“..To The Past

To the past, the way has been barred.

And what do I need the past for now?

What is there? Bloodied flagstone

Or a bricked up door or an echo

That still cannot die away

However much I beg.” Nonna Lisowskaja Bannister.

I was reminded by a Friend that all aspects of our lives are interconnected in many ways, especially with how we pass through our space in time. Whether we knew then what we now know, from say 30 years ago, this has all added to how we have developed as the people we are, and as we still progress. Perhaps I am blurring the lines of comparison somewhat, but between what a few sought to teach me and what it is certain we all must eventually learn, I forged a way through to what was essential in knowing. What with life’s experience, and my chosen route in writing, what I have and am committed to, I manage to find those words I need and when I need them.

“..Hitler’s strategic objectives were governed ..by ..needs of ..war economy.”  Field Marshal erich von manstein.

So whilst some of our lives run in concentric circles, their outer reaches, these radius’s that physically touch us with senses of hope, joy, loss and forgotten wishes, I find traces of hidden meanings in what I read. The opinion I hold, in relation to all that was not done for the Jewish People, is my reason to write on their behalf. It is with assertions too from those who conducted warfare on behalf of a tyrant, that they field the reasoning to avoid the truth which is a component part of Hitler’s Final Solution. The larceny, theft and robbery of any Jewish ownership was gained from the spoils of this genocide and aided the cloak of war.

“..as a German officer I am deeply concerned for ..honour and prestige of German arms.”  Major General frederick wilhelm von mellenthin.

Of course my accusation, which is a contention that runs contrary to and goes against the grain of the conforming narrative of honour or prestige that is made by many, this is eminent in the specific detail of The Holocaust I deliver. We are becoming witness to that which sees our human nature subverted by fear or gain and is as such recognised with the very abandonment of the Jewish People in this consuming catastrophe. The entire entourage of a continental Jewish People is routed toward their very destruction, and the transports that passed by were waved along without objection. For anyone, supposedly seeking to understand the incomprehensible detail that is The Holocaust, we can never know what the Jewish murdered knew nor what the Jewish Survivor has endured.

“..Today we must conduct ..same struggle that Pasteur and Koch had to fight. ..cause of countless ills is a bacillus ..Jew. ..We will become healthy if we eliminate ..Jew.” adolf hitler.

For all searchers of this truth, we must be acutely aware of that fate which the Jews were consigned to and by those who sought to satiate their hatred, as they were engaged in this atrocity. It also remains a truth, and this must not be allowed to excuse the world that stood on the side lines from where the Jewish People were wholly destroyed, that they are the willing witnesses to an unfolding tragedy that has swamped any sense of humanity. Here, there was indeed an infection, and antisemitism was that disease which so engulfed these Jews of Europe in a wild fire of such intensity, the conflagration has discoloured how civilisation is now recognised.

“..things I’ve experienced. In Latvia ..near Dvinsk ..there were mass executions of Jews carried out by ..SS. ..about 15 SS men ..perhaps 60 Latvians ..known to be ..most brutal people in ..world. ..one Sunday morning ..kept hearing ..salvos followed by small arms fire. ..Men ..Women Children ..counted off ..stripped naked. ..executioners first laid all ..clothes in one pile. Then 20 women had to take up their position ..naked ..on ..edge of ..trench. ..shot ..fell ..into it.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

With such a callous intolerance that was fully hinged upon Hitler’s hatred, millions of ordinary human beings took exception to the Jewish People in order to Slaughter them. For these Jews of Europe of course, who were so clearly abandoned by the rest of humanity, we visit this past to renew our obligation to all of what humanity should and must have meant. Here too, as we seek the evidence of those few who actually managed to witness the atrocity without intervention, we search out those fewer still who even attempt to save some of their own Jewish Neighbours. Here, the balance of the books of hatred is somehow skewed in favour of those who could and should have done something but chose not to.

“..When ..ovens were burning ..leaping flame was 5 metres high and could be seen from ..railroad station…station ..full of civilians. No one said a thing. ..furlough trains ..often stopped in Auschwitz. ..Sometimes ..whole station was fogged in ..Wehrmacht officers asked there was such a sweet smell. ..no one had ..courage to ask ..what is going on. ..no sugar refinery. Why are these chimneys here.”   ss unterscharfuhrer oswald kaduk.

Still, we manage to find the Righteous and they are regularly recognised, and in full commemoration of their good deed. As they should, they have orchestrated a defence of many others, hidden in the shadows too afraid to admit to this piece of humanity. However, it is not acceptable to some within their community’s that some acted with a compassion so evidently missing from many more. But, in such short number as the Righteous  appear, the witness to perpetration offers excuses beyond every human compassion. That evidence, which puts into perspective the wrongs done, of the wrong doers doing them, is a source of deep despair and a pain in the psyche of humanity. Pitiful as this human effort to save the Jews was, the ability to save any Jew is quite a lamentable account of human failing, even though this too has some exceptions. 

“..When ..soldier had besmirched ..honour of ..army by some base action. ..there could be no mercy.” Field Marshal erich von manstein.

This verifiable fact, absorbed  from amongst the 6,000,000 Jews who were Slaughtered, of not having the courage for saving any one of these particular Jews is a truth clearly recognised. In that fact alone, which sees some 6,000,000 Jews of Europe torn from us, excuse piles high on top of lies and then opens the door to complete denial. That the Jewish People were totally eviscerated from all existence is clear to all in history and this was visibly aware to all those who took to time to look, to listen and then sense the truth that permeated the arena. For that awareness, barely a handful of human beings, out of an entire European population, are today recognised as those righteous enough to act.

“..One talks generally of ..occupation forces ..and only thinks in this connection of ..armed forces. ..decisive factor is ..person who exercised ..power ..executive power ..namely.. Commander in Chief ..civil administration in conjunction with or by their police forces.”  Field Marshal wilhelm keitel.

Then, as we look back to engage in a search from within this wilful assault upon all of reason and human compassion, those commanding Hitler’s force, are already preparing their own defence. It is a common attempt, of following the order’s of those in power, which betrays the very honour of a military force engaged within The Holocaust. Recognising too, in its detail as it was commissioned, along their lines of supply, of communication and logistics, truth cannot be hidden. Here, from those in the military, we recognise an inhumanity not borne out of any christian efficacy worthy of any belief system. But, we recognise the hatred is of a system of power which both conform to and administer from military general’s and field marshal’s of the Reich who have betrayed all that so many Germans fought and died for.

“..Mental institutions ..Army Group North. Russians regards ..feeble minded as sacred beings. Killing them is necessary ..non the less.” General franz halder.

For all of those like Nonna Bannister here, who recorded her homage to the past, which can somehow be barred to her, these are memories that are primarily confronting those hate filled facts that so consumed her own Jewish People. Also, and for the hugely traumatic effort needed to control that past, which also sought to savage all of European Jewry, we must spend all the time necessary to placate that memory. Such is the measure of Hitler’s hatred though that the German military was wholly engaged in the endeavour to do all that they could to enshrine the very hatred of their leader into actions. Here too, the German military memory ensures that our future learning has been corrupted by obfuscating with the truth.

“..Even if ..figures are not correct ..I mean ..those are things which can absolutely be characterised as criminal ..or even as completely crazy and mad.” Lieutenant General ferdinand heim.

The necessity for all of history’s lessons must be a positive one, whilst recognising the complicity of these German efforts become necessary, so as to deliver in war a detail that is not warfare. Again, our reliance upon such evidence is added to the testimony of those would be victims who would be thrown under the wheels of the hatred set to crush their very existence.  What we are about to creep up upon is an astonishing legacy left over to all of humanity that has 6,000,000 Jews detained within its reach. In order for that past to be restrained from consuming the Jewish presence amongst us, or destroying their memory further, we must never allow anyone to remove their essence of being, ever.

“..No document ought to be lost ..since otherwise it may fall into ..hands of ..enemies Intelligence Service. Orally transmitted matters are not provable ..they can be denied by us in Geneva.” Field Marshal wilhelm keitel.

With such testimony added to and accrued from the Survivor, all semblance of what they relay to us must be guarded against distortion and by those who would wish to convey a disingenuous view and even deny the intrinsic truth in testimony.  For far too long the argument of Hitler’s lack of knowledge echoes through time and undermines the very existence of a dictatorial power. This power, which evoked its threat and demand over the German people was promoted further by those who sought to future proof both Hitler’s, and their own knowledge of such heinous crimes against humanity. Also, there is that threatening demand served, where the German people complied with the most avaricious and exploitative hatred ever imagined.

“..There can hardly be any more talk of a Jewish question. In several places ..provisioning of Jewish children and infants left without parents sometimes created difficulties ..however ..remedial action has since been taken by ..SD.” Lieutenant General hellmuth koch.

In order to comply, so as to deliver for Hitler the carcass of 11,293,300 Jewish lives, and then ensure a profit was to be made from the carnage of Jewish destruction, this all so profited more than just the Reich. All too many irresponsible perpetrators and participators sold their soul for a monetary gain and with a monstrous atrocity so bewildering, we do not yet come to terms with such a violent horror. Within that very context of parallel destruction, leading to a Reich’s and many individual’s wealth gain, this bled from the remains of 6,000,000 Jews of Europe. The reservoir of blood them seeped into the soil of Poland largely, but all other Countries too. The fact that the Jews were sold out by society’s everywhere, and by humanity in particular, has not profited the truth however, from being evidenced led.

“..Hitler issued an order to ..Armies operating against Russia that no Russian prisoners would be evacuated to ..German home area. ..reasons were obvious. Hitler wanted no contamination of German people.” General franz halder.

