Christmas in The Holocaust

By the Christmas of 1932 Sunday December 25th. Hitler had gained power and began the rhetorical reform of his words for hatred for th Jewish People into an empirical assault, an illogical hatred for and toward, imitially, the Jews of Germany. Truth be known, though the Jews were his exclusive target, it was well known that anyone who even looked at Hitler sideways faced his unbounded despise. By the Christmas of 1933 Monday December 25th. Monday, the Jews of Germany had been further wealened by the very assault which manifested itself in too many ways. They were further assaulted, targeted with intent and continuously victimised. Hitler and the Nazi’s had brought forward a set of edicts which would singularly affect the Jews of Germany, in a hostile and virulent antisemitism. On December 1st. the Jewish Social Democratic politician Ernst Heilmann is arrested and the antisemitic Glaubensbewegung deutscher Christen, the Movement of German Christian Believers becomes the semi-official religious organization of Germany. Also, an antisemitic, anti-Communist organization, Gesamtverband deutscher anti-kommunistischer Vereinigungen, the General Association of German Anti-Communist Societies, is founded. As the German-Jewish physicist Albert Einstein criticizes the new Nazi regime.

So much had been conducted against the Jewish position within Germany that by the Christmas of 1934 Tuesday, German Jews were assaulted, targeted, victimised and abused. By Christmas of 1935 Wednesday, Jews were regularly assaulted, targeted, victimised and assailed and it was speading further afield. With anti-Jewish riots erupting in Polish universities, all Jewish students are restricted to special seats and with December 31st. arriving we see all remaining Jews in Germany’s Civil Service being dismissed.

In the coming years, Poland models its policy regarding its own Jewish Citizens on that of Nazi Germany. As Jews are attacked throughout Poland, 10’s of 1,000’s of Polish Jews emigrate to Holland, France, Belgium, and toward their biblical homeland of Palestine. As University quotas for Jews begin to bite, as they exist at this time in United States universities, America seeks to restrict further Jewish migration from harm. Such American discrimination restricts the Jewish presence also in education, jobs, and housing. Just as it moves to keep Eastern European Jews out of the United States, the first issue of the antisemitic Deutsche Wochenschau für Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Technik, the German Weekly for Politics, Economy, Culture and Technology is published in Germany and the first issue of the pseudoscientific, antisemitic Zeitschrift für Rassenkunde, the Journal for Racial Science is also published. The American Jewish Congress joins with the Jewish Labor Committee to form the Joint Boycott Council, aimed at German purveyors of goods and services as Anti-Jewish riots occur across Romania.

The German government permits the publication of Martin Luther’s On the Jews and Their Lies, in which Luther advocates a program to arrest Jews, expropriate them, force them into the kind of labour the government determines, and, finally, to exile or murder them. By the Christmas of 1936 Friday, Jews assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed and abused and in a 2 year period up until the end of the year, over 47,000 Polish Jews have fled their former Country. Meanwhile, in Poland, on account of some unsavoury anti-Jewish measures and pogromatic responses to their presence, the escalation toward emigration increases with over 35,000 Polish Jews reaching Palestine.

On December 14th. as the 1,000 year Reich is announced at the Nuremberg Rally, the first issue of The Jewish Question ‘Die Judenfrage’ is published in Germany and is edited by Georg Haller. As Poland investigates the possibility of deporting resident Jews to Madagascar, the first soundings of ‘The Madagascar Plan’ are muted. Of the over 8,800 Jews who managed to flee Poland this year alone, over 2,800 of them finally managed to reach Palestine. Here, by the Christmas of 1937 Saturday, and with December 28th. arriving, the Romanian Government of Goga-Cuza is the first government that introduced anti-Semites as state policy.

