Books unworthy of a Print Run!

“..There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written ..or badly written.” Oscar Wilde.

I contend that with this particular tome, and though Wilde is intrinsically right, the content of this particular book, which proved with such an immoral and debased usage of words of hidden intentions, Hitler’s Mein Kampf is as improper as it seems immoral. Hitler proved such a cantankerous individual, an intolerable soul and a vile personality that his control of words have proved so wrong, iniquitous and certainly sinful in any Religious context. Out of the words which conceptualised a chosen hatred for the Jewish People, words were made illegitimate. That assessment alone, of a books immoral content, fully made real the tenets of a Genocide we know is The Holocaust. With the Nazification of the literary word which could mean the destruction of Books that were alien to Hitler and his remorseless subversive agenda, words in Nazi Germany became subversive. Then, with the lighting of bonfires to consume the works of those whom Hitler disliked, had difficulty comprehending or plain and simply regarded as an opposing view to his own, all of these where recklessly consigned to the flames.

“..knowledge is stored in his brain as a literal transcript of ..books he has read and ..order of succession in which he has read them.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

On May 10th. 1933 the Public burning of books in Berlin’s Unter den Linden, and other university towns, took place. Those Books, written either by Jews, by political opponents, by so called dissidents and by many others not wholly approved of by Hitler or his formulaic and unapproving state, were consumed in flames and destroyed. In Berlin alone, the political police had stored more than 500 tons of books and periodicals, and all of these works would provide a bonfire of not just vanity but arrogance beyond measure. Words which had been carefully and thoughtfully placed upon paper were voluminously assigned and would set the signal for the coming conflagration of human culture. What this Hitler work had made, as an accusation of where culture was supposedly wrong, was to now assume the mantle of pure work. Any, which were proven contradictory to Nazism or Hitler’s sensitivity were destroyed. Those words which proved anathema to Hitler, which even suggested or constituted any form of idealism, while they tabled any form of morality, received a blanket ban.

“..This kind of propaganda influenced men in such a way as to give them a taste for reading ..Social Democratic Press and prepare their minds for its teaching. That Press its turn ..was a vehicle of ..spoken word rather than of ..written word. Whereas in ..bourgeois camp professors and learned writers ..theorists ..authors of all kinds ..made attempts at talking ..Marxist camp real speakers often made attempts at writing. And it was precisely ..Jew who was most prominent here. In general and because of his shrewd dialectical skill and his knack of twisting ..truth to suit his own purposes ..he was an effective writer but in reality his métier was that of a revolutionary orator rather than a writer. For this reason ..journalistic bourgeois world ..setting aside ..fact that here also ..Jew held ..whip hand and that therefore this press did not really interest itself in ..instruction of ..broad masses ..was not able to exercise even ..least influence over ..opinions held by ..great masses of our people.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

Any work which was related to any form of tolerance, or would even present an advocacy for the democratic way of life, these works were inconceivably accused of being forged and without merit. That Hitler alone could render masterpieces of the literary world as without credit, was undermining the very notion of all literary value. What the Cultural World had previously assessed as works of great importance, Hitler condemned to the flames. As with his refusal to see in Art the Culture of impression, so too in the words which orchestrated so much meaning, did Hitler see an altered image which went against the pedantic relevance Hitler placed upon only what he considered worthy. For those works chosen for Hitler’s form of elitism, and these became an adulterated assertion of bias, prejudice and intolerable contempt for literary prowess, words suddenly were prevented from statement and thus had a limiting significance once they had become suppressed.

“..if 12,000 or 15,000 Jews .. been forced to submit to poison gas ..then millions of sacrifices made at ..front would not have been in vain.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

Many authors, like Henri Barbusse, August Bebel, Franz Boas, Bertold Brecht, Max Brod, John Dos Passos, Theodore Dreiser, Albert Einstein, Lion Feuchtwanger, Friedrich Forster, Sigmund Freud, John Galsworthy, Andre Gide, Ernst Glaeser, Maxim Gorki, Werner Hegemann, Heinrich Heine, Ernest Hemingway, Erich Kastner, Helen Keller, Alfred Kerr, Jack London, Emil Ludwig, Heinrich Mann, Thomas Mann, Karl Marx, Hugo Preuss, Marcel Proust, Erich Maria Remarque, Walther Rathenau, Margaret Sanger, Arthur Schnitzler, Upton Sinclair, Kurt Tucholsky, Jakob Wassermann, H.G. Wells, Franz Werfel,Theodor Wolff, Emile Zola, Arnold Zweig, and Stefan Zweig were roundly condemned and depicted, deceitfully, as opposing freedom of expression. It is most certainly known that bonfires raged while words that might have informed were consigned to oblivion. All of this certainly paved the way for The Holocaust, as Heine had already proposed. It is a bold assumption to make perhaps, but it was a very short step from what Heine had clearly assessed would then lead to the Burning of people:

“..Where they burn books ..they will also ultimately burn people.” Heinrich Heine.