For me in my search, I cannot ever begin to imagine what Nonna Lisowskaja Bannister experienced though her words have delivered to usage the delicate ability to confront the very past which is a truth no longer barred to us. While those Survivors see memories bricked up, and their silences are pulled apart so as to increase the volume to a scream, I choose to amplify even that scream. We executor’s of history all convey those past echo’s, all of which must invoke the very memory of far too many Jews catapulted into oblivion. For that demand then, for no contamination of thought that would fail to extend the reverberation of such an echo to 11,293,300 Jews of Europe, we raise the incrementally raised volume of accusation.

“..Finally ..an illusion ..equally notorious ..so called Kommisar Order.”   General heinz guderian.

Here, we do not allow for the intensity of what these Jewish People demand, to be so dismissed when even the effort of the German military seeks to confront the past with lies. There is a lack of credible knowledge which is deceitful, and to such an immense degree, we can devalue their testimonies. The Jews, so removed from their homes and butchered in Poland in the main, were often times conducted by those same Wehrmacht troops whose general’s did not admit to the criminality of their own actions. But, and not to excuse anything exercised in the pursuit of Hitler’s demands, no one who acted for him can exempt themselves from the terms of the Slaughter measured by them.

“..What do I care about Good Friday ..because a filthy Jew was hanged umpteen years ago?” Major General wilhelm ullersperger.

Throughout the whole of Europe, Jews of every conceivable national cohort were in practice, prone to be murdered where they were found whether or not the German military was in any position to confront the ss excesses. However, with the establishment of the Death Camps within Poland, which was essential to Hitler’s plans for The Final Solution, the military was moved sideways. From the immediate responsibility in the mechanised and industrialised slaughter of as many as 4,500,000 Jews within Poland. Europe too played its part in delivering for Hitler that essential in delivering as many Jews as could be transported toward destruction.

“..Polizei ..SD ..or other parts of ..SS except units of ..Waffen SS were never under jurisdiction of ..Armed Forces or received orders from it. They were under ..sole jurisdiction of Reich Leader Himmler.”  Field Marshal wilhelm keitel.

As we read through the many reports to emerge, we are aware that with the Kommisar Order being issued and forwarded on by Divisional Security Section, complicity in all future crimes is attaching itself to every level of German military operations. It is without doubt that what Hitler envisaged as The Jewish Question, his own commander’s in the field fully understood its implications, reviewing its imposition and acting upon its commissioning detail. While the de facto leader of the ss, waffen ss and polizei were governed by other sets of instructions, this did not suggest the German military had no control over its place on the front line.

“..If one were to destroy all ..Jews of ..world simultaneously ..there wouldn’t remain a single accuser. Those Jews are ..pest of ..East.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

Clearly though, and given that there were 3,650,000 Polish Jews in Poland, the rest of Europe could forego the necessary accommodation of this cohort of Polish Jews and ensure their abandonment was within the Polish catchment. For that certain criteria, the siting of the Death Camps was that very essential for delivering the nearer completion of the Final Solution. But, and not only does the christian World remonstrate with the Jews for The Holocaust for their own destruction, it chooses to forget the very Jewish nature of its own religious saviour. For the Jews during the period of The Holocaust, betrayed by what any sense of compassion was supposed to be serviced by christian ideals, christian morality was simply thrown away.

“..I looked at them with despair ..their appearance and ..way they spoke left no illusions. ..I felt an overwhelming sense of shame for my own helplessness and fear.” Antonina Zabinska.

For the Jew, it was never a case of all or nothing, as they had no choice in the matter of dying and could not choose between death, annihilation or destruction. The Jews would be continually subsumed by any lack of choice they did not have and then were consumed thereafter by the devastating effect Hitler heaped upon them all. Here too, the christian world ignores the debt owed to Judaism as the founding monotheist belief system it has stolen from, and abandons its indebted relationship because of it. However, interweaving this into the Jewish life and the troubles with allowing the Jews to continue living, envy and even greed of what a Jew is, has led to the most unprecedented Slaughter in all of history. 

“..They seized 3 year old children by ..hair held them up ..shot them ..threw them in. I saw that for myself. One could watch it.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

With honesty, the chance to remind ourselves of what must have been known, or even who might have known of any part of the atrocity, this effort has been removed in its detail. Similarly, by that exact same space in time we have traversed, though separately, it is for memory that we attempt to occupy the empty spaces left behind by 6,000,000 murdered Jewish souls. In any German military’s reference to symbol’s of christian belief, a good Friday, or even from a German officer and his acknowledgement of Auschwitz, both such reality’s are a position so out of any moral or ethical concern, it is a criminal undertaking.

“..An order like ..Kommissarbefehl was utterly unsoldierly.”    Field Marshal erich von manstein.

What I identify two military commanders with, as having recognised the criminal act of the murder’s of any or all prisoner’s of War during conflict, they then cannot simply excuse themselves from both the knowledge and placation of the mass murder of the Jews within their field of operation. While many German generals and field marshal’s are quite happy to characterise this order as unsoldierly, some actually see this criminality as some form of an illusion. Though equally notorious is this order, it is with a caveat thrown in which disowns its very evidence as a so called edict, enacted without the knowledge of all of those who acted upon it.

“..I didn’t bother about that. I only found that they did become more reasonable. ..women question is a very shady chapter. You’ve no idea what mean and stupid things are done.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

Also, it is for the of physician of the mind to search through for that which we cannot learn of about anything of humanity when the Slaughter here of Women is a question that is shady. True, what we hear from those who could have done more, said more or admitted to more, it fully betrays their fundamental humanitarian concerns within all of our proposed humanity. Counter to this, and though deep within Germany, we do so learn from those like Antonina Zabinska, and those other Righteous amongst us, exactly what humanity resembles and why we should at least laud those who acted with such a moral concern, and far above those whose concern was either selfish or self serving.

“..objections arise from ..military concept of chivalrous warfare. This is ..destruction of an ideology. Therefore I approve and back ..measures.” Field Marshal wilhelm keitel.

This is why Antonina did not sit so idly by as she offered her hand to some of those Jews who would have been resolved within Hitler’s solution for them. It is obvious too that The Final Solution was a recognisable aspect of the greatest secrecy within the Jewish Question we are not supposed to have any testimony of. What many, who were also the ideologically guilty, or who were simply the involved in such atrocious carnage, there were far too many like those of Germany’s Wehrmacht who were privy to such knowledge and did not act against it, and this is quite telling. We have every facet of the indoctrination and obeyance of Hitler’s ideologue to counter the German military immoral adherence to orders.

“..In Upper Silesia ..they simply slaughtered ..people systematically. They were gassed in a big hall. There’s ..greatest secrecy about all those things.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

For us, and so as to ensure we can reconstruct the very obscenity that is the German military’s acquiescence in all that was accomplished against innocent civilians, within The Holocaust, they acted because the civilians were Jews. Clearly, it is not enough for us to simply glance over what has been detailed, about the systematic slaughter conducted in big gassing halls, without recognising the field of operations. Unfortunately, what is all too often said of the secrecy, this is a deliberate fallacy to cover the truth from those wishing to know it. Surely, when the usage of camera crews from many of the divisional commands of the Reich were engaged, how could this not facilitate the open wound that the secrecy could not curtail. 

“..Sometimes 2 Jews were killed ..or 10 or more on other occasions. In spite of all that ..Germans were taken by this spectacle and brought along cameramen to film ..occasion for posterity.” Zeew Kibel.

Detailed in logging atrocity after atrocity, so as to ensure no such secrecy exists in history, there is a far more accurate record for Hitler to digest when all the evidence’s were made available to him. We know for instance, and all too well this cinematic expertise was unlocked by leni Riefenstahl, she was commissioned by Hitler to film. For her then, while leni was apparently in the field to film, but at times without film, the ludicrous nature of such an assertion hides a deliberate intention to focus the truth away from Hitler. It is abundantly clear, and if leni riefenstahl was the prodigious film maker she seems to assume, how selective was she in her commissioning role.

“..Leni Riefenstahl has ..right idea ..she scours ..villages in search of ..peasant types she requires.” adolf hitler.

While it is true that she filmed the locals going about their daily lives, admittedly under an occupation, daily life had taken on a differing concern. When leni uttered an outrage at having witnessed what was not supposed to be an open secret, the filming she was supposed to be engaged in was abandoned. Is it questionable then, while we have not seen the filmed footage of such an atrocity, is it simply an oversight to which riefenstahl is excused. It is almost certain too that Hitler was either treated to such a filmed evidence, as much such evidence was available to him, he was at least informed of what this Slaughter looked like from riefenstahl’s perspective.

“..meeting ..Hitler was ..biggest catastrophe of my life.” leni riefenstahl.

For me, even Auschwitz was on the distant horizon of the biggest catastrophe in human existence, as War approached newer atrocity’s. As I sought eventually to visit the Death Camps, and they were to be some way down the line of learning, I digested much of what the Survivor’s provenance proved to be. With each of the visits to the all these 6 Death Camps established within Poland, and where this catastrophe was largely played out, I was ill prepared for the sense of devastation that would surround me. I was to visit each and everyone of these murder installations, knowing the facts of the slaughter detailed within their confines. Still, such was the depth of emotion to descend upon me in each of them, I had to formulate more than a spiritual appreciation of the encounters. So altogether, and within these administered centres for annihilation, I gained a newer perspective of what I wished to state, given words which appeared from an inner space, and from wherever I sought them out. 

“..7,000 people at one time or another ..from ..Waffen SS served in Auschwitz.” rudolf hoess.

I have said this often and each and every time I have sought to relay my feelings upon entering each individual factory of destruction, I knew that I at least would be walking back out from amongst the ruins of a Jewish loss too huge to come to terms with. It would appear that much of what I was to gain came from the mouths of stilled Jewish voices whose words then emerged. I then sought to admonish the many who stood at their front doors, as I saw those front doors, but they made it appear this was as far from the conflagration as was possible for them to get. This is clearly and wholly untrue. Then, as I recall reading the detailed exploits of the German armies in their battles, and wondered how even the waffen ss could focus on a War when they knew they were expendable, perhaps there was some cosmic levelling of a restitution we cannot provenance.