During December 1938 Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused and even killed. There are transports of some 10,000 Jewish Children, forming the ‘Kindertransport’ which are allowed into Britain. On December 3rd. Jews in Germany lose their Driving Licenses as Jewish industrial enterprises and businesses, expropriated under compulsory purchase orders with Jews being wholly diminished in the German economy. On December 12th. the Neuengamme Concentration Camp opens as a $400,000,000 fine is levied against German Jews for the nazi Kristallnacht destruction.

On December 14th. Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering is given charge of die Endlosung der Judenfrage, ‘The Final Solution of The Jewish Question,’ and any such euphemism now employed will never hide from truth the intention of Hitler’s resolve to murder, with impunity all Jews he can reach.

We clearly cannot rely upon this continuing formation of words to establish the exact date at which Hitler arrived at the overall Jewish kill policy, but it was fomenting and being formulated at these moments in history. It is clear too, that with the coming Invasion of Poland, this war was merely a staging post upon that traversed ground toward the annihilation process for All the Jews of Europe.

“..destruction of Poland is in ..foreground ..aim is ..elimination of living forces ..not ..arrival at a certain line. I shall give a propagandist cause for starting ..war ..never mind if it is plausible or not. ..victor will not be asked later on whether he told ..truth or not.” Adolf Hitler.

On the eve of Christmas, December 24th. Saturday, leading American clergy come together to issue a resolution protesting at ‘Kristallnacht’ and by the Christmas of 1938, Sunday, Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed and many murdered. By the end of the year more than 200,000 of the 500,000 Jews who had been listed in the German 1933 Census had emigrated with over 9,000 Jews fleeing to Poland. Over 2,000 of Jews are reaching Palestine bringing about a sea change in European Jewish relations and worsen considerably in Germany and Poland.

Some 400,000 Jews had left Poland for Palestine, at a time when 3,250,000 Jews were recorded in census as Polish Citizenry. This would not afford the Jews of Poland any more sanctuary than was deserving of their Citizen status, and history records this as an intolerable mark of Polish history. On December 1st. 1939 some 1,800 Chelm Jews are expelled toward Luck with 1,400 of these Chelm Jews murdered by Wehrmacht troops. Also, while 200 Hrubieszow Jews are force marched to Sokal, many die enroute. Then, just one week after the Hans Frank’s decree was promulgated, in Opoczno, 4,200 Jews were foced to wear the Mogen Dawid by the Polish police.

On December 2nd. the first use of gas vans to eliminate mental patients sets a worrying precedent. On December 5th. Jewish property in Poland seized. On December 6th. Britain admonishes Bulgarian Government over its transit policy for Jews fleeing to Palestine. On December 11th. all Jews in Poland must seek permission to change address. On December 12th. Jewish males aged 14 to 60 subject forced labour and to do 2 years service in Eastern Germany as Jews are expelled from Kalisz.

On December 15th. it is Decreed that Jewish Forced Labour is to be made ‘free’ to German interests. On December 18th., all Jewish valuables are to be declared in Poland and on December 20th. the Radomsko Ghetto in Poland is now established. There are 18,500 Jews enclosed in the Ghetto and all of this accomplished by the Christmas of 1939 Monday, as Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered. There is now being witnessed the orchestrated mass executions shootings occur.

On December 30th. 1,210 refugee Jews aboard the Uranus are prevented from going on to Palestine and over the past 6 years, more than 1,400 individual anti-Jewish measures are enacted in Germany alone.

“..end ..November 1940 ..8,000 ..were at ..Oswiecim camps. ..political prisoners ..criminals ..Jews. This last group ..persecuted most of all. Scarcely any of them came out alive. ..death notices. ..received. ..December 20,260 ..were sent. ..200 bodies ..being burned in ..crematorium each week.” Polish Fortnightly Review.

On December 12th. The Salvador sinks killing 200 Jewish refugees with 70 of them being Children and on December 17th. Piotrkow Ghetto struck by typhus. On December 29th. the Glowno Ghetto in Poland is established with 3,000 Jews Enclosed. By the end of year 8,200 Jews of Lodz had died of starvation as Lange moves his Sonderkommando to Chelmno. Here, with the completion of the Camp, Chelmno would be at the centre of the storm for Lodz Jews while 27,000 Polish Jews managed to emigrate to Palestine, illegally!