Up and down the German Nazi State, flames were sought to consume the ability of its own people to discern the stature of Literature, Art and even Culture. The German people were to be shrouded, and away from works of Art that did not fit the mould of Hitlerite disregard, Hitler could embellish his own perversions upon German society. And with that sentence placed upon the ‘kultur’ of a society already ripened for all manner of intolerance’s, then those exact same German people would become swayed as sections of society, commencing with the Jews were sectioned, subjugated and then destroyed. For Mein Kampf, a tome of sorts for an illiterate rabble governed by so many intolerance’s and hatreds, Hitler’s words fell upon accepting ears. The vehement denial of a living place for all People in this World was replaced by a living space for only a selected few. Not an exactly moral undertaking, and the words were clearly inaugurated in advance of that ability to achieve mass annihilation. This book contains an odiously all embracing selection of words with a clear and distinctive invective.

“..Outside my architectural studies and rare visits to ..opera ..I had no other pleasure in life except my books. I read a great deal ..and ..pondered ..what I read.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

That these words are aimed ostensibly toward the Jews of Germany and World Jewry in particular is most clear. Hitler’s clearer struggle for meaning though is a puerile and wordy read. The work is largely ineffective in its reach to meaningful exposition as it is an indulgent work and without any credit to originality! It is witless and crammed with the hackneyed idea that superior beings can have mastery over what will be decided are lesser beings. It detains a race theory which equates humanity to mere spawn, unable to regulate its own hopes, aspirations, desires or independent thought. The gutless wonder that was Adolf Hitler, who not only gouged out a reputation as a veritable monster, but utilised it to a genocidal propensity, used a dictatorial approach toward the German people which gave him his power base and destroyed their independence. This deplorable position, by which he could resort to the most bestial crimes ever perpetrated against humankind, fully involved those who adhered closely to the failed policy of a Master Race! To this day the Culture of Civilisation is permanently under threat by those who see in opposing views a conviction which requires restraining.

“..What soon gave me cause for very serious consideration were ..activities of ..Jews in certain branches of life ..into ..mystery of which I penetrated little by little. Was there any shady undertaking ..any form of foulness ..especially in cultural life which at least one Jew did not participate. On putting ..probing knife carefully to that kind of abscess one immediately discovered a maggot in a putrescent body ..a little Jew who was often blinded by ..sudden light.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

The true learning which the written word had so gifted all of humanity has been soured by those, like Hitler, who have struck out the words most emancipating aspect. Hitler has clearly delivered a verse to ignorance that is literally intolerant. What should have amounted to a serious consideration for what is Tolerance, and not just in protecting the Jews from Hitler and his regime, was forgotten. In allowing for the rest of Humanity to not only conform to the indifference shown toward the intolerance’s Hitler displayed against Jews and other’s, duplicity has word’s raised in accusation. It is essential that History recognises what Hitler was, what Fascism is and what the Nazi movement had become in a significant form. Whatever else the Jews were Slaughtered for, it was nothing more than a means to mass Murder and then to steal from them more than we had already stolen. We had already stolen their God! Their Religion! and A Christ! The Holocaust was to be the covert operation that was to be screened away from the World by the advent of the Second World War and was to steal all sense of what Humanity had previously considered morally correct.

“..I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with ..will of ..Almighty Creator. In standing guard against ..Jew I am defending ..handiwork of ..Lord.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

What Hitler conducted with a fixated will, which he even claimed had been defined by God for him to exploit, was abrogated into an evil beyond measure? What Hitler clearly ignored in God’s Creation was the Fact that we are all made equal. We are all made in God’s image and as the Jew’s are God’s Chosen People, Hitler was set to dismantle all that God’s covenant would ensure? What God had demanded of His Chosen People, Hitler would sacrifice on an alter of the greatest conflagration ever to consume, that raft which had kept humanity afloat. The unfortunate instance of this Jewish Catastrophe is that it was not concealed, it was not disguised enough, nor was it obliterated from time. Tragically for us though, more of what was known was deciphered and kept secret from us all. When an approach by any humanitarian concern would have acted accordingly and done more to cease the rage levelled against the Jews, this was ignored and kept in check.