“..officer personnel was furnished by ..State Police ..Kripo ..SD. ..Waffen SS ..Ordnungspolizie. ..State Police ..Kripo furnished most of ..experts ..troops were furnished by ..Waffen SS and ..Ordungspolzei. ..Waffen SS and ..Ordungspolzei were each supposed to supply ..Einsatzgruppe with one company.”  ss gruppenfuhrer otto ohlendorf.

For the waffen ss and other’s, who had set foot in The Final Solution, once they had been to Auschwitz to train, they could see how comfortable Death Camp duty was. Also, they could not fail to recognise that for these Death Camp ss, free of the Eastern Front and the Russian welcome, War was one to be avoided. What we recognise too, from many of Hitler’s general’s, and more especially those not only challenged to deliver on Hitler’s demands, options were not limited. But, and for the ordinary soldier to manipulate their own stay away from the Russian Front was truly an impossibility Hitler would not countenance. It is for Wehrmacht officer’s therefore, decrying ss excess, to see the wrongs they were doing in Hitler’s name. While issuing their own protests at the ss shooting of those Jews and other’s, they same General’s were not necessarily critical of the shooting itself.

“..If you shoot people in ..wood or somewhere where no one can see ..that’s your own affair. But I absolutely forbid another day’s shooting here. We draw our drinking water from deep springs ..we’re getting nothing but corpse water there.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

For those from the German officer korps, it only appears so sensitive an issue to the hydrating needs of those forces they were commanding. As such, the threat that such a spectacle presented to German sensitivity was that these Slaughters should not be conducted out in the open. Also, and where it was at risk of contaminating the drinking water, the atrocity should prove less distasteful further down the road from their rest areas. I have so much time to consider my own position as I invoke a remembrance of what 6,000,000 Jews were forced to endure. So in order to state the case for accusing those who knew and did nothing, I willingly use my words to confront them all.

“..Jewish Question ..Ukraine ..more difficult ..in ..cities ..Jews ..major part ..population. ..more than 50%. ..elimination ..profound ..consequences ..military economy. ..systematic shooting ..Jews ..by ..Order Police. ..in public ..assistance ..Ukrainian militia ..members ..Wehrmacht. ..Aktionen ..men ..women ..children ..all ages ..manner ..carried out ..appalling. ..executions involved. ..150,000 to 200,000 Jews ..executed in ..Ukraine.” Professor peter heinz seraphim.

I have not gained an insight into all the answers I seek, but while I can bring you back to when I was about 5, I will see if I can show why I am so inquisitive. Having lost a Dad and 2 Sisters, I recognise I have been on that search for questions, so as to gain answers to, not yet knowing all of the questions. My inquisitive nature saw in many people their bias against some People that is a condemnation of what makes us all uniquely different. I had recognised early on that people sought out other’s differences, but I did not know why that has become such an objectionable bias toward them. For instance, I had known this young Girl when we were both 8, 9 and then 10 years of age, living round the corner from each other.

“..They faced ..trench ..then 20 Latvians came up behind and simply fired once through ..back of their heads ..they fell ..forwards into ..trench like ninepins.”  Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

It was in Senior School where difference, or even the intolerance to us as learner’s was confirmed and my opinion on toleration was greatly formed. Now I am learning that there were Latvians too who could swallow the hatred pill Hitler had offered them and with an acceptance that not all People are equal. I had always been tutored in the belief that we are all equal so how could I look at The Holocaust without the wrongs done. Considering how German general’s and even field marshal’s could consider a being as other than human is a monstrous precipice for civilisation to fall over. The terms of reference here too altered incomparably, and beyond the simple consideration of what makes us equal, so that when some were considering the Jewish People as somehow subhuman we know what humanity demands.

“..Therefore ..soldier must have full understanding for ..necessity of a severe but just revenge on subhuman Jewry. ..Army has to aim at another purpose ..annihilation of revolts in hinterland ..as experience proves ..have always been caused by Jews.” Field Marshal walther von reichenau.

This then brings me to that early encounter with both brutality and an intolerance I was to learn fully did not belong in any religious faction, whatsoever. Asked to essay on the difference between us and Protestants, it was too easy for me to offer a response as I greatly understood the human dynamics of what has formed us. For me, with this as a simplistic solution, I was to state that they go to a different Church from us as my Friend had informed me, and with no other markedly physical, philosophical or apparent difference I was aware of, I shared my disbelief in differences. But, when I stated that apparent difference also applied to my Cousin, I caused this so called educator some form of consternation.

“..Let me tell you ..gassings are by no means ..worst. ..people dug their own graves ..then ..firing squad arrived ..and shot them. Many of them weren’t dead ..a layer of earth was shovelled in between. They had packers there who packed ..bodies in ..because they fell in too soon. ..ss did that. ..I knew an SS leader pretty well ..we talked about this and that ..and one day he said ..if you ever want to film one of ..these shootings ..it doesn’t really matter. These people are always shot in ..morning. If you’re interested ..we still have a few left over ..and we could also shoot them in ..afternoon if you like.” General edwin graf von rothkirch und trach.

With deep incredulity this teacher, small letters, a member of a religious order, whose governance was the words of god, he was so incensed. He was not prepared to about to listen to other than what he had taken exception to in my words. While we are to become a witness to what von rothkirch evidenced from the Kutno Massacre, I recognised that while I was reeling from this religious educator’s example at the time, I recognised the false narrative expressed in agreeing to equality belonging to all. We must not be witnesses without speaking out but I was too young to appreciate that at the time. However, since then I have sought never to leave the debate without issuing only the truth must be known. 

“..I am actually ashamed to be an officer.” General ritter von thoma.

At that time though, I was merely questioning, while the response was such a vexed and contentious confrontation with my rather naive assessment of what I considered was difference. As if I could have had a Cousin who surely must have been a catholic also, and this was entirely true. I sensed though that no element of shame, which should belong to those who exert this form of response to a Child, did not attach itself to a person of god. But, and this was the thing that appeared to rankle with him most, as my Cousin, from my Mom’s sister’s Family, lived about 7 miles away from us he too went to a different church. For that affront to this particular individuals grasp on reality, I was beaten mercilessly until my hands rang out with a hidden rage.

“..Did they weep? Have ..people any idea what’s in store for them?” Lieutenant General hans schaeffer.

Here, the end of religion became an incrementally significant issue and which for me meant I could not reconcile any religious belief through a religious order. This person has semblance of anything that would have to do with any god. For me it was clear, those closest to any god who could act with such savagery could hardly appreciate that a god of love and compassion could not be evidenced through hate, fear, intimidation or simple brutality! I also formulated then that we cannot be impressed into believing through a force of belief in faith. A few years later, leaving Dublin behind as Birmingham awaited, I met the same religious stigmatism, a certain bias and from another religious order that could not present for me a god of goodness.

“..principal task of ..Einsatzgruppe of ..SD was ..annihilation of ..Jews ..Gypsies ..Kommisars.” ss obergruppenfuhrer erich von dem bach-zalewski.

From here on in I sought to find my own way in finding out where I belonged and what to then believe in without the pressure of abuse and brutality to convince me of what was so wrong. So while I was keen on History, I knew I had no need of any bias to afford all but the truth and not a thing other than that very factual truth which proved its veracity was contained within it. My study, research and the search for all that seemed to matter, was delivered by History for me in that there could be no deviation from right, truth, honesty and its integrity. So I set my sights on learning from the military past an answer to why conflict was so wrong and that the past was there to ensure the future could not be as badly interpreted.

“..I have now decided ..time has come when I must share my life story ..perhaps with all those who are interested to know what life was like for many of us on ..other side of ..world before and during World War II. I wish to speak ..truth and nothing but ..truth ..but some things I shall keep to myself ..nobody needs them but me.” Nonna Lisowskaja Bannister.

That search evolved into a glimpse of The Holocaust which has secured a more essential observation and I have no doubt there are those like Nonna who can teach us much of what we need to learn. In as much as Nonna wishes she did not have to conceal, I am certain there is a degree of fear and horror so terrifying, how can this be suppressed. The depth of despair, having been reached, Nonna must wish somehow her truth could reside elsewhere. For Military History, and for me in particular though, the devastation wreaked upon all innocence threw up its own concern. When those who chose to introduce a role for such as a god who stood either side of the divide in every conflict, which god would prove right.

Thursday November 23rd. 1939.  “..I must in all modesty say that my own person is indispensable. Neither a military nor a civilian personality could replace me. ..I am convinced of ..strength of my brain and my resolution . ..fate of ..Reich ..dependent entirely upon me.” adolf hitler.

There would be priests in all of these conflicts who would bless the troops of their Armies before battle and send them forward with god on their side. In this part of a speech, which Hitler was giving to the commanding generals of the Wehrmacht, god had been transplanted by him. With the euphoria of success, Hitler fully embraced victory as his reward after Poland was defeated and as the Reich had cowed down as a subordinate entity to Hitler. None of this in any way diminishes those who operated outside all moral, ethical and criminal law from their own personal responsibility. For their displays of allocation or adherence to atrocity, this was all fuelled by the primary hate Hitler always sought to deliver.

“..Of course ..Hitler knows all about it. Secretly ..he’s delighted. Of course ..people can’t make a row ..they would simply be arrested and beaten if they did.” General ritter von thoma.