By the Christmas of 1940 Wednesday, Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed. Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed.

“..Complete list of executions carried out ..Einsatzkommando 3 area up to 1 December 1941. Security police duties in Lithuania taken over by Einsatzkommando 3 on 2 July 1941.” SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger.

Throughout December 1941 Moscow Radio is keen to alert the World that der Einsatzgruppe are Murdering Jews on a massive scale. In France, a leafleting exercise is saying exactly the same thing.

“..Today I can confirm that our objective solve ..Jewish problem for Lithuania ..has been achieved by EK 3. In Lithuania there are no more Jews ..apart from Jewish workers and their families. ..distance between ..assembly point to ..graves ..on average 4 to 5 Km.” SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Jaeger.

December 1st. 1,200 Stuttgart Jews to Riga. They too will find their way to Rumbuli with the Jaeger Report stating that 85% of all Lithuanian Jews have already been murdered, this means that some 137,366 individual Lithuanian Jews are dead. On December 3rd. 1941 members of the Birkenau Sonderkommano are shot as a reprisal for a planned revolt. Thursday December 4th. 1941

“..10’s of 1,000’s of Jews from abroad were brought here. I saw them walking with their suitcases ..many of them well dressed. Young men and women in good spirits ..relaxed. They observe everything around them. They look at our city with curiosity. They were told that they were brought to work and were ordered to bring their best clothing with them. Afterwards they were murdered at ..Ninth Fort. It was said that these young people had no suspicions of anything bad happening to them and they even danced in ..evenings. On ..following day ..they were taken in groups of 50 and shot. Lithuania earned ..label ‘cemetery of ..European Jews’.” Helena Kutergiene-Buividaite.

On December 4th. 2,500 Gorodenka Jews murdered and on December 5th. the first truck transports of Jews are delivered to Chelmno Death Camp. The Daugavpils Ghetto still had 962 Jews and on December 7th. Chelmno Death Camp’s Extermination operations begin.700 Kolo Jews are 1st. Victims at Chelmno as they are gassed and confined to eternity here at Chelmno. There is the second aktionen of the remaining Riga Ghetto Jews and they are murdered in Rumbuli Forest. On December 8th. 4,000 Novogrudok Jews murdered and 2,300 Jews are murdered at Chelmno which introduces ‘gassing vans’ to murder the Jews expelled here.

The remaining Jews of Belgrade are ordered to report for ‘resettlement’ as the final stages of Riga Jewish murders in Rumbuli is reached. On December 9th. 25,000 Latvian Jews murdered in the Rumbuli Forest in a 3 day operation with more than 38,000 Jews will be murdered here. On December 10th. 1,757 Jews of Turek Murdered at Chelmno and on December 11th. the Lutsk Ghetto is established with 18,000 Jews Enclosed.

On December 12th. Hitler now discusses the complete annihilation of European Jewry with some fifty of his Reich leadership. In his private rooms, Hitler spoke in lieu of The Wannsee Conference of what he expected would inmplicate all levels of Reich Admisistration in the completion of The Holocaust:

Friday December 12th. 1941 “..In respect of ..Jewish question ..make a clean sweep. war is here ..annihilation of ..Jews must be ..necessary result. This question is to be regarded without sentimentalism. We are not here to have sympathy with ..Jews ..but ..with our German people. If ..German people have sacrificed 160,000 dead in ..eastern campaign ..authors of this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives.” Adolf Hitler.

The Baranovichi Ghetto in Poland is established with 10,000 Jews Enclosed.

