If we just consider what Yom HaShoah is all about, and Remember in the very detail of the gravest atrocity to assail all of Humanity, we will recognise that some 1,500,00 Jewish names are still missing, unknown now to all of History. On April 12th. April 2018, as the World should come to realise what is meant by what is in fact missing, and Israel will know what was taken more than 6,000,000 times over, the Jewish World will recognise our willingness to accept our great wrong. So on the day itself please place ALL the names of those Jews which The Holocaust has interred and make their memory known to us all. YadVashem has made it clear, the day will be about Remembrance so list your names and we can all be made aware of Your loss.


Such loss, now amounting to our loss also will never be understood as other than a Jewish atrocity, given the terms which has been applied to The Final Solution of The Jewish Question. There will be those of you who will seek out a fuller audience to remark the absence of those now lost, and I would suggest you contact YadVashem on this page, and make your feelings known. For those, like myself, who will wish to Remember the names of those we have come to reflect upon here together, if you wish to place the names on My Post and I will add them all to what I have always sought. As you read their names they are being Remembered and they will not be forgotten as these mainly Jewish Children who were not allowed to reach their full potential, confront ours.

While many of these names have been presented to you all in words I have already blended alongside them, it is for us, here and now Always to Remember, Never to Forget.

Israel Knaster, Jacques Bronfman, Cywja Borowski, Raymond Brunschwig, Guy Cytrynowiez, Maurice Cytrynowiez, Renee Goldberg, Avivah Gorkin, Lucien Grudman, Henri Hillig, Bernard Jedwab, Henriette Kierszenblat, Joseph Lander, Dan Levinsky, Georges Lion, Ela Srebro, Sylvaine Steinbock, and Jeannine Stickgold.

Avroum Beirach, Francine Beirach, Malka Beirach, Michel Edelstein, Simon Edelstein, Maja Frydman, Laja Frydman, Blima Grosman, Eva Grosman, Simon Grosman, Henri Hirsz, Jacques Hirsz, Rachel Hirsz, Joseph Jinn, Isidor Jungfer, Joseph Lerner, Myriam Lerner, Rosa Lerner, Abraham Wajc, Ajzyk Wajc and Maurice Zysman

George Biglaizer, Laja Biglaizer, Madeleine Biglaizer, Rachel Biglaizer, Albert Cala, Suzanne Cala, Albert Ejchler, Henri Flamenbaum, Annette Fligelman, Odette Fligelman, Claudine Grajcar, Maurice Grajcar, Therese Grajcar, Bernard Gutmajndster, Huguette Gutmajndster, Sywia Gutmajndster, Jean Iglicki, Isaac Jubiler, Jeannette Jubiler, Leon Jubiler, Rachel Jubiler, Rose Jubiler, Rosa Maber, Micheline Perl, Suzanne Perl, Berthe Pojnanski, Esther Poznanski, Helen Ruta, Nicole Turtleband, Dora Wigdor, Ida Woski, Claire Zloty, Paulette Zloty, Suzanne Zloty, Kira Zylberszac, Serge Zylberszac, Jeannette Zylberszporn, Marcel Zylberszporn and Pauline Zyschole.

Jeanine Adler, Gabriel Ascher, Dora Bergman, Helene Bergman, Sylvie Bergman, Jeannette Blatt, Marie Blatt, Simone Blatt, Charlotte Brams, Jacques Brand, Jeanne Brand, Madeleine Brand, Fanny Cukier, Ginette Cukier, Irene Cukier, Fanny Fikman, Ita Fikman, Sabina Goldman, Peter Hackel, Saloman Jonas, Simon Jonas, Helia Kac, Salomon Kac, Suzanne Kac, Zina Kac, Feliz Krajka, Ruth Kraut, Suzanne Kraut, Wolf Kraut, Jenny Lejzerowicz, Marcel Lejzerowicz, Anne Lew, Lucienne Lili Miszkinski, Bernard Najman, Lucien Najman, Myriam Najman, Therese Najman, Desider Schvartz, Joseph Schvartz, Louise Schvartz, Rachel Schvartz, Paul Spiegelman, Berthe Zlotnik, Jacques Zlotnik, Jeanine Zlotnik, Sarah Zlotnik and Yvette Zlotnik.