Regardless of the fact that the Jews were not the only victims of Hitler, it is clear that for the Jewish People in particular, they were always the victims. No one in life, nor History, can so disown their moral efficacy, given so effectively within humanity, that they can give their moral compass away and without any dereliction of their duty to such as ethical probity requires. Also, any awareness that Hitler was in complete command of all that was waged against the Jews is being cloaked in an obfuscation that resounds with the same hatred Hitler had for the Jewish People. It is clear that the lesson to be learned from the horror of The Holocaust has not been as clearly learned as humanity must insist.

“..Jews have to vanish ..annihilated. ..carrying out of larger Jewish actions is not ..task of ..divisional units. They are carried out by civilian or police authorities ..ordered by ..commandant of White Ruthenia ..if he has special units at his disposal ..or for security reasons and in ..case of collective punishments. When smaller or larger groups of Jews are met ..they can be liquidated by divisional units or be massed in ..ghettos near bigger villages designated for that purpose ..where they can be handed over to ..civilian authority or ..SD.”  Major General anton von bechtolsheim.

That being the case, it was uncertain to me which was my response to a humanity that I would come down upon. In that I would be able to state unequivocally that there was no god for me in a world betrayed by a godliness abandoned to order. Essentially, how could any such entity, who was on the moral side of the rights or wrongs of humankind, appear to be engaged in or on any and even in all conflicts. I had long drawn upon the historian’s craft and had that blended into a scientific effort which I learned could be mastered in delivering all I had sought to impart. Here too there was that forensic approach to war as it applied to the historian’s commitment to the discipline required. I also sought to ensure if there was such a position for art in the treatment or understanding of war.

Sun Tzu – The Art of War. (600 BC)

“..We shot women as if they had been cattle. ..a large quarry where 10,000 men ..women ..children were shot. They were still lying in ..quarry. We drove out on purpose to see it. It was ..most bestial thing I ever saw.” Lieutenant General fritz von broich.

I would not find the artistry in conflict as it appeared in this particular book, but which delivers what is an essential in ensuring all that is needed for the soldier to know. What is to be given over to those soldiers, who will be in the conflict, must be deliberately led and given clearly expressed commands so that the details cannot be misunderstood. I was neither satisfied, nor was I convinced in other than the spectre of war being so wrong it could only destroy any vista of any conflict. That it is clear war was both brutal and deadly and could hardly be accepted in an art form, became an obvious focus upon my move into the humanitarian search The Holocaust would provide.

“..If words of command are not clear and distinct ..if orders are not thoroughly understood ..then general is to blame.” Sun Tzu.

Though in a military sense, the need to exploit tactical awareness could be perceived as artful, in much the same way as we view chess. But, no war is without the carnage of inter action to visit us with pain and even grief after its effects had been felt. It is recognisable throughout the millennia that there were great soldiers who were lauded as such, and this glossed over the deadly effects combat brought to the fore. As always, it is with the inordinate penalty paid for by those soldiers in the field, who are somewhat cushioning the blow for those who usually have directed them from behind closed doors.

“..I’m going to hold my tongue about what I do know of these things.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

These military leaders are those who I would draw my ire for, closeted away from the conflict knowing each day brings its reprisal upon human existence. The truth too of course is linear, which in its detailed effect on the progression of all conflicts, must forever keep its factual integrity on that tightrope of consistency. The truth within War must be as straight as it is directed toward its goal of achievement, and must not deviate to where it is in conflict with morality. This is especially true in History where any deviation, even distortion, will ensure that the lineage of evidence, is corrupted and thus corrupt.

 “..If a fellow human being is in distress and I can help ..then it becomes my duty and responsibility. Were I to refrain from doing so ..then I would betray ..task that life ..or perhaps god ..demands from me.” Johanna Eck.

Drawn from the past, only the evidence that is verifiable must be delivered or it will skew our present so as to deliver a rather blurred image. Thus, any view from when the future looks back upon what that truth really is will not contain the necessary integrity truth demands. Humanity was betrayed within the realm of The Holocaust, and not just within spaces like the Death Camps in Poland. Those who professed any religious belief, be that christian or muslim, who enjoined the Hitlerite focus upon the hatred for the Jewish People, and to then seek the destruction of the Jews for being Jews, this is against all which belief systems suppose to engender. In all of this, I retain my love of History and am tired of any biased view which seeks deliberately to pervert its truthful discourse.

December 11th. 1938. “..Shortly after ..First War I came to ..conclusion that we should have to be victorious in 3 battles if Germany were to become powerful again:

I              ..battle against ..working class ..Hitler has won this

II             Against ..Catholic Church ..perhaps better expressed against Ultramontanism and

III           Against ..Jews.” Col. General von Fritzsche.

Carl von Clausewitz – On War (1832)

“..War is not merely a political act but a real political instrument ..a continuation of political intercourse ..a carrying out of ..same by other means.” Carl von Clausewitz.

There are some who hold, with their contempt for the past, an issue which exposes their flawed interpretation of a fact, a truth, the integrity of which cannot be distorted and certainly cannot be denied. Here, when we looked to the strategies von Clausewitz, sought out by military historians to explore, we see the magnification of the essential in all wars that is political gain. What this embodies is for the use of the people as cannon fodder, so as to alleviate the crimes of those political demands foisted upon us. For many other people, the power to impress them into conflict has drawn mankind toward every available conflict for millennia.

“..attitude of ..troops toward SD and police alternates between abhorrence and hatred. Every soldier ..disgusted by ..crimes committed in Poland by ..Reich ..representatives of our state.”    General johannes von blaskowitz.

Basil H. Liddell-Hart – The Other Side of The Hill. (1948)

“..in Croker’s correspondence and diaries ..on a journey with Wellington ..he and ..Duke passed ..time by guessing what kind of country they would find on ..other side of each hill on ..way. When Croker expressed surprise at Wellington’s successes in forecasting it ..latter replied ..Why ..I have spent all my life in trying to guess what was at ..other side of ..hill.” Basil Henry Liddell-Hart.

Wars are always waged by those who would then seek to benefit from the conflict, and these are nothing new in our history. But what Hitler proposed in the Slaughter that consumed 6,000,000 European Jews, is a profitable monetary gain the World has been living off of for well over 90 years now. Unfortunately too, for the legion of soldiers who entered War as a duty, as some obligation to national standing, they were betrayed by both political and commercial motivation. Mostly death and destruction only awaited the soldier either side of those hills and for the advance guard, it arrived sooner for them.

“..nearing our final objective step by step in this icy cold and ..troops suffering from ..appalling supply situation. ..difficulty of supplying us by railroad ..constantly increasing ..main cause of our shortages ..without fuel ..cannot move.”  General heinz guderian.

The forward skirmishers, who set out to know the lie of the land, when their essential was to retrace their steps so as to inform the command structure what stood against them, there was always to be an enemy on the other side of the hill. In terms of what The Holocaust would present, there was always that mound that was on the other side of the divide. In between immorality and the destruction of the Jewish People, the all consuming influence of hatred was attached to the psyche of all who witnessed the stirring of a moral decay in the immense inhumanity shown.

“..it doesn’t need to be a Jew to accuse us we ourselves must bring ..charge ..we must accuse ..people who have done it.” Major General paul von felbert.

Marc Bloch – The historian’s craft. (1954)

“..Tell me ..Daddy. What is ..use of history. ..a young lad in whom I had a very special interest questioned is historian father. I wish I could say of this book that it is my answer.” Marc Bloch.

I was never fortunate enough to ask my Father all too much of anything that has concerned me in my questioning search of answers. So I have engaged in gleaning from other’s, writer’s in no small part, what I sought for truth to be substantiated. That truth, an historian’s search for a crafted science, deeply etched with an artistic vent, dons the words of 6,000,000 Slaughtered Jews. For what these Jews have been deprived of, and while these have been and are my words, the words have also become an extension of the precarious hold the Jews, who are The Holocaust, have had upon that life deprived of them.

“..We must uphold ..principle of only having carried out orders. We must stick to that principle if we are to create a more or less effective defence.” Lieutenant General ferdinand heim.

Even after the very existence of all of these Jewish People has been removed from the vibrant life they had held on to, history is not to be content. Admittedly, in that effort for there to be an opportunity to remove the Jews from the conscious demand to secure them to memory, these slaughtered Jews are absorbed into our a past to be forgotten. Of course, it is but a demand from a very small section of pseudo historians who seek to forget the relationship between the slaughter of the Jews and Hitler’s presence. For objectivity, and for obvious reasons, I cannot tell you I have Not read those works, nor have I been able to rid my shelves of their obvious depiction of a close quarter view, but they affect the direction I now pursue.

“..To glorify Hitler as an infallible genius ..whose gigantic designs were frustrated by treachery ..or to condemn him as ..greatest criminal of all time ..would be equally irresponsible and superficial.”  Major General frederick wilhelm von mellenthin.

More tellingly, these books of military science remain a permanent fixture on my bookshelves, though separated from my study of The Holocaust. They are placed upon differing shelving for clearly pertinent reasoning, so as not to contaminate the intention to learn from the past. For what is only essential to deliver to the future, no work can exclude any part of the knowledge they are confronted with. There can be no excuse worthy of exemption, even in detailing the fuller abandonment given over to the precepts of orders. Orders are orders but must have an ethical basis bounded by the morality of that culture that civilised us.

“..With regard to ..physical annihilation of ..Jewish People ..until I lost my post and was transferred to ..waffen ss ..only thing ..I knew was that ..der Einsatztruppe ..of ..Security Police und ..Security Service had received orders to liquidate by shooting ..supporters of Communist ideology ..particularly ..Jews. ..not aware of ..details of this order and its origin. ..not until later ..I heard from SS General Dr. Stahlecker ..order came from Hitler ..passed on by Heydrich to ..Operational Troops.” ss sturmbannfuhrer wilhelm hoettl.

adolf hitler – Mein Kampf. (1925)

“..Today it seems to me providential that Fate should have chosen Braunau on ..Inn as my birthplace. ..this little town lies on boundary between two German states which we ..have made it our life work to reunite by every means at our disposal.” adolf hitler.