“..I once spoke about ..Commander-in-Chief in of Nikolaiev ..that ..order given at that time ..for ..liquidations to take place 200 kilometers away from ..headquarters of ..11th. Army. On ..second occasion ..I did not speak about ..Commander-in-Chief of ..Army ..but about ..High Command of ..Army at Simferopol ..because I cannot say ..with any certainty ..who had requested ..competent Einsatzkommando at Simferopol to speed up ..liquidation. ..when ..march was discussed there were oral consultations with ..Manstein ..Chief of Staff and myself.” SS Gruppenfuhrer Professor Dr. Otto Ohlendorf.

On December 13th. 14,000 Simferopol Jews murdered in 3 day period and the remaining 6 Jews of Warendorf are deported to Riga and murdered. On December 15th. Jews to receive no inducement for extra hours work demanded as the Polish Blue Police conduct the second mass execution of prisoner’s in Gesia Prison. On December 16th. some 3,000 of Liepaja’s (Libau) Jews were murdered in a 2 day operation on the beaches of Skeden.

This ‘Dezember-Aktionen’ (December Action) watched by scores of Wehrmacht personnel, Civilians and a motley crew of mawkish observers as the entire action was filmed and photographed. There are 3,500,000 Jews now governed by Hans Frank, according to his own diary entry and Frank fully informs his associates of Hitler’s intentions for the Jewish People. The Federation of the Union of the Jewish Communities in Romania is disolved as the Jewish Central Committee, Romania is established.

Wednesday December 17th. 1941 “..Jews..on ..point of being sent from Vienna to die in a concentration camp in Poland.” Father Pietro Venturi.

On December 17th. Father Pietro Venturi notified the Papal Secretary of State, Cardinal Luigi Maglione concerning the fate of Austrian Jewry. On December 21st., and over the coming 4 weeks, the Massacre of the Jews from Bogdanovka Camp, Transnistria begins. On December 22nd. over 32,000 of Vilna’s Jews have been murdered as have 1,000 of Zablotov’s Jews are murdered.

This day, SS Sturmbannfuhrer Christian Wirth arrived in Belzec to inspect the continuing construction of the Death Camp. Preparations for the greatest Christian Festival could not deter Hitler’s Final Solution from its rapidly progressive atrocity! By the Christmas of 1941 December 25th. Thursday,Jews assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed, annihilated. On December 27th. the knowledge of ‘gassing van’ operations at Chelmno reaches Izbica Lubelska as the Christian World has feasted and bloated itself upon the celebration of the coming of its Lord and the endless sweep of Jewish Community’s continues.

The swathe of destruction, now measured in the 100’s of 1,000’s already, will sweep aside 1,000’s more of entire Jewish Community’s until the resulting devastation will total 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of Europe, to be lost to us all. On December 29th. the initial T4 team arrive for duty at Belzec and on December 30th. over 50,000 Jews at Bogdanovka murdered in 10 day period as 10,000 Jews in Simferopol are murdered.

Eichmann with a team of SS officials, Hermann Hofle incuded, inspected the area of Belzec with Christian Wirth and this is significant in that it is just prior to The Wannsee Conference. On December 31st. Abba Kovner urges a revolt as Jewish Armed Resistance is being prepared in Vilna. There is a report sent to SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Dr. Fritz Dietrich, Police commander for Libau area, that 2,731 Jews of Libau have been murdered on the beaches of Skeden.

Wednesday December 31st. 1941 “..Ponar is not a ..Camp. Jews ..shot there. Hitler plans to destroy all ..Jews of Europe ..Jews of Lithuania ..first in line. ..We must not go like sheep to ..slaughter!” Abba Kovner.

By end of year, 16,000 German Jews have been deported to Riga and over the Winter period, 1,000’s of Jews interned in Transnistria are Killed. Starvation, the bitter cold, sickness all add to the Transnistrian devastation for the Jews there. During the coming December of 1942 there are Jewish Resistances at Brody, a Jewish Resistances at Chortkov, a Jewish Resistances at Czestochowa and a Jewish Resistances at Kielce. Elsewhere the Lvov Ghetto is liquidated as is the Makow, Pinsk, Plonsk and Slonim Ghetto’s, all Liquidated.