Abzac, Max Adler, Frida Albaum, Rolande Albaum, Anna Bock, Jeanne Bock, Rosette Bulva, Andre Doskel, David Doskel, Lucienne Doskel, Anna Fisz, Helene Fisz, Berthe Fryer, Bernard Landau, Hedwige Landau, Maurice Lina, Adele Nitka, Paulette Nitka, Armant Rozenblum, Charles Rozenblum, Jacques Rozenblum, Regine Rozenblum, Simon Rozenblum, Bella Rubin, Mata Rubin, Micheline Rubin, Adam Vogler and Hans Werner.

Eva Bufler, Josette Chichman, Michel Chichman, Fleurette Davidowitch, Jacki Davidowitch, Jeanne Miliband, Liliane Miliband, Simone Miliband, Blanche Dziura, Gerson Dziura, Zlata Dziura, Ida Grouman, Isaac Grouman, Marie Grouman, Anna Kapler, Bernard Kapler, Cecile Kapler, Maurice Kaplar, Max Kapler, Florine Loeb, Theodore Motyl, Michel Pelikan, Helene Sokol, Germaine Szejn, Odette Szejn, Salomon Szejn, Claudine Torn, Leon Walter, Lea Zelechowski, Madeleine Zelechowski and Simon Zelechowski.

Albert Adler, Marcus Adler, Bernard Blawat, Blanche Blawat, Clara Blawat, David Bulwa, Paul Bulwa, Andre Epelbaum, Arlette Epelbaum, Henri Epelbaum, Jacqueline Epelbaum, Jacques Epelbaum, Renee Epelbaum, Suzanne Epelbaum, Albert Gober, Claudine Gober,Charles Gerszt, Abram Gorlicki, Marcel Gryn, Jacques Klager, Bernard Laks, Berthe Lederman, Joseph Lederman, Roger Lederman, Suzanne Lederman, Lucienne Lubin, Nathan Lubin, Berthe Orlik, Simon Orlik, Solange Pick, Georges Radomski, Helene Radomski, Lucien Slomka, Violette Slomka, Francine Szapiro, Annette Zeig, Laja Zylberman, Rachel Zylberman and Sura Zylberman.

Sarah Adler, Anna, Charles, Joseph, Robert and Simone Baum, Jacques Fitzig, Chaja-Berth Goldewicht, Leon Goldewicht, Esther Klos, Masha Klos, Jacob Lunde, Madeleine Musk, Roger Najman, Rose Najman, Edouard Schiff, Daniel Sukier, Helene Sukier, Simon Sukier, Marcelle Toporek, Serge Toporek, Eve Wakzul, Nathan Wakzul, Sarah Wakzul, Cecile Zak, Georgette Zylberman and Robert Zylberman.

Adele Arm, Andre Arm, Therese Arm, Monique Ciolek, Charlotte Dancyger, Ella Dancyger, Jacques Dancyger, Emile Fersztendyk, Abram Gelbart, Brandla Gelbart, Regine Gelbart, Bernard Lenczner, Fanny Lenczner, Marie Lenczner, Regine Lenczner, Sarah Lenczner, Henri Sevelivici, Henri Garnek, Jean Garnek, Henriette Hacker, Edith Jonap, Gerla Jonap, Paula Jonap, Ruth Leiner, Henri Nudelman, Rachel Nudelman, Sarah Nudelman, Fanny Rosenfeld, Henri Transport, Marguerite Transport, Raymond Transport, Yvette Transport and Chaya Zylberg.

Simon Gasmir, Solange Gasmir, Brandla Kozubski, Esther Kozubski, Jankiel Kozubski, Sylvain Kozubski, Franciszka, Weindling, Floride Weindling, Jozef Weindling, Daniel Belchatowski, Denise Buch, Helene Buch, Elise Eskenazi, Marie Eskenazi, Rachel Eskenazi, Richard Frenkel, Claude Gross, Jacques Gross, Annabellea Kamil, Ilse Maus, Ruth Maus, Anna Offen, Berthe Payouk, Clara Payouk, Joseph Payouk, Therese Payouk, Rolf Rothschild, Esther Rubel, Sarah Rubel, Feliz Spira, Egon Stocki, Herbert Stocki, Berthe Waks, Reine Waks, Manfred Weil, Marianne Wohl and Jacques Zommerstern.

Adele Abish, Maria Abish, Maurice Abish, Gisele Blech, Anna Goldstein, Bay-Micha Goldstein, David Goldstein, Fajga Goldstein, Renee Goldstein Sonia Goldstein, Esther Herskovic, Germaine Herskovic, Gisele Herskovic, Willian Herskovic, Michel Lederman, Serge Lederman, Henri Magier, Madeleine Magier, Simon Magier, Ernest Niwes, Felice Reiter, Helene Reiter, Jacqueline Reiter, Marcel Reiter, Bernard Saim, Lea Stern, Ruth Taffet, Norbert Vogler, Lipse Zellerkraut and Renee Zellerkraut.