It should come as no surprise to history that this little Austrian corporal, who set out to achieve a political power, accomplished far greater power than he could have imagined. What Hitler’s demands suggested would then evidence of his own demand for empire building of his Weltanschauung emerging as The Holocaust. While warfare would secure this global expansion happening, no one should then doubt it was his hatred of the Jewish People which delivered upon this. Hitler so conformed too many other’s to his will, so as to annihilate these Jews, and in their entirety. No one should even doubt that Hitler had the fullest knowledge of all that he had set in motion to resolve his Jewish Question. For those, who set before us a questioning of this position, do so to satisfy their own bias and even hatred in doing so.

“..I must assume ..after all I have read about ..Fuhrer ..that he knew all about it.” Major General johannes bruhn.

heinz guderian – Panzer Leader. (1952)

“..My main activity ..between ..two wars was ..creation of a German armoured force.” heinz guderian.

The harsher lessons of World War I were learned and those like the compliment of exponents of the panzer blitzkrieg proved there was an expedient in killing that the Panzer was equipped for. With the ability to kill quicker and more efficiently those forces the mechanised Army would encounter, Hitler’s panzer’s led a bloody campaign which has taught the future much about the conflict with armed warfare, but not with War. There is no looking back with bleary eyes stretching back to some halcyon or romantic notion that War somehow gifted a civilising influence on anything. For me, it is improbable and indeed impossible for any of the German military commanders in the field to not know what is taking place on the field of battle. 

“..I am here in this World ..having endured ..survived The Holocaust and remain alive purely by chance. To this day I suffer from ..terrible consequences of ..absolute destruction wrought upon us by ..Germans ..one blow followed by another and another ..seemingly without end.” Anna Rubinstein-Podgajecki.

It matters little whether that field of conflict extends for 10, 20 or 30 miles as no commander can ignore what yet might be facing them on the other side of the hill. For forward echelons of those scouting patrols, sent forth to view the enemy lines, these would have criss-crossed the sites of extermination and excavations of Jewish killing sites. All too many of these execution sites, just outside Jewish communities, such exterminations were soldiered by the Wehrmacht, were officiated over by waffen ss and observed by each and every branch of the armed wing of Hitler’s Reich. Within sight, earshot or even sensing the stench from the blood and decay, no command centre was immune from such knowledge. 

“..when one tremendous explosion after another occurred. ..major part of ..inner city burned down ..50,000 people were made homeless. German soldiers were used to fight ..flames ..suffered considerable losses ..because further large amounts of explosives detonated during ..fire.” Colonel General alfred jodl.

erich von manstein – Lost Victories. (1955)

“..This book is ..personal  narrative of a soldier ..in which I have deliberately refrained from discussing political problems or matters with no direct bearing on events in ..military field.” erich von manstein.

How it could be at all possible, for these who had notions of epitaphs to read, of lost victories not be accountable, we search for the values lost in every humanitarian aspect of life. What leni riefenstahl witnessed, what langhauser was informed of, surely this was the conversation piece amongst those ranked above the ordinary soldier. It would be impossible for any soldier not to so inform his commander in the field who would be duty bound to let the commander in chief know what was happening within the sphere of immediate influence. Do not forget, that this military field for those exponents of this swifter form of military intervention extended the lines of communication and logistics for 100’s of miles. 

“..Leni Riefenstahl ..rushed into ..office of Major General Langhauser ..chief intelligence officer. She had seen 22 Jews shot and could not continue work.” Gerald Reitlinger.

It is also essential to acknowledge that these lines included the usage of Langhauser’s own intelligence command for both Wehrmacht and Waffen ss, as they would become engaged in the Slaughter of 1,250,000 Jews alongside der Einsatzgruppe. Though manstein allows for von Clausewitz to pointedly link political demands with military direction, manstein here is abrogating his own personal responsibility. Whether that responsibility is concerned with the  excesses and murders of prisoner’s of war or were Crimes Against Humanity, manstein would have been a witness to much he was informed of and as such becomes complicit in the atrocity itself.

“..They know perfectly well. They are apathetic. I’m not sensitive myself ..but such things turn my stomach.” Lieutenant General heinrich kittel.

f. w. von mellenthin – Panzer  Battles. (1955)

“..This book is ..my experiences during ..Second World War. As an officer of ..German General Staff I took part in some of ..greatest campaigns in Africa ..Russia ..West ..and came into close contact with many of Germany’s outstanding soldiers.” friedrich wilhelm von mellenthin.

I am forced to ask my self the searching questions so omitted by these German military who would have objections to the use of waffen ss in their . So would any of these outstanding soldiers include those of the waffen ss, or even der Einsatzgruppe who themselves stood at the gates of the Russian capitol, Moscow. Along with the glut of atrocity, supposedly only attached to elements of these ss forces, all mobilisations extended their killing range beyond the premeditated slaughter of the Jews, which Hitler had openly called for. While many German general’s and field marshal’s were discussing amongst themselves, and in derisory terms, the lack of soldierly qualities in evidence for these ss detachments, they were keen to use their fanatical approach to render the opposing force a deadly blow.

“….drive on Moscow ..favoured by Guderian ..and temporarily abandoned in August in favour of ..conquest of Ukraine ..might have yielded decisive results if it had been ruthlessly pursued as ..dominating ‘Schwerpunkt’ of ..invasion.”  Major General frederick wilhelm von mellenthin.

Of course! History is not above bias and even discrimination when it comes to which side of the divide in War, or the wholesale Slaughter of 6,000,000 Jews you choose to come down on. Perhaps we are closer to witnessing what Hitler had always strained his eyes to envisage, the destruction of the largest Jewish populations still in existence. Here, and in the Ukraine, such a centre existed in Kiev, and the military thrust which military spokespeople speak of was of a southerly thrust, one that would be swift to encase the Jews of Kiev in their further destruction. We see it too with the 6th. ss Army thrown into Hungary, even as the death knell of Hitler’s Reich was ringing, and as 750,000 Hungarian Jews awaited their fate.

“..When we were in ..Kiev district ..my CO of signals ..came back quite horrified. ..an engineer Battalion commander ..and this engineer Battalion had ..task of blowing up site ..in which were those 32,000 Jews including women and children.” Lieutenant General otto elfeldt.

adolf hitler – The Secret Book. (1961)

“..In August ..1925 ..I formulated ..fundamental ideas of a National Socialist foreign policy.” adolf hitler.

The fundamental ideas Hitler forged were both nationalistic and aggressive, with no social value to anyone other than to whom Hitler connived with. The very remonstrations with his ideas for a Weltanschauung, Hitler’s world view would not only see the bridging of the divide between Germany and Braunau, on the River Inn, but would sink the World into the most devastating and ruinous War of attrition imaginable. For this, the ss would service these demands whilst ordinary soldiers would be preached to upon the excellence of tactical awareness. With the mobilised military of Germany, the manoeuvrability of that awareness was honed into a lightening swift and winning formula.

“..Of course ..Hitler knew all about it. He’s ..man who is responsible. He even discussed it with Himmler.” Major General paul von felbert.

However, once the dust had finally settled, the dead still needed to be counted and it is essential in acknowledging Hitler’s responsibility in all of this. Firstly, Hitler’s plan was for an expansionist policy and alongside this, the intake of Jews from all of Europe signalled the last coming of The Final Solution of The Jewish Question. When that resulted in the Slaughter of 6,000,000 innocent Jews of Europe, in a blood letting unparalleled in all of history, we recognise the unprecedented world view which became the serving aim of the mass murder of as many Jews as could be managed. Here, from the need to balance out those previous books by Germany’s military commanders I have just written of, I will introduce a balance which does not shy away from the whole truth but encloses it.

“..Auschwitz was ..turning point in my life ..end of my youth ..my illusions. I hadn’t done anything special to deserve such a history lesson. I regret to say that I was one of ..innocente.” Eva Tichauer.

For these works, written by those whose connection to Hitler, and by those very experts who had availed Hitler of the territorial demands he had sought, all was clearly so as to wield a destruction upon the Jewish People. For Hitler, he so definitely recognised a World’s indifference to the Jewish People and this would not prevent him from acting with impunity against them. Today, some of those books I had once held as essential, in realising my understanding of what the sway of conflict can bring to the opposing position, have been superseded. Here, I have set out a number of unambiguous works on The Holocaust, books which scream out from their inner core to articulate my very own wish to accuse.

“..pure myth ..Jews ..merely passive. ..Jews fought back ..to a degree no other community anywhere ..would have been capable of. ..they fought against hunger ..starvation ..disease ..a deadly Nazi economic blockade. They fought against murderers and ..traitors within their own ranks ..and ..were utterly alone in their fight. ..forsaken by God and ..man ..surrounded by hatred or indifference. ..there was much heroism ..little beauty ..much toil ..suffering ..no glamour. We fought back on every front ..biological ..economic ..propaganda ..cultural ..with every weapon ..possessed. In ..end ..ruse ..deception ..cunning beyond anything ..world had ever ..seen ..accomplished what hunger ..disease ..terror ..treachery ..could not. What defeated us ..Jewry’s unconquerable optimism ..eternal faith in ..goodness of man ..even a German ..a Nazi ..could never have ..renounced ..own humanity as to murder women ..’children’ coldly ..systematically. ..when we finally took up arms ..we inscribed in ..book of history epic of ..Ghetto Uprising.”    Michal Berg.

I cannot possibly know the fuller intention of these fine writers and their usage of words, and so what I intend is to use them as my own resource so as to secure further memory for those we seek to remember. From amongst all of these writer’s, who have written an almost default position that recognises why The Holocaust was allowed to destroy 6,000,000 Jews without reproach, we recognise perhaps a loss of innocence. There has been a capitulation of civilisation and a very dark descent from the culture we had been cultivating for 1,000’s of years to enable Hitler to infest all too many with the desire to eradicate the Jewish People. Here is where I lend my borrowed words, so as to add to theirs, in a unity of purpose for a violated Jewish People and building upon the essential to remember why we write.

