seats. This is to be the final democratic election to be held in the Reichstag. However, all the signs are not ominous as the Nazi’s are down 34 seats, having lost over 2,000,000 votes and over 4% of their popular vote is wiped out. On November 12th. 1933 Nazi’s secure 93% of votes in a rigged Reichstag Election which see only Nazi Party candidates are permitted to stand for election. Needless to say, opposition no longer exists in real terms. On November 24th. that same year, the passing of the German Law against ‘Habitual and Dangerous Criminals,’ will allow for the compulsory castration of ‘hereditary’ criminals. It is time for the Jews now to escape Hitler’s clutches, at least for those whose ability allows them to, and one of the greatest minds of all time, Albert Einstein, decides it is his time to leave Germany and settle in America. Albert Einstein is a Jew.

Three days later on November 27th. the Strength through Joy movement, ‘der Kraft durch Freude’ or KdF is established. This movement is established to ensure that all the leisure activities for the German people, ‘der Truer Volk,’ only exists to promote the aims of the Nazi Party. Also, a Transfer Company is established in Tel Aviv to facilitate the immigration of German Jews and the transfer of their property under extortionate and punitive rates. On November 1st. 1935 with the Reich Citizenship Law, which sees the additional disqualification of Jews from owning German citizenship, the Jews are further disenfranchised.

Friday November 8th. 1935 “..Like so many Nazi catchwords ..May Jewry perish ..was meant literally and will be literally brought to pass if ..fanatics have their way.” The Times.

On November 14th. The First decree for the National Law of Citizenship is established and Jews are now denied voting rights and are forbidden to hold public office. Almost immediately, all Jewish civil service employees are discharged, including WWI veterans. Along with this, the definition of whole ‘Jews’ declares, for the first time, that anyone who has two Jewish grandparents and is a member of the Jewish religious community. Also, anyone with three or more Jewish grandparents is a Jew. The ‘Mischlinge,’ Jew or mixed race or part Jew is also designated as those with Jewish Blood. There are between 250,000 and 500,000 Germans who are categorised as Mischlinge and the First decree for the Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honour is established and sees that Marriage between Jews and non Jews is prohibited.

Hatred ensures too that Jewish children not allowed the facility’s of their local playgrounds and Jewish Children are to be denied the use of aryan lockers in all establishments. The following day, November 15th. German Churches now supply Nazi’s with their Baptismal details. This is a collaborative effort to identify the entire no Christian, Jewish Community. On November 25th. 1936 the Anti Comintern Pact is signed by Germany and Japan in order to forestall Russian interests. Two days later, on November 27th. Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, censors all Film Critique. The Nazi idea of Film will be one that has its remit from amongst those who advocate Nazi ideals. On November 29th. Walther Darre, the German Minister of Agriculture declares that Democracy and Liberalism are the inventions of the Jews.

The following year on November 5th. 1937, Hitler hosts Hossbach Conference, and this is seen as the first convening of a Hitler War Cabinet. The minutes were taken by Colonel Friedrich Hossbach, Hitler’s Military Adjutant. In attendance were Field Marshal Werner von Blomberg, General Werner Freiherr von Fritzsche, Hermann Goering, Constantin Freiherr von Neurath and Admiral Erich Raeder. On November 8th. ‘der Ewige Jude,’ The Eternal Jew exhibition opens in Munich. What Hitler did not seem to acknowledge in this vilest of hate filled bilge is the persistence of Judaism and the durability of The Jewish People to remain eternal. Despite the conflict and the atrocity that greets them, the Jewish People will Survive long after Hitler is thought of in any other light than a monstrous one.