“..German authorities carrying into effect Hitler’s ..intention to exterminate ..Jewish people in Europe.” American State Department.

On December 1st. 400 of Karczew’s Jews murdered and on December 2nd. 1,000 Plonsk Jews are murdered at Birkenau, and on December 3rd. Birkenau Sonderkommano shot as a reprisal for planned revolt. On December 5th. 1942

“..Holocaust ..Nothing else in Hitler’s record is comparable to his treatment of the Jews . . . The word has gone forth that . . . the Jewish peoples are to be exterminated . . . The conscience of humanity stands aghast.” London News Chronicle.

On December 8th. 1,250 Rohatyn Jews are murdered while Herzl Kawa, Hersch Liverant and Moschk Nelkenbaum escape a Treblinka Transport from Siedlce. They escaped toward Brenner and were caught and interned in Ferramonti Camp, Italy. Rabbi Wise meets with President Roosevelt to discuss plight of European Jewry. On December 10th. 1st. Transport of German Jews arrives at Auschwitz as the Polish Government in Exile asks Allies to retaliate for Nazi murders.

Thursday December 10th. 1942. “..For those in Germany who let themselves be misused as tools of ..systematic extermination of another race with full awareness of of what they are doing ..there will be no room in postwar world. For such people there can be nothing but extermination. ..members of ..SS and all others ..participating in ..planning ..implementation of ..Nazi policy of exterminating ..Jews should take note of this.” The BBC.

On December 11th. The last transport of Jews arrived at Belzec as the Belzec Death Camp is now officially Closed with estimates as high as 1,250,000 Jews who were murdered here at Belzec. This is an Aktion Reinhard Death Camp. On December 12th. 2,000 Czerwinsk Jews are murdered and Jewish Resistance at Lutsk crushed with more than 15,000 Lutsk Jews eventually murdered.

Thursday December 17th. 1942. “..following declaration which is being made public today at this hour in London ..Moscow and Washington: “..The attention of the Governments of Belgium, Czechoslovakia, Greece, Luxemberg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and Yugoslavia, and of the French National Committee has been drawn to numerous reports from Europe that the German authorities, not content with denying to persons of Jewish race in all the territories over which their barbarous rule has been extended the most elementary human rights, are now carrying into effect Hitler’s oft repeated intention to exterminate the Jewish people in Europe. From all the occupied countries Jews are being transported, in conditions of appalling horror and brutality, to Eastern Europe. In Poland, which has been made the principal Nazi slaughterhouse, the ghettoes established by the German invaders are being systematically emptied of all Jews except a few highly skilled workers required for war industries. None of those taken away are ever heard of again. The able-bodied are slowly worked to death in labour camps. The infirm are left to die of exposure and starvation or are deliberately massacred in mass executions. The number of victims of these bloody cruelties is reckoned in many hundreds of thousands of entirely innocent men, women and children. The above mentioned Governments and the French National Committee condemn in the strongest possible terms this bestial policy of cold-blooded extermination. They declare that such events can only strengthen the resolve of all freedom loving peoples to overthrow the barbarous Hitlerite tyranny. They re-affirm their solemn resolution to ensure that those responsible for these crimes shall not escape retribution, and to press on with the necessary practical measures to this end.?

Thursday December 17th. 1942 “..ocean of blood in which ..Jewish population of Poland is being drowned still has not washed away ..existing antisemitic poison.” Mary Berg.

Elsewhere the Jews of Europe are being systematically Slaughtered and it is clearly recognised in Poland where the mechansised and industrial capacity to kill 6,000,000 Jews has been enhanced in x6 Death Camps established there. Estimates will vary but history lends us an assessment which suggests that of the near 30,000 Jews hiding in Warsaw, barely 11,500 of them Survived. For varying reasons we cannot know why such is this fact but perhaps Mary Berg lends us her insight. This subjective view might suggest some 18,000 hidden Warsaw Jews alone were betrayed.