September 12th. 1941. “..ruthless and energetic action ..first of all against ..Jews as well ..as ..main bearers of Bolshevism.” Field Marshal wilhelm keitel.

Leon Poliakov – Harvest of Hate (1951)

 “..This book is devoted to ..most tragic page in Jewish history ..extermination in cold blood of 6,000,000 Jewish Men ..Women ..Children ..with ..result that in a few short years ..total number of ..European Jews was reduced by two thirds. Such blood letting is without precedent in European history ..nazi enterprise was unique in its very principle.” Leon Poliakov.

If ever a title was ripe for picking, 6,000,000 Jews would concede that they have been harvested by the most grievous hatred ever invented. As such, Leon Poliakov has chosen his words so very well and articulated a concern which remonstrates with history. The extermination process which delivered the Jews of Europe up for extinction, is the most aggressive and virulent hatred to have ever lasted. Such a hatred has been in existence ever since other’s considered the worth of the Jews, exploitable and to be exploited. This the World has done and continuously for 5,000 years, the Jews have been marginalised, confined and exhumed from all existence. Make no mistake, the precedent has been set, the bar of extreme atrocity has been raised and the Jewish People have been recorded as a genocide among nations.

“..My Father took me on a streetcar. This memory is etched in my mind because it is ..last time I ever saw my father. We rode to ..end of ..line. I remember getting off with him. I remember walking what appeared to me to be a long distance. He knocked on a door and a woman answered. I went inside. That was ..last time I ever saw my father.” Jeannine Burk.

Philip Friedman – Their Brothers’ Keeper. (1957)

 “..vast area of Europe seized ..held by ..nazis and their accomplices ..contained approximately 7,300,000 Jews. It is estimated that 6,000,000 perished by nazi lethal devices ..disease ..starvation. Considering ..Hitler mobilized all of Germany’s resources for ..avowed purpose of annihilating ..Jews ..he found willing helpers and collaborators among ..native population in almost all nazi occupied countries ..a miracle more than 2,000,000 remained alive.” Philip Friedman.

Leading on from where Poliakov has shared with us, and how humanity has divested itself of two thirds of European Jewry, there needs to be a reassessment we would conclude that Wannsee had prepared for. With the aimed for annihilation of 11,293,300 Jewish People, such an atrocity would recognise the loss of more than 7,500,000 Jewish People from the Continent of Europe. That being said, the moral issue of who is thy Brother must be extended to all People’s, whatever their belief system, ethnical origin or antecedence. Here too is where I differ with Friedman’s contention, and for me, it is a miracle that any single Jew managed to escape the rancid hatred Hitler imbued a sovereignty of nations with.

“..I heard one woman talk about ..thoughtless Jews and how they had started an uprising in what was left of ..Ghetto. They were complaining that they could not keep ..windows open on a beautiful April day ..because ..Jews were burning.” Janina Dawidowicz.

Arthur D. Morse – While 6,000,000 Died (1967)

“..nazi destruction of 6,000,000 Jews ..as chronicled to date ..is essentially a history of ..killers and ..killed. ..rest of ..world ..with ..notable exception of pope pius XII ..has been unscarred by accusation as a mountain of literature rises above ..nameless graves of ..6,000,000. It is as if there were no other world ..as if two circling antagonists ..one armed ..other unarmed ..inhabited an otherwise vacant planet.” Arthur D. Morse.

We know all too well we are looking back upon the siege of nations so as to purge each individual state of its Jewish content. Human beings who professed either the Jewish Faith, or Jewish Parentage were a target for hatred so as to define some as better than anyone else. One cannot exclude the other and so, not only did a vacant World not exist, a vacant Continent was open to the fact that 11,293,300 Jews were under immediate threat. Not only was each Country of that European Continent contaminated by a plague of hatred, it’s despicable nature was visible on every street corner. Within City’s, Towns, Villages and Shtetl’s, where Jewish existence sought to persist, all these places of solace or shelter for the Jews added to a collaborative effort in ensuring the 6,000,000 fact of that Jewish Slaughter.

“..Pesach has come to the Ghetto again.

The wine has no grape, the matzah no grain.

But the people anew sing the wonders of old,

The flight from the Pharaohs, so often retold.

How ancient the story, how old the refrain.” Binem Heler.

David S. Wyman – The Abandonment of the Jews. (1984)

“..Between June 1941 and May 1945 ..5,000,000 to 6,000,000 Jews perished at ..hands of ..nazis and their collaborators. Germany’s control over most of Europe meant that even a determined Allied rescue campaign probably could not have saved as many as a third of those who died.” David S. Wyman.

What we are admitting to, in the course of such a title that loudly confronts our human compassion, is a fact that the defined nature of such abandonment of the Jews of Europe is endorsed by the knowledge of its factual existence. The possibility, even probability that with any concerted effort to intervene in the Slaughter, this would have, could  have or even might have saved a further 500,000 Hungarian Jewish People, at least. There are those who will insist that we could have done nothing to save any of these 6,000,000 Jews from what Hitler demanded for them. But from which stand point within humanity does it state we must not try, we must not make an effort and we must remain guilty of shying away from our moral duty to do something.

“..She was a very ..very special lady. ..Mother felt so terrible for all ..people who had lost their children. They lost their babies ..and she brought one back. And at ..same time she didn’t want me to have ..memories she had. So she didn’t talk about it.” Vera Polgar.

Yehuda Bauer – Jews for Sale. (1994)

“..Jews attempted to save Jews from ..nazis through negotiations ..and for varying motives a few nazis entered into such discussions. Most ..attempts failed ..some succeeded to a limited degree. ..considering them ..of importance ..because they raise a host of ..historical ..philosophical ..and moral issues.” Yehuda Bauer.

I have been in communication with Professor Bauer, to seek advice and offer up what my words are aimed at. Often I have wondered, how difficult it must have been to even write this as a title to a Book while knowing it as a fact. Indeed, Jews were for Sale, and this is the case for many Jews who were openly betrayed by those who took all or any monetary gain. For many, to then ensure a ransomed Jew would still fulfil Hitler’s resolve for The Final Solution, betrayal was an endorsement of all aims against the Jewish People. With the obvious demise of morality and ethical probity, this has all led to a decimation within humanity which cannot be repealed. The continuation of such a fraud as could be engaged against the Jewish People, morality was disengaged. For to have bargained with the devil, one must pay the devil’s asking price and that has also been seen in the loss of so much humanity. In every negotiation too, those with the upper hand deal the cards before us and for the Jewish People, seared from a life they had been carefully nourishing, that deck of cards was loaded against them. For the Jews of Europe of course, for sale by deed, private treaty and with the haul of military paraphernalia engulfing them. We are now in need of exhuming from memory what could be left of these chosen for annihilation from amongst the 11,293,300 Jews of Wannsee. From the very ashes of the 6,000,000 Jews already consumed, this must warrant every means at our disposal to Remember them.

“..Anything was better than being in Auschwitz ..you never knew if you were going to live through ..day. At first ..when ..ss women asked us who wasn’t feeling well ..we foolishly thought they wanted to take care of ..sick. It didn’t take long for us to realize that those who went with ..ss women never came back.” Irene Safran.

Samuel D. Kassow – Who Will Write Our History. (2007)

“..Ringelblum’s greatest fear was that no one would survive to tell ..story and ..world would never know about ..archive.” Samuel D. Kassow.

I have long delved into this repository of Ringelblum’s intention for the words of those Jews within Warsaw, who would face destruction, sooner or later. Kassow’s title is quite telling as ever since Rachel Auerbach and other’s dug up what remained of the treasure trove of evidential testimony, we have scoured their pages. For what we know is missing from the very vibrancy of a Jewish People we write the history of, pages flow and words mount that recall their presence. The shameful fact remains though that no Jew should have been forced to catalogue what was approaching them, what consumed them or what we must choose to recall in their name. Theirs is a memory so being dismissed from us, we who take up the challenge write further on their behalf.

“..Those exiled from ..West believed ..they were taken to labour camps. In 1943 ..Polish Jews knew already that Sobibor is a death camp ..and refused to get off ..trains when arrived there.  ..ss forced them off with whips and lashes and shootings randomly.” Ilana Safran.

Ladislaus Lob – Dealing with Satan (2008)

 “..camp I ad left ..Belsen ..stunned but alive and safe. I was not alone ..but 1 of 1,670 Jewish Men ..Women ..Children from Hungary who had been released from Belsen thanks to a unique deal between another Hungarian Jew ..Rezso Kasztner ..and adolf eichmann ..chief architect of The Holocaust. In fact Kasztner saved many more.” Ladislaus Lob.

It is impossible to ever imagine the deal being dealt to the Jewish People, at a time when we can safely say more than 5,000,000 of them had been Murdered. With the tide of War running away from Hitler’s grasp, the momentum of the response to the Jewish Question was escalated further for the Jews of Hungary. Here though, a man intervened and it should not matter  that Rezso Kasztner was a Jew heading for the exact same extermination centre at Birkenau. What separated Kasztner from oblivion here, is an enormous miracle taking place in which, from the gaping jaws of Hitler’s hatred, 1,670 more Jews of Hungary Survived.

“..We need to understand what happened. To see ..underlying causes of hatred and to learn from them. My hope and prayer is that telling our stories will strengthen you ..young people ..to challenge prejudice wherever it raises its ugly head. And in doing so ..help ensure that hatred and what it brings will be reduced and one day eliminated.” Freda Wineman.