On November 10th. the Hossbach Memorandum, ‘Hossbach Niederschrift,’ confirms Hitler’s intentions as he informs his High Command of his plans to dominate Europe both Militarily and Racially. The beginning of the placating of Hitler sees, on November 17th. Britain appeasing Hitler with regard to the Sudetenland of Czechoslovakia. On November 25th. a Military pact between Germany and Japan is signed and as we reach 1938, on November 2nd. Hitler awards his Hungarian and Italian allies parts of Czechoslovakia. This is in contravention to any acceptance of the sovereign statehood of a fellow nation and is in direct violation of the ‘Munich Pact’. On November 6th. Hitler makes a speech to 100,000 Nazi’s and openly declares Churchill a ‘warmonger’.

Hitler is now ramping up the pressure on the West and engaging with a diplomatic posture which will gain him newer ground in the threatening of consequential stakes. On November 7th. when Herschel Grynszpan shoots German Embassy official, Ernst vom Rath, over treatment of his Family’s removal to Zbaszyn, a Pogrom is unleashed which should leave no Western nation with any doubt other than that the Jewish People are under threat of all manner of a punitive resolve from Hitler. Then, on November 9th. when news reaches Hitler that vom Rath has died of his wounds, Hitler authorises Goering to deal with all Jewish political issues.

“..Outside ..synagogue is burning ..that also is a house of God.” Bernhard Lichtenberg.

The Night of Broken Glass, ‘Kristallnacht’, is thereby orchestrated throughout Germany, Austria and the Sudetenland and some 267 Synagogues are ransacked, burned and destroyed. With 7,500 Jewish Shops looted, over 50,000 Jews are removed to the Concentration Camps at Dachau, Buchenwald and Sachsenhausen. On that Evening alone, more than 240 Jews are killed in savage attacks and their bodies are left were they fell. It is the following Evening, November 10th. at a rally in Nuremberg where the call to the faithful is greeted by more than 100,000 Germans who are all in unison, celebrating the success of ‘Kristallnacht.’ The key ally of Hitler, Italy now adopts its own system of anti-Semitic racial laws in a move to show solidarity with Hitler’s clear programme of Jewish excesses.

“..I was in Berlin at that time and saw some pretty revolting sights ..destruction of Jewish shops ..Jews being arrested and led away ..police standing by while ..gangs destroyed ..shops ..even groups of well dressed women cheering. Maybe those women had a hangover next morning they were intoxicated all right when this was taking place. I found it ..utterly revolting. In fact to a German journalist who saw me on that day and asked me what I was doing there ..I remember I just said very coldly ..I’m studying German culture.” Hugh Greene. (Daily Telegraph)

Actions against the Jews are no longer restricted to within German borders and on November 11th. in Bratislava, Slovakian Jews are killed during a controlled and systematic pogrom. With Heydrich now presenting his report to Goering and lists those numbers who are in ‘protective custody’ after ‘Kristallnacht’, the lights are dimming on European Jewish existence. On November 12th. Goering convenes a Conference in which he discusses the 1,000,000,000 Reichsmarcs fine to be applied to German Jews for the cost of ‘Kristallnacht’. As German Insurer’s pay out a total of 10,000,000 Reichsmarcs to the Reich itself, the coffers of Hitler’s Reich grows exponentially. Goering now toys with the idea of removing Heydrich and the Gestapo from the plan for Jewish ‘evacuation’ cum ’emigration,’ a programme designated the Madagaskar Plan.

“..badge is attached ..but has not touched our consciousness. ..we are not ashamed of our badges. Let those be ashamed who have hung them on us.” Yitzhak Rudashevski.

Meanwhile, Heydrich proposes the compulsory wearing of the ‘Jewish Badge.’ However, Hitler does not wish to see Jews so marked just yet, as this will be a precursor to their being expelled from all of German society. Heydrich now proposes a German equivalent of Eichmann’s Vienna model for the expulsion of Jews from Germany and admits that if Jews are to starve, they should be allowed to. Joseph Goebbels joins the frenzy as he urges that Jews are to be kept from public parks, are not allowed to attend concerts, cultural events or even movies.