Thursday December 17th. 1942 “..Aryan side. ..a number of Jews hiding there in constant terror. Many ..blackmailed by ..Poles with whom they are staying. After ..jewels ..are ..gone ..hosts deliver them to ..Germans. spite of ..fact Polish population bitterly persecuted by ..invaders.” Mary Berg.

On December 17th. Baranovichi Ghetto Liquidated and 3,000 Jews are murdered as the Allies condemn extermination of the Jews. There is a pledge by America, Belgium, Britain, Czechoslovakia, French National Committee, Greece, Holland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Russia and Yugoslavia to officially condemn and punish the Nazi’s. There is no similar call from Pope Pius II. On December 18th. Pope Pius XII does not see that his silence is highly damning to the Holy See.

On December 19th. 3,000 Dworzec Jews murdered after Resisting and over 560 Jews are murdered in Rakow Forest. The Jews of Piotrkow-Trybunalski attacked their German captors and many died in the attempt. On December 23rd. there is a Jewish Resistance in Cracow.

Thursday December 24th. 1942 “..a time of great tragedy for our people. ..for those who will survive this Holocaust ..we must go forward.” Chaim Weizmann.

By the Christmas of 1942 Friday, Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed, annihilated, obliterated. Zelig Kalmanovich writes from the depths of the Vilna Ghetto, which is still struggling to remain viable. In the midst of this particular maelstrom, the Germans are determined to ensure that the Jews from here are totally obliterated and their presence is no longer to be felt in the World.

Sunday December 27th. 1942 “ ..where comfort lures people into of ..mighty is of no interest to history. ..Holocaust will steal its way into world history.” Zelig Kalmanovich.

But history has been told of these events and The Holocaust has presented to the World the worst of what Man can do to his fellow Man. To this day the Jews prevail and we make strenuous efforts to Remember them and stand stoicly to accuse those who perpetrated these crimes!

Sunday December 27th. 1942 “..History will cherish your memory ..people of ..ghetto. Your last expression will be studied ..your struggle for human dignity will inspire.” Zelig Kalmanovich.

On December 28th. Dr. Carl Clauberg begins his sterilization ‘experiments’ at Auschwitz and on December 30th. Pope Pius XII remarks upon atrocity’s against Jews as ‘propaganda exaggerations.’ On December 31st. more than 2,000,000 Jews already murdered in Death Camps. Einsatzgruppe and Police Battalions have added more to this figure as Dachau Concentration Camp have Gas Chamber and Crematorium installed. A concentration camp is established at Riga and a Labor Camp is attached to the Vilna Ghetto and by the end of the year, and within 9 months of operating, at least 600,000 Jews and as many as 1,250,000 Jews have been murdered at Belzec.

During December 1943 the Chortkov Ghetto will be Liquidated as on December 1st. 1943 all native and foreign Jews in Italy to be treated equally and detained under Police order. On December 6th. Over 200 Jews from Milan and Verona to Auschwitz.

Tuesday December 7th. 1943 “..people tell me ..your children are still young ..they?ll cope ..they?ll stand up to it. ..I told them ..They wont stand up to a bullet in ..neck. ..In Kiev they massacred 20,000 Jews. Feodosia ..Crimea ..12,000 in a single night.” Helene Berr.

On December 10th. Jews of Lippstadt are ordered out of their homes and on December 11th. Red Cross visits Romanian Jews deported to Transniestria.