Alan Confino – A World Without Jews. (2014)

“..Scenes of biblical fury combining audacity and transgression took place all across Germany.” Alan Confino.

The unimaginable was upon us as Hitler poured every human physical resource that he could into securing for himself, the removal of all the Jewish People from existence. Where the major transgression did indeed commence in Germany it was more strategically adopted and played across the entire European Continent. Though the entire devastation was more acutely delivered in its industrially managed and mechanised format within Poland, wherever the Jewish People were, Jewish People fell. Here though and in Poland alone, from amongst an assessment made of there being 3,650,000 Polish Jews, there was a closeness to totality that was almost arrived at.

“..One day ..2 lorries came to ..Children’s hospital. ..told all ..children to go to ..lorries. ..Children didn’t want to go ..hiding ..behind us. I didn’t know what they’re going to do with ..Children and I can’t go with them ..Mother is at home. ..Children left ..and. ..They finished them in ..lorries ..gassed them.” Barbara Stimler.

3,000,000 of these Polish Jews added to the catalogue of this biblical fury, and fewer than 10% of Polish Jewry was allowed to Survive. With such a ringing endorsement of Hitler’s demands, for many of Polish Jewry who finally managed to survive, they could not then escape the further fury of their former Polish neighbours. All too often the position for the Jews within Poland is all too easily articulated as Polish Jewish Survivor’s are reminded. Polish Jews, amongst other Jews from other nations were never expected to return so why should Poles and other’s give up what they have taken. Restitution and even recompense is a sorry story of theft from the Jews, but then, so is the theft itself from Jews still not expected to reclaim.

“..Hitler promised to get rid of all of ..Jews ..and here they come home.” Lea Evron.

So let us leave the written word of those writer’s aside for a moment and visit back to where I had stumbled across the Jewish Christian Association in Birmingham. I had been corresponding with Lily Gompertz, without ever realising my future route was back to the Jewish trauma and a catastrophe beyond comparison. I had not been giving much thought to anything to do with differences between Jews and the remainder of society as I simply communicated with a fellow human being. Lily was a very warm, sincere and endearing human being and it mattered not one iota that Lily was a Jew. Lily in effect was a fellow human being who simply went to a different church, even if it was a Synagogue.

“..I had always liked to play make believe ..but somehow they made me understand that this game was real. I never gave away my secret.” Judy Abrams.

I was keen though to somehow find my way into a space where I could be seen as a cooperative hope for the narrative history of The Holocaust. Mine was a reflective of Always to Remember, Never to Forget that I was continually formulating. At the same time, I did not have any wish to see my work imposed upon a Jewish People all too well aware of the sense of grief, loss, fear, terror and abandonment they had already were forced to deal with. I had long started my research and now, I started tentatively to ask those who knew what it was I wished to learn from, and these were questions which the Survivor alone could provide. 

“..Mother refused to believe that Father wasn’t coming home. For months ..she would go every day to ..Lutetia Hotel ..headquarters for survivors was set up in order to inquire about his fate. Only many months later she was forced to accept ..fact that she would probably never see him again.” Madeleine Testyler.

But, and no matter how much I tried, I could not escape the sheer weight of the horror to be imposed upon those I made contact with. That which the Survivor must be asked to relive must be the accusation that is to be continuously aimed at those who are guilty, not blameless, the perpetrator, participator and the complicit. I recognised that any image, which every word could so confront with a memory of their past, and for these Jews who survived, it was to be a torment re-enacted. How then could I not confront their past without its shocking detail and at the same time sense their pain and know their loss. 

“..It all seemed ..normal to me ..I had little else to compare it to. I could remember nothing of our life in Germany ..so  I did not miss ..material things we had enjoyed there. Besides ..no one else in Westerbork had much of value either.” Marion Blumenthal Lazan.

I felt I had been used to writing to Survivor’s and often times, when I was asked if I had seen their video evidence that had been posted on youtube, I found another avenue of exploration. I knew well of the Fortunoff data base of such evidence’s and looked to see what this other platform might offer. While I could evidence the testimony, the medium also attracted the scurrilous race haters we have come to know. There became such a tirade of relentless denial, I came to the conclusion it served the memory of The Holocaust in no way, and was upsetting to the Survivor’s in all too many ways.

“..I looked around at where I was. It was foul. I was meant to sleep here until I was executed ..next morning. I asked if I could have something to scrub ..floor. ..guard looked uncomfortable. He said that I would probably be shot tomorrow ..and that I shouldn’t worry about cleaning ..cell. ..Tomorrow is tomorrow. Today I am alive and I am not going to live like a pig.” Sabina Haberman.

I am nothing if not resilient and I do not quit, but there was no support from those who owned the platform. The intense level of the abuse of the Survivor’s truth, was to be sustained by the hatred being focused upon those willing to afford us their testimony, this was truly shocking. I grew tired of pointing back to the truth, only for it to be so cynically dismissed, as if the facts can be so easily denied. But I hope I left my mark amongst the many Survivor’s I added my comments to their Testimony. As I was keen for those Survivor’s to know, there were more like me who are troubled and responding to what was allowed to happen to them.

“..I told him to go with my Mother because Mothers are ..people who take care of sick children. I didn’t know that with my advice I killed my Brother because all ..Mothers and all ..children were taken to ..gas chamber right away.” Elizabeth Mann.

I have always made it a point, when I meet with Survivors, to apologise to them on behalf of what an ostensibly ‘christian’ body of people has done. For the whole of Humanity that Sin of Perpetration, Intolerance or Indifference is a stain upon our own legitimacy as human beings. So just in case I do not get the opportunity to greet you in person, I apologise to You for the inability of those 6,000,000 Murdered Jews of The Holocaust who cannot direct their appreciation and respect for what you have done and what you have achieved. In each of you the World entire has been saved.

“..Dear Patrick. I am 91 years old ..a faded old beauty ..born in Jaworzno ..Poland. I came from a family of 8. My father and Mother Ichak and Rosalia Mehlman. Kind law abiding people along with my three sisters Eva 29 ..Regina 28 ..Salusia 12 years old ..my nephew Willy 6 ..my niece Frieda 6 months old ..that I never saw. ..In 1942 was slaving ..starving ..infested with lice ..eaten by bedbugs in a Concentration Camp in Czechoslovakia ..for 3 years until ..blessed day when we 350 very lucky young innocent girls ..were liberated by ..raggedy tired but victorious Red Army. ..God bless all liberators of this time in history.” Natalie Mehlman-Scharf.

Initially then, with the case of the on line encyclopaedia wiki, and this is a worrying one for me, and especially as I began the process of editing the errors I found in their pages. What was alarming was the editing away of those edits I had carefully placed before them, exemplifying with the truth, the very fact of the integrity I have always sought. I set before you examples where I would seek to question why the below Authors are Not recognised as Jews and are somewhat led through hoops to suggest other than that initial fact. There is a circuitous route to forming the fact that if these Author’s were born into Jewish Families, they are clearly Jews themselves.

[wiki – Yitzhak Arad (Hebrew: ???? ????) (né Icchak Rudnicki) (born November 11, 1926), is an Israeli historian, author, retired IDF brigadier general and a former Soviet partisan, director of Yad Vashem from 1972 to 1993. He specialised in the history of the Holocaust.]

“..Jews were compelled to establish relations with an alien ..hostile government that regarded them as subhuman ..fit only for exploitation and extermination. ..human values in which they believed and on which they had built their lives tottered and collapsed. In this cruel reality ..Vilna Jewry struggled to survive and seek rescue. ..daily struggle was for life itself ..survive in ..face of hunger ..disease. Jewish Vilna embodied ..majority of hardships ..torment ..European Jewry ..underwent during The Holocaust ..its responses sum up most of ..options ..available to ..Jews during this tragic epoch. Vilna Jewry was a microcosm of ..fate of all Jewish communities in Eastern Europe.”  Yitzhak Arad.

[wiki – Yehuda Bauer (Hebrew: ????? ??????; born April 6, 1926) is an Israeli historian and scholar of the Holocaust. He is a professor of Holocaust Studies at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.]

“..People seldom learn from history. Can we be an exception.”    Yehuda Bauer.

[wiki – Paul Celan (/’s?læn/; German: [‘tse?la?n]; 23 November 1920 – c. 20 April 1970) was a Romanian-born German-language poet and translator. He was born as Paul Antschel to a Jewish family in Cernau?i (German: Czernowitz), in the then Kingdom of Romania (now Chernivtsi, Ukraine), and adopted the pseudonym “Paul Celan”. He became one of the major German-language poets of the post–World War II era.]

“..Only one thing remained reachable ..close and secure amid all losses ..language. ..In spite of everything ..it remained secure against loss. ..it had to go through ..own lack of answers ..through terrifying silence ..through ..thousand darkness’s of murderous speech. It went through. It gave me no words for what was happening ..but went through it. Went through and could resurface ..’enriched’ by it all.” Paul Celan.

[wiki – Kitty Hart-Moxon, OBE (born 1 December 1926) is a Polish-English Holocaust survivor. She was sent to the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in 1943 at age 16, where she survived for two years, and was also imprisoned at other camps. Shortly after her liberation in April 1945 by American soldiers, she moved to England with her mother, where she married and dedicated her life to raising awareness of the Holocaust. She has written two autobiographies entitled I am Alive (1961) and Return to Auschwitz (1981).]

“..how can I help not looking back to remember.” Kitty Hart.

[wiki – Esther “Etty” Hillesum (15 January 1914 – 30 November 1943) was the Dutch author of confessional letters and diaries which describe both her religious awakening and the persecutions of Jewish people in Amsterdam during the German occupation. In 1943 she was deported and killed in Auschwitz concentration camp.]

“..If there were only one decent German ..then he should be cherished despite that whole barbaric gang ..and because of that one decent German it is wrong to pour hatred over an entire people.” Etty Hillesum.