“..yoke of slavery is and always will remain ..most unpleasant experience that mankind can endure. Do ..Schwabing decadents look upon Germanys lot today as aesthetic. Of course doesn’t discuss such a question with ..Jews ..because they are ..modern inventors of this cultural perfume. Their very existence is an incarnate denial of of Gods image in His creation.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

In the final analysis, there might not have been the Murders of 6,000,000 Jews for humanity to come to terms with, let alone comprehend how much these Jews of Europe had toendure, but there would have been a sight of a tolerance which far outweighed the indifference most World powers displayed. During the period of these Jewish People’s worst moment in all of our History, Humanity was found wanting. As it had absented itself from all moral conscience, Jewish Men, Women and Their Children were literally destroyed. What Hitler had formerly claimed had been the yoke of slavery, this now became the tool by which he would enslave an entire Continent. Then, as he gorged himself of this deadly hatred, upon those people he considered unworthy of any life whatsoever, Worldwide some 50 to 70 Million people would succumb to the ravages of War. What must be clearly recognised within the tenets that led directly to The Holocaust, is the invective and suggestion which Hitler placed before the German people.

“..From time immemorial ..Jews have known better than any others how falsehood and calumny can be exploited. Is not their very existence founded on one great lie ..that they are a religious community ..whereas in reality they are a race. ..what a race! One of ..greatest thinkers that mankind has produced has branded ..Jews for all time with a statement which is profoundly and exactly true. He ..Schopenhauer called ..Jew ..Great Master of Lies. Those who do not realise ..truth of that statement ..or do not wish to believe it ..will never be able to lend a hand in helping Truth to prevail.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

It was an instance of suggestion in a book of words which led toward the accumulation of atrocious events. In The Holocaust, which ravaged and degraded human beings before they were Slaughtered, Hitler’s ignominy has been assured. The orchestration of all that happened within Germany was manifestly Hitler’s directorial effort. Led by his own very warped confusion with ideals, a World would succumb to a brutal assault upon its founding principles. And Hitler clearly illiterates these intentions in a book so widely read throughout the World, no one seemed fit to appreciate what Hitler intended. For such an immense anti Jewish crusade to be then launched, with the words that had been in clear view for years, it is amazing that a World can claim any ignorance of what then transpired. With a more than certain larceny that would be fully concealed, Hitler bore his words into action and began the device of that ultimate accomplishment. However, wealth became a component of a corrupt and failed ideology as Hitler sought to profit from all that the Jews had accumulated. All of this was conducted fully by Hitler’s will, and established so as to deprive the Jewish People firstly of asset, wealth, community and then life.

“..Without books ..development of civilisation would have been impossible. They are ..engines of change on ..lighthouses as ..poet said erected in ..sea of time. They are companions ..teachers ..magicians ..bankers of ..treasures of ..mind ..Books are humanity in print.” Arthur Schopenhauer.

With a destructive undertaking of catastrophic proportions against the 11,293,300 Jews of Europe, as regarded by The Wannsee Conference, what was orchestrated by Hitler was a destructive force which obliterated 6,000,000 of those Jews now taken from us! The wealth of ‘nations’ to this day has borne all of this hatred and destruction out! What we have gained though, from the intellect of one for whom Hitler sought to gain an insight into, Arthur Schopenhauer, we learn of the fact that civilises us, Books, Words, Teachers of the treasury of humanity in printed detail, which Hitler clearly neglected. Thus te debate as to the rights and wrongs over whether people should read this dictated drivel by an antisemitic despot, languishing in gaol, is academic. Surely we are all garnered by a concern that some might even consider that the excessive language is worthy of ewprint. We can but accept that it is in print yet can we accpet the context from which Hitler has derived such personal infamy!

“..In times of distress a wave of public anger has usually arisen against ..Jew ..masses have taken into their own hands ..have seized Jewish property ..ruined ..Jew in their urge to protect themselves against what they consider to be a scourge of God. Having come to know ..Jew intimately through ..course of centuries times of distress they looked upon his presence among them as a public danger comparable only to ..plague.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

It is not relevant to the terms of The Holocaust whether or not Mein Kampf is reissued. It is simply that as a work it is a marker by which the World will judge the rancid nature, the dogged and rigid terms of a book such as Mein Kampf gains any sort of acceptance. It is quite shocking that there are still those who will seek to exculpate Hitler from the midst of The Holocaust with the falsehood that is ridden in this book. The book itself is a shameful examination of the very content as its vitriole marks with a hate filled useag of words an all too liberally condemnation of much of mankind. While aimed directly at the Jewish People it can be aimed equally at all those whose will cannot be bent by Hitler’s. For those persuaded to achieve any form of infamy, given the free hand to extort and exhort all manner of excess against an other People, Mrin Kampf has the words to access a very deeply disturbing level of hate filled intolerance. It is all too easy to see that when a scapegoat is offered up upon the altar of ignorance and prejudice, the ramifications for all of mankind is infamy, destruction and desolation.

“..He will stop at nothing. His utterly low down conduct is so appalling that one really cannot be surprised if in ..imagination of our people ..Jew is pictured as ..incarnation of Satan and ..symbol of evil. ..ignorance of ..broad masses as regards ..inner character of ..Jew ..and ..lack of instinct and insight that our upper classes display ..are some of ..reasons which explain how it is that so many people fall an easy prey to ..systematic campaign of falsehood which ..Jew carries on. While ..upper classes ..with their innate cowardliness ..turn away from anyone whom ..Jew thus attacks with lies and calumny ..common people are credulous of everything ..whether because of their ignorance or their simple mindedness. Government authorities wrap themselves up in a robe of silence ..but more frequently they persecute ..victims of Jewish attacks in order to stop ..campaign in ..Jewish Press.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.

It is abundantly clear too that all those ignorant of Tolerance were bent to the will of an intolerance that made Hitler’s lackey’s seem less simply minded in their own obeyance. As to where exactly was the World’s condemnation, it was harvested in the pages of reports on the Mass Extermination of The Jews of Europe. Israel is becoming a more frightening prospect for Jews, where a new intolerance seeks the Jewish People out in their own Homeland! As an author on The Holocaust, I will give it serious consideration before I contemplate any visit to see YadVashem, a must for those who wish to see their Testimony of Remembrance recognised in a Museum which stands so tall in 6,000,000 ways. It is sad that there is even an ongoing debate as to whether to allow certain refugees into their Country! Imagine Jews declining refugees a status they deserve? For fear of Islamist terrorism being concealed within what would be an altruistic Jewish benevolence, Israel is cautious. Of course Jews and Israel will be then criticised for denying entry to those in obvious need? It is a reversal of a Jewish status during The Holocaust when Hitler had set himself above and beyond the God of Creation

“..Look at ..ravages from which our people are suffering daily as a result of being contaminated with Jewish blood. Bear in mind ..fact that this poisonous contamination can be eliminated from ..national body only after centuries ..or perhaps never. Think further of how ..process of racial decomposition is debasing some cases ..destroying ..fundamental Aryan qualities of our German people that our cultural creativeness as a nation is gradually becoming impotent and we are running ..danger least in our great cities ..of falling to ..level where Southern Italy is today. This pestilential adulteration of ..blood ..of which 100’s of 1,000’s of our people take no account being systematically practised by ..Jew today. Systematically these negroid parasites in our national body corrupt our innocent fair haired girls and thus destroy something which can no longer be replaced in this world. ..2 Christian denominations look on with indifference at ..profanation and destruction of a noble and unique creature who was given to as a gift of Gods grace. For ..future of ..however does not matter which of ..2 triumphs over ..other ..Catholic or ..Protestant. But it does matter whether Aryan humanity survives or perishes. And yet ..2 Christian denominations are not contending against ..destroyer of Aryan humanity but are trying to destroy one another. Everybody who has ..right kind of feeling for his country is solemnly bound ..each within his own denomination see to it that he is not constantly talking about ..Will of God merely from ..lips but that in actual fact he fulfils ..Will of God and does not allow Gods handiwork to be debased. For it was by ..Will of God that men were made of a certain bodily shape ..were given their natures and their faculties. Whoever destroys His work wages war against Gods Creation and Gods Will.” Hitler in Mein Kampf.