Alix Grynspan, Cecile Grynszpan, Frajdla Grynszpan, Henriette-Regine Grynszpan, Elise Panigel, Monique Panigel, Robert Panigel, Rachel Rubinstein, Jean Baranchouk, Isaac Galinski, Joseph Galinski, Sylvia Kon, Benjamin Konopkis, Rachel Konopkis, Ethel Levy, Leon Levy, Alice May, Malvine Nadel, Hugette Rydel, Israel Rydel, Sima Scharf, Marcel Winzer, Helene Zacas, Jean Zacas, Helene Zeligfeld, Henri Zeligfeld, Simone Zeligfeld, Edwin Zwirn and Simone Zwirn.

Benjamin Beer, Jacques Beer, Evelyne Blywak, Bella Freireich, Lola Freireich, Simon Freireich, Georges Grynspan, Rolande Judkiewicz, Simon Judkiewicz, Germaine Lewin, Dora Mintz, Philippe Mintz, Berthe Poliakoff, Marguerite Rotbart, Riva Rotbart, Therese Rotbart, Margot Spira, Helene Tysz, Leon Tysz, Maurice Viktoovitch, Charlotte Wajntreter, David Wajntreter, Denise Wajntreter, Rebecca Wajntreter, Marcel Yelen, Juliette Zick and Paula Zygelman.

Achile Abramovici, Claude Bloch, Samuel Frydman, Sarah Frydman, Sella Frydman, Suzanne Gelber, Felicie Gumpel, Thomas Gumpel, Anne Judelson, Isaac Judelson, Pauline Judelson, Ariane Kristellar, Jacques Legard, Regine Legard, Jacques Levy, Monique Levy, Nicole Mantel, Liliane Roth, Michel Roth, Paul Stern, Esther Wenger, Maurice Wenger, Estelle Zomersztajn, Joseph Zomersztajn, Maurice Zomersztajn, Paulette Zomersztajn and Paul Zylberberg.

Esther Aizenman, Fernand Bercovici, Henriette Bercovici, Jean Bercovici, Joseph Bercovici, Lili Bercovici, Michel Glezer, Aron Itkis, Esther Itkis, Joseph Itkis, Lisette Itkis, Sarah Itkis, Ruchia Kogan, Georges Malamout, Helene Malamout, Lucien Malamout, Micheline Malamout, Salomon Malamout, Suzanne Sloim, Berthe Slomowics, Carlotta Slomowics, Ernest Slomowics, Gisele Slomowics, Maurice Slomowics, Serge Smilevitch, Georgette Weiner, Simon Weiner and Bernard Zylberberg.

Mira Adler, Henry Adoner, Lisette Adoner, Samuel Adoner, Zizi Adoner, Michel Buk, Annette Buk, Paulette Chouman, Rosette Chouman, Malka Kerner, Paulette Kerner, Armand Kohn, Georges Kohn, Alexandre Roth, Enea Sirota, David Work, Freina Work, Marcel Work, Solda Work, Advierre Wolodorsky, Berthe Zilbermanall and Viviane Zilbermanall.

Jeannette Aboave, Marthe Alion, Henri, Henriette, Jacqueline Benmoya, Maurice Benmoya, Edgard Cattan, David Estroumza, Jacqueline Estroumza, Josette Estroumza, Michel Haim, Anny Leibovitz, Maurice Leibovitz, Beatrice Mand, Isaac Mordoh, Josepth Mordoh, Leon Mordoh, Lucie Mordoh, Luna Mordoh, Myriam Mordoh, Rose Mordoh, Victorine Mordoh, Henri Pilo, Rachel Safan, Eliane Safan, Elie Safan, Jeanne Saltiel, Liliane Scioel, Nicole Scioel, Samuel Scioel, Henri Torres, Pauline Yenni, Robert Yenni and Dora Yoel.