Esther Hillesum was born on January 15th. 1914, a Jew and into a Jewish Family and surely the fact that she was Murdered in Auschwitz, on November 30th. 1943, having been deported to Auschwitz and who was detained before she was sent to Auschwitz was because she was a Jew. We are allowing for this site to extinguish much that identifies the quality of the person we seek to learn from, and because they are Jewish. To be so disingenuous with the very fact of what sought Etty Hillesum out for selection to die, is to diminish her Jewishness and Etty Hillesum herself. Far too often I have been forced to retreat from my position, and even that space I have chosen to occupy in what has been a concerted effort to both censor what I have to say and to conceal what is the truth.

“..What I put down on paper ..must be perfect straight away.” Etty Hillesum.

That there is a bias against the Jews of The Holocaust, that is being orchestrated is apparent, as the word Jew appears to be removed from the evidence of the Jews being and belonging to the Jewish tradition. Also, to conceal from other’s what not only happened to these 6,000,000 Jews but was allowed to happen to them, I am somewhat aggrieved that this truth is subordinated further. The facts speak for themselves and cannot and will not be hidden from where it belongs in the History that must matter to all. Without history we have no truth and today extends the lie of yesterday if it has not been delivered with all facts carefully woven into it. 

[wiki – Dr. Samuel D. Kassow (born 1946) is an American historian of the history of Ashkenazi Jewry.]

“..At ..very end of his life Lichtenstein reaffirmed his belief in ..future of ..Jewish People. ..he reminded posterity that Jews were not just victims ..they were People ..part of a living ..resilient nation.” Samuel D. Kassow.

For that reason, it is more essential for me that I have written the 4 Books already in circulation, as they are a triumph over those who would seek to deny any effort to recall and remember these 6,000,000 Jews. Lamentably too, and how ill considered it is that Dr. Kassow is not recognised as a Jew fighting to ensure the Jewish heritage he is keen to preserve for us. Perhaps I missing some point or other, but surely if we are not to recognise the writer as a Jewish Author, it is questionable as to why that should be so.

[wiki – Anita Lasker-Wallfisch was born into a German Jewish family in Breslau, then Germany (present-day Wroclaw, Poland), one of three sisters (Marianne and Renate). Her father Alfons, brother of noted chess master Edward Lasker, was a lawyer; her mother a violinist. They suffered discrimination from 1933 but as their father had fought at the front in World War I, gaining an Iron Cross, the family felt some degree of immunity from Nazi persecution.]

“..No other genocide is as comprehensively documented as The Holocaust. There are hours of interviews with survivors ..countless reports that you can read ..should you wish to.  And yet there are still ..deniers ..people who claim that all ..accounts are fabricated and that The Holocaust never happened.” Anita Lasker-Wallfisch.

[wiki – Hetty Esther Verolme (born 24 February 1930 in Antwerp, Belgium) is an Australian writer, educator and Holocaust survivor. She now lives in Australia. Verolme has written about her experiences as a child in Bergen-Belsen. She is a recipient of the Australian “Most Successful Migrant” award.]

“..during ..German occupation of Holland ..Germans decided to concentrate ..Jewish population in Amsterdam East. I was 11 years old. ..We saw families dragged from their homes ..never to be heard of again. ..God only knew what was happening to them.”  Hetty Verolme.

[wiki – Elie Wiesel (/’?li ?vi?’z?l/, born Eliezer Wiesel Hebrew: Éli?ezer Vizel; September 30, 1928 – July 2, 2016) was a Romanian-born American writer, professor, political activist, Nobel laureate, and Holocaust survivor. He authored 57 books, written mostly in French and English, including Night, a work based on his experiences as a Jewish prisoner in the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps.]

“..Open your eyes ..visitor ..and gather your inner strength ..what you will see here may put your mental sanity and moral quest in peril. You will see here all that cannot be seen anywhere else ..infinite ability of tormentors and also their victims’ endless agony.” Elie Wiesel.

It is not simply that there are some who fully seek to diminish and dismiss these 6,000,000 Jews, who were ritually Slaughtered by a Hitlerite bigotry all too many were willing to conform to. From our own history we cannot continue to allow the hatred to fester so that will not happen while I enter the words as truthful as they are honestly factual. For those who wish to redeem either Hitler or his entourage from the midst of this atrocity, I give them no room to manoeuvre out of an accusation that owns them all. It is equally important to me that all who have read, owned and have discovered the content of my Books, know their value to me and for the 6,000,000 Slaughtered Jews, who are The Holocaust they represent.

“..Hunger prevailed in ..Ghetto and there were many smugglers who risked their lives and smuggled some food. They were murderously bitten while caught and also executed to death. In spite of this ..smuggling food continued. I remember ..it was close to ..deportation ..10 food smugglers were caught who brought in to ..Ghetto food from Lodz. All of them were sentenced to be executed by hanging.” Henia Milsztajn.

These works, my works and all of their words are enshrined in pages embossed with testimony and none of these pages can be altered and they will not be changed. Though there well might be a contestation within their combined pages, their content is an open debate on how I chose to serve the memory of those 6,000,000 Jews. Where a World would simply forget if not prompted to recall, remember and remind itself of such a grave wrong done, we provoke a reminder for no one ever to forget. There can be no fault with the factual truth, even while we know that we will never completely come to terms with the true extent of The Holocaust loss to Jewish existence.

“..Of ..transport from Hrubieszow ..8,000 souls ..3 Women remained in Sobibor. ..only thing left of all ..rest are heaps of clothes and shoes. Of those 3 ..I am ..only one to have survived.” Ada Lichtman.

Here then, and for the uninitiated in all that I have sought to achieve are those 4 Books I have offered to the memory of these 6,000,000 Slaughtered Jews. Make no mistake, my words, the effort to keep focused on this gravest wrong ensures we are Always to Remember, Never to Forget. That we as human beings have neglected wholly our duty to these 6,000,000 Jews, first taken from all they had ever known and for them to be and feel abandoned by a World’s unconcern, is an assault upon what defines us. The Jewish People, Men, Women and Their Children were so wilfully removed to the margins of history by an increasing few, 6,000,000 of them were Slaughtered. The brake must be placed upon any effort which seeks to diminish further the importance such remembrance must play in all of our history enjoined.

“..Life changed immediately really ..because ..orders came from ..Jewish community ..you must give up this ..that and ..other. And so one slowly had to give up one’s comforts.” Lily Fischl.

For my own books, and I leave them to those who choose to read from them, for they will know I have chosen to remember the Jewish People. In that, I see the Slaughter of the Jews as an unmitigated failure of the Western powers to save them. As the Jews were abandoned on a graduating scale, the need for justice ran in an opposing gradient. This growing awareness of what was approaching the Jews, and by a World appraised of the Slaughter by so many, we know that more should have been done than has been adequately risked so as to indict, judge and even condemn more than have been. The stench of hypocrisy and its accusation is palpable.

“..I have to die ..but I did my thing. I would like ..memory of my paintings to survive.” Gela Seksztajn-Lichtensztein.

Patrick Dempsey – Testimony and Fading Memory in The Holocaust. (2002)

“..This Book is not just about The Holocaust and ..destruction of ..Jewish People ..though perceptibly it is very much an account of it. This Book is ..very detail of The Holocaust ..in extraction.” Patrick Dempsey. 

Patrick Dempsey – der Einsatzgruppe and The Destruction of European Jewry. (2003)

“..To hurt a fellow human being ..to have ..capacity to inflict pain upon another person is a terrible indictment which we have inflicted upon mankind. To threaten to inflict pain on another person ..and then to carry it out to its most horrendous ..murderous and destructive conclusion ..is an even more vicious and pernicious evil.” Patrick Dempsey.

Patrick Dempsey – Babi Yar A Jewish Catastrophe. (2005)

“..I want my work to have validity ..and I do not simply want to communicate ..condemnation ..of all that was done against ..Jewish People ..but I roundly condemn all those who perpetrated these crimes ..without us learning from ..process.” Patrick Dempsey.

Patrick Dempsey – Hitler’s Belzec. (2016 )

“..Belzec was born out of Kozielsk Hill and Hitler’s desperation to rid Europe of its Jews. This place was to be Hitler’s Endlosung. ..locals referred to ..formative Death Camp established formerly as a Labour Camp situated just outside ..Village of Belzec as ..Camp on ..Hill or Kozielsk Camp.” Patrick Dempsey.

My work is an unfinished quest and it is hoped, that given an appetite for further reading, future publications of my works will appear. Of course, while what I contend is essential in Remembering that the selective processes recorded mostly Jews, we know other’s too were killed and were murdered. While these works, and their words prove unacceptable to any of those who see Hitler as other than the mass murderer he is, they will provide further, a response against all manner of hatreds. Our uncertainty over who the 6,000,000 Jews of The Holocaust are remains a concern for all of us and being exact in knowing all who are lost to us, and to history must continue till we can know no more.

“..What we were unable to shout out to ..world ..we hid underground. May this treasure end up in good hands ..may it live to see better times. May it alert ..world.” Dawid Graber.

But, and not only is it that 6,000,000 Jews were Murdered, but why they were Slaughtered and how the World stood aside to allow this to happen. Again, all of this comes down to the truth of perception and how we perceive in that intrinsic truth, nothing but its factual integrity. Perhaps we can agree also, that while not all Nations did little or nothing, it is abundantly clear that all States could have amplified their opposition to Hitler and his Final Solution and could even have done more than merely watch as 6,000,000 Jews of Europe were removed from existence. We owe these 6,000,000 Human Beings, Slaughtered as Jews for being Jews, nothing less.

“..very existence of this archive ..is a testimony. Few texts live a life as intense as these ..written by ..deaths of 1,000’s.”  Hersz Wasser.