Monday December 13th. 1943 “..Objectively seems to me we are ..last shovelful ..we won’t slip through ..not many Jews left in Paris ..we don’t have much prospect of keeping out of ..way ..we won’t be tipped off. Subjectively ..time had finally come for each of us to look for our places of safety. ..I stay on in full awareness of what may happen is a conscious choice. ..why did I make that choice. ..if I ..abandoned my official life would feel like ..defecting. ..I’m well aware that nobody in if left behind ..would have ..resolve in ..face of danger. ..seperation will be atrociously painful for all of us ..above and beyond ..fact of being deported. ..If anyone reads these words after it has happened ..will be struck ..and ..ask ..How could you have done nothing. worries are not about me. ..Should we abandon everything ..when it’s quite possible ..nothing will happen at all.? Helene Berr.

December 13th. Jews of Lippstadt are ‘resettled’ to Riga. Rumbuli awaits them. On December 14th. 200 Drohobycz Jews are murdered and on December 15th. over 2,500 Jews are transported from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz as the first trial of German war criminals in Kharkov. On Friday December 17th. Convoy 63 is destined for Auschwitz from the Drancy Concentration Camp. Aboard are the Baur Family, along with 844 other Jewish Men, Women and Their Children. The Baur Family is later referred to in Helene Berr’s Journal On December 18th.

Over 2,500 Jews from Theresienstadt to Auschwitz and on December 19th. First trial of German war criminals in Kharkov ends. Monday December 20th. 850 Jewish Men, Women and Their Children arrive at Auschwitz from the Drancy Concentration Camp. Amongst these arrivals are the Baur Family which Helene Berr writes of in Her Journal. Immediate selection sees 505 of these deportees Gassed. None of the Baur Family ever returned.

Wednesday 22nd. December 1943 “..Maman told me ..Andre Baur ..his Wife ..deported ..with their four small Children. It haunts me. certain they would not be taken Christmas ..making trees for what is a Children’s holiday ..made me grieve so much.” Helene Berr.

History here adds to what Helene informs us of. WE know from Serge Klarsfeld that Andre, his Wife Odette and their x4 Children, Pierre who was 10 years old, Myriam who was 9 years old, Antoine who was 6 years old and Francine their 3 year old Youngest Child. They were deported toward Auschwitz on December 17th. 1943 on Convoy 63. None Survived. On December 23rd. End of Red Cross mission to Transniestria. By the Christmas of 1943 Saturday, Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed, annihilated, obliterated.

Wednesday 29th. December 1943. “..I have not enough faith in God. ..only thing to do is to pray that God will some of them.” Anne Frank. Buchenwald Concentration Camp holds over 37,000 inmates by the end of the year.

Friday December 31st. 1943 “..When I write ..word Jew ..I am not saying exactly what I mean ..for me that distinction does not exist ..I do not feel different from other people ..I will never think of myself as a member of a separate human group. ..I suffer from ..sight of evil falling upon humanity.” Helene Berr.

Fritz Pfeffer died on December 20th. 1944, in the Neuengamme concentration camp, where he had been transferred from either Buchenwald or Sachsenhausen. On December 6th. The Kasztner Jews reach Switzerland and Buchenwald Concentration Camp holds more than 63,000 by end of year. Some 90,000 Jews from France have been murdered. By the Christmas of 1944 Monday, Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed, annihilated, obliterated, slaughtered.

On December 13th. 1945 Joseph Kramer The Beast of Belsen is Hanged and on December 18th. 1945 the prosecution begin introducing evidence to prove the criminality of seven German organizations: the Nazi party leadership, the German High Command, the SS, the SA, the SD, the Reich Cabinet, and the Gestapo. By the Christmas of 1945, Tuesday December 25th. Jews are assaulted, targeted, victimised, assailed, abused, killed, murdered, executed, destroyed, annihilated, obliterated, slaughtered and eviscerated as the War in Europe has ended, the War in the Pacific has ended but the machinery of destruction designed to destroy every living Jew, Man, Woman and Their Children has not been ground out of existence.

The apopleptic response to the Catastrophe of 6,000,000 shows little regard for the enormity of The Holocaust.