Ermine Alter, Henri Alter, Joel Bron, Daisy Eskenazi, Chaja Falnsznajder, Renee Falnsznajder, Robert Glasman, Bernard Gonsiorek, Georges Gonsiorek, Henri Gonsiorek, Maurice Katz, Dora Kawa, Ginette Midowicz, Henri Midowicz, Ludovic Midowicz, Julien Pollack, Andre Rab, Isaac Rab, Maurice Rab, Georges Streicher, Alain Wolenberg, Anny Wolenberg, Lina Zandberg, Alain Zausnica, Anna Zausnica, Bruna Zausnica, Fajga Zausnica, Malka Zausnica, Salomon Zausnica, and Bernard Zilberberg.

Annie-Rose Erdelyi, Betty Erdelyi, Mesea Erdelyi, Michelle Erdelyi, Helen Alster, Malvine Alster, Paulette Amanentowicz, Albert Bereha, Michele Bereha, Monique Beraha, Esther Don, Albert Eskenazi, Allegra Eskenazi, Leon Eskenazi, Nissim Eskenazi, Raymond Eskenazi, Rose Eskenazi, Leib Kuzka, Claudine Malach, Celine Pinkus, Eliasz Pinkus, Fernande Pinkus, Colette Salmona, Elise Salmona, Charles Steinloff, Kitty Veffer, Leon Yahiel, Leon Zalma, Suzanne Zalma, Albert Zylberbergier and Jeanne Zylberbergier.

Jacques Abergil, Suzanne Aizic, Anna Chryzanowski, Berthe Chryzanowski, Louise Guterman, Ginette Lichtenstein, Myriam Lichtenstein, Phillippe Lichtenstein, Leon Nagelkop, Salomon Nagelkop, Odette Perper, Paul Perper, Rose Perper, Jean-Pierre Smolenski, Odette Starck, Edith Stern, Hugette Weil, Lily Weil, Claude Weill, Nicole Weill, Claude Wisniak, Jacques Wisniak, Robert Wisniak, Rose Wisniak, Gilbert Worms, Evelyne Yasterbelski, Anna Zipine and Fanny Zylberszporn.

Georges Akselrad, Anna Bannet, Dina Bannet, Jonny Bannet, Jacques Bialer, Marcelle Bialer, Sarah Bialer, Israel Cybulski, Rosette Cybulski, Adolphe Frydman, Berthe Frydman, Paul Frydman, Szyfra Frydman, Irene Gezerski, Adolphe Guigui, Andre Guigui, Djobar Guigui, Helene Guigui, Hugette Ben Guigui, Jacqueline Guigui, Marie Guigui,Yahia Guigui, Yvonne Guigui, Bernard Kornberg, Maurice Kornberg, Claire Orloff, Ethel Orloff, Youra Riskine, Jean Schlesinger, Rene Schlesinger, Berthe Sturm, Abraham Sztarkman, Berthe Sztarkman, Maurice Sztarkman, Daniel Vigderhau, Jacques Vigderhau, Jacqueline Wachs, Jeanine Wachs and Elizabeth Zeckendorf.

Claude Benichou, Colette Benichou, Menahem Benichou, Jeanine Benichou, Juliette Benichou, Lucienne Benichou, Simone Benichou, Yvette Benichou, Zavi Benichou, Nicole Bloch, Odette Bloch, Roger Bloch, Marcel Ber, Jeanine Drefuss, Chana Finkielsztajn, Francince Finkielsztajn, Anna Kaufman, Berthe Lando, Jean Levy, Raymond Levy, Betty Nahmias, Ernest Rausch, Julius Rausch, Francoise Sukno, Helene Sukno, Suzanne Sukno, Suzanne Ulman, Andre Wachtel, Jean-Rene Wachtel, Jacques Watman, Raymond Watman, Daniel Weber, Fanny Zonand, Celine Zylberberg and Sarah Zylberberg.

Esther Abosch, Lucy Albeck, Abram Adjibel, Hans Adler, Joseph Apel, David Atijas, Henri Ayzenberg.

Avraham Yosef Backenroth, Anny Baranczyk, Shloyme Bartenstein, Izak Baruch, Arnold Basch, Harry Bauer, Herbert Baum, Marianne Baum, Ignatz Baum, Max Becker, Maurice Behar, Helene Berger, Kurt Bernhard, Dr. Yisroel Biber, Liliane Birenbaum, Heinz Birnbaum, Grete Bloch, Renee Blum, Maxine Borenheim, Siegmund Bosel, Bernard Bounan, Francoise Brabanar, Jacques Brabanar, Lavoslav Buchsbaum, Herbert Budzislausky, Khayim Yankl Brzostowski.

Anna Checinski, Eluse Checinski, Simon Checinski, Wolf Checinski, Jeanine Cheress, Israil Chlebowski, Motus Chmura.