“..We want only one thing loves ..Jews enough to rid us of them all.” Joseph Goebbels.

On November 15th. all Jewish Children are expelled from all German Schools as a rush by many Jews clamouring for exit visas to Britain and America gathers momentum. Just three days later, on November 18th., Hitler declares that all Jewish Capital in Germany now belongs to the German people. In Britain, on November 21st., objections are raised by Britain’s Parliament to the German ‘Persecution of Minorities.’

??day November 21st. 1937 “..His Majesty’s Government ..greatly impressed by ..urgency of ..problem.” Neville Chamberlain.

The British Government is not it seems, impressed enough to signify that it is the Jewish People who are the ‘persecuted minority.’ Nor indeed does the British Government seek to allow any more Jews into the Country than has been deemed necessary. All the while the persecution of the Jewish People within Germany’s borders has been significantly ramped up. Jews can now be Murdered arbitrarily, and are routinely incarcerated for no apparent reason. On November 28th. the ‘Judenbann’ adoption of curfews is placed upon all Jews and with Jewish freedom of movement and all travel more severely restricted. The following year, on November 30th. 1938, a decree disallowing all Jewish Lawyers any ability to practice law comes into force. Jewish Lawyers can now only act as Jewish Consultants. A year later, on November 7th. 1939 there is a mass resettlement of Jews from Western Poland.

Thursday November 7th. 1939 “..when ..Germans entered ..familiar tortures began ..robbery of Jewish property and goods. ..local population ..quick to help them in their robberies. When ..Russo ..German war broke out ..they shot Jews daily.” Meir Shvimer.

These are the Jews of Gorlice for whom Meir Shvimer recognises the Jewish Community is placed under constant pressure and soon, the killings that occur daily will escalate toward a final annihilation. On November 11th., some 600 of Ostrow Mazowiecki’s Jews are murdered by units of the Wehrmacht. The following day, on November 12th. The Shield of David, the ‘Mogen David,’ is now to be worn by all of Lodz’s Jews and Heydrich orders the removal of all Jews from the Warthegau. On November 14th. it is the turn of Kalisz’s Jews to wear The Yellow Star. On November 15th., an Estate commission, ‘die Fideikommissariat’ is established to plunder Jewish business in Poland and the Nazi’s commence the destruction of all Synagogues in Lodz. Accounts in Poland are frozen.

Saturday November 18th. 1939 “..all Jews will bear ..armbands with ..’Shield of David’ as ..identification.” Governor General Hans Frank.

On November 18th. Cracow Jews too are ordered to wear the ‘Star of David’ armband and all Jewish Bank Less than a week later, on November 23rd. all Jews in Frank’s General Government must wear the Jewish Badge. On November 24th. 70 Jews of Dorohoi are Murdered as the killing of Jews in Romania gathers momentum. On November 25th. all Jews in Poland must have their properties outwardly identifiable and on November 29th. Himmler orders the death penalty for any German Jews caught refusing deportation. On November 4th. 1940 Jewish Civil Servants are dismissed in Holland and a week later, on November 11th. the Warsaw Ghetto is officially recognised.

Then on November 15th. the Warsaw Ghetto is sealed off from the Polish community and by the following day, November 16th. the Warsaw Ghetto is completely sealed off and isolated from the rest of Poland. Two days later on November 18th. all Jewish Co-operatives are banned in Poland. On November 24th. Hungary, Romania and Slovakia join Hitler’s Axis powers. On November 1st. 1941 the Belzec Death Camp is now under construction and becomes part of the Aktion Reinhard Death Camp system. The Theresienstadt (Terezin) Ghetto is suggested as a showcase Ghetto.

“..God fearing representatives of ..Catholic Lithuanian nation liquidated four truckloads of Jews. ..All Saints Day. ..did not disturb ..executions.” Kazimierz Sakowicz.

On November 3rd., some 1,535 Lazdijai, (Lazdiyai) (Lazdei) (Lazdey) Lithuanian Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered. These are just some of the named, and there is no space to place 1,535 Names here are Remembered alongside the many we know of, and for those whose identity is as yet unknown. This representative sample of Jewish Lives are of Jews both born in the Town and others born elsewhere who moved to Lazdijai for varying reasons, are all part of a less that 4 % of all of those Jews Murdered here and with an age ranging from 6 years old to 67 years of age. This sample does not include the many Jewish Children who were much younger than 6 years old and the Adult Jews who would have been older that 67 years of age.

01) Eliezer Chorondziskis born 1890 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

02) Rachel Choronzicky born 1898 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

03) Pinkhas Arie Domovich born 1878 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

04) Arel Gorfinkel born 1928 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

05) Fayvel Gorfinkel born 1926 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

06) Moysha Gorfinkel born 1920 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

07) Beile Grodzin born 1924 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

08) Bercik Grodzin born 1876 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

09) Ester Grodzin born 1902 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

10) Jankel Grodzin born 1903 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

11) Leja Grodzin born 1929 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

12) Liebe Grodzin born 1874 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

13) Meise Grodzin born 1915 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

14) Rakhel Grodzin born 1926 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

15) Liba Khaia Groznik born 1888 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

16) Shmuel Groznik born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

17) Shimon Pesakh Jablonas born 1911 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

18) Neta Kabaker born 1897 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

19) Elza Kalvariski born 1905 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

20) Rakhel Kantorovski born 1897 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

21) Miriam Khaia Kantorovski born 1904 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

22) Hinda Kaufman born 1895 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

23) Bruria Levinson born 1908 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

24) Avraham Levkutz born 1878 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

25) Batia Levkutz born 1920 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

26) Eta Ester Levkutz born 1923 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

27) Isser Levkutz born 1912 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

28) Judit Levkutz born 1898 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

29) Leib Arie Levkutz born 1908 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

30) Mordekhai Levkutz born 1893 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

31) Tankhum Levkutz born 1900 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

32) Chana Batia Lishkov born 1900 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

33) Chana Luksniansky born 1935 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

34) Freida Luksniansky born 1934 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

35) Mordechai Luksniansky born 1910 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

36) Schana Luksniansky born 1933 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

37) Merl Miriam Opachinski born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

38) Yehuda Opachinski born 1915 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

39) Yosef Opachinski born 1877 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

40) Aida Paulan born 1903 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

41) Etul Paulan born 1932 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

42) Fruma Paulan born 1928 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

43) Sara Paulan born 1930 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

44) Yoel Piniewski born 1932 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

45) Kopel Radzunski born 1904 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

46) Kuna Shilibolski born 1881 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

47) Avraham Sider born 1884 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

48) Hasa Khana Sider born 1890 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

49) Lea Sider born 1917 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

50) Leib Arie Sider born 1880 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania,

51) Rakhel Sider born 1883 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania, and

52) Shmuel Sider born 1910 Murdered in Lazdijai, Lithuania.

On November 4th., the deportations to the Lodz Ghetto are completed with over 20,000 German Jews already deported there. On November 6th. 15,000 Kovno Jewish Men, Women and Their Children as well as 1,341 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are All murdered. Heydrich now reminds the Wehrmacht Quartermaster General Wagner of his role in Jewish Question and this is an acknowledgement that ‘The Final Solution’ is to be resolved.

“..I have been entrusted for years with ..task of preparing solution of ..Jewish Question.” Reinhard Heydrich.

On November 7th. 20,000 of Bobruisk’s Jews are murdered and 13,000 Jews from Minsk are taken into the Tuchinka Forest and are murdered there. The deportation of Dorohoi’s Jews to Transnistria begins. On November 8th. over 17,000 of Rovno’s Jews are murdered in the Sosenki Forest over a 2 day period. Meanwhile the Chelmno Death Camp (Kulmhof) is established by Christian Wirth, the Inspector of Death Camps. Dr. Irmfried Eberl, is Chelmno’s first Kommandant. Chelmno lies in close proximity to Lodz in the Warthegau. On November 9th. 5,000 of Dvinsk’s Jews are murdered in the Pogulanka Forest in 3 day operation. Elsewhere, 1,500 of Mir’s Ghetto Jews are murdered.

Friday November 14th. 1941. “..None has suffered more cruelly than ..Jew ..unspeakable evils wrought on ..bodies and spirits of men by Hitler and his vile regime.” Winston Churchill.

On November 14th. 9,000 of Slonim’s Jews are murdered at Czepielow as all of the Protectorate Jews who are now arriving in Riga and Minsk are shot immediately. On November 15th. 115 of Wilkowiski’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered. Two days later, on November 17th., the deportation of the Jews from Bessarabia, Bucovina and Dorohoi district to Transnistria has been completed with some 142,000 Jews having been deported there. On November 18th. Alfred Rosenberg notifies the German Press of the ongoing ‘final solution’ and that its resolve could only be accomplished by the ‘biological extermination of all the Jews of Europe.’ The following day, November 19th. 171 of Vilna’s Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are murdered.

On November 20th. 7,000 of Minsk’s Jews are murdered in the Tuchinka Forest as Dr. Friedrich Mennecke conducts his experiments on 850 Women at Ravensbrueck Concentration Camp. On November 23rd. over 29,000 of Odessa’s Jews are murdered as are 1,500 of Poltova’s Jews. The following day, November 24th., the first transport of Jews are sent to Theresienstadt in Czechoslovakia. Theresiendstadt, or Terezin (its German name) is to be established as the model ghetto. Two days later on November 25th. 2,934 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children of Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt are murdered at Kovno’s IX Fort. 64 Vilna Jewish Men, Women and Their Children are also murdered while all Jewish assets are to be seized upon deportation.

Wednesday November 26th. 1941 “..Brunius Klemans ..Deputy Chairman ..Lithuanian Nationalist Party ..Ignas Vilius-Velavitchius ..Commander of ..Kovno prison ..who carried out ..murders at ..IX Fort ..recalled that many Jews were brought to ..IX Fort from Germany. Others say from Czechoslovakia. Some of them were already shot. ..Germans want to turn Lithuania into ..Jewish cemetery of Europe.” Zenonas Blynas. (General Secretary National Lithuanian Party)

November 27th. Over 10,000 Riga Jews are murdered in the Rumbuli Forest and many of these are from 19 transports of German Jews.

“..sole German objective in ..region will be to liquidate all Jews who live in Arab countries under ..patronage of Great Britain.” Adolf Hitler.

November 28th. Hitler meets Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Hajj Amin al-Husseini and appraised him on ‘The Final Solution’. Hitler is offered Arab support. The first main ‘Aktionen’ in Riga Ghetto commences.

Saturday November 29th. 1941 “..Jews who have just been shot by ..1st. Battalion came from Czechoslovakia. There are many Brazilians and Argentineans with visas. They are told that they are being placed in quarantine. ..they forgo their citizenship ..they disappear on ..way. 1st. Battalion put them in order.” Zenonas Blynas. (General Secretary National Lithuanian Party)

On November 29th. 3,500 of Borislav’s Jews are murdered while 2,000 Jewish Men, Women and Children of Vienna and Breslau are murdered alongside 18 of Kovno’s own Jewish Men and Women, all murdered at Kovno’s IX Fort. Meanwhile, the Wannsee Conference date set and as SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger signed off on a document we know today as the Jaeger Report in which he and his Einsatzkommando 3 murdered a Total of 137,346 Lithuanians, mostly Jews, Wannsee will set the seal on the Reich’s administrative and collaborative effort in the fullest detail of The Holocaust.

On November 30th. 1941 as the Riga Ghetto is being liquidated, the so called ‘large aktion’ sees 30,000 Riga Jews removed and murdered in the Rumbuli Forest. Amongst these Jews of the ‘largeaktion’ are German Jews recently arrived. The Chelmno Death Camp opens for the murders of local Jews in the ‘gassing vans.’ Elsewhere, 5,000 of Novogrudok’s Jews are murdered as are over 19,000 of Odessa’s Jews who were murdered in the various Camps and killing sites throughout Transnistria. These Camps and Sites are at Atmicetka, where some 5,000 Jews will be murdered, the killing site at Bogdanovka, where some 48,000 Jews will be murdered, at Dumanovka, where some 18,000 Jews will be murdered and at Vertugen, where some 23,000 Jews will be murdered. Closer to Belzec, the Lvov Ghetto is being established.

On November 1st. 1942 the first deportation from Bialystok District to Treblinka begins and the commencement of the deportation of Plonsk’s Jews to Auschwitz also starts. On November 2nd. over 100,000 Jews in the Bialystok Region, held in the Camps at: Bogusze, Keilbasin, Volkovysk and, Zambrow are eventually deported to Auschwitz and Treblinka. 6,000 of Siemiatycze’s Jews are deported as are 4,300 of Bilgoraj Jews who are murdered at Belzec alongside 2,500 of Zolochev’s Jews. 2,000 of Ostryna’s Jews are murdered in Birkenau and a further action against 2,000 Jews of Izbica Lubelska takes place. Barely a handful of its Jews remain as Izbica Lubelska is declared ‘Judenrien’. On

November 3rd. 7,000 of Tomaszow Mazowiecki’s Jews and 4,000 of Radoszyce’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. The following day, November 4th. 1,000 of Brzezany’s Jews are murdered at Belzec.

On November 5th. 3,000 of Skarzysko-Kamienne’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka while 400 of its Elderly and Children are murdered before ‘resettlement’. 745 Elderly Jews from Paris are murdered in Birkenau. On November 6th., over 170,000 Jews are murdered in a 6 day period at the 3 Death Camps Belzec, Birkenau and Treblinka. On

November 7th. 4,500 of Konskie’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. Elsewhere 3,000 of Lukow’s Jews are murdered while 1,500 of Miedzyrzec’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. 1,000 Jews detained in Drancy are sent to Auschwitz for ‘resettlement’. On November 8th. 1,000 of Zbaraz’s Jews are murdered at Belzec. The following day, November 9th. 4,000 of Piaski’s Jews are murdered at Majdanek as 1,100 of Skalat’s Jews are murdered at Belzec.

On November 10th. 6,300 of Mlawa’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka as 4 New Ghetto’s were established at Radomsko, Sandomierz, Szydlowiec and Vjazd. On November 11th. 5,000 of Slutsk’s Jews are murdered while 1,060 Greek Jews are rounded up in Paris and are deported to Auschwitz. Also, 1,000 of Leczna’s Jews are murdered at Majdanek. On November 13th. 2,500 of Wlodzimierz Wolynski’s Jews are murdered after Resisting. The following day, November 14th. 500 of Makow’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka. On November 15th. 4,000 of Zamosc’s Jews are murdered at Belzec as Zamosc is also declared ‘Judenrein’ with more than 12,500 of Zamosc’s Jews having been murdered. Elsewhere, 3,000 of Tarnow’s Jews are murdered and on November 18th., a further 5,000 of Lvov’s Jews, alongside 4,000 of Przemysl’s Jews are murdered at Belzec. Meanwhile, the Lvov Ghetto itself becomes a Labour Camp and on November 19th. 2,700 of Wyszogrod’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka.

Thursday, 19th. November 1942 “..I get frightened when I think of close friends who have now been delivered into ..hands of ..cruellest brutes that walk ..all because they are Jews.” Anne Frank.

On November 20th. 120 of Wisznice’s Jews are murdered as Himmler conveys the order to Gestapo Muller for the eradication of der Einsatzgruppe’s evidence of Mass Murder. This ‘aktion’, coded ‘1005’ is set to obliterate all traces of the crimes Hitler has committed against the Jews of Eastern Europe. The truth that lies beneath will not be shielded from discovery as we unearth ever more evidence of this atrocity. On November 21st. 4,000 of Suchedniow’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka while elsewhere, 1,500 of Szczekociny’s Jews are also murdered. On November 22nd. 2,500 of Zolkiew’s Jews murdered at Belzec. Here, as we recall that the Judenrat at Zolkiew had been Chaired by one Leon Feldhandler, we recognise him as a leader of the future Uprising at Sobibor. Also, 200 of Serokomia’s Jews are murdered. On November 23rd. 10,000 of Szydlowiec’s Jews are murdered at Treblinka as the Palestine Hebrew papers are acknowledging the destructive fate of European Jewry. Also, a correspondence from Warsaw to the Vatican, which reported on the Jewish plight was taken up by Harold Tittman, the US representative to the Vatican. The Report which clearly shows what was known and by whom it was certainly clear:

“..Mass execution of Jews continues. ..Lublin ..Lvov ..Przemysl ..Przeworsk ..Tarnow ..Vilna ..Warsaw ..Jews killed ..numbered ..10’s of 1,000’s in ..each of ..towns in question ..without mentioning all ..others. ..killed by poison gas in chambers especially prepared for that purpose ..and by machine gun fire.” Harold Tittman.

It might prove cynical to suggest that these ‘chambers especially prepared for that purpose’ where within the Death Camps we have come to know through History. We know for a fact that der Einsatzgruppe transmissions had been intercepted all the way back to the launch of Barbarossa, June 22nd. 1941, but at the time, we were supposedly ill informed about the Death Camps? Here though, when there was that supposedly scant information of places such as Auschwitz/Birkenau, Belzec, Chelmno, Majdanek, Sobibor or even Treblinka, History has been enabled to suggest to us today that there was no knowledge of such places for informed decisions to be exacted against them. The mind reels from the proposition that much more was known which was shelved in defiance of all the more and ethical probity guiding humanity always to ensure always to act always in favour of humanitarianism.

On November 24th. Rabbi Wise releases the Riegner Report at Press Conference which provides confirmation that Europe’s Jews are being slaughtered by the Nazi’s. On Christmas Day, November 25th. Jews are still being deported, this time from Bergen to Auschwitz. The New York Times acknowledges that Belzec, Sobibor and Treblinka, as killing centres of Jews, has been assessed as having Murdered some 2,000,000 of European Jews already.

Wednesday November 25th. 1942 “..Polish Jews are being exterminated together with Jews from other occupied countries. ..transported on Polish territory.” Stanislaw Mikolajczyk.

On November 27th. 2,500 of Buczacz’s Jews are murdered at Belzec, with more than 250 Murdered in the Ghetto and at the same time, 2,000 of Tlumacz’s Jews are also murdered at Belzec. On November 28th. 2,500 of Mosciska’s Jews are murdered at Belzec and two days later on November 30th. there are over 50,000 Polish Jews recognised as having been murdered at Belzec, Majdanek and Treblinka in 3 week period. On November 1st. 1943 Rudolf Hoess leaves Auschwitz temporarily as the Moscow Declaration between Britain, US and Russia was issued. It drew upon the governing principles by which Nazi War Criminals would be prosecuted and those in the least implicated in these crimes against humanity would see Justice served? The Allied statement suggests they will act judicially, and without vengeance and in pursuance of ALL Axis War Criminals:-

“ ..uttermost ends of”

On November 3rd. with Operation Harvest Festival, ‘Erntefest,’ sees the beginnings of the Majdanek Death Camp liquidation which has been sanctioned. All told some 18,400 Jews are murdered in Majdanek under the auspices of ‘Erntefest’ while Lublin’s Lipowa Street Ghetto Camp is also liquidated with 2,500 Jews being murdered. SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Muhsfeldt now describes the process of elimination of those final 18,400 Jews of Lublin. While these Jews are confined to Field V of the Majdanek Death Camp, they are Murdered by a Sonderkommando of the SS. Operation Erntfest involving a wide expanse of Camps is at its height.

“..They had to lie down ..SS from Sonderkommando of ..ditch ..machine gunned them. ..batches along ..bottom of ..ditch ..had to lie down on ..corpses of those already shot. Men ..executed ..separate from women. Action lasted without ..break till 17:00. ..SS men shooting changed ..left for meals ..but ..executions continued incessantly.” SS Unterscharfuhrer Erich Muhsfeldt.

On November 4th. the Trawniki Camp is liquidated and 8,000 Jews are murdered in this ‘Erntefest’ operation. Over 2,800 Jews from Szebnie Labour Camp are resettled to Auschwitz and on November 5th. the Poniatowa Camp is liquidated as part of this same operation ‘Erntefest’ with 14,000 Jews who are murdered here. Unlike Babi Yar, which denotes the single most concentrated action against Jews in a single geographical area, ‘Erntefest’ specified a single action which amounted to a colossal account of more than 42,500 Jews murdered under a single banner action, but spread over a wider geographical area. Elsewhere, some 1,500 Jews from the Krychow Labour Camp are also murdered.

On November 6th. 500 Jews from the Szebnie Labour Camp are also murdered and on November 11th. 300 Theresienstadt Jews die during roll call from the overall effects of privation, starvation and cold, all of which are quite telling. On November 15th. there are over 1,100 Dutch Jews who deported to Auschwitz for ‘special treatment’ and the following day, November 16th. over 990 Dutch Jews are also sent to Auschwitz. The euphemism for mass murder has many terms, but they all consign the Jewish People toward a destructive end! On November 17th. Jewish partisans liberate the Jews in Borshchev. On November 19th. the Janowska Camp at Lvov has an Uprising but not before some 80,000 Jews were murdered here. On November 27th. 1943 the Birkenau Crematorium is blown up.

On November 2nd. 1944 the last gassings at Auschwitz Camp Birkenau Death Camp take place as the deportations from Budapest resume. There are 50,000 more Budapest Jews who are to be evacuated, but these are now headed toward Vienna. On November 3rd. the Russian forces occupy two thirds of Hungary and they are nearing Budapest. By now, it is November 8th. and Eichmann has deported 50,000 Jews from Budapest to the Concentration Camps at Buchenwald, Ravensbrueck and many more are those who had been removed toward Vienna, Austria. 10,000 of these Jews are murdered en-route. On November 13th., with the Budapest Ghetto in Hungary becoming established, some 70,000 Jews are Enclosed. This is the last Nazi Ghetto for the Jews of Europe to be created.

On November 25th. 1944 Birkenau ceases its operations and the following day, on November 26th. Himmler orders the total destruction of all the Birkenau Krematoria in unison with the wish to conceal further the evidence of Hitler’s atrocity. Practically a year later, on November 20th. 1945 The Nuremberg Trials of Major War Criminals, begins at 10:00a.m. in Nuremberg, Germany. The following day, November 21st. 1945 the defendants enter their pleas of ‘Not Guilty’ to the most heinous set of crimes ever amassed by a civilised people against an innocent Jewish Peo[ple and others. Goering tries to make a statement, but is prevented by the Court from doing so. Justice Robert Jackson delivers his opening statement for the prosecution. On November 29th. 1945 the prosecution introduces a film shot by Allied photographers in liberated areas. The graphic footage of Nazi horrors causes weeping in the courtroom and some defendants appeared shocked by what they see, while others appear apathetic or even seem bored.