Berta Demner, Regina Demner, Ziwie Abosch Demner, Sara Selma Golda Spindel Joshua Dicker, Isidor Dolf, Ruth Dorfman, Justyna Davidson Draenger, Simon Dubnow, Yitzhak Dugin.

Henry Eckstein, Esther Edelman, Isaac Edelman, Joseph Edelman, Moshe Edelman, Etl Eisenstadt, Dr. Elchanan Elkes, Leon Eskenazi, Mordecai Ewzerow.

Sara Fermeinska, Gisi Fleischmann, Edith Fraenkel, Rosette Frankel, Miroslav Freiberger, Izak Freides, Adolfine Freud, Marie Freud, Pauline Freud, Rosa Freud, Paul Froelich.

Alla Gaertner, Inna Galay, Mordechai Gebirtig, Josip Gilman, Dr. Asscher Gitter, Jacqueline Gladkevizer, Adolf Gliot, Alice Gliot, Charles Gliot, Louise Gliot, Michelle Glowinski, Daniel Goldstein, Simon Goldstein, Lies Goossens, Simone Gotlib, Yakov Grojanowski, Mendel Grossman, Elia Gruenwald, Hinks Gruenwald, Jean Grumberger, Renee Grumberger, Rolande Grumberger, Gabi Gryn, Samy Gryn, Dr. Rudolf Guech, Isidor Guren, Hugette Gutmajnster.

Joseph Haber, Rabbi Ben-Zion Halberstam, Dr. M. Heisz, Izidor Hersmovic, Ludwig Hertz, Felix Heymann, Hardel Heymann, Fred Hirsch, Hella Hirsch, Marguerite Hirscher, Chaim Hirschman, David Holz, Emmanuel Holz, Jacques Holz, Joseph Holz, Marianne Holz, Paul Holz.

Chanoch Intreligator.

Samuel Jacob, Hilde Jadamowitz, Hans Joachim, Marianne Joachim, Ruth Joachimsman, Jeanette Jubiler, Margaritte Jukobovitch, Alain Jurkovitsch.

Czula Kafka, Elli Kafka, Valli Kafka, Lavislav Kahn, Max Karpensztrig, Leon Katan, Fyge Katz, Leopold Katz, Mine Katz, Tsevi Katznelson, Yitzhak Katznelson, Berthe Kerszbaum, Arno Klarsfeld, Gideon Klein, Jakov Klinkovstein, Martin Kochmann, Sola Kochmann, Denise Kohl, Gaston Kohn, Jacob Kohn, Dr. N. Kohn, Janusz Korczak, Rabbi Zevi Koretz, Hennette Korman, Jacqueline Korman, Mireille Korman, David Kostshevski, Dr. Ernst Koren, Genette Krieger, Nina Krieger, Odette Krieger, Elly Kulka.

Claire Leibel, Nelly Leibel, Pauline Leibel, Gaston Leibovicz, Marcel Leibovicz, Rudolf Levy, Paula Lewkowitz, Leon Lindenberger, Berthe Lipman, Erna Lipman, Georg Lipman, Hermann Lusmann, Chaim Litwak, Shaikele Litwak, Shammai Litwak, Yankele Litwak, M. Loewy, Hilde Lowy.

Eugen Mandel, Tchechia Mandel, Vyoslav Mandel, Franceska Mann, Cecile Mayer, Emanuel Mayer, Eva Mayer, Frieda Mayer, Johanna Mayer, Joseph Mayer, Julius Mayer, Julius Mayer, Julius Mayer, Laura Mayer, Lehman Maywr, Maier Mayer, Marie Mayer, Max Mayer, Meta Mayer, Michel Mayer, Mina Mayer, Rosalie Mayer, Salo Mayer, Selma Mayer, Jacqueline Meichel, David Meisel, Gerd Meyer, Hanni Meyer, Herbert Meyer, Serna Morgenstern, Ginette Moszkowicz.

Arnold Nadel, Leon Nadel, Allegra Nahmias, Betty Nahmias, Dolly Nahmias, Nina Nahmias, Jacques Nahmias, Abraham Naumann, Helmut Neumann.

Tovah ‘Tokele’ Olshak,

Shaine Olshak.

Micheline Perl, Milena Jesenka-Pollak, Freida Popelaner, Leister Popelaner, Nechama Popelaner, Sarah Popelaner, Albert Poznanski, Mijo